NHL Rumor Mill – December 2, 2019

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The latest Taylor Hall speculation plus updates on the Canadiens and Golden Knights in today’s NHL rumor mill.


THE ATHLETIC: Pierre LeBrun speculates the Colorado Avalanche, Montreal Canadiens, and Edmonton Oilers could be among several teams with interest in Taylor Hall. LeBrun broke the news on Saturday that the New Jersey Devils were listening to offers for the 28-year-old winger. He also wondered if the Calgary Flames, Boston Bruins and San Jose Sharks would come calling.

Could the Edmonton Oilers attempt to re-acquire Taylor Hall? (Photo via NHL Images)

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Kurt Leavins believes the Oilers could be among those at the top of the list with interest in Hall. He rejects the idea the Oilers can’t afford Hall due to limited salary-cap space. The Devils have over $4 million in cap space and are well-positioned to retain salary or take back a toxic contract to a team offering the best deal.

Leavins also suggests Hall could be receptive to signing a short-term contract extension with the Oilers. He cites  the change in the front office and behind the bench, as well as the opportunity to skate alongside Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl.


SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hall returning to Edmonton would certainly make an already-potent Oilers offense more powerful. Rather than loading up on their scoring lines, they’ll be better served by pursuing more affordable options to bolster their depth throughout their roster. Their biggest need right now is a third-line center.

LeBrun cited ESPN.com’s Greg Wyshynski reporting he’s heard the Devils have scouted the Avalanche at all levels this season. They have the cap space and the depth in promising talent to make a competitive offer for Hall.

The Canadiens desperately need skilled defensive depth. Hall won’t help them in that regard. Pursuing him would be a waste of assets. The Flames already have sufficient left-wing scoring depth in Johnny Gaudreau and Matthew Tkachuk. They need help on the right side.

Bruins general manager Don Sweeney and Sharks GM Doug Wilson have a history of swinging in-season deals to boost their rosters for the playoffs. LeBrun thinks they’d have to get creative to land Hall but one shouldn’t dismiss the possibility.


SPORTSNET: With the Montreal Canadiens mired in an eight-game winless skid, Eric Engels wonders what GM Marc Bergevin will do to address the issue. An impact trade would help, but that could prove costly at this time of the year. No teams are willing to do any favors for a slumping club like the Habs. Replacing head coach Claude Julien could be another option.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: A coaching change won’t address the Canadiens’ lack of experienced blueline skill. Making a trade is the only way, but Bergevin will be forced to overpay by giving up at least one or two of his good young players, something he claims he’s unwilling to do.

Maybe Bergevin can pull off a steal of a deal, but I think he’s stuck with the roster he’s got right now. If he’s unwilling to sacrifice the future for immediate help, the Canadiens will miss the playoffs this season.


LAS VEGAS SUN: Justin Emerson believes the Vegas Golden Knights have several roster issues to address if they intend on turning their season around. They need a reliable backup goaltender, a top-end defenseman, and consistency on their third line.

Emerson notes the Golden Knights have made a splash at the trade deadline over the past two seasons. If they do so again this season, he believes it’ll be for a defenseman.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: A consistent effort by Malcolm Subban could alleviate that backup goaltending issue. Those third-line issues are likely tied to injuries to Alex Tuch and Cody Eakin.

Finding a top-pairing rearguard by the trade deadline could prove difficult. St. Louis’ Alex Pietrangelo is the only one slated to become a UFA next summer and he’s not available. They might have to explore adding a good second-pairing rental.


  1. Good morning


    My sport gut tells me he lands in Nashville…
    Play on the top line with Duchene as he signed for 6 more years ….if the deal was tapered off in the 7th year of an 8 year deal this could make some sense…

    Arvidson – Duchene – Hall

    Preds have at least 5 – pieces plus a 1st rounder to make this happen …as well as cap space long term ..plus a trade history with Shero ..


    Canadians need help down the middle with size ….they have no legit #1 centre …also outside Weber this D core is way to young… soft and
    inexperienced….amazing on how Carlson carried Alzner for his tenure in Washignton….swing and a miss on Alzner and Drouin ….Bergevin..


    I cant wait to see what Holland gets for Pulujarvi when he is dealt …
    cause its not going to be anything more than what he was offered yesterday ..IMO..

    This Oilers team needed a good skating young skilled player injection into the 2nd 3rd line.

    To bolster up this team would have been a real good sign for this Franchise that they are moving forward in all areas of things negative…This is a player that is really cumbersome on his skates ..he does not fit in this teams fast offensive skill set …he has no place in the team dynamics..

    I can not believe that there was no real somewhat quality deal out there …waste of an asset….or a waste of an asset that could have been brought in to help out this team !

    Good luck Holland ..I think by not trading him now …you have pushed his stock even further down….if the ask is a 1st Rounder …at the draft
    I just do not see it happening

    Your not going to get anything better than what you were offered yesterday….IMO

    • Nashville one of the teams has to keep being all in with their core… Hall rental makes sense.
      I do not see any of the ‘All In’ teams having cap space to resign Hall. Av’s wont pay the price unless the team is healthy for a proper run.

      Coyotes could have the picks+ to make it happen.
      Could the Blues find a way?

    • To bring size upfront for MTL i had suggested

      to MTL: Bjugstad & JJ
      to Pits: Alzner & Weise

      Bjugstad plays center and wing. He has size and is worth a look to resign. They have the cap space to make this trade.

      Another option is to see what the cost is on AA in DET. He has size and speed. Although inconsistent…he certianly is dynamic and offers another look to their offense they seem to be lacking currently. Another option to look into resigning the RFA

      • decent trade there. JJ is actually an upgrade for the Habs right now

      • Hi IHC

        As I have said many many times before

        Gedderdone 👍👍👍👍👍


        Please accept this trade B4 you watch any video of JJ. As a bribe not to watch JJ video pre any trade ; I would like to offer Ruhweedel as a bonus …. Gratis

        The Alzner for JJ swap will massively improve the Pens ….. shhhhh…. don’t tell GMMB


    • @ Kal El: Re thre Habs, you are forgetting Petry; he has been pay very well for the Habs. Chariot is doing ok but I take your point, beyond Weber (who has been showing his age lately) the D is young or great third pairing folks.

      Kotkiniemi will be that number one but is going through his sophomore slump. I am excited to see what a Suzuki/Caufield will look like and see what Fleury develops into, he is looking great right now, but not yet where the Habs need him.

      Drouin has been great this season. He is finally playing more as expected; shame he got hurt.

      Not sure what we can get for them, but Hudon, Byron, and one of the Habs extra D (Reilly, Folin, Kulach) are up for trade, along with the picks in 2021. I’d hesitate on trading any 2020 picks, IMO.

    • Kal El, I don’t have any idea what Holland has been offered for JP. I am curious to see what Holland gets as well.
      One thing we can assume is that Holland hasn’t been offered what he thinks JP is worth.
      JP is an NHL player now, just a question of how good. Would you trade that for a late 1st?
      I wouldn’t as some late 1st will never be regular NHL players. At the draft and there is a player the Oil like available, then maybe he pulls the trigger.

      He actually skates really well for a big man, but his game needs work.
      No more big looping turns, stop and start. Needs to work on his hands in tight and in puck battles. Also needs to make better use of his size and strength.
      All things that can happen if he works on it day in day out.
      Holland isn’t giving JP away for less than what he believes he is worth, which is what he should do.

    • I like hollands handling of jp. Chirelli would have shipped him off for a 8th dman or a 14th forward already. Kid still has potential and i dont see how his value would decrease. He probaly received fair offers but maybe with more cap space in the off season next year the options will be a bit more attractive.

      • Holland is handling JP just fine

    • Hi KalEl

      Time will tell with JP

      He definitely will have more (than up to Sat) suitors after this year. Those who were kicking the tires last week had to need him now AND have space AND be comfortable that they could sign him by 5 PM two days ago AND have the asset(s) that Holland was looking for

      Come draft time …. more bidders ; more flexibility from Ed and bidders; more Cap space all around

      His value will definitely go down if his play in Finland falters

      Right now he’s a PPG player and is +18 in 25 GP

      If that rate sticks …. I believe his value will be more at the Draft

      Just my take on it

  2. Hall doesn’t play right side, ever! I think the teams mentioned here are the usual suspects, but there are a few more that will look into Hall. Winnipeg, Kings, & Ducks.

  3. One thing is certain, whichever team picks up Hall will have a super motivated player coming in. I could see a team like Nashville looking for that kind of instant adrenaline.

    • Would Minny give up Fiala, Donato & a 1st plus prospect? to sign Hall long term like Parise & Suter?

      Hall would help thier offense. I can see him having chemistry there. They are in a better spot than NJ with their veterans.

      • Why would Minny give up that much for Hall?

        If he would consider signing long term- sign him in off season…

        a possible trade mentioned involving all of Pitts trash heap (1st rd pick(s) if resigned) for Hall & Vats-
        this era they could never dump all their $hit on 1 team like that.

      • I only offered the generous package in order to get him now to improve their chances this season and entice him to want to sign in Minny. As opposed to biddng with everyone else come off season driving up the price even more. just a thought. it is a ton to give up but Minny is not in rebuild mode so Hall would be a good addition. Hall is better than Fiala & Donato.

      • Yah I just feel that Min isn’t going anywhere this year, so no need to waste any assets.

        Hall would end up being hurt when they need him to start the year.

        He looks like he is playing to not get hurt, currently.

  4. If avs ever get totally healthy not sure they need to make a big splash for hall…they have been mostly winning with a 30% ahl lineup

    • Their splash could be Kreider depending on where NY sits come deadline time along with their vision of next years roster. Viable option though. Most certainly would add another dimension to their speed game.

    • AV’s could be scary- if they get fresh & healthy at the right time…

      • There are a few NHL coaches who should be fired, a few GMs need to just hit the re-set button & actually maintain a rebuild.

        AV’s could be scary- if they get fresh & healthy at the right time…

  5. More lazy journalism from Montreal beat writers: the players are tuning out the coach, it’s time to fire the coach.

    The Habs problems now are the same ones they had at the beginning of the year, on D. Firing the coach won’t change the roster deficiency.

    You’ve got it right, Lyle. A trade to bring in a worthwhile D would cost too much and sacrifice what is essentially a rebuild. And it’s almost certain that the Habs can’t overcome an 8 game losing streak, so they will miss the playoffs.

    • Staal in NY is available if you want a D-man 🙂

      • Staal (1/3rd retained) for JJ …. please and thanks

      • Sure. Why pay Staal 5.7 this year and next when you can pay JJ 5.15 this year and next with the bonus of paying him 3.25 for 2 additional years?

  6. Would NJ take

    to NJ: Galchenyuk, Rust, DeSmith and 1st

    to Pitts: Hall

    moving out 4.9 from AG and 3.5 from Rust plus 1.25 iin DeSmith totals 9.65 in space.

    They can find another .5 million for Hall somewhere.

    Then move JJ & BJugstad for Alzner & Weise will clear 4 mill for next season to add for Murray’s contract.

    Pittsburgh is a viable option if they move out those pieces somewhere and pitch Hall that Pittsburgh is a contender.

    Imagine Hall-Sid-Guentzel on a line WOW

    • Hi IHC

      As I listed above …. please please please make that Habs/Pens deal


      to NJ: Galchenyuk, Rust, DeSmith and 1st for Hall

      This is a massive overpayment because you are including Rusty (who has been on an absolute tear)…. NOTING of corse that this pace will not continue …. but his pace over 82 G’s would be 53 G 47 A…100 Pts

      Even taking 1/2 that pace for the balance of the year ….. he’ll end up with 26-24-50 …. and locked @ $3.5 M for 2 years after this one

      Also …. if Pens send out DeSmith …. would need a minor league goalie back …. ‘cuz any injury to Jarry or Murray l aves Pens in serious back-up trouble

      Yes Hall would be great on Pens but GMJR can I’ll afford to get into a bidding war for his services (for maybe only 3/4 of a year)

      More attention to addressing D issue (Shultz and Dumo out long term) is a must

      • @Pengy

        I do not see it as an overpayment because I highly doubt AG is in the long term plans for your team. He may garner a 3rd maybe 2nd at the deadline. MAYBE. Rusty is doing well but Rusty for Hall is a no brainer. Since you have to add value a goalie makes sense.

        to me clearing room by moving all the mentioned players for a chance at hall long term is the next transition for pittsburgh.

        also your D will be fine. thinking more this year and future years as I don’t see signing Schultz bc i don’t see him worth the $6m to resign when they have other more cost effective options pulling their weight and doing well right now.

        correct..never will happen

        figured what they need to move to make something like this happen for Pittsburgh. Not sure why Pengy wants Rust over Hall though lol

        all in good fun

      • @Pengy

        my proposal was based on the value of what you send away is 9.6 as a starting offer to Hall on an 8 yr deal.

        so no bidding war right away. think he may take the 9.6 knowing sid and malkin are with him.

      • Hi IHC

        with the rationalization of getting Hall long term …. makes more sense …. but no guarantee he’d re-up…. so giving up a lot

        G-Chuck gone for sure … and in reality nothing lost

        Agree Rust + 1st for Hall not overly far off

        The DeSmith move has s not so much the added value to make the deal go …. it’s the vulnerable situation it leaves Pens in

        Re “your D will be fine”

        I have politely disagree with you …. I’m not sure if you have seen the recent play of JJ & Ruhweedel ; but now the Pens stalwart on D (Dumo ) is out a minimum of 8 weeks

        Another NHL d-man FOR SURE is needed and probably two

        How’s the Hab deal coming along ??? …. I’m very excited about Alzner in for JJ 🤞🙏

      • Pengy..I agree over payment on Hall

        Galchenyuk $4.9 plus a 3rd round pick to Nashville

        Turris – $6.0 to Pittsburgh

        Go get Marco Scandella Buffalo maybe a Dominik Simon or a draft pick not sure what the Sabers are looking for they are tight against the cap..

        we waive J.J save $1.08 million

        go get a third pairing d-man Nikkita Zaitzev Ron Hainsey Adam Mcquaid type

        Turris and Scandella help immediately and both are available then we get super strong when Crosby and Dumolin get back..

      • @ pengy if you can sign hall for 9.6 – 10m why not go for it over taking turris @6 ?

        Hall is a huge possession driver, better finisher and can skate.

        AG is a throw in so it ends up Rust/DeSmith &1st for Hall.

        so if desmith goes you can claim Kinkaid from MTL off waivers and put him in the minors.

        solves all problems and keeps everything under the cap and room next year to sign Murray.


        with the extra cap maybe send Weise back to Buff for Scandella. adds some D using cap space.

        Buff gets cap relief as well. Win win

      • Hi IHC & BlackNGold

        Hall a great add for sure and the rationale you (IHC) gave fits long term …. IF (and it’s a big one …. (1) Hall agrees to sign and (2) for a reasonable Cap hit…. at $9.5 M he’s making Gino Cap money and more than Sid

        I still say the biggest issue is D…. Pens can slog it out offensively and be a tad over 500 hockey until Sid returns ….. IF the D is fixed

        Their top Defensive D-Man is out for a minimum of 8 weeks …. and if last game is anything to go on …. Sully is replacing a great deal of those minutes with the worst defence man in the NHL…. costing Pens 3 GAs last game

        I like the Habs trade proposal

        I still say that Jimbo should call McQ; Methot and Dion (in that order)


        If Jimbo can hose Boterill to get Scands …. now we’re talking👍

        Re G-Chuck & 3rd for Turris ….. if Turris was UFA it even just one more year after this …. I’m all in

        The risk is the out years at $6 M

        If he plays at the level of his past throughout the contract …. all is good …. however ; he does appear to be sliding

        If we buy in to TSN & SN…. Nsh desperate to move Turris and may have to retain a large chunk ….. even 50%

        Well if that is the case…..

        G-Chuck OR Bjug plus JJ plus 3rd

        For Turris & Hamhuis

        ….. So IHC & BNG please work together in a deal so that the sum effect is

        G-Chuck ; Bjug ; JJ and maybe a pick or Simon can be replaced with

        Turris and 2 of

        Scands Or Hamhuis OR Alzner

        D (before Shultz and Dumo return):

        Tanger Pettersson

        Marino AND Scands (S) Or Hamhuis (H)

        Riikola and (S) Or (H) Or Alzner (A)

        When Shultz and Dumo return

        Tanger Dumo

        Shultz Pettersson

        Marino and (S) OR (H) OR (A) OR Riikola


    • When do trades like this happen?

      And cue up that jeopardy theme once again.

      Massive overpayment…. 100 points ?… lmao.

      It’s Groundhog Day yet again here.

      • nyyr4life…. My trade is simple…

        Nashville wants to move Kyle Turris and his $6 million salary. He has been a healthy scratch 5 straight games. Turris is a solid two way center, good in the playoffs, checks effectively, has scored 2, 26, 24, 19 goals the last 5 years

        Pittsburgh would like to move Alex Galchenyuk his $4.9 million, salary his isn’t fast enough for Pittsburgh’s style of play. Galchenyuk is only 25 three seasons removed from a 25 goal season Can audition the second half good sample size Nashville can resign him or not he gives them some depth scoring

        this trade is easy Pengy wasbringing a lot of other moving parts like Bjugstad who I outttt8 weeks and J.J who no one will take.

        mine trade is one for one..and its for right now both guys need a change of scenery, both are available both Pittsburgh and Nashville have the cap space….not sure why you think trades like this never happen

        We got kessel that was way more than this… this is easy two teams filling a need and ridding themselves of someone who isn’t working out..

        galchenyuk only 1 goal but 10 points in 19 games and Turris played well at worlds before the start of the season..

  7. MTL trades that I would like to see:

    PHI – Gostisbehere
    MTL – Hudon, 2020 3rd or 2nd, B tier prospect

    Gostisbehere has been struggling as of late, a change could revive his game. Would be a huge upgrade on the left side & perfect pair for Weber.

    NJ – Hall
    MTL – Byron, 2nd & 3rd, One of the A tier D prospects (Not Romanov)

    Could be a stretch but NJ could essentially lose Hall for nothing down the line, could be a gamble for MTL but we have the assets to give up. Hall-Domi-Suzuki would be da gerious

    • would a trade of brothers make sense here?

      To MON: Haydn Fleury
      to CAR: Nick Suzuki

      the Fleury’s in MON and the Suzuki’s in CAR

      probably a small piece added depending on your point of view. I would probably add a 4th(?) in with Fleury, since Suzuki probably has the bigger upside. Though young D always have a bit of a premium which may offset that a bit

    • Devils would get more. Mtl can keep that garbage

  8. Lyle

    Question re AHL contracts …. can they be re-negotiated mid-year FOR that year?

    The reason I ask is CF is showing a new signed contract for Noesen (Pens … has played all season with WBS)

    When I open up the page it shows him at $700 K (up or down) for 19/20…., with the codicil “Unconfirmed …..”

    Since he has already been playing for WBS (19 games so far) wouldn’t he have had a contract for the full year? Or can AHL contracts be written for Partial years …. say October 1st to December 31st ????

    Thanks in advance for your response

    • AHL contracts aren’t renegotiated. Noesen was on an AHL contract to start the season. He has to be on an NHL contract to play for the Penguins. Hence the two-way deal he signed today, which pays him $700K at the NHL level.

      • Excellent and many thanks Lyle 👍

  9. Makes no sense for Habs to trade for Hall; short term or long term the asking price would deplete the depth it took 4 seasons to build back up and its still questionable. The recent move to waive Kinkaid and call up Primeau might wake up the underperformers. MTL needs a large centre who can create room for the wingers. Doesn’t have to be an offensive powerhouse either; think Rucchin between Karima and Selanne he averaged 60 points a season but they had space to be creative and score. Habs need more experience on D especially now that Mete is injured. Nope gotta be patient here after last nights loss to Boston making it 8 in a row; I was still impressed with the effort it’s hard to play up tempo solid when in a slump. Simplifying their game in meantime may help.

    • Ya that game was a saw off until the 3rd, when Boston started to take it to them a bit.
      Tight without much room.

  10. Hall has had one good year for being a first overall . Still a possibility with the right team but I would attach a buyer beware sign for sure.
    He just might hit the open market this summer and The Jersey Boys getting a modest rental return

  11. Rumor going around that a former coach will be up for attempted murder apparently he squirted a player with a water bottle and he could have drowned.

  12. Jp’s worth is next to nothing. He proved years ago he can be a big fish in a small pond. The finnish league is at best the 4th best league after the nhl. Time to prove he can do it a higher level.

    Hall’s worth isn’t near as much as you all make out either. If you subract the lockout season and this season he has played well under 80% of games each season since joining the league. We are approaching Schwartz territory here.

    Hall is at best a rental. Yes someone will way overpay him in free agency it doesn’t matter what player it always happens. Desperation by GM’s hoping to keep there jobs throwing a hail mary happens every year. No serious contender is going to cap space to resign him.

    your looking at the price to aquire skinner or subban at best.

    All this talk of the Av’s being buyer’s is ridiculous. Sakic proved during the Duchense saga he is no simpleton. He stuck to his gun’s got the proper return and he’s laughing. He’s no fool, he see’s the future for what it is. He has Mackinnon, Landeskog and Makar all looking at huge salary increases in the not too distance future.Yes he has cap space now, but he’s not gonna waste assets on a rental like hall. He may however go after a player like Drouin left with reasonable term on his deal.

    If he pony’s up for hall it’s gonna be at a cost alot less then you guy’s believe.

    Time to pull your collective heads out of your collective armchair G.M. butt’s and start to look at things subjectively rather then as a bunch of clueless fan boy’s stuck in an nhl that doesn’t exist anymore….

    • Now THAT’S a breath of realistic fresh air. Where the heck have you been all along?

    • Sorry meant to say he has played under 80% of his games played per season avg. if you exclude partial lock out year and this season.

      And sorry for sounding harsh earlier. it’s just that hype around hall is just that. it’s just manufactured click bait to draw us in…