NHL Rumor Mill – December 3, 2019

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The latest on Taylor Hall and Kyle Turris in today’s NHL rumor mill.


TSN: New Jersey Devils general manager Ray Shero wouldn’t confirm rumors that he’s listening to offers for Taylor Hall. However, he insists the 28-year-old winger has not requested a trade. He also disputed the notion Hall was no longer focused on helping the Devils. “He hasn’t checked out. He cares. He really does,” Shero said.

Taylor Hall continues to dominate the NHL rumor mill (Photo via NHL Images).

NBC SPORTS: Adam Gretz ranks the best destinations for Hall. Some are those that other pundits have already listed, such as the Colorado Avalanche, Montreal Canadiens, St. Louis Blues, Edmonton Oilers, Calgary Flames, Boston Bruins, and San Jose Sharks. Gretz includes the Pittsburgh Penguins, New York Islanders, Nashville Predators, and Carolina Hurricanes.

THE HOCKEY NEWS: Matt Larkin includes the Dallas Stars on his list of destinations for Hall. He also lists the Hurricanes, Avalanche, Canadiens, and Oilers.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Let the great “Where Could Hall Be Traded To? guessing game begin! I’ve already weighed in regarding the usual suspects so I won’t repeat myself here.

The Hurricanes are in the market for a scoring forward and have depth on defense to deal from. However, they lack sufficient salary-cap space to take on Hall’s $6-million cap hit and I have my doubts they’d be willing to pay the big bucks necessary to re-sign him. Hall would be a great fit with the Stars but they also lack the cap dollars to take him on. Cap space is also an issue for the Penguins.

On the other hand, the Islanders have over $8 million in cap room. Adding an impact player like Hall could turn them into a Cup contender this season. Isles GM Lou Lamoriello has made big in-season moves in the past, but it remains to be seen if he’ll roll the dice on Hall.

The Predators also lack the cap room unless they find a taker for Kyle Turris. And speaking of Turris…


THE TENNESSEAN: Paul Skrbina believes the Nashville Predators have three choices with center Kyle Turris, who’s been a healthy scratch in six straight games. They can trade him, play him, or buy out his contract next summer.

Skrbina believes Predators general manager David Poile attempted to trade Turris this summer but couldn’t find any takers because of his $6-million per season salary through 2023-24. He notes Poile and Turris said the center doesn’t want to be traded. However, something’s got to give.

Playing Turris seems the obvious choice but it’s apparent the Predators are unwilling to make it. Buying him out next summer would count as $2 million in dead-cap space against their cap until 2027-28.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If they’re unwilling to play Turris or buy him out, a trade is the only choice. That means picking up a healthy chunk of his annual cap hit and including a prospect or draft pick as a further sweetener in the deal. Otherwise, they’re paying him $6 million annually to sit in the press box.


  1. What is the complete story behind the benching of Turris? It doesn’t make sense. He was scoring goals and putting up points. Other issues? I don’t see the Preds often. I would think a team needing a quality #2 center would have interest.

    • The coach doesn’t like him and the GM is backing up the coach.

    • The problem is that Turris is no longer a quality second line center.

      • You got it. And there’s no way you pay a 3rd/4th line C $6 mil per for 4 or 5 more years. Poile has to either swallow a bitter pill and buy him out (excessively expensive for a long time) or, find a taker at $4 mil and hold back $2 mil for the length of the deal.

    • Sabres – Devils

      I put myself through the agony …and watched the entire game of the 7 – 1 beat down by the Sabres last night …I really wanted to get a good idea of the players on both sides so i would be better prepared to post here more on the Devils and the Sabres but more so on the Devils as they seem to be headed more for the headlines …

      One player that really stood out to me was Nikita Gusev …but he has pros and cons ..

      What was really impressive …was his ablity to be a set up man …this guy is an elite passer…he takes some risks with cross ice passes ..but I would chalk that up to more of the score and having nothing to loose at that point so why not …but from what I see from him ….this guy is amazing passer and some top snipers and teams that are need of a set up man on the power play and to be a secondary scorer will benefit from this guy to bolster a team that has some talent …i.e . Oilers …Blues

      the down side of this guy ..is that he DOES NOT SHOOT the puck …LOL ..

      yes I know you cant have one without the other …but he can not always be a pass first guy ….he missed out on absolutely golden opportunities on the power play to get that puck clean onto the net for a rebound or he had plenty of clean land shots that he just dd not take …this guys needs to shoot more ….if a team is just looking for a skilled passer to help out there number 1 – 2 players put the puck in the net …this is your guy !

      If your going to pick up him up and get frustrated at him for not shooting more you when he has the clean shot …you will be disappointed …

      If a coach or GM can level this guy out to do both and recognize opportunity …he could be an amazing asset to a team that wants more points out of the top 6 …

      Devils are in serious trouble and Hall should not be in any future plans for this team ..they need to rebuild around Hischier and Hughes …
      SIMPLE plan !!

  2. If they hold 2m and add a prospect sweetener they could move Turis for a mid round draft pick would be my guess.

    Deck the Halls.
    He will be a staple in the rumour mill until something is done . Any deal shou,d include Subban with salary retention. Just brutal. If he was an entry level player he would be in the minors right now.

    • @ Silver seven

      While I was thinking the same thing…I thought to myself ..if they are going to retain the $2 million per year for the remainder of his contract in any potential deal …then why wouldn’t they just buy him out if the transaction penalty was $2 million a year as well just to shed the contract if there was no takers in trade talks in the off season …it seems as if Poile though there was still a potential deal or they could get him to play better …but with Johanson and Duchene as 1 – 2 Centres Turris at $6 million for a 3rd line Centre is no longer viable !
      I dont know why they are not playing him more …I would assume as not to get hurt for any future deal …they have plenty of centres …Bonino and the list goes on

      • Kal El, a buyout doubles the years left on cap hit. For Turris, it would be 2m per for 8 years.

  3. I mentioned Nashville a few days ago. Devils have plenty of cap space moving forward. They can absorb Turris contract if Preds sweeten pot. Can always buy him out. Preds have some nice prospects and adding picks would help Devils immensely. Nashville’s window is now. Hall puts them over the top. Devils should be rebuilding. Could end up with top pick again, should be top 5 at least.

    • @ Slick ….

      Ive been beating this drum daily over the past month …I agree for sure that this has Poile written all over it ..IMO

      I have posted a number of scenarios with the Preds for Hall over the past 2 weeks…they are my best bet to land him ..but we will see …but it has all the workings of a good deal for both sides..and if the Preds can add one player over $5 million into the deal they can resign Hall at $9 – $10 million for the deal no problem as they have a few UFA contracts coming off the books as well..
      Rinne will either be dealt or drop off in money also to make things more affordable..

      Arvidson – Duchen – Hall – top line

      • Kal El. Trading Turris frees up 6 mil per. Devils have plenty of space, especially if they let Green and Simmons walk. Would think they’d prefer trading him to western conf. Really can’t see Devils trading him to Isles.

      • Turris demanded his way out of Arizona and would not sign longterm in Ottawa either.

        more to this guy than just his on on-ice performance. Devils do not need him in their room which is already lost unless they get paid to take him

      • @George O
        Ah my bad there
        I still think limited audience

  4. I wish the Oilers would stop being mentioned with the Hall rumours. They can’t afford to give up the assets for a rental, and Hall would be to expensive to resign in the offseason.
    The Islanders and Avalanche are the 2 teams that make the most sense. They each have the cap space to resign Hall. Plus Eberle already on the Islanders already has chemistry with Hall.

    • As I said above, I don’t see Devils dealing with Isles unless Isles overpay. They don’t really have the cap space, as Barzal needs a new contract next year. Seriously doubt he agrees to anything less than 9/10 mil. Isles have 65m tied up in 17 players next year according to cap friendly. That leaves about 7/8 mil to sign Hall and others. Top 3 highest paid players have nmc’s. They would need to move 2-3 core guys. Don’t see Devils taking back contracts to help Isles

  5. If Turris is not going to be played would he trade with Buffalo and take Okposo for Turris?

    Turris can slot 2C in Buffalo

    Okposo can retire or not play since that seems to be Poile’s plan for Turris

    what would a trade look like ??

    to Buff: Turris & ??
    to NSH: Okposo & ??

    • I’ve thought this same thing but I don’t see the Sabres doing. Okposo’s well liked here by players and management and is considered a leader. I imagine they’ll give him every opportunity to play or retire as a Sabre and give him a job in skills and development.

  6. Does Boston make sense for Turris as the 3C? Let the young kids roam the ice more?

    to BOS: Turris (5 yrs @ 6m)
    to NSH: Backes (2 yrs @ 6m) & Moore (4yrs @ 2.75M)

    Turris is more serviceable than Backes and Moore no?

    • I dont mind that trade with Boston, however you just signed Coyle so you must assume he is moving up and over to the wing.

      It also hurts the young guys they need to start integrating more into the lineup.

      • Agreed but Coyle can play top 6 and they need to solidify that 2nd line scoring.

        Better dead salary with Turris than Backes and moore no?

        Plus development on the wing is a tad easier and less responsibility . Also helps when Krejci or Bergie goes down. Turris can slot up and give flexibility.

        just a thought that was going thru my head

      • Agreed on thought. Only concern is 3 years from now they might be looking at the same thing with Backes. I do think that he helps them a lot more now while they need it.

        Move Backes, you have room for a young winger to play and learn at the NHL level.

        I liked the Moore signing, but now he is the guy that has to go.

    • Boston (nor many others either) wouldn’t want Turris for 5 years…

      • Agree The En4sir, Backes is done after next season and the buyout isn’t bad if they do it this off season. I haven’t watched Turris this season but if the Preds don’t even want to play him, why would the B’s want him for 5 years?
        Right now Coyle is slotted for 3C going into the playoffs IMO, and they will look for an affordable option for scoring on the wing like they did last TDL.
        What is concerning is the Bergy injury. The same issue he had in the playoffs that delayed his start to the season.
        If this doesn’t heal, not sure what the plan would be. I would think it would be a shorter term like Pageau.

  7. Oki Doki — Re Turris

    BNG has been advocating for a while w.r.t. Turris as 3C on Pens.

    I’ve been a reluctant supporter on this front as the $6M hit in out years is a risk… playing at the level he can… $6M fine; playing at recent levels for $6M…. not good at all.

    I still say that Pens are in a brutal stance right now… first of all with Rusty and Horny now reported as injured… that now altogether tallies 38% of the Pens cap… certainly NOT sustainable.

    The most critical being the D situation. With 2 of their top 3 Dmen out and playing the horrific JJ and Ruhweedel; w/o a D change very very soon; Pens are more than likely to finish out of playoff than in.

    Options— GMJR to take a couple of hours and call (in order) McQ, Methot, and even Dion… all 3 if willing to sign, will come in annually at $1M or less and will not demand a NTC or NMC.

    Get one of them in to replace Ruhweedel (as for dang sure Sully thinks the Sun shines out of JJ’s butt)… fair chance of making the playoffs. Sign two of 3 and waive/demote JJ AND Ruhweedel… pretty dang certain to make the playoffs and have fair chance at a deep run.

    These moves are done w/o giving up any assets and living within the Cap… not rocket science.

    Once Shultz and Dumo return… they can be waived if necessary. Once a move is made w.r.t. D… then on to BNG’s proposal for Turris….

    He had a G-Chuck/Turris swap.

    TSN and SN seem to prognosticate that since Nsh not playing Turris; Nsh willing to take back Sal and give up a prospect/pick to move him….

    Bjug ($900 K retained) for Turris ($2M retained). For this year and next… no change in Cap to either team.

    Adv for Nsh: Until Bug returns; $4M Cap on IR (they aren’t playing Turris anyway remember!!!); after, they have a serviceable fwd that can play C or W for the balance of the year (compared to not playing Turris); and if things don’t work out, can move at TDL for Cap space for a late pick.

    If Bjug works out— it’s Bjug playing instead of sitting $6M (Turris) next year. They don’t give up any picks/prospects. For this, the compensation is $2M Cap hit in the out years (which they were going to take back; or have as a buy-out; anyway).

    For Pens…

    No Cap impact this year or next. Right now they get a better 3C (Turris better than Bjug IMHO) immediately, while Bjug on IR; and have Turris instead of Bjug for Jan through playoffs and for next year.

    The downside/risk for Pens is $4M for a 3C in the out-years, IF he falters/slides more.

    Just food for thought.

    Again— D correction/fix is priority

    Fingers crossed

    Go Pens Go
    Go Leafs Go

    • Just to clarify:

      Re “Once Shultz and Dumo return… they can be waived if necessary. ”

      they is referring to McQ OR Methot OR Dion if acquired

    • Pengy…we need help now we cant wait for Bjugstad to heal in 8 weeks and Turris is available now…

      we need help now and Galchenyuk is our best chip…its a good swap only $1.1 million difference in salary both teams have room for this.

      we wait 8 weeks forget it no need to make any trade we will be dead and buried.

      We don’t need Taylor hall and another massive contract..

      WE NEED Turris and Scandella at like at tomorrows practice..

      Do you know how long horny and rust are out. 20 weeks…???

      Turris was terrific at worlds this year and against us a a couple years ago in the Stanley cup finals…
      He has 4 more years that takes him to 34 he will still be a productive player.

      his goal totals have been solid except for last year 23, 25, 26, 19 four previous years

      • told you guys yesterday lol… the solution is

        To Pitt: Hall
        To NJ: Rust, AG, DeSmith & 1st

        To MTL: JJ & Bjugstad
        To Pitt: Alzner & Wiese

        To Buff: Weise & pick
        To Pitt: Scandella

        pick up Kinkaid off waivers on half salary and put him in Wilkes-Barrie

        all fits under cap.

        playoff run with Hall.

        Don’t sign Schultz to extension
        Plenty of room to resign Hall & Murray with all that cap space.

        Done!! 🙂

      • Hi BNG

        Agree that Turris could help but the absolute pressing need is fixing the D

        Offence was doing fine scoring even w/o Sid out. Bjug wasn’t giving much anyway. G-Chuck’s value is low right now.

        The biggest problem (and it’s huge) is keeping the GAs down …. the D is hanging the goalies out to dry …. and in reality it is 2 D that are doing this… and we all know their names

        With Dumo now out 8 weeks minimum …. his minutes have to be replaced …. Pens don’t have a DMan that can step up those minutes and even come close to what Dumo did …. before his last game he was second in the league in +/- , he’s now tied for third. He was a stalwart on D. Quite under-rated IMO

        Pens are massively in trouble at D now

        This has to get fixed first

        IHC gave a relatively reasonable trade proposal (with Habs)…. I gave him the nod to make it happen …. he’s not come through yet… hello IHC !!!!

        The G-Chuck for Turris may net a few extra goals over the entire season but it won’t fix the GAs

        I stick with the easiest resolution to an immediate fix ; that is calling up those UFA Ds and see if any of them will play…. if they say no …. it was just the time to make a call …. if any of them say yes …. every minute they play is one less minutes either CR or JJ don’t play.

        Last game’s brutal mistakes was just the tip of the iceberg

        Any of those 3…. no cost to asset pool

        I’d love to have Scands Or any number of other D …. but it will cost in trade

        ….. and GMJR lost his window for getting rid of the albatross

        To move him now will cost Pens huge in assets

        I like the IHC proposal but we know it likely won’t fly( just see how long it’s taking UHC to “gedderdone” )

        Imagine if GMJR could get just one of those UFAs …. and let’s say for argument it’s the worst of them …. DP….

        Current healthy D pairings :

        Tanger Pettersson

        Marino JJ

        Ruhweedel Riikola

        replace that with

        Tanger Pettersson

        Marino Riikola

        Trottman DP

        already much much better

        Now what if he also got McQ….

        Tanger Pettersson

        Marino Riikola

        McQ DP

        When Shultz and Dumo return:

        Tanger Dumo

        Shultz Pettersson

        Marino McQ


        ….. now that’s a D that can get Pens deep in the playoffs

        If no fix to D right now …. I don’t think even if Sid was healthy ; that they could have enough offence to overcome the D woes

        Sid will likely return with 45 games remaining …. they have 32 points now …

        I truly believe that barring a miracle (to quote Bill Murray ….” cats and dogs living together”) like repetitive game in game out multi-10 bell saves by Jarry and Murray …. that Pens may not get more than 6 or 7 points by then ….. meaning they’d have to finish the year at a 680 clip or greater; just to get into the playoffs

        As soon as the D situation is addressed ; a move for Turris can happen . I believe it’s a long shot for Poile to move him otherwise in the next 2-3 weeks

        I have fingers, toes and eyes crossed

        Go Pens Go

  8. Re: Hall

    Hall on Avs— and they have picks and prospects to do it!!!!… to me, makes a noticeable increase in SCF probability for them.

    Hall on Blues w/o too much Roster shake-up…. SC repeat

    If Hall could be gotten on Bruins (note w/o too much disruption to current roster)… methinks that makes Bruins the SC favs IMHO. Cap issues Cap issues Cap issues. However if there was a miracle that had Backes out; and Hall in…. well…..

    Hall on Oil— too much to maneuver— can’t see it happening; tight on assets/futures

    Hall on the Island— definite improvement but I don’t see it getting them past the Bruins

    Hall as a Flame, Shark, Pred or Cane— much less likely IMHO

    Hall as a Hab… this won’t necessarily fix their issues and I can’t see it making them good enough to get past Bruins; so if they want Hall… they can bid on him 1/7/20


      to STL: Hall

      to NJ: Kostin, Kyrou & Steen (if he waives his NTC)

      • IHC…That’s too many trades and too unrealistic….

        First of all we need to make moves now not in 8 weeks when Bjugstad is able to play again

        No one is taking J.j. and Bjugstad is out 8 9 weeks by then we will be buried in the playoffs.

        not a bad offer for Hall but we don’t need him and we don’t need another $9 million $10 million contract..

      • Mr. IHC,

        Nyet Nyet Nyet

        You keep coming up with new proposals but when I give you the go ahead to work with the GMs to make the trade happen …. you never succeed

        You had an Oil/Pens deal in the summer … I gave you the go ahead…. it never happened

        You proposed the Habs/Pens deal …, I gave you the go ahead … still no deal

        Good sir …. we will be having a serious talk when you come up for your PR…. “no soup for you”


      • Ummm JJ to MTL? We already have an overpaid dead weight defenceman in our system named Alzner. No thanks bye

      • Andy

        IHCs proposal had Alzner coming to Pens

        It was Bjug/Jj for Alzner/Weiss

        I’m giddy with anticipation 🤪🤓

  9. As a suffering Wings fan, I would be ok with Stevie Y picking up Turris w/sweetener for Frans Neilson. Cap hits are similar, but Turris gets paid $ 6 full while Neilson gets paid much less than his hit now. Turris had good chemistry with Mantha @ WC this past year and you don’t need much out of Turris to outperform Frans.

    • I think you’d be more happy with the shorter term on Neilsen’s contract to free up cap space sooner no? 3 yrs vs. 5 yrs for Turris

      That 6 million will look good for Detroit in 3 years to sign better players than what Turris will bring in 3 years I would surmize.

      Stick with the plan. Look what he did in TB….
      3-4 years Detroit will be good again. Tons of cap in 3 years.

  10. Bergevin will not make a deal with Pens. They don’t have the pieces MTL needs. I look at the standings and wonder. Are Sens an option with Hainsey to shore up bottom 6? What about Columbus Seth Jones could pair easily with his old mentor Weber. Sorry Pens and Devils dans there are plenty of other options. Struggling teams with centres are few but maybe a three team deal? Say Hall to Dallas, Séguin to MTL a 1st and a prospect to Jersey? There are tons of scenarios we could put together and still be saying “wow didn’t see that one happening” that’s what I love about the NHL just when we think we’ve got it all figured out someone changes the script.