Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – November 24, 2019

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A suggested Gaudreau-for-Hall swap, the Blues are scouting the Leafs and an update on Nicklas Backstrom in the Sunday NHL rumor roundup.


NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks points out New Jersey Devils winger Taylor Hall has just three goals in 21 games. He wonders if the Calgary Flames would trade winger Johnny Gaudreau to Devils for Hall if they knew they could sign the latter to a contract extension. Brooks was also curious if Devils GM Ray Shero would make that deal or seek a more traditional rental return (first-round pick, top prospects, etc) for Hall.

Should the Flames consider swapping Johnny Gaudreau for New Jersey Devils winger Taylor Hall? (Photo via NHL Images)

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Brooks is doing his usual spitballing. Hall could be moved by the Feb. 24 trade deadline if the Devils are unable to re-sign him, but the Flames won’t be giving up Gaudreau for him. The latter is younger, healthier, and carries a reasonable contract. Hall is also expected to seek over $10 million annually on his next deal. 

Gaudreau’s been more productive (405 points) than Hall (306) since 2014-15. Injuries hampered Hall’s offensive output during that time. While Gaudreau’s had his struggles (19 points) this season, Flames GM Brad Treliving made it clear last week that he’s not trading the 26-year-old winger.


SPORTSNET: Chris Johnston reports St. Louis Blues general manager Doug Armstrong and team VP of hockey operations Dave Taylor were in Denver watching the Toronto Maple Leafs take on the Colorado Avalanche. It’s the second time Armstrong’s scouted the Leafs and he’s had several senior staffers around Toronto games this year. Johnston believes it’s something to keep an eye on as the February trade deadline approaches.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Blues play the Leafs on Dec. 7 so that could explain Armstrong’s interest. Still, the Blues could be in the market for some depth on the wings with Vladimir Tarasenko, Alex Steen, and Sammy Blais sidelined. Maybe they’re eyeballing Andreas Johnsson or Kasperi Kapanen, or possibly a lesser light such as Nic Petan.


SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman reports Nicklas Backstrom has initiated contract extension talks with the Washington Capitals without an agent. It could be a good sign that the two sides can get something done.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Backstrom is slated to become an unrestricted free agent in July earning an annual average value of $6.7 million on a 10-year contract. It’ll be interesting to see if he’s willing to accept a hometown discount to stay in Washington. If he leaves some money on the table, it could help the Capitals re-sign goaltender Braden Holtby.


  1. I watched the Leafs shinny game last night and one of the Leafs almost checked a Colorado player but missed. The closest to a hit would be Kerfoot pushing a player into the boards but his teammates were good about it and went to a neutral corner while the referred took care of it.

    • As long as they win WGAF.!!!

  2. One week left for Jesse Puljujarvi. Is he Finish?

    • Yes, yes he is Finnish.

      From way out in the boonies as I hear it.

    • Te he.

    • Re: Backstrom negotiating his next contract without an agent, does anyone know how much the agents take as commission? Saving that by negotiating without an agent could give more to the player AND still save cap space. Of course the player has to be sure he’s smart enough to ensure he’s not getting hosed in the fine print.

      • Hi IWMCB (love the handle BTW )

        Agents fees negotiable but usually 5% – 10 % of Sal for NHL agents

        They get a higher percent of non Sal (adv $’s etc)… again negotiable

  3. Brooks lol
    No way Calgary gives up Johnny hockey for Hall, Hall would want $10 mil a year next summer and he’s worth $8, so why would Calgary give up their best player for a rental.

    • Have to assume Calgary will already have a contract in place before making a deal. Also have to assume that it’ll be 7 years. With that in mind, Johnny H has 2 more years on current deal and with salaries and cap space rising, could get a new deal similar to what Hall will get now.

  4. Good observation…it cost the Leafs the game.

  5. I am kinda torn about Johnny Hockey,
    He is on a good contract and when he is scoring he is fun to watch. Definitely a top player in the NHL. Unfortunately when I watch him play against the top teams and teams that can play a physical game he is easily contained.
    That is magnified in the playoffs where he gets no time or space and is very weak in the defensive zone because of his very small and slight frame.
    If the Flames want to win the Cup I think they would have to eventually trade Johnny because he is a non factor in the playoffs.
    I am sure they could get a very good return for him in the off season which I am in favour of.

    • I’ll trade you DeBrusk plus a defensive prospect, plus a 3rd for him.

      • I would prefer they targeted Monahan instead of Johnny. Unlikely Calgary goes there, but I would prefer they not give that up for Johnny. Agree with Flamesfan’s take.

      • Not sure we’d be able to land Monahan, at all.

        What if the defensive prospect was Kampher?

      • Lindholm would be my #1 choice, of any Flame, tbh.

      • If it was Kampfer, LOL, yep!
        Vaak, no.

      • Lol

  6. Ridiculous idea Flames would trade Johnny for Hall. Never happen,If Tre wants to cut him a $10.0+ mill longterm contract, he can wait until July 1. Tre never over reacts in the season, regardless how bad it gets. The last year with GG, he waited until the season ended then cleaned house & then proceeded to shake the core with the big trade at the draft. Tre is deflecting some of the scrutiny onto himself, since his time hear he is very loyal to the players. But that is getting eaten up during this fiasco. Make no mistake, if Flames miss the playoffs, he will clean house again in the off season & Im sure will even listen to what offers are for Gaudreau.
    With 2 years left at $6.75, there is no panic to trade him even next summer unless the return is outrageous. If Buffalo miss playoffs again, I could see a deal of Gaudreau for Risto & Reinhart & probably their 1st at the draft. Huge price but imagine Gaudreau & Eichel together. Flames have had a tough schedule & if they can hang in close to the pack, they are more than capable of stringing some wins together. Much prefer that than trade some of our top guys away. No playoffs this year would be unacceptable.

    • Solid post.

  7. Larry Brooks suggested that? I’ll start holding my breath now……ah forget it.

    • This trade proposal has been all over this page long before Brooks posted it.

      • That’s true. On the other hand, nice to think we’re influential! 🙂

  8. So what is fair for Bäckström? 4 times 8? He is durable, only a few missed games last six years and gives you 70-80 points and is running the best pp in league

    • Not sure, Magic Man.
      He’s opened negotiations without representation, so I’d imagine it will be a great deal for both sides.
      What can they afford, with having to re sign Holtby as well?

      • if they can get a chance to unload Wilson that will give them cap space for Backstrom or Holbty…. not sure how they do both without moving players.

      • I would say it is the Oshie contract they would like to move. 32 with 5 years after this one.
        He has crossed the line a few times, can’t dispute that, but a really valuable player and only 25.
        Not sure other GM’s would be lining up for Oshie.

  9. preds fans say There is nothing wrong with Turris, that they just dont have a sot for him in the lineup. there is an easy solution… trade one of Johanssen or Duchene for the defender they say they need and make Turris the second line center

    problem solved

    • With an $8 mil per cap hit for 7 years … and just about half the league facing cap hell (including the Predators) … trade him where exactly?

      • to any team that needs a center, preds fans say he is not a cap dump, they just dont have a spot for him

        im saying if thats true why sign duchene?

        im saying the moment you signed duchene the preds themselves MADE Turris a cap dump its that simple

        its either accept that or trade one of the other centers so that he can play and be worth that contract.

        otherwise he most definitely IS A Cap Dump

  10. IF the Blues are watching the Leafs, I would appreciate one of you Leaf fans to provide me a short summary of Kapanan and Johnsson. I don’t see Toronto often and would appreciate the insight. Are the Leafs wanting a d’man?

    • Does the sun rise in the morning?

    • Both are good skaters and decent offensive threats who figure to be in the 20-goal 40-45 pts range, but don’t expect any “edge” to their game.

      Neither will garner the Leafs a top-pairing D-man but perhaps a good 3/4 type capable of stepping into the top pairing for short spells.

  11. Remember the name Jack Stutnicka

  12. Sorry forgot he was a stud