The Most Difficult-to-Move Contracts in the NHL

by | Nov 1, 2019 | Soapbox | 8 comments



  1. I would say that Lucic is still among the worst. No matter their issues with Neal, this was probably the worst trade made in several years. They got fleeced, plain and simple no matter how intimidating Lucic is.

    • It sure looks lopsided at this writing.

  2. I liked Okposo with my Islanders, but I’m glad he’s off the payroll now. It’s a shame about Ladd, though.

    At least DiPietro and Ysshin ate off the books. That seemed to take forever.

  3. No Jj. Pengy is gonna frame this

    • From the Pens side, I would not trade Jack Johnson for Seabrook w/50% retained.

  4. Vlasic is still VERY VERY good

    • Based on what exactly?

  5. May I please nominate Jake Allen???