NHL Teams That Shouldn’t Trade for Taylor Hall

by | Dec 9, 2019 | Soapbox | 3 comments



  1. …any team looking for a durable, consistent, high leadership player

  2. I am not certain about Lyle’s take on the Oilers. Their weak secondary scoring is as big a hole in their playoff hopes or if not bigger than their third line center issue. Hall paired with RNH again would get a good number of goals, together with Neal – it would make for a good second line. Gaetan Haas is cheap, and fairly effective defensively. Switching him for some $3 million center is likely not going to be that cost effective for whatever additional scoring he will bring. As for the cap issue, it is real – but a late season trade as a rental can probably be made to work. However, I don’t see anyway to keep Hall long term as there appears to be no way the Oilers can clear the cap space for that. Their almost $4 million in dead cap space in 20/21 just kills them.

    • Issue is who could they give up for hall.oilers do not have any prospects that can get you Hall.also there is other players that the oilers can get cheaper than hall.

      Honestly the hall to Oilers has set it sails a long time ago.no player goes back to a team he was traded from.