NHL Rumor Mill – December 21, 2019

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Could Taylor Hall re-sign with the Coyotes? Are there teams interested in Hurricanes defenseman Jake Gardiner? Who could the Blues target in the trade market? Find out in today’s NHL rumor mill.


NHL.COM: cited Taylor Hall’s agent, Darren Ferris, telling The Athletic it’s “absolutely a possibility” his client could re-sign with the Arizona Coyotes. Hall was traded to the Coyotes on Monday by the New Jersey Devils.

There’s a chance Taylor Hall could re-sign with the Arizona Coyotes (Photo via NHL Images).

“It gives Arizona an opportunity that it probably would not have been afforded for him to consider in the future because you just don’t know where the mindset would be at the end of the year.”

“Now you get a chance to have him in there, have him get an idea of what it’s like to be in Arizona, and I have the feeling with the way [Taylor] approaches things that he will really like Arizona and the lifestyle there. He is going to see that, ‘This might be a place where I can play for a while.’

SPECTOR’S NOTE: In other words, acquiring Hall allows the Coyotes a chance to sign Hall they wouldn’t have had if they traded for him. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean it’s a foregone conclusion.

The salary cap will be an issue. The Coyotes currently have over $79 million invested in 15 players for 2020-21. They’re allowed to exceed the cap by 10 percent in the off-season, provided they are cap compliant when the season opens.

They’ll get some cap relief if necessary by placing all-but-retired Marian Hossa ($5.275 million) on long-term injury reserve. Hall could cost at least $10 million annually to re-sign, meaning the Coyotes will still have to shed salary to make room for his new contract.


THE ATHLETIC: In a recent mailbag segment, Jeremy Rutherford was asked which players the St. Louis Blues might look to add via trade. If they’re looking to add to their top-six forwards, he suggests New York Rangers winger Chris Kreider would be a good fit playing alongside Ryan O’Reilly and David Perron.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Blues were reportedly among the clubs interested in Hall before he was traded to the Coyotes. Kreider would be a more affordable option, but there could be a bidding war for his services with Hall off the market leading up to the Feb. 24 trade deadline.

I think a lot will depend upon sidelined winger Vladimir Tarasenko’s recovery from shoulder surgery. If there’s any concern over the length of his recovery or his effectiveness once he returns, they could go shopping for a top-six forward.



  1. Anyone else hoped that the pundit obsession with Taylor Hall would end once he was dealt? Now “will he or won’t he sign with Arizona” will be a regular column focus to the end of the season.

    Interesting though that he has come out and said there were NO talks about an extended deal with the Devils. That sort of substantiates my thoughts in here that he and his agent have wanted to test the UFA waters for the first – and likely the last – time in his career.

    • @ George O

      Happy Holidays

      Yes probably right that he was going to go UFA …but Iam not so sure that Shero did not give him a number before he was dealt …that conversation had to have happened..I would be shocked if it didn’t…there had to be some convo about what Hall would be looking for …and Shero just said well we aren’t willing to do that ..so we will move you and get what we can .
      Anyways …I hope Hall does well in Arizona and interested to see who shells out the $10 to $11 million AAV for him this July as Iam sure that he will be offered that by someone.

      With that said …Arizona has taken on GOD awful contracts for the past few years to get to the cap floor or to bury money for other teams ….literally wasting tens of MILLIONS of dollars …so why not now just give Hall what he wants and use that money for good for once !

      I am done talking about the turnover machine Gardiner ..LOL ….good luck !
      Thank goodness he is not a Leaf anymore for any amount of money…a Babcock favourite I am sure ..that says it all !

      Shout out and Kudos to Pierre Engvall….wow ..buddy good on ya for grabbing the chance and running with it
      …playing great dude …congrats !

      @ Pengy

      Jarry does it again !!
      Looking great !
      Cant wait til Crosby comes back !

      • Mostly Arizona didn’t have pay those monies. It was about cap space not dollars. The players either retired or were o. Ltir

      • @ Karl L Crosby has been skating for a week that’s good news..

        Karl of all the players the pens have been associated with if you were the Gm who would you add ?

        Zucker (now ijured)
        Ritchie (now injured)

        or someone else like a Kovalchuk

    • I agree George,

      I am far from being a “fan” of the Coyotes; However, I would LOVE for Hall to stay in AZ, if he can continue to thrive & be re-juvenated & healthy to boot… (Big if’s)

  2. Kreider fits the Blues mold but not sure they can win the bidding

    • kostin & Kyrou will get it done i would think

      or kostin plus a solid pick

      • Not doing it for a rental.

  3. Hall is not worth double digits. Pedigree yes but an injury prone left winger. No thanks. One thing though, if you have seen him live – standout fast

  4. @ Kal EL: Wonder who would come out ahead in a turnover war contest: Jake Gardiner or Tyson Barrie?

    • According to NHL stats, over the course of his NHL career Gardiner has given away the puck 530 times while Barrie has 283 – so, no comparison.

      Looking at their careers so far, both are pretty durable. In 6 full seasons with the Leafs Gardiner missed just 26 of 492 games – or 5%.

      Barrie, in 5 full seasons with Colorado, missed only 32 of 410 – or 8%.

      In his NHL career in total Gardiner has amassed 47g 206a 253 pts for an average of 0.4 pts pg.

      Barrie’s totals are 78g 244a 322 pts for an average of 0.6 pts pg.

      All things considered, give me Barrie any day.

      • Thanks George 🙂

      • Confidence is just as big a part as is skill.
        Gardiner + Leafs = no confidence on either side.
        All the best of luck to Gardiner, just not when he plays the Leafs (Monday).

    • Joey,

      Per the NHL regular season stats Gardiner averages around 1 (2.76 vs 1.73) more giveaways per 60 minutes than Barrie since the 2014-2015 season. So say roughly 1 more per 3 games. During that period of time Gardiner played 419 games and Barrie played 414 games.

      This year Barrie has a 2.48 giveaways/60 vs Gardiners 2.02 giveaways/60. Gardiner is playing 3rd pair minutes and matchups.

      I like to look at the giveaways/60 vs takeaways/60 stats.
      From the 2014-2015 season until now and only 5 NHL defensemen (that played 300 or more games) had more takeaways/60 then giveaways/60. The 5 defensemen are Jaccob Slavin, Brett Pesce, Alex Pietrangelo, Colton Parayko and Jared Spurgeon.

      • Nice post!
        I love relative stats.
        Friggin Canes and Blues own 2 each.

  5. Interesting stats GP – thanks!

  6. While I was watching the Carolina Colorado game I couldn’t help but think of the possibility of Kadri and Gardiner playing against each other for the Stanley Cup. Not very good odds of that happening but how crazy would that be.

    • I would rather see Debrusk vs Kadri for the cup personally.

      Your dreams are fine too though.

    • I’d rather see Kadri playing for the Cup against Zaitsev, Hainsy and Ellis – but the odds for that are beyond astronomical.

    • How about Kadri vs Barrie. Since they switched accommodations, they could have sleepovers during the series.

      • I like that one.

  7. andersson asks NYR for a trade

    guess he will be packaged with Kreider lol

    • What a wonderful trade up for Gorton lol

      • at least it wasn’t a Milbury who traded Loungo & Chara.

        sadly this will be a VERY costly mistake. Rangers have rarely done well picking in the 1st round.

        Shame this kid doesn’t want to EARN coming up. He has to think Strome might not be back….so best to keep plugging away.

  8. What’s the opinion of the Holden hit on Leivo?

    No penalty
    No review
    No suspension.

    • It was an unnecessary push, wasn’t it?

    • Leivo out minimum of three months.

      • Very unfortunate.