NHL Rumor Mill – December 6, 2019

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Once again, all the notable trade chatter is about Taylor Hall. Check out all the latest in today’s NHL rumor mill.

TSN: Darren Dreger reports the Arizona Coyotes are “definitely interested” in acquiring New Jersey Devils winger Taylor Hall. He claims the Coyotes aren’t concerned about the asking price at this point.

Another day, another round of trade speculation regarding New Jersey Devils winger Taylor Hall (Photo via NHL Images)

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Coyotes have the depth in promising young players and prospects to tempt the Devils. They’ve got limited salary-cap space ($2.65 million) but could afford to take on Hall if they move a salaried player and if the Devils pick up part of Hall’s $6-million salary-cap hit.

However, they might not be interested in him as a rental player. Earlier this week, former Coyotes captain Shane Doan told Arizona Sports 98.7 FM that they should go after Hall “if you can get him for a long-term contract.” If Hall isn’t willing to do that, the Coyotes could pass.

Pierre LeBrun reports Colorado Avalanche general manager Joe Sakic wouldn’t mention Hall during a recent interview. However, he indicates he wants to evaluate his injury-riddled roster once it’s healthy before determining what their needs are. Sakic also doesn’t want to risk upsetting the team’s chemistry. Nevertheless, LeBrun said the Avs management have discussed this internally. They’ve got the assets to make it happen.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Sakic could pull the trigger on a Hall deal if he believes his club has what it takes to make a serious run for the Stanley Cup next spring. In my opinion, they’re the front-runners in the Hall sweepstakes.

Bob McKenzie reports there’s plenty of speculation over the Devils’ asking price for Hall. Some suggest it could cost a first-round pick, a top prospect, a young player and maybe a conditional first-round pick. However, he said it’s his understanding the Devils haven’t set any parameters and are asking teams to make their best offer.

Devils GM Ray Shero seems open to anything, from package deals to a one-for-one swap. He’s also open to retaining some of Hall’s salary. McKenzie also said it’s wide open as to when the deal could occur.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Shero may not have any parameters set yet, but I think teams making their best offers will include a first-round pick, a top prospect, and a good, young NHL-ready player. A one-for-one swap won’t be akin to the one that brought Hall to New Jersey. I believe Shero will want an impact player in return in that scenario.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: David Staples doesn’t see the Oilers getting into the bidding for Hall in a trade-and-sign scenario. He doesn’t dismiss the possibility of pursuing him as a rental player.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As I’ve said before, the idea of the Oilers bringing Hall back to Edmonton makes for sexy headlines. Perhaps GM Ken Holland has looked into it.

Hall, however, won’t address the Oilers’ need for a skilled third-line center and additional defensive depth. That’s where Holland’s focus must be. If he wants more scoring punch, affordable options will be available leading up to the Feb. 24 trade deadline.

NBC SPORTS BOSTON: Joe Haggerty doesn’t believe the Bruins should pursue Hall. He feels it would cost the Bruins the equivalent of what the Ottawa Senators received from the Vegas Golden Knights for Mark Stone (“forward and D-man prospects along with a high draft pick”).

Haggerty also wondered if young Bruins like Brandon Carlo, Anders Bjork, or Jake DeBrusk would be in the Devils’ crosshairs. He feels it would be a steep price to pay for a player who could depart via free agency in July. He also doubts they can’t afford to re-sign him.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Good points by Haggerty. Nevertheless, the Bruins are in “win-now” mode and secondary scoring is a concern. It wouldn’t surprise me if GM Don Sweeney takes a serious look at Hall as a playoff rental.

THE ATHLETIC: Eric Stephens examined if it was realistic for the Anaheim Ducks to pursue Hall. He considers it a fanciful notion, pointing out GM Bob Murray’s reluctance to part with his 2020 first-round pick. He also noted Hall’s injury history and his previous relationship with Ducks coach Dallas Eakins.

Josh Yohe believes the odds are against the Pittsburgh Penguins acquiring Hall. He feels they lack the type of promising young assets to outbid other clubs. GM Jim Rutherford isn’t unwilling to part with his first-round pick, but he also wants to ensure he has sufficient prospects for when Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin are done. Given Matt Murray’s struggles, they could be reluctant to part with a goaltender right now. Shedding salary to free up room for Hall’s cap hit, even on retained salary, won’t be easy.

Kevin Kurz believes Hall to the San Jose Sharks seems unlikely, but GM Doug Wilson has made creative deals for big-name talent in the past. However, they lack a first-round pick in the 2020 draft, possess limited salary-cap space, and lack depth in young assets to outbid other clubs.

Arthur Staple includes acquiring Hall among his list of possible moves for the New York Islanders to add depth to their roster. Hall’s not a center but Staple considers him a lineup-changer. They have the salary-cap space, but he wonders if GM Lou Lamoriello would invest assets in a rental like Hall.

THE BUFFALO NEWS: In a recent mailbag segment, Lance Lysowski was asked about the chances of Sabres GM Jason Botterill pursuing Hall. “Zero. General Manager Jason Botterill isn’t in the market for rentals, especially one as expensive as Hall,” replied Lysowski.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I don’t consider the Ducks, Penguins, Sabres, or Sharks as serious bidders for Hall’s services. The Islanders, on the other hand, have the cap space and the assets to be an intriguing bidder. Granted, their more pressing need is for third-line depth, but a first line with Hall skating on the left side of center Mathew Barzal could be dynamite. If Lamoriello believes his team has what it takes to make a run for the Cup next spring, maybe he can make it happen.


  1. In my opinion, Sakic (or anyone else) should avoid Hall like the plague. He already had a player like that in Duchene and Hall is starting to remind me of him in that, wherever he was and wherever he goes the team struggles. Colorado has improved noticeably since Duchene left while Ottawa, a team within a double-OT goal of reaching the finals without him, dropped like a rock once he joined them – Columbus made the playoffs after getting him as a rental – but that was more due to Panarin and Bobrovsly than Duchene. Now Nashville is stuttering along with him in the line-up and is certainly no shoe-in to repeat their playoff appearance last year. Hall, of course, was one of the $6 mil men who couldn’t lift Edmonton from the depths, goes to NJ where they’ve reached the bottom.

    Long-term and big buck?? Caveat emptor indeed.

    • George, to be fair, Hall had a pretty incredible season 2 years ago in leading the Devils to a playoff appearance after 5 years of missing out. Was off to a pretty hot start last year.

    • In my opinion Duchene fell out of favor with the Avs when Roy was coach. There was some frustration with Duchene on Roy’s part and it spilled over in interviews and press conferences and line changes. Before that frustration Duchene seemed to fit in well. I even remember Landy, Mac, O’Reilly and Duchene (among others) made this cheesy hype music video.

      I’m happy with the return we got from the Duchene trade, but I would happily undo Roy ever being made coach over losing Duchene.

      • @ Chris are

        I posted yesterday …after watching the Avs – Leafs game …that it may be of better interest to the AVS to go after Chirs Kriede instead …I dont feel that the AVS need to give up all the assets for a player like Hall when they are a deep enough team all ready …they just need that big power forward winger ti play in the top 6 like a Krieder IMO !

        Less expensive but more fitted for this style of team and need…. without having to break the bank and give up so many futures !

        the Avs need a BIG power forward for a playoff push …not a another puck possession player …

      • Interesting that Rangers are pretty much where Av’s where a year or 2 ago. After adding Panarin , Kakko, Fox and Trouba, Maybe by next year they’ll be looking to add a Kreider type? Oh wait, they already have. I wish Rangers would do something already one way or the other.

    • With that said, as an Avs fan I’m not sure if Hall would be good or bad. I’m leaning toward the latter.

      • agree with you avs don’t need to add a hall at all…. maybe as someone mentioned yesterday a Kreider type at deadline….landy, rants and burka back in lineup..ofcourse Kadri now out but team is humming along nicely and they have more d talent Byran andTimmons not too far off

      • I would stay far away from Hall, if looking for him to re-sign long term @ big bucks.

        Hall may end up re-juvenated playing for new team & play well for short time before injury/his BS whining etc…

    • @ George

      While I respect your personal views and your standing here amongst the daily posters
      I understand your sarcasm at times …but your comment here is a bit over he top ..NO?

      “In my opinion, Sakic (OR ANYONE ELSE ) should avoid Hall like the ….plague.

      So your saying Hall is a bust, a terrible NHL – professional hockey player and should retire and no team should want him…only 2 years removed from winning the Hart trophy …he sucks and is a cancer to everyone and every team …even though the Oilers have only made the playoffs once since his trade …with arguably the top 2 – 3 players in the world right now ..

      In every statistic I looked up and in all evaluations Taylor hall is slotted to be the top 5 left wingers in professional hockey in the world …over the past 7 – 10 years…

      So every team should just ignore this player …allow for the competition to engage with him instead and teams should not pursue an elite talent because on the 2 teams he was on they faltered while he had IMMENSE personal individual success …while the team did not as a whole …

      Taylor hall like a Phil Kessel are complimentary players ..BUT ELITE at what they do …they aren’t well liked …but AMAZING TALENTS and contribute beyond in exactly the way they should …and are paid to do so …Kessel with 2 cups and what could have been a Comm Smythe Winner

      I am using this as a comparison ….they don’t DRIVE a team individually …but without them in the right dynamics are a lesser team ..and would have had less fortunes …no one ever said Taylor hall was suppose to drive a team on his back to win a cup….I just dont see that the NHL is like that anymore..If that was the case Crosby should have 8 cups..even with Malkin Letang and Fleury …

      While I respect your posts …I think we get lost here sometimes in our criticising of certain players when we add in the money factor and attach it to a player ….but we forget that these guys are the best hockey players on the planet regardless of our personal views

      The best line Taylor Hall has been on was
      Hall Eberle RNH …when they were 18 19 and 20 years of age…other than that name one of Halls elite center man he has played with outside McDavid for 1 season in his Rookie year …

      and yet still wins the Hart Trophy in a year that McDavid becomes what is now labelled the best player in the world ….just sayin…

      Please dont look at my post as a condemnation …but we need to be a little realistic with our evaluation of players…..we seem to think that 80% of NHL players are terrible and dont deserve to be there …but than outside of the other side of our moths we say that expansion in the NHl is watering down the talent ….if that was the case WHERE IS ALL THE TALENT ???
      In the KHL … ECHL….AHL

      5 years ago …Ovechkin was traded …run out of town …he was finished in Washington everyone was saying ( me included ) he was washed up nothing left …not a leader was playing for all the wrong reasons …individual stats …and so forth ..

      Then he goes out and wins a cup …literally redevelops his game and becomes a force better than his previous self and is now being herald as the best goal scorer of all time ….

      Last year people were posting at this time in the year that the Blues can never win with a player like Tarasenko …he s a bust one dimensional player

      There has to be a reason why the best hockey minds in the word will bust the bank to land a player like Taylor hall …or are they all wrong ..and we are all right ..he is a waste …of time money and assets..

      Roast away …lol

      • LOL. Not at all Kal-El. It was just my way of suggesting he might be a Jonah in spite of his personal stats. I liked Duchene in Ottawa and their collapse the year he joined them was certainly not all on his shoulders. Nor can NJ’s lapse (or Edmonton’s futility while he was there – daily and unfairly compared to the C Seguin who many thought should have been picked # 1) be blamed on Hall.

        But with hockey being full of “superstitious” personalities, it was my clumsy way of suggesting some will likely begin wondering after seeing overall team performances wherever they land.

        Now, would I give Hall a long-term deal close to $10 mil per?? Not a chance.

      • I thought it was implied that George O meant he wouldnt want Hall knowing the steep trade price(assets) & next year the steep contact demands ($ and Caphit)…

  2. Hall on the top line with McDavid could mean Draisaitl moves to the 2C position, freeing up RNH for 3C. That’s the only way Hall to Edmonton makes sense, but it’s pure nonsense. Why break up a home run line?

    • chaas, they tried Hall with McDavid in Edmonton. Didn’t work, for whatever reason. Likely because they both like the puck on their stick through the neutral zone. Hall did have success with RNH though. But if they move to sign Hall long term, they won’t have $$ for Nuge. I will take Nuge. Better team mate, takes the tough assignments and allows Draisaitl and McDavid to play together as the Oil’s 2C.

  3. I think that if Shero is willing to take back half? of Hall’s 6 mil salary, it’ll open it up to more cap strapped teams. As a Devil fan I’d like to see him gone sooner rather than later. Even if it’s as a rental.
    He will be a good addition for whomever can use a really good left winger. A team that needs instant depth.

  4. Coyotes should save their powder for Matthews not spend early on Hall….this Leaf fan thinks Matthews will shake loose, sooner than people may think…

    I have not seen enough of their team to know if they have the assets to acquire him….if they do …and a fair trade can be made….he could go

    • @ OLD BLUE DOG

      Good morning …funny you post this …

      The other night Greg Millen was saying something very similar in tone ….telling a story about how the Avalanche …had come to a point where as in they had made a decision to trade Nathan Mckinnon …this was around the time of when Ryan O’rielly was having his issues with the team and the cap in his UFA year….and all teh internal talk was about moving McKinnon out instead keeping Orielly …and so forth ….anyways to make a long story short …Greg Millen finished up by saying that the Avalanche had teh patience to wait out the development and took the chance on McKinnon to grow into his talent and how that not giving up on younger players who are deemed eleite sometimes is better in teh long run ….its a 50 / 50 for sure …but when certain players have that something something its best to wait it out longer term….

      While Iam worried about how Matthews has been developing …I would have to agree with you …that there could be some rumblings about cashing in on him early to round out the team better…just hope that its the right decision…
      But I agree …he does not look like a driving force in his 4th year where he should be taking a team nightly on his back like a Jonatahan Toews did early in his tenure in Chicago..

    • Old Blue I think you have the right idea, just the wrong team. Toronto and Jersey, Matthews and Kerfoot going to Jersey while Hall Simmons Woods and Hischeir go to Toronto. Dollars work this year and next, granted Toronto is only getting Hall and Simmons as rentals. Toronto needs a shakeup and some grit now. Hischeir is a bit of a gamble but his style fits in Toronto, Woods would be the grit long term for them and it gives Toronto some much needed cap space next year. Jersey gets Matthews and a throw-in for depth. Little chance Toronto resigns Hall, Simmons would be a possibility. It would be nicer if Jersey had a backup goalie to throw in the deal

      • Bob, with all indications being that, IF Hall is dealt before the trade deadline date, whoever gets him is looking at a rental since he and his agent seem to have adopted the position that their best bet for a long-term meg-buck deal is to wait until UFA status bidding in the summer.

        If and when he goes at this stage, the return will be a good prospect and a high pick (but NOT a # 1 – from anyone).

      • Yes George I know I said it twice in case you missed it. The focus was that I agree with old blue in that Matthews is a goner.

  5. So I guess now Ottawa plummeted because of Duchene.
    Geez , I thought they said it was because the girlfriends were fighting.

  6. I am getting more bullish on a deal centered around Murray for hall. It makes a ton of sense for both teams.

  7. Article in NBC Sports Boston saying Pastrnak is getting frustrated with all the hits he ‘s been receiving, teams are starting to take a page out of the Blues S.C. final playbook and putting a body on him every chance they get last few games it seem to have a affect on him ….Bruins will need to address this at some point ..

    • Joe, I went and read the article as it surprised me that Pastrnak would actually say that.
      Here is what he said, pasted:
      “I need to be careful when I get into certain spots, but you also know that it’s hockey and that it’s coming,” said Pastrnak. “Sometimes you need to make sure you don’t try to do too much and try to protect yourself.”
      Pastrnak isn’t saying he is frustrated, it is Haggerty’s opinion that the B’s should do something to protect him. Which is fine, and it is fine that you agree.
      I don’t because I have yet to hear a logical argument on exactly how you would do it and not hurt your chances of winning games. Putting Reaves on his line? Ain’t gonna happen.
      I watched that game and the Habs played hard and played Pastrnak hard. When Weber went after him, every player on the ice went into the scrum. Including Pastrnak, hard. He should probably avoid doing that which is likely what he was talking about.
      He knows it will increase just as it has for every elite player. He can ask his line mates how to handle it as they have been getting targeted for years.
      If he can’t deal with it a still produce, that means he isn’t elite. As I have said before, he is dealing with it, and will continue to. Just as guys like Crosby, Marchand, Bergeron, and every other elite player deals with it.
      Pastrnak isn’t afraid to go where he needs to to score, and I can’t see it changing. Just avoid going back at guys like Weber.
      It’s hockey, you hit he best players as much as you can.

      • Ray…. there’s more than a few articles up in Boston talking about this, what gets me is that after the Smith hit on Pasta John Moore who just got back from a long term injury had to be the one to step up and do something with Chara being on the ice at the same time ….different game now with the skating but a team has to protect its Stars

      • Hey Joe, Moore didn’t, have to fight Smith.
        Chara would’ve got to him in about 3 more strides.

        Moore should have known better than try to fight a tough cowhand like Zack Smith, with a bum shoulder.

        The B’s are plenty tough.

  8. STL could offer Steen (if he waives) & Kostin & pick for Hall (as a rental) to see if that gets it done. Then let Hall walk to have room to resign your captain. He would make a fun rental on that team.

  9. Boring . . a week all about Hall . .

  10. Morning Lyke, not to be picky but the GM of Anaheim is Bob Murray, you have Bryan in there.

  11. Best offer from Boston
    Debrusk either Vaakanienen or Clifton and a second rounder goes to a first if signs.
    Not saying I would do it.
    Debrusk actually has more goals this season.

    • Seems like a lot Dave, as I view Hall as a rental if Boston goes after him.
      I wouldn’t trade Debrusk for a rental, Hall or anybody else.
      I know I am repeating myself, but I think the B’s go with a lower level rental for the wing. I don’t think Sweeney wants to part with a first.

      • Kyle Palmari work for you, Ray?

      • Perfect shoreorrpark

  12. Proposal:

    Taylor Hall to Nashville (re-signs of course), to New Jersey goes Eeli Tolvanen, Colton Sissons, and Nashville’s 1st round pick 2020. For this season, Nashville only loses Sissons off the roster, and you know they are desperate to keep their window open.

    • what about adding two other players in there to make the $$ work for both teams

      to NJ: Tolvanen, Sissons, Granlund & 1st & conditional 2nd if he signs an extension
      to NSH: Hall & Wood

      you don’t see these massive player trades is the response that will be written but NJ will want roster players so they can dump Simmonds and other vets at the TD or sooner.

      • Not bad, but I would like to see improvement from Wood first .. Maybe Hall and Coleman?

      • to be honest..Coleman is a HUGE fan favorite and pretty good for how he is deployed. Very versatile and can go up and down the lineup and a VERY reasonable $ value. Not sure NJ would give him up just to give him up.

        Wood would be the depth player they need to keep the cap lower. Granlund coming over allows Hall to fit in cap wise right away. With Smith off the books at year end…that $ can be used to resign Hall along with his current salary..

  13. One for one trade. Austin M. for Taylor Hall.