NHL Rumor Mill – December 10, 2019

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A look at some potential trade targets for the Canadiens, plus the latest on Rangers goalie Alexandar Georgiev in today’s NHL rumor mill.


SPORTSNET: Included Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Shayne Gostisbehere and Anaheim Ducks rearguard Cam Fowler on its list of six trade targets for the Montreal Canadiens to shore up the left side of their blueline.

Should the Montreal Canadiens pursue Anaheim Ducks defenseman Cam Fowler? (Photo via NHL Images)

Gostisbehere’s star has fallen a bit over the last two seasons. He was a recent healthy scratch and might benefit from a change of scenery. Having already parted ways with Corey Perry earlier this year, the struggling Ducks could be ready to move on from some of their established talent. The 28-year-old Fowler is among their top trade chips to bring in pieces for the future.

Other options include Calgary’s T.J. Brodie or Oliver Kylington, Pittsburgh’s Juuso Riikola, and Chicago’s Erik Gustafsson.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Canadiens general manager Marc Bergevin seeks a top-pairing left-side, Fowler is the best option. He’s a solid, all-around blueliner who would bring a big boost to their defense. Those traits are also why the Ducks are unlikely to part with him unless they get a terrific offer, like a good young scoring forward as part of the return. Fowler also has a four-team trade list and might not be keen to go to Montreal. 

Gostisbehere’s struggles since last season have sparked speculation over his future in Philadelphia. He’s a skilled puck-mover but his defensive game often leaves much to be desired.

Brodie’s recent medical scare and UFA status could make him a risky acquisition. Then again, those factors could also make him more affordable. Kylington is young (22), has potential and won’t cost much to acquire, but the Habs are likely in the market for an established top-four defender.

Riikola has been a frequent healthy scratch and I don’t see him significantly improving the Habs’ defense. Like Gostisbehere, Gustafsson is a mobile puck-moving d-man but his defensive play is an area of concern.


NEW YORK POST: Brett Cyrgalis reports New York Rangers GM Jeff Gorton has to figure out what to do with his overcrowded crease. Current backup Alexandar Georgiev has played very well spelling off veteran Henrik Lundqvist. However, he’ll soon become waiver-eligible once he plays his 60th NHL game.

“There’s a lot written about who’s going to be here, and waivers and all that stuff, said Gorton. “We’re just worried about the team playing well, and let events play themselves out.” He insists Georgiev remains “a big part of our team.”

Cyrgalis, however, believes Georgiev could be a very attractive trade piece as the Feb. 24 deadline approaches. He feels the Toronto Maple Leafs are an obvious landing spot. Moving Georgiev would create room to bring up promising Igor Shesterkin.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cyrgalis believes Gorton will still be active leading up to the trade deadline. He feels the Rangers GM wants to bring in assets that will eventually make the Blueshirts a Stanley Cup contender, not just a playoff contender.

When Georgiev’s name first surfaced, I dismissed the notion he’d be available if the Rangers were in the playoff chase by the deadline. If Gorton’s plan is to build a future Cup winner, perhaps he’d consider parting with Georgiev for the right price.


  1. Dont think I’d call it a log jam. Lundqvist is likely done in New York next season. Shesterkin and Georgiev are both under contract. Would make sense to keep them both for the future, especially as the league is seeing success with 1a/1b situations. Georgiev and Shesterkin for 2021-22 would certainly be a solid combination for the Rangers.

    • @ chass

      Good morning

      I agree 100% …I dont understand why everyone is writing Georgiev off for trade bait…hes been awesome ..
      if you look around the league you need a platoon style tandem …if you have 2 solid up and coming net minders at a low low cost that can both play 40 games or so ..why not …Lundqvist is done after next season as you say and as we would figure to be the case so Id keep both s well…there are lots of teams in a a bad goalie situation…this would alleviate that for the Blue shirts moving forward.


      I dont see Fowler going anywhere ….I agree with all Lyles points in this area….unless the Ducks get serious and look to do a tear down and rebuild next year when Getzlaf becomes a UFA…then a deal may be made to start a real and proper rebuild this team is so desperate for !

    • Agreed. Hank will be out in another year or perhaps sooner if he bows out gracefully. Igor can play 1 more season in Hartford to get acclimated to the smaller ice surface and then play in NYC with Gorgi the following season.

    • The problem is Georgiev is up for a new deal this year. So yes, this creates a logjam for NY. 3 more Nhl games and Georgiev can no longer slip down without being exposed.

      Shestyorkin has an out , and can opt to go back to Russia if he chooses. I doubt Lundqvist is ready to walk away……

      This is definitely a “logjam” issue at least for the next year and a half.

      • Some people dont know what a “logjam” is i guess lol

        If Henrik would agree to be traded- it’d be the best for the Rangers rebuild, I just can’t see that happening though.

    • I’ll make this short! Remember Talbot? 100% agreed! Keep Georgiev and Shesterkin…

  2. Re: “log jam” for NYR goalies.

    I’m not so sure that there technically is one but looking at the longer term; is it really Georgiev that should be shopped?

    If the long term is Georgiev and Shesterkin; then what about Hank?

    Before I go any further, I want to make sure that I’m just talking pragmatics and about prudent rationalization for the team and long term and setting aside the impact of Hank and what the player and man himself means to the franchise. Of course, any real move would have to be with his blessing and with “kid gloves” w.r.t. any conversations happening.

    Setting that (who Hank is) aside and taking into account the long term look for NYR— if they were looking at realistically Georgiev/Shesterkin as the tandem for next year…. Options are buyout and trade.

    Again, not advocating for a buyout; but as part of the analysis; you have to look at it. Cash-wise he would get $2.5M next year and $1.5 M the next (losing $1.5M). Rangers get Cap hits of $5.5M (savings of $3M in Cap ) next year; and $1.5 M (vs. $0) the following year. Technically then Hank could sign with anybody but NYR at $1.5M or more and not lose a single penny!!!

    Comparing that to trading and retaining 50%— if traded at TDL— probably save $1.4M in Cap for balance of year; save $2.75M in Cash and $4.25M in Cap next year. Rangers are cash rich so it is down to Cap. The $4.25M Cap savings next year should easily cover Cap for Georgiev and Shersterkin.

    Hank is 38 in less than 3 months, and to be fair; I don’t believe he wins a cup with Rangers this year or next; and fair odds that he retires after 20/21 season anyway. I’m sure he’d like to win a cup. So, if there was a trade out there for a contender, there should be a fair return for Hank at 50% retained. The worst case for the receiving team is that they decide to buy him out next June… so dead cap hit of $2.75M then $750 K in ’21-’22.

    After examining the numbers; to me; it may be worth it for Gorton to have a candid convo with Hank and get a feel for where he is at. If done carefully and cordially, I believe Hank would agree to be waived to a true contender.

    If so, what are the teams that could fit in the extra ~ $1.4 M in Cap (at TDL … 50% balance of Cap for rest of year—- about 1/3 of year [$8.5 M] at 50%); and what would they give up to secure Hank?

    Hank has a better Save percentage than the goalies in Nsh, FLA, and SJ; and has a better Sv %’age than Holtby and Vazy. Note: Suban also is struggling for VGKs, seriously hampering them now while the Flower is off.

    Both Preds and Bolts are currently outside looking in. Bolts can easily fit Hank in after waiving McIlhenny and have quite a few prospects AND have an extra 1st rounder and 4th rounder. Nsh would have to work some Cap magic and have some, but not tons of, prospects; plus have an extra 2nd and extra 3rd rounder this upcoming draft.

    Thoughts on moving Hank at 50% retained? To where? Cost to acquire?

    • I don’t see how Tampa could “easily” fit Lundqvist in?

      They don’t really have the cap space this year or next, even with Lundqvist @ 50% cap hit.

      Thoughts on Lundqvist accepting a trade? We may as well dive into a JJ for Mcdavid type of trade proposal…..

      Lundqvist has already said “no thanks” to being moved out. I seriously doubt he changes his mind now. He knew what it meant when NY tore it down…. it meant he moves on or stays and never reaches a cup final again…:. He chose option b.

      Unless he feels like doing NY a solid and retires… which I doubt …. Lundqvist is going nowhere. And he wouldn’t garner much attention today even if he choses to waive his nmc…. even at 50%.

    • I think the conversation would start with Igor and get a felling if he is content with 1 more year in Hartford or if he is adamant to be in the NHL next season.

      Recognizing his out clause, if he is more than willing to do 1 more year then the conversation shifts to Hank and if he wants to head to a contender as you have described in detail Pengy.

      Now IF Igor says ” i want in the NHL next year”, as Gorton should have a feeling for this already THEN I would concede the “logjam” notion.

      I am with Gorton, play it out and focus on winning.

      Will be interesting to see how Hank reacts to playing less more and more this year and if NY is contending for a wildcard spot or not.

      I do not think any team can fit him in under the cap. Rangers cannot afford to hold anything especially with the Shatts buyout. in IMO

      • Hi IHC

        Absolutely re Igor and Gorton convo

        Prob right re waiting to see if they can get in playoffs …. I think it’s about 50-50 right now. At TDL I think the picture will be much clearer one way or the other

        Your right only a very few teams (mostly non contenders) could take on Hank at full whack at deadline

        As I mentioned … all lies with Hank…. and (big IF) Gorton willing to retain 50% …. but if so …. per CapFreindly ; the deadline space showing available has a few teams that could take on Hank including Bolts (showing on CF with deadline space at $6.4 M [$2.15 M higher than the $4.25 M ….50 %]

        Again if Hank would agree (big if) then Gorton’s decision re next year (using the 50 % retention ) is

        (A) keep Hank and increase in Cap when Georgiev signs extension (so Cap space decreased ) OR

        (B) retain 50 % [$4.25 M Cap ] and pay Georgiev and Shrsterkin (and will have more Cap space available …. because Georgiev is in both A & B scenarios and Shestorkin will be considerably less than the $4.25 M in Hank Sal moved; plus pick(s) and/or prospects

        Bolts are desperate and in win now mode …. option B (with Rangers saving Cap in ‘20-‘21) and say a 1st and Katchouk OR Raddysh????

        It’s a long shot as Hank has previously stated he’d stay….. but if he changes his mind !!!!!

      • Igor factor here. He could bolt yes… its not known to us fans how patient he will be.
        Have to think Hank retires as a Ranger.

        Rangers have other solid Goalie prospects

      • Yeah,Bolts…. amazing fit! And with only 2 dmen signed beyond this year and being pressed hard against the cap…. why not spend 13.75 on 2 net-minders next year!?

        I’m sure Lundqvist pushes them over the top this year, and hopefully can play defense next year?

        Aye aye aye!

      • Shestyorkin had 3 solid years in KHL. GAA under 2 and save % over 930. Going to AHL, besides making peanuts, is a step down for him. There’s no way he spends next year in Hartford. He’s already putting up similar numbers in N America. Like Kravtsov, he has an out. Unlike Kravtsov, he’s 4 years older and NHL ready. Hanks not getting traded. Gorgiev has value and Gorton is listening. As he said, it’ll all play itself out. Rangers also have Huska in AHL and 2nd rd pick from a couple drafts ago, Lindblom in Sweden. IMO, Gorgiev is a goner.

    • not like this will ever happen but let’s move some $ around

      to LA: Hank (they have cap space and he can get his tan on. 2 yrs and then Cal takes over and clearing ton of cap)

      to NYR: Quick


      to OTT: Quick (Sens get a veteran goalie for a few years to help the team)

      to NYR: Anderson (leader who is up at season end)

      everyone win? LOL

      musical chairs

      • The way Nilsson is playing, why would Ottawa want Quick? They have Nilsson next year at a bargain US$2.6M cap hit (US2.4M in actual cash). If Nilsson keeps this up, Ottawa will probably look to resign him for a few more years while Hogberg and Gustavsson develope.

        I haven’t liked some of Dorion’s moves (initial Duchene trade the prime example), but he has done quite well the last year. Duclair and 2 2nds for Dzingel was a steal and getting Nilsson for a 6th and dumping Pyatt in that trade was stellar as well. The Karlsson return is looking better and better the worse San Jose plays.

      • Quick? No thank you. If Anderson is out for any length of time with that knee problem, they’ll just elevate Hogberg again who did fine in a recent call-up. It’s not as if they – or anyone else for that matter – think they can make a playoff spot and I doubt they want to go back to drafting middle of the pack. Stay low and at least get a decent shot at # 1.

        Anderson, once he gets back, will have his greatest value at the trade deadline – especially if one or more teams pushing for a playoff spot have run into goaltending problems.

  3. Fowler would be a great add for the Habs. What would the cost be to get him? (I’m terrible at this game)

    Poehling + 2nd?

    ANA would want youth. Caulfield not going anywhere, Primeau not needed (Gibson is amazing), Suzuki is possible but I don’t think likely. Poehling is an A prospect that the Habs could spare and I think Anaheim could want.


    • Poehling, Suzuki, Domi aren’t going anywhere neither is Came Fleury or Kotkaniemi, Primeau or Caufield for just one player like Fowler. The return will have to be equal or mind blowing before any of them are traded.

      • I’d disagree here. Habs badly need a top four LD. Fowler isn’t incredible, IMO, but he’s a legit top four with a guaranteed salary (even if just fair value at $6.5M) for six more years, taking him to only 34 years old. That is a valuable player.

        Anaheim would expect (and get!) value back for that. No way they’d trade him for a third liner or aging veteran or whatever Habs would have left once you took all those players you mentioned off the table.

    • Dale Weiss would have to be part of any package involving Cam Fowler.

    • If the Habs can get Fowler for Poehling and a 2nd, they’d do it in a heartbeat. Won’t be near enough. The Ducks will want a 1st and a young forward who can score – and maybe then some.

  4. Andy…..you are a good Habs fan….like all fans ….me included….you see some of your not going anywhere players with your heart’s eye…not with your hockey scouts eye…I see some Leafs the same way….some of those guys can be had for less than the blow me away price

  5. Anaheim presents a unique case. They seem to be just good enough to scare some of the playoff bubble teams, but clearly no longer playoff contenders themselves. Gibson is, or will be, 26 by the new year, so a long re-build is probably not what Bob Murray is interested in.

    However, the Ducks do have some good young pieces to build around on a short-term basis. Max Jones and Maxime Comtois on left wing, Sam Steel and Isac Lundestrom at center, Troy Terry and Ondrej Kase (24yo but still..) on right wing, and Jacob Larsson and Brendan Guhle on defence.

    So while a long-term tear down might not be what they want, the time might be ripe to trade those pieces that will NOT be part of the next cup contention phase of the franchise. Cam Fowler, Josh Manson, Adam Henrique, even Rickard Rakell, Ryan Getzlaf and Jakob Silfverberg. With the right selections in the first round, the Ducks can replace those players within a few years, and they can also use the above trade chips to acquire young, NHL-ready or near-NHL-ready A or B+ prospects from teams seeking immediate veteran scoring help.

  6. if hes available, whats it going to cost…
    Leafs are desperate !