Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – November 17, 2019

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The Leafs’ losing skid is stoking speculation about a trade or a coaching change. Check out the latest in the Sunday NHL rumor roundup.

SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman suggests anything is possible regarding a coaching change for the Toronto Maple Leafs, who are winless in their last five games. Chris Johnston believes the Leafs are worried about the process more than just the losses, noting how they’ve fallen early in the games. “Everything has to be considered,” said Johnston. “There’s a lot riding on this season for the entire Leafs organization.”

The Toronto Maple Leafs are getting calls about defenseman Tyson Barrie (Photo via NHL Images).

In a later segment, Brian Burke believes the clock is ticking on Leafs coach Mike Babcock. He points out they’ve replaced the two assistant coaches and it hasn’t helped. They’ve got the guy they want sitting in the wings, referring to Marlies coach Sheldon Keefe.

Regarding the Leafs backup goaltending, Johnston believes they want to see more than just one game from call-up Kasimir Kaskisuo. If they decide to look outside the organization, Johnston suggests keeping an eye on Pittsburgh’s Tristan Jarry.

The Penguins have two very good goalies in Jarry and Casey DeSmith behind starter Matt Murray. Johnston feels the Pens could move one of them if the right offer came along. Jarry is 24, off to a great start to this season, and is affordable for a cap-strapped team like the Leafs.

Friedman also said there’s been lots of recent chatter over Tyson Barrie. The defenseman hasn’t asked for a trade but so far things haven’t worked with the Leafs.

Barrie’s in his contract year and the Leafs have received calls about his availability. So far, they’ve rejected the idea and don’t want to trade him. The Leafs are carrying just $2.75 million of his $5.5 million salary-cap hit. Friedman says we’ll see what happens over the next month but there’s a recognition this situation cannot continue for Barrie.


SPECTOR’S NOTE: Things are getting ugly for the Leafs right now. While all the fingers are pointing at Dubas for his off-season moves and Babcock over his handling of the roster, Traikos makes a fair point about the team leaders. Making a coaching change will help but it could also give those players the feeling that they’re untouchable.

It safe to say captain John Tavares and alternates Auston Matthews, Morgan Rielly, and the sidelined Mitch Marner aren’t going anywhere. The next logical step could be replacing Babcock with Sheldon Keefe.

The Leafs need better goaltending depth behind Frederik Andersen and an upgrade on defense. Landing Jarry would certainly help between the pipes, but Penguins GM Jim Rutherford isn’t in any hurry to swing a deal right now. When he does, he could seek a quality roster player in return.

Barrie hasn’t worked out as hoped. A mobile defenseman who’s tallied 49-or-more points in four of the last five seasons, he’s got just six points in 22 games with the Leafs. Another month like that and he’ll be on the trade block, perhaps for a more defensive-minded blueliner.


  1. The leafs have just as big a problem with anderson. He is flopping around in net like a beached whale.those 2 goals by march and were one goal he was flat on his face on the ice like a snow angel now do you play in front of a goalie like that.

    • ARGGGGGG !!!

      I really did not want to post on the Leafs today ….

      I had posted a few days ago about firing Hakstol and I still think this is the best way to go to start a series of decisions …I had suggested Luke Richardson or …..SOMEONE…… like him whom is a former player and has coaching experience and has been in the trenches and can relate to the players right now ..I really feel they need this on the bench right now !!!
      They need a guy back there on the D side that they can relate to …I would go so far as even looking at or asking Guy Carboneau who was an amazing defensive player and former coach to coach the D side of the team ..once again just to name a few former player coaches that can spark a new way forward and be related to…BEFORE they do anything drastic !

      They need to package either Ceci and or Barrie with Nylander for an upgrade to a LEGIT TOP 6 player with size and is a power forward…they have no cycle game and no one in the Zone first on the puck for take away s or punishes anyone !

      I AM SO DISAPPOINTED …game after game wen this team gets pushed around and bowled over there is NO ONE WHO STEPS up to turn the tide of the game ….NO ONE !
      Everyone shrinks as the game gets harder or tougher !!!!

      Even Crosby / Toews and OVI have been punishing players …with the odd fight this year …Calgary …Yotes game was awesome to see last night …TEAMS that are passionate about WINNING at all costs !!!

      Right now when the Leafs get back Home after the road streak …I would really like to see them bring up Jeremy Bracco …as they really need a play maker right now on this team who skates hard and fore checks !!
      He deserves the shot and now is the time ..he would be perfect to replace Marner in his capacity as the skater / play maker on the team ! !

      While I do like Kerfoot …he is to small and not physical enough as the 3rd line Center …they need a wayyyy bigger body who wears teams down in stretches of games with physical play …while he is a good player …they miss a Kadri type player in this role BIG TIME unfortunately !

      Iam reall envious of the Boston Bruins …this team has an amazing 4 lines deep ….great depth that has come up through the system …STARS play BIG every night …and they play an amazing system especially on the power play …I love the schemes they try down low in front of the net for the one timers…such a SMART skilled and passionate hockey team …Cup bound again if not win it for sure this year !

      Leafs will not have to worry about playing them this spring as they wont be in the playoffs !!

      • Bruins have 4 deep lines?? They have 1 line deep, shut them down and they are most likely going to lose.. 33,32 and 19 points for each of the 3 players on 1st line, after that you have krejci at 11 pts in 14 games and rest are getting points at 0.5pts per game or lower..
        they play hard and rough but they need more depth to win another cup

      • A strategy whereby half your cap is invested in a handful of players is dangerous. What do you expect to happen when two get injured? Toronto has the same problem as Edmonton. Too much reliance on star power instead of team cohesion.

      • @Kal El, Regretably, I agree completely with every word of you comment.

        Hope the Habs make the playoffs so there is at least a Canadian team in the East to watch of a round. Leafs won’t make it, I blame Dubas’ flawed reinvention.

      • Where do you get this opinion about Bracco he`s no forechecker. He`d fit right in with the Leafs because he`s as soft as butter. Bracco is a poor man`s Marner, the fact that they didn`t call Bracco up when Marner went down tells you how little they think of his abilities. Keefe in 3+ years hasn`t turned Bracco into a 100 ft player never mind 200 ft. Leafs made a mistake when they handed the reins to Dumbas, every move he`s made as made them softer and lazier Korshkov looked in training camp like he made the team now he looks like he`ll never make the bigs. What this team needs is a set of balls and a GM that doesn`t interfere with the coaches. Bracco is nothing more than trade bait. He doesn`t hit or check so please quit making him out to be some hidden gem

      • Boston with 4 deep lines?
        Since when?

        You: “Going to cup again, if not win it all, for sure”

        You were creamin’ all over yourself last year too.
        Except Tampa was your j.o material- just like BOS now…

        Pump the brakes, you Leaf fans usually have “multiple fav teams”, because yas have been horrible for so long- & yas are bandwagon leeches on other fanbases

  2. What’s the old saying? It’s easier to get rid of one coach than 20 players. The team leaders are not going anywhere so the coach always pays the price.

    • @Tommy Dolan, Oilers are not even close to the terrible contract trouble Toronto has.
      Paying Draisaitl $8.5 is a tremendous value contract for what he brings. One of the best contracts in the league. But Nylander on the other hand…..
      If Toronto flops this year it’s a major step back. Anything the Oilers do (like playoffs) is an unexpected bonus. If the Oilers and Leafs decide to make a trade they could both take a step forward, the pieces are there.

  3. Could not be happier as an Isles fan, then seeing the maple leaf sink to the bottom of the pool !!!

  4. Listen , I’m sick and tired of media and everyone else saying that the leafs are in jeopardy of not making the playoffs. And now speculating coaching change , or trading newly acquired Tyson Barrie.

    The leafs roster hasn’t been full strength yet .

    See how teams like oilers would do missing their captain , or best winger ???

    Leafs started the season fine , and some of the early losses could have gone either way .

    Also , leafs schedule hasn’t been the greatest , mixed with injuries and new teammates ..: I predict this upcoming road trip to be the TSN turning point .

    1.) Babs isn’t going anywhere.

    2.) Barrie isn’t getting traded

    3.) it’s only November , the regular season is a marathon , not a sprint . They’ll work it out and ease into the season that really matters, on fire!

    4.) leafs still need to be patient , unless a move for a backup makes sense .

    5.) lots of hockey left

    • I agree they should be patient Tim Horton, but I am skeptical that they will be. Plenty of heat from media and fans.
      Babcock is a good coach, but even the best coaches have a shelf life.
      This seems like what happened in Boston when Julien got turfed. Julien is proving that he is still one of the best coaches in the game, and the Bruins got it going. Would they have if he stayed? Maybe.
      In the end it is up to the players to turn it around, whether it is Babcock or someone else behind the bench.
      I think you’re right, they will turn it around either way.

      • Julien built the current Bruins. Cassidy is enjoying his spoils.

    • How about the Avs missing their captain and and a winger. They seem to be doing OK?

      • I would re-visit Colorado’s record since losing both pieces.

        And I agree with Ray Bark on shelf life with coaches … I just don’t think Babs shelf life has expired yet.

      • Pens lost malkin for awhile now Crosby,letang ,the avs are missing rantanen and their captain ,blues tarasenko and lots of other injuries to players on other teams! Babcock might be part of the problem but dubas going all skill with no defence or grit is the biggest problem! Trading for Barrie was a bad move if leaf fans had watched him in Colorado and not read just his points they would have saw how bad he is in his own zone! He is basically a train wreck probably should be a forward , the leafs defence is one of the worst in the league

      • The Bruin’s have nine players injured !

    • Yes, way too early for rash decisions.
      Lots of games left.

      It’s on the players (once healthy) to play to Babs system.

      Most of the forwards aren’t where they’re supposed to be, and that forces the others to react, often messing up the play, thus exploiting and exposing holes.
      Most times the defensemen don’t have much of a chance, and that leads to grade A scoring chances on Anderson or whomever.

      I believe it’s on the forwards…….but remember how young they are.
      Takes time and maturation, that’s all.

    • Take off them Rosie Glasses TH, and take a lookie at their record over last 60 or so games.

      This team is very deeply flawed bud, and Dubas’ moves are compounding the problems instead of helping. Things were on a decent trajectory from 2015 up until they gave Lou the boot and put the boy-king on the helm.

      Waiving on Curtis Mac continues to hobble this team even now. Three jettisoned inexperienced Dubas AHL BU tryouts and counting, and still no viable backup goaltending when they had one of the best inexpensive, professional, career BU goalies in the league.

      Gutting what grit they had, (that came with decent goal production), for an offensive D that has a -50s track record (who isn’t producing squat for the Leafs) when he should have gone after solid first pairing defensive D, … what the hell is that?

      Miss managed RFA contracts, all overpaid obscene amounts for where they are in their careers. If they can’t carry this team on their backs night in and out like a Jonathan Toews, or a Patrick Kane (just to name two), then they have no business demanding all the cap. How about short term bridges until they prove they can play deep into the postseason at least once, or go play in the KHL. What do you think their responses to that negotiating tactic might have been?

      Questionable acquisition of past prime JT for long term large, LARGE cap coin. I know almost everyone that reads this will blow an o-ring over this JT comment, but show me where he is just dominating other top lines? I watch him getting slower by the day and getting pushed around like a sluggish wee girl. He used to be a beast in front of the net, but he looks mediocre to me now at best, and that’s only going to keep going in one direction just like the $77 million. They had enough young forward goal production in their draft pics, what they needed (and still need) is a shut-down D pairing, … this was not a great move in my opinion.

      Dubas is single-handedly destroying a lot of good work and progress by Lou & Babs from last place wreck to 100+ pt/season contender with his unproven ‘small-and-skill-over-all-else’ philosophy and just plain inexperienced mistakes like insisting on Sparks over Curtis Mac. I’d love to be wrong, but I don’t see the Leafs making the playoff this year. They are just starting to realize they can’t compete in the NHL the way they’re now built after Dubas’ tweaks. If anyone should get canned, its Dubas, he has no business in the NHL, I don’t know how the hell anyone ever thought he belonged here.

    • 1) Babcock is past his best before date…

      2) Barrie is horrendous, he needs an Astérix beside his position in the program- watching him, he doesn’t play *”D”

  5. GMJR

    do NOT trade Jarry

    675 K for a back-up performing quite admirably !!!! Do not trade him

    Re Babs …. methinks a regulation loss in Vegas (who are also 5 L’s in a row) on Tuesday; and Babs is gone

    Pens … hold tight and see how next week plays out before any rash moves …, fingers crossed on quick return of Tanger and Horny and please G-Chuck …. start playing to ur capabilities

    • Was your glass half empty or was it half full after watching the Leafs-Penguins last night?

      Both Murray and Jarry are RFAs after this season. I think it was reported here that Murray might seek close to Vasilevskiy money his next contract. Jarry, likewise will be more expensive. If both are signed, cap money appropriated for goaltending soars, and one will be exposed to expansion after next season. Should these factors influence a trade decision?

      • Hi Francis

        Posted on morning coffee … was hoping for an OT game

        Look forward to the Pens-Leafs match ups; always hope for OT so both get a point. In past have cheered for extra point to go to the team with lower points going in and if tied (which they were pre game) cheering for extra point for whatever team is visitor

        Changed my choice for this game …. hoping for Pens (H) to win in OT because they’ve been so decimated with injuries.

        This lopsided loss is certainly not on the back-up…. extra jump by Pens plus Jarry playing very well plus a bucket load of Leaf guffaws were the difference

        Lose in Vegas and it just might be the end of Babs

        Agree both Murray and Jarry will want a raise

        No way can I see Murray asking for and getting Vazy dough unless he steals a cup for them

        I’d still keep Jarry no ifs ands or buts

        I think they need to see how next week plays out… no rash moves …. if they can make it to late Dec when Crosby returns and be no more than 2 points out of a playoff spot… then no change is necessary until TDL… all good

        G-Chuck must do something …. his output is cringeworthy

        Bjug needs to stay healthy and also step up his game

        If Tanger , Horny and Bjug return post-haste and if G-Chuck & Bjug pick up production (even just a bit); and Pens go





        …. then Pens will be fine

    • Pengy…aGreed jarry has been terrific…give them Casey de smith….. galchenyuk playing better… bjugstad needs to go….i like marino with dumo..

      • Hi BlackNGold

        Yep Marino and Dumo have played well together but he won’t be really lacing Tanger

        Shultz Pettersson also a good pairing

        When Tanger back must be :





        JJ and Ruhweedel need to be waived and sent to WBS

        I have to disagree with you wrt G-Chuck…. he just seems out of synch and his production of only 5 pts (all assists) in 11 games and seems to lack grit

        Setting aside Leftie/Rightie …. Laffy much better; faster; more grit; can and has played C; 1 year younger and at less than 1/6th the Cap hit

  6. I just can’t see a leafs pens trade. Both cause the goalie trouble in Toronto helps the pens with a close team in the standings. But also what the pens need… a middle six center, a way to dump Jj etc are not really options for the leafs. Leafs fans?

    • JJ to Leafs???

      You’re killing me Chrisms

  7. Sounds to me like Tim Horton is in a little bit of denial about his team and their moves over the last few years. Big money spent to acquire average stars. As an islander fan I can tell you we are laughing all the way to the bank

  8. Guess what Kraft Dinner(Kyle Dubas) Nobody is buying your ballerina act. Your team, as you built it with that legendary coach, is playing out a script off the page of SlapShot 2.

    Sadly, U will fire your 700+ win Coach becuz U think its the only way to save your job and maybe you are right. but you have constructed hockey’s biggest, and most expensive, bag of marshmallows and every team in the NHL knows it too.

    U can trade whomever U want but regardless of what U, Kraft Dinner, decide to do, no NHL GM will help you out without it costing you because YOU alone handed your coach a list of overpaid entitled rock stars and somewhere hiding behind you is Shanny; that guy that said ” Ya Ok” to this mess

    • Joey, last I checked it’s November .

      Did you have these same thoughts before the season was to begin ? If so, great.

      But like I said above , lots of hockey left , and look at all the teams of years past that turned things around and some even won the cup.

      So if you’re a leaf fan , you can hop on the bandwagon when things get rolling again , I’ll save you a spot .

      • Tim: I merely call BS as I see It and Have Seen It That Way Since Lou was Sent Packing: Don’t like my comment ? Don’t care:

        But everything I said is truthful and if you cant handle the truth, then that’s ok too. Buy another box of timbits and enjoy your day

      • Toronto has the same team with same talent as last year with a few minor additions and they still cant get it together? how long does it take? you have Captain T who is soaking and almost crying on the bench. 4 players take a huge chunk of the cap and still NO DEFENSE. I guess you think they will advance far in the playoffs, and once again Leafs Nation will cry on the streets of Toronto. Team has no chemistry, no grit and no heart. Just a bunch of overpaid underachievers. Great individual stats but no team chemistry. What will you do next year when no cap room and no defense. Good luck with your optimism but this will be another disappointing year. As an Islanders fan who suffered for a very long time, i can proudly say the way we play is hockey 101, no individuals, just one team with best defense and top 2 goalies in the league. Enjoy your home coming JT, we really dont miss you and you sourpuss face on the bench,

    • Joey

      Spot on…Leafs are soft…Charmin Soft…..

      • Yup and Yup, Joey & Ron Jull!

        The bag-o-marshmallows image really clicked for me, … I really did see that unfolding through the entire game in Pits last night.

    • Hahahaha. Agreed.

      It’s the culture that’s losing these games, not the talent.

      Marshmallows. Pretty accurate.

    • @Joey. You couldn’t have said it any better.

  9. Toronto – The Sky is Falling, The Sky is Falling!!!

    Rest of the NHL – hahahahahahaha

    • It’s a figurative, roller coaster of emotions with the new leaf fanbase.

  10. I think Carlton The Bear with Extra Padding has potential. He won’t fudge the cap, he can stand there and look stupid like the rest of them and hey, you never now, a save pr two might come in handy

  11. Joey this comment repeated now 6 or 7 times makes it that much dumber than the first time you posted this clever comment.

    • 6 or 7x? U must be jealous. Keep that hate coming

      • Don’t worry about Ron Moore as you can see from his comments

  12. Toronto is 2pts out of a wild card spot and 3pts from third in their division. A little early to be hitting the panic button.

  13. This is when you learn everything about the players. The Leafs have lost five and go on the road for a tough road trip. If this group doesn’t respond to the situation, changes will be made.
    As a Leaf lifer, I’m hoping that the team proves they can handle adversity and overcome it.

    • I agree 100%.

      This could be the turning point.

      Some players play better when they’re uncomfortable.

  14. The Leafs could use Kreider+Fast in the top 9. But I still feel a 2nd pair D who is better than Ceci or Barrie is more important.

  15. Leaf here….who is not a Babcock fan….letting Dubas fire him would not be wise at all….so he can bring in Sheldon Keefe and confirm the cowardly hockey Dubas has installed ….so how should it go….IN MY OPINION…just what I think Leaf likers and dislikers..

    Shanahan calls a press conference ASAP…and says in my second or third press conference I said the Leafs need to become a ” band of warriors”….then I appointed a GM who has created a ” band of ballet dancers”….so today I am announcing this was my error and Kyle Dubas is relieved of his duties as of now….

    Then after clearly demonstrating the roots of the current problems….say Babcock is also relieved of all duties …

    Obviously I don’t agree all above who say too much change is overreacting …this team is structurally and emotionally flawed….time will not heal these woulds….acknowledgement of the issues and coordinated decision making may…

    Trade any forwards but Matthews and Tavarres who can bring equal or near equal value in hard forwards and defensive D men…this team needs a heart transplant….

    Leafs are not the only team with injuries, who play back to back games, who get bad calls from time to time, and that will get favourable and unfavourable stretches during the season….for God sakes stop talking about that kind of thing and make some corrective decisions…

    All is not lost …there are some real strengths IN MY OPINION ( only one guy’s opinion)….but I would keep the aforementioned Tavarres and Matthews, Anderson and Rielly….many of the others are good players but the team design or construction is bad…

    Final thought…it is July 20 , 2019….Leafs sign Brandon Carlo to an 8 year 6.5 million contract….the next day they call Paul Marner and tell him there is 4 million for your son….take it or leave it…..they probably would not take it so you could have traded him for another good D man with courage….

    Malkin was laughing at the Leafs last night and no one reacted….that is a non-team….that is a group of players wearing the same sweater that will not win…

    Sorry for the length of this…..but these are the opinions of a long time Leaf fan that can foresee the bags over the heads and the sweaters on the ice again….

    Do something Shanahan or the Board

    • Leafs problems percentage-wise:

      5% no team toughness

      10% top 4 RHD & dump Ceci

      85% totally incompetent and player damaging coach Babcock needs to be replaced with keefe and his assistants with Marlies

      • Matthews – soft
        Nylander – soft
        Tavares – soft
        Marner – soft
        Reilly – over rated by Leafloving media, soft
        Barrie – soft
        Anderson – average, over rated by Leafloving media
        Babcock – over rated, coaches soft
        Dubas – more suited for Ice Capades than NHL hockey….. soft.

  16. I’m not sure what happened after last season’s decent performance by this goaltender, but it seems as if Ilya Samsonov is ready for the NHL, and Phoenix Copley could probably be had on the cheap, he is at least older and would likely be an improvement on Hutchinson and Kaskisuo. One for one, Hutchinson for Copley. If that doesn’t work out over a month or two, try again.

    • Why would the caps want hutch?

      • To have the extra body in the AHL to replace Copley.

      • Why would they give up Copley for a weaker goaltender to just replace him?

      • It’s a move for Toronto, not Washington. Washington might do it because they already have their two NHL goaltenders. And, I would put money on Hutchinson being a better goalie in the Capitals system than he was playing on the Maple Leafs in that dysfunctional environment.

  17. What about Larson, he might be the right fit for the Leafs. A trade with the Oilers could be a possibility.

    • Larsson and Kassian for Ceci and Nylander?

      • Leafs need to hite Cherry as advisor. To counter some of that analytic stuff with some good old Dinosaur hockey eyes.

  18. Many other said it before, leafs cap issues is mainly due to the Tavares signing in 2018. They should have invested that money in improving their D and back up goalie. Matthews, Marner & Nylander wouldn’t be as expensive without Tavares signing for $11M. They would most likely sign contacts similar to what Rants, Point, Tkachuk, Laine and others got this summer.

    • Lol I was one of the many saying it but I just got called a hater

      • So first Dubas was a better choice than Lou and now Keefe will be a better choice than Babcock? Maybe the players have something to do with it? Making Tavares the captain and trading away their only grit in Kadri were mistakes. We saw Tavares spend 9 years on a mediocre team where as long as JT got his points all was ok. Garth Snow was the enabler. 3 playoff appearances was enough because Johnny got his points. His leadership was invisible. Now he goes to the Leafs and it’s the same old story. As the games get harder Johnny disappears. Just go back to the second half of last season and see how many goals Tavares scored against the other 15 playoff teams. And then against the Bruins in the playoffs. An empty netter and one when Babcock put him on the 4th line? Not enough for your 11 million dollar captain. Now Kyle Dubas or more likely Brendan Shanahan is the enabler. Johnny will get his points but who will run the room? Nobody and they will be mediocre. They’ll win some 6-5 games and they will lose more. The power play will get hot for a stretch and carry them. They will beat up on some bad teams and probably get into the playoffs. But they are not built to win and won’t be until they bring in some real leadership in the dressing room. And of course some defensemen who actually play defense……

      • So why were the Bruins courting Tavares ,oh yea that’s right he would of signed for 6 million .

  19. Would DET & TML make good trade partners?

    to TML: Green, Bernier, AA & pick

    to DET: Barrie, Hutchinson & Petan

    Bernier can help TML be abetter back up. Green, the vet, is ok playing 2nd fiddle pairing.

    barrie can pair with DeKeyser upon his return. its a good try out to see if they want to sign him going forward.

    • That is a horrible trade for Detroit.

      This Year:

      Bernier> Hutch
      Barrie>Green Both are UFA, but if Wings want Green he will stay, Barrie probably not
      AA> Petan

      Nothing in this deal is attractive for Wings

  20. As an ex Torontonian, now in Calgary, who is far enough away to have some perspective, it always amazes me that the Leafs get the label of a “contender” every year.

    At the beginning of the year, before any games had been played, Tampa, Boston and Washington would have been the legitimate contenders to come out of the East. Toronto was just another team that was a potential playoff team and being a payoff team doesn’t make you a contender until you have won a couple of rounds.

    Their defence was suspect last year and it is worse this year. But because all the manic Leaf fans think that every year is the “Leaf’s year” the blame falls on the coach. The reality is that they aren’t that good yet… just like the Flames won’t be winning their division this year and may be in a fight for the playoffs as well.