Is It Time for the Montreal Canadiens to Rebuild?

by | Dec 3, 2019 | Soapbox | 6 comments



  1. Yes. There is NO way they can become a legitimate contender through “tinkering.” Not with those albatross contracts of Weber and Price clogging things up. Finish low and hope for the best in the draft.

    • George, yep.
      As a Bruins fan I prefer they stay the course.

  2. So they beat the very consistent Islanders last night with Price in net — and he clearly has not been the player they need throughout November.

    Most of the pundits are questioning change but analyst Mike Johnson, who I admire, suggested it’s little adjustments that are needed to get back on track.

    Sure Julien is going to point out that many losses over this streak were “near wins” but the truth is the Habs are in rebuild, lack a game breaker, and that Price has to be part of things to make the playoffs.

    Being a SC is years away and tinkering won’t change that. But being a playoff team is within reach if they get back to playing the way they did at season’s start. And that would be good for youth development.

  3. Yes it is for the Habs and I believe for the Leafs as well. At least some Hab fans are open to it. Too many Leaf fans think the work is done. It has only started IMO.

  4. Habs needs a first line center, a top 3 defender and a no 5-6 reliable stay at home defenceman. There are teams with a supply on defence like Carolina and Buffalo. The big problem is the No center, there just arent enough of them

  5. I think you have it, Lyle.

    And yes, Kent, they do need a first line center and another top 4 D. Their current # 6 D played under 6 minutes last night and the top 3 D played at or around 30 minutes – unsustainable, especially with back to back games.

    The question is, where do you get these types of players? Might as well look for unicorns. Big name UFAs don’t come to Mtl so drafting is the only other avenue.

    The Habs are in a rebuild. They have 2 rookies in their line up and Kotkaniemi is barely 19.

    That said, they have a few good players in the pipeline that can play next year; with cap space and a lot of draft picks in 2020 a trade is possible. Just not now, when almost no team is out of the playoffs. The Habs will sink or swim with their current players.