NHL Rumor Mill – December 14, 2019

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The Taylor Hall trade talks reportedly heat up, plus the latest on Zach Bogosian and Ilya Kovalchuk in today’s NHL rumor mill.


NORTHJERSEY.COM: Abbey Mastracco reported the New Jersey Devils scratched Taylor Hall from last night’s game against the Colorado Avalanche as a precautionary measure. They had nothing further to report regarding a possible trade, but Mastracco cited a source claiming the Avalanche are interested and had reached out to the Devils. She also said the extent of the negotiations was unknown.

The Taylor Hall trade talks are heating up (Photo via NHL Images).

TSN’s Pierre LeBrun confirmed last night there is “some traction in trade talks the Devils are having with teams and so the risk is not worth playing him play at the moment. Stay tuned.”

NJ.COM: Mike Rosenstein cites WEEI.com’s Matt Kalman reporting the Boston Bruins could be among the teams interested in trading with the Devils. Given what could be a high price to acquire Hall, Kalman speculated they could target Devils winger Kyle Palmieri.

NBC SPORTS: Joe Haggerty believes the Bruins must do something to address their ongoing need for additional scoring, whether it’s kicking tires on Hall or a more realistic target like Los Angeles’ Tyler Toffoli.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Looks like business could be picking up here. I’ve spoken to a couple of sources who think the deal could go down as early as today. The holiday trade freeze goes into effect at midnight on Dec. 19, so there appears to be some urgency in getting a deal done soon.

The Avalanche remain the front-runners, but the Arizona Coyotes have also reportedly expressed interest. The Bruins may have looked into acquiring Hall, but I think they’ll explore more affordable options. As LeBrun suggested, stay tuned…


WGR 500: Brayton Wilson reports Buffalo Sabres defenseman Zach Bogosian declined to talk about a report claiming he’d requested a trade. He prefers keeping any discussions between Sabres management and his agent to himself. “I’m going to let everything stay in house,” said Bogosian. Head coach Ralph Krueger said the report didn’t interest him. The blueliner was reportedly unhappy over being a healthy scratch from Thursday’s game against the Predators.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Bogosian is a skilled veteran right-shot defenseman due to become an unrestricted free agent in July. He lacks no-trade protection, but his long history of injuries and his $5.142-million salary-cap hit could make him difficult to move.



  1. I’ve had Av’s, Coyotes, and Flames as my top landing spots for Hall. I’m guessing Arizona most likely. I don’t see him in East.

    • Nashville would be another. It’s being reported that Hall won’t be playing tonight either. Got to figure a trade is near.

  2. Thinking the Bruins have the wrong Ritchie go get the Nick from the Ducks

    • ryan reaves for john moore is my idea

  3. Bruins have the assets to get Hall. Not sure how to fit him in the cap and how he would be signed longer term. Also not sure if he’s a good fit for Boston’s style of play. Hearing St. Louis the front runner this morning.

    • think they should trade Backes to PITTS for AG

      i have a feeling on that roster he will do just fine with Krejci

      • Hi IHC

        This deal can only happen if Bruins also take JJ as well…. and Sweeney ain’t touching that

        Jimbo has made some bad moves and some very very bad moves (read : JJ) in the past ; but I can’t see him taking on Backes (older, way slower, more expensive ; under contract also for next year ; and even though G-Chuck not putting up much of anything; I believe G-Chuck better than Backes at this point in time) for G-Chuck

        Fully agree that Bruins would benefit huge if they can move Backes and bring in somebody else

        If there was a magical way that had Backes out and Hall in w/o disrupting the core and chemistry …. that would make Bruins SC favs IMHO….. but many many assets would have to be added to Backes to get Hall…. so call that probability …… mmmmmmm zip

  4. My (admittedly very uninformed) thoughts on the Hall situation:

    Maybe, instead of a deal being close, what happens is Shero says:

    – we’d probably lose to Avs anyway

    – I don’t honestly much care if we do (bring on the high draft pick! This season is a bust anyway)

    – We’re actually NOT receiving enough interest from other teams about Hall right now, or the offers are too low… but here’s a fun way to drum some up!

    I think he’s stirring the pot to see what happens, but we’ll see Hall back in the lineup until near the deadline, when offers improve

    (as a fan of trades, I hope I’m wrong, though!)

    • NHL GMs aren’t that devious, are they Paddy? 🙂

      • Haha of course not. Heaven forbid! As you were, gents… 🙂

  5. GMs should go sign more old forwards it always works out so well. I have no clue why that GM would have given Kovalchuk more than a one year deal.

  6. Try one month!

    • I have a feeling something ridiculous is brewing.
      Probably involving Clifton and Heinen.

      • They could use a guy like Moore too. Settle things down a bit in their own end.
        Moore and Heinen for Palmieri? Too much?

      • The Devil’s reaaaaaally need Par Lindholm in that deal instead of Heino.

        He’s the guy though, Ray.
        He’d finish on all of those glorious chances Ritchie and Lil’ Louie miss out on, routinely.

        Should drop Pasta to 2RW and leave him with Krech if we don’t add anyone.
        I could play with Bergy and Marchy and they’d still thrive.

  7. There has to be at least 3 teams close if they are sitting him. I was wrong in that it would drag on until the deadline . Jost and Timmons ; a second and a conditional
    Don’t think Calgary is mixing up their current mojo
    I bet there other less mentioned teams involved
    Bogosian for a bag of balogna

    • Maple Leaf or Schneider bologna?
      Just a bag, or an entire log?

      Pretty vague offer SS.

    • SS

      I know by “ Bag of Bologna” you meant Sir JJ

      I accept that offer for said “Bag of Bologna”

      gedderdone 🙏🤞👌😀

      • He’s living in Pittsburgh now pengy. So officially he’d go by jumbo. Must have been talking bout someone else.

      • Jumbo Bag of Bologna ?