Can The Arizona Coyotes Afford To Sign Taylor Hall?

by | Dec 30, 2019 | News, NHL | 3 comments



  1. Good call Lyle with Kessel’s cap hit at 6.8 and a limited no-trade clause . Also, this season Kessel is a -18 , hah. What’s the chance a team regrets paying Hall an enormous contract ??

  2. Would like to see the Bruins sign T Hall to play with Krejci this is just what the B’s need but it’s not what the Bruins do going out and getting a Big ticket UFA …..they would have the $$$ for him with…Belesky,Seidenberg,K Miller coming off the books and not resigning Nordstrom,Halak,Chara & Krug who are all UFA’s

  3. $10 million per season for 65 point players… What’s that over the horizon? Oh, it’s a lock-out!