Holiday Break

by | Dec 24, 2019 | News, NHL, Rumors | 27 comments

My annual Christmas break is from Tuesday, Dec. 24, 2019 to Thursday, Dec. 26, 2019.

The next updates to this site will be Friday, Dec. 27, 2019. Happy holidays, everyone! 

Happy Holidays to all!


  1. Happy Holidays and thank you for keeping us informed and allowing us to voice our passionate opinions!

  2. Light those trees spin those poles and wrestle those candles!

  3. And whatever you do….dont accidentally play “Dirty Jingle Bells” while hanging with the fam these holidays like I did last night!


  4. Happy Holidays everyone. Thanks Lyle for another great year. All the best.

  5. And to all a good night..

  6. Lyle

    Many thanks for a great year of reporting on Hockey. Enjoy the well (very well !!!!) earned break with your family and friends.

    Your site provides great reflection and I learn from it every day. I am enriched from the insights of not only yourself but of all posting here. I learn just as much from those contrary to my beliefs/lines of thought as I do from those generally in sync with my opinions and proclivities.

    Kudos and thank-you

    Special shout-out to George and Kal El for their continuing detailed and in-depth analysis; to IHC for his colourful and creative trade proposals (even though I’m still waiting for him to pull of ANY of his proposed 🙁 ) and to Chrisms for consistently cracking me up.

    As most here may know, I am very narrow in my NHL viewing in the regular season (I try to get in almost all of the playoffs) …. for the last few years I’ve missed but a very very small handful of all of Leafs and Pens games (actually missed the blowout yesterday …. PVR screw up 🙁 ) and my third favourite team is VGKs. My favourite player in Sid. I gain insight from all here on their viewpoints not only on my fav teams but all teams throughout the league.

    …. So…..

    Thank you to all Pens, Leafs and Knights fans.

    Thank you to all of the rest of the contributors here for keeping me abreast of the nuances for the teams that I am less knowledgeable of .

    To all of those here North of the border…. hoping and praying for a red Maple Leaf flying and Oh Cananda singing at the close of the World Juniors.

    For those South of the Border; sorry I can’t wish you good luck on Thursday… most of our match-ups too tight to even wish you a hint of luck…. so I wish you the best and hope for (well I know it will be) a very entertaining game… no injuries…. great goals; great saves; solid clean checks. 🙂

    To all,

    If you are of the same faith as I, to you and your families; have a Very Merry Christmas.

    For those of other faiths, wishing you and your families, the happiest and healthiest of times during this festive season.

    Cheers one and all

    Pengy and family

    • for IHC

      That should have read

      “(even though I’m still waiting for him to pull of ANY of his proposed JJ Trades 🙁 )”

    • I heard that jj asked Santa for a better second half a season. Santa said “I may visit millions of children in one night but I can’t work miracles!”

      • Bazinga !!

  7. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone!

    Thanks, Lyle, for the best hockey chat on the net!

    Merry Christmas, Striker.
    See you in the new year?

    • Ha

  8. Merry Christmas, to you people.
    You too George.

    • You people?

    • Merry Christmas, Vinnie!
      Have fun watching Juniors on boxing day!

  9. Bruins caught the Caps napping last night in the 1st period & kind of knew if they didn’t crawl back into the game by end of the 2nd period the Caps were going to bring their heavy game into play and that’s exactly what happen & with Chara out the Bruins couldn’t respond at all
    Which led to Krug,McAvoy & Grzelcyk
    getting clobbered with probably 2 of them being out for a while. Have said it before this team needs to get tougher in a few spots or this will happen throughout the season …

    • Yeah, they got beat on a little bit after the score was out of hand.
      Having Chara out of the lineup makes the opposition feel a little bit saucier than if he was playing.
      To your point, a bit of size or snarl wouldn’t hurt, come playoff time.

      Terribly officiated game though, which was surprising considering who was in charge.
      I don’t usually complain about the refs, but there were several doozies last night, that left me wondering…

      • Agree a little bigger a little tougher would be nice and Cassidy and FO know that because it’s been mention a couple of times this year already.

  10. Merry Christmas to one and all. May the spirit of the Holiday season be with you.

    Merry Christmas Lyle and thank you for giving me a place to express my point of view that is always correct in my mind but in no one else’s.

  11. Merry Christmas to Lyle and the rest of us degenerates. I was going to say “you people” but alas, I am one of you.

    Think of those less fortunate this holiday. Make the world a better place every day.

  12. Decent article by Joe Haggerty at Sports Boston about the lack of size & toughness on the Bruins team last few seasons it hit on all cylinders….

    • Yeah, I read that piece, Joe.
      The thing is, Hags offers no solution for the percieved problem.
      He just offers a contrarians view, absent of merit or insight.
      It would be costly to swap out some skilled personnel for some belligerent returns.

      • That’s Haggs for you it’s all about which the wind is blowing with him……maybe the Islanders would send Ross Johnston the Bruins way for a extra Dman the B’s have

      • Ross the Boss would be an intriguing project.
        I’m certainly not opposed to it.
        I also secretly like Matt Martin.

  13. I am a Habs fan lost in Bruins territory and treated very badly. I am originally from Moncton and Summerside/Cavendish area I visit every few years. I just want to thank you as I read daily and all the comments. Sometimes I agree sometimes I dont but I am always informed and respect all the comments

    • Merry Christmas, Leo!

      • Thank You Shoreorrpark I hope you and your family the same