NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – December 27, 2019

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Blackhawks blueliners Seabrook, de Haan are done for the season, Cam Atkinson sidelined, and more in today’s NHL morning coffee headlines.

CHICAGO TRIBUNE: Blackhawks defenseman Brent Seabrook and Calvin de Haan will each undergo season-ending surgery today. Seabrook will have a procedure done on his right shoulder today, and on both hips in January and February. de Haan will also undergo surgery on his right shoulder. It’s the same one he has repaired last spring.

Chicago Blackhawks defenseman Brent Seabrook will undergo season-ending surgeries (Photo via NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This is a serious blow for an already talent-thin Blackhawks blueline. It will also prompt speculation whether they’ll go into the trade market to keep their fading playoff hopes alive. I’ll have more later this morning in the Rumors section.

Speaking of sidelined Blackhawks, winger Brandon Saad will miss three weeks with an injured right ankle.

CBS SPORTS: Columbus Blue Jackets winger Cam Atkinson is expected to miss two-to-three weeks with a sprained ankle.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s been a difficult season for Atkinson. With nine goals and 21 points in 33 games, he’s well below last season’s career-high 41-goal, 69-point performance.

NJ.COM: Devils defenseman P.K. Subban received an engagement ring from fiancee Lindsey Vonn on Christmas Day. Subban proposed to Vonn in August and she said she was returning the favor.

ESPN.COM: Prior to the recent holiday break, NBC Sports suspended hockey analyst and former NHL star Jeremy Roenick for inappropriate comments about his coworkers.

The 2019 NHL holiday roster freeze lifts at 12:01 am on Dec. 28.


  1. Hi Lyle

    Hope your Christmas went fantastically

    Re Seabrook, that’s a ton of major surgery just before turning 35. It would not be out of the realm of possibilities for him to ride out the entire balance of his contract (4 1/2 more years) on LTIR

    Speaking of Blackhawks , I have a question re: Crawford and 35+ contracts

    He’ll be 35 in 4 days; if he extends anytime prior to the end of this contract is it a “normal” contract OR ; is any contract extension signed by him on OR after January 1st considered 35+???

    The reason I ask is that if it is (35 + contract) it would then be in his best interest (if he is NOT considering retirement) to get a deal done in the next 4 days. The 35+ contracts (just citing Kovy case) are huge gambles for teams ; so less term and value likely offered

    Thanks in advance for your response.

    Boarding train now and in meetings this morning so won’t be able to get back to read/respond until much later this morning

    • Hi, Pengy. Here’s the explanation via Cap Friendly:

      What is a 35-plus contract?
      If a player signs a multi-year contract and is age 35 or older (as of June 30 prior to the year of the effective contract), the players individual cap hit counts against the teams cap hit regardless of whether, or where, the player is active. However, there is one circumstance in which there is a cap hit reduction, a team will receive a $100,000 relief off of the teams salary cap hit, if a player is playing in the minor leagues after the first year of their contract.

      • Shaw is still out with concussion issues, I couldn’t believe when bowman gave up a 2nd and 3rd for Shaw who is constantly injured! Love the way he plays but with the concussion issues his career is on the edge

      • That was serious over-payment for someone with his history.

      • Hi Lyle

        Many thanks for the clarification…. so Crawford next contract (unless for a single year) will be a 35+

        This then also affects Ovi

        He cant be extended before 1/7/20 and as at 30/6/21 (end of current contract) he’ll be 35…. cant see him doing a 1 year ; so he’ll also be a 35 + contract

        Gino as well (could extend still at 34 years of age between 1/7/21 and 30/7/21) but will be 35 years old on 30/6/22 (end of current contract)

        Interesting 🤔

        Many thanks again


  2. Bye bye Jeremy! Another turd bites the dust. I can almost feel the dignity of the sport growing this year.

    • With you Chrisms

      Liked his playing ; but always found him arrogant in interviews and even more so as a commentator/analyst

      comment was completely out of line

      Guess that was a fun Christmas day with his fam …… NOT

      • over reaction.

      • Too many snowflake fans now!

      • Agreed Cherry had to go, if this was the only incident then it does seem like an over reaction. He was joking about people he knew very well, and the at least one of his coworkers said she would remain good friends with him, even though she thought he crossed a line.
        I don’t watch hockey on ESPN as I am in Canada.
        Is this one of many or a single incident?
        My opinion really doesn’t matter though, if ESPN thought he was now bad for biz, then they can turf him. That is how this is supposed to work in a free society.

      • Jr has worked his way to this to a lesser extent as cherry. And like cherry had this been isolated he would be fine. But it’s not.

      • Then see ya.

      • It’s the soft people that complain, anyone with a life wouldn’t care it’s people that have nothing better to do! I don’t think these people complaining are even offended, sportsnet should be ashamed about getting rid of cherry he spoke the truth and more people respect that and it shows how the ratings on Saturday night has dropped

      • BBB, Sportsnet has the right to fire somebody if they feel he/she has embarrassed the network and negatively impacts their brand. You have the right not to watch that because of that decision. That is the business decision they made.
        From a right and wrong perspective, my opinion on that is he painted multiple groups of people with a brush that was inaccurate and flat out false. Where I come from, that is wrong. He lost his job because of it.

      • That’s the problem, what people think and what the truth is these days is way out of whack! Cherry spoke the truth and as per usual in the present people twisted how ever they could to make it sound bad. Sportsnet already realizes they made a mistake, when a guy like Bobby Orr comes out and says what he said about cherry people listen. There is a group of people who all they have in there life is complaining everything negative to make them feel better and it’s sad ! People wonder why depression and anxiety are way up……you can’t have fun anymore because there will always be someone complaining

  3. I hear JR likes to ski.

  4. Sounds like the Blackhawks are desperate and the only cure is a little Jack Johnson. Before you say anything they took Scuderi and he was incrementally worse than Jackhole is. Same GMs, let’s get this done, we are here to help. Make it a 3 team deal, Hawks get Jack, Pens get Athanasiou, Wings get a second from each team. I can see it now.

    • I’m sure you can see it!

      And I’m sure Chicago is dying to make a 💩 deal like that again….. especially considering it would cost more, and have more term involved.

      So Pittsburgh gets a win win… and everyone else loses! Lmao. Sounds exactly like a fan trade proposal.

    • Wouldn’t it have to be a 4 team deal? Pens don’t have a 2nd no more next year. Maybe Vegas throws Chicago the pens second for Seabrook. And galchenuk goes to Chicago for saad with Chicago retaining money. Hell yeah!