Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – December 1, 2019

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The New Jersey Devils are reportedly listening to offers for Taylor Hall. Check out the details, plus the latest on the Oilers, in the Sunday NHL rumor roundup.


TSN: Pierre LeBrun yesterday reported the New Jersey Devils have started listening to offers for Taylor Hall. While that doesn’t mean for sure they’ll trade the winger, LeBrun feels their position in the standings and the magnitude of a potential deal has general manager Ray Shero in listening mode.

The New Jersey Devils are listening to offers for pending UFA winger Taylor Hall (Photo via NHL Images)

If and when Hall’s traded, LeBrun believes the deal could be conditional in nature. In other words, if Hall re-signs with his new club, the Devils receive additional assets. If this trade takes place, he believes it isn’t necessarily a move that must wait until the Feb. 24 trade deadline.

SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman believes Hall’s former team, the Edmonton Oilers, could be in on a Hall trade. Other suitors could include Montreal, Colorado, and St. Louis. He thinks a lot of it depends upon the Devils’ asking price.

NORTHJERSEY.COM: Abbey Mastracco reports Hall was asked about the report following yesterday’s game against the New York Rangers. “I’ll let my agent speak but I have not asked for a trade,” he said. “I don’t know what gets out there sometimes.” He also declined to discuss his contract status, adding he’ll leave that to his agent and Shero.

NJ.COM: Chris Ryan suggests Shero listening to offers doesn’t necessarily mean Hall will be traded soon or leading up to the trade deadline, but rather allows him to gauge the trade market to evaluate potential returns. If Shero believes he can’t get Hall re-signed before Feb. 24 or an offer too good to pass up is made, Ryan believes he’ll pull the trigger.

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks wonders if Shero might instead fire head coach John Hynes, perhaps providing Hall with a reason to stay and re-sign if a new coach can ignite the team.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I think we’re well past the point where a coaching change can save the Devils’ season or convince Hall to re-sign. Shero wouldn’t be listening to offers if he was confident of getting the winger under contract. Hall will be traded at some point before the trade deadline.

Hall is the Devils’ leading scorer with 21 points in 25 games, putting him on pace for 70 points, well below his Hart Trophy output of 93 in 2017-18. While that could affect his trade value, some general managers will be convinced he can regain that 90-point form on a better roster. One could be willing to pay a significant return to get him.

The Oilers need secondary scoring but I think they’re better served to pursue a third-line center like Ottawa’s Jean-Gabriel Pageau. The Canadiens need defensive help, not a scoring winger who’ll likely depart via free agency in July. The Blues could use a short-term replacement for sidelined sniper Vladimir Tarasenko. As long as they’re riding high in the standings, however, there’s no urgency to swing that deal.

The Avalanche could be an intriguing option. They’ve got the salary-cap space, plenty of good young talent, and a general manager in Joe Sakic unafraid of making a big move to help his team. Nevertheless, Sakic could be reluctant to invest too much in an expensive rental or someone who’ll cost a fortune to re-sign.


EDMONTON SUN: Jim Matheson reports it’s unlikely the Oilers will trade Jesse Puljujarvi before today’s 5 pm ET signing deadline. The 21-year-old restricted free agent is skating in Finland awaiting a trade by the Oilers. If unsigned by today’s deadline, he’ll be ineligible to play in the NHL for the rest of this season.

Matheson said GM Ken Holland has received so-so offers over the last couple of weeks. He said Holland is juggling two trade scenarios: “Does he want to trade Puljujarvi in a one-off or maybe as part of a package at the trade deadline for a rental in February? Or does he want to use Puljujarvi as an asset in a buyer mode to help his team’s playoff drive?”

Holland also said he wouldn’t trade his club’s first-round pick in the 2020 NHL Draft if there’s a chance the Oilers miss the playoffs. “If it’s somewhere between 20 and 30 (in round 1), that’s different,” said Holland. “You watch the draft lottery and you see Philadelphia going from 13 to two, and Chicago from 12 to three because they have a first-round pick and you don’t want to give up your chance at that.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I believe Holland lets Puljujarvi play out this season in Finland and revisits efforts to trade him during the off-season, perhaps during the NHL Draft weekend in June.


  1. I will say it again for the umpteenth time. Yes, the Canadiens need a strong LD. But they also need a high end forward. They have a lot of good forwards, but none that can be called high end. Taylor Hall would certainly be of great help. I believe that getting a player like that would help their overall game – even the defense. And Darren Dreger, for one, does not dismiss the possibility of him re-signing in Montreal.

    • @Howard, I could not agree with you more. He is a perfect fit for them and they are as close to a perfect fit for him as he can get. While they are sliding now, they have a bright future, loads of cap space and excellent prospects coming up as soon as next year. They’re competing now, even without a star forward. I’d imagine he’d help them on both ends and he is a guy that thrives under the lights. Whether they are successful at trading for him or not is not withstanding: They should go after him.

    • What about the Brendan Gallagher for Adam Larsson talk that was out there on Grey Cup weekend? I haven’t heard anything since but it sure sounds like a move that would benefit both teams.

  2. Whoever trades for Taylor better make sure they have him signed for the future at a half decent price. He is a great player but in by know means is he elite and he seems to be hurt frequently. We all will find out soon if he chases a cup or bank account.

    • I noticed Hall ONCE yesterday vs the Rangers. Someone will overpay for his inconsistency.

      • ds… he had a few good chances. No Hughes yesterday. Bottom line,I really don’t think Hall wants to be in NJ. They should look to move him sooner than later. With all the losing, his impending departure will only kill locker room.

  3. 1st round pick, Jarry to help their goalie situation, and rust. Get it done gmjr.

    • No no no Chrisms

      We can’t move Jarry….under ANY circumstances

      JJ (responsible for 3 Gs last night!!!) ; ZAR; Bjug; G-Chuck(50 % retained) , Ruhweedel ; plus 1st ‘20 (lottery protected) ; Legare; AND if they re-sign …..1st ‘21 AND 1st ‘22

      For Hall & Vats (nothing retained)

      Pens net about $800 K in space

      When healthy

      Tanger Dumo

      Shultz Vats

      Marino Pettersson

      7th… Riikola



      McC- Kahun – Tanev

      Blueger – Horny – Laffy or Blandisi

      13th/14th Fwds: Laffy OR Blandisi AND Noesen


      • Sorry pengy. I try to live in at least the fringes or reality. Gotta give to get.

      • Hi Chrisms

        I did give….. 3 Firsts , a second (Legare); 4 roster players under contract through next year; plus 1 UFA (G-Chuck… @ 50%)

        for 2 UFAs

        That’s a bucket load

        In reality Hall is not the answer to Pens woes. He’d certainly be a great add and if team healthy with above proposed roster …. fair shot of getting out of the East

        No move and/or continuing to play both JJ and Ruhweedel …. the team needs to start booking their April tee-times

        Pens need Shultz and Dumo back

        Those two in and playing

        Tanger Dumo

        Shultz Pettersson

        Marino Riikola

        …. and all should be fine

        However per CBC today …. Dumo had ankle surgery and will be out 8 weeks minimum

        GMJR ABSOLUTELY must now shore up the D

        He has no other path….. going with

        Tanger , Pettersson , Marino , Riikola and the two nightmares ….. and I would not be surprised if Pens get no more than 4 more points before Sid returns …. giving them 36 points with 45 remaining ….. needing at least 61 points to get in …. that’s a 680 clip …. not happening

        Coulda used Gud-B now !!

      • When is the last time that many salaried roster players moved I. One trade?…

        Cue the jeopardy theme now…..

        When is never Alex.

        That is correct. Never in today’s cap world do you see such a deal involving that many roster players.

        I’ll take realistic trades for $1000.

      • The main reason why I avoid jumping into discussions about multiple-player deals or, worse, the canoe for a battleship proposals. They – never – happen. Certainly not since the introduction of the cap, the rise of NM/no-trade clauses, having to deal with the 35+ provisions, and those large up-front cash payouts.

        Such deals are best confined to the fantasy leagues where none of those considerations are factored in.

      • Good find George. You’d think 12 years+ would kill people’s hope on these kind of trades.

        I said a week ago , we love to dumb down trades. They are far more complex than trading your worst or problematic players / contracts for a player that you like.

        Ntc/nmc/Rfas getting paid much more, much quicker. There is so much more involved than “the money works” to get deals done.

        Throwing a boatload of crappy leftover roster players isn’t getting Hall type players today. Picks, a young roster player and or prospects gets a Taylor Hall these days.

        Teams are looking for multiple young assets, not multiple projects .

        Imo, Pittsburgh probably doesn’t have the assets today to make a trade for Hall.

  4. Taylor Hall IS an elite talent, one whom the opponent is lining up their best defensive option every chance possible. He also takes the pressure off of younger talent still developing, and for that reason alone I cannot understand why NJ doesn’t offer a max deal. Devil’s roster suggests they should be a better team. Losing Hall would be a huge roster hole nearly impossible to fill.

  5. Oilers have no cap space for hall right now, but a do over for Larsson? Why not?

  6. To Nashville: Hall
    To NJ: Turris, Tolvanin, Tomassino,+ 1st rd pick.
    Preds currently on outside looking in. Adding Hall would make huge impact. Getting rid of Turris contract will help getting Hall signed. NJ trading Hall now assures them picking at top of draft again. They will have a ton of cap space to absorb Turris contract and by taking him Preds sweeten pot. 2 solid prospects, both wingers to grow with centers Hughes and Hischier ….plus another 1st rounder.

    • No way Poile gives up that much for a rental. No one will. High end rental will get either a real good prospect like Tolvanin & B prospect & maybe a 2nd.
      The 1st would be conditional to him resigning. Or if Devils want the picks better, they will get a 1st, 2nd & B prospect & another conditional 1st if he resigns.

      • Reality, the whole point of adding Turris to deal is to free up cap space for Hall extension. Proposed trade totally with Hall signing being part of deal

    • I like the idea from NJ getting prospects but taking on Turris when they already have a #1C, #2C and a #3C locked in for years…not sure he fits. IF Turris could play wing maybe….but it doesn’t finalize it for me unless a 3rd team was involved to take Turris for a winger or solid Dman.

      maybe add Mueller & Seeney going to NSH and Ekholm coming back?

      Like the thought process as NSH would certainly be more dangerous with Hall on line 2

  7. I’ve read that the Flames, Habs, Avalanche, Oilers, Isles, Blues and Coyotes are the teams that have contacted Shero so far on Hall in the last 2 weeks.

  8. Elite he has scored 30 goals once in his career never 100 points and is on pace to score maybe 15 goals. Elite not close in my opinion but maybe your expectations are lower than mine.

  9. I got another one. Murray for hall. Maybe a couple other moving parts.

    • Quit yanking Pengy’s chain! 🙂

      • Pengy’s chain is very Sad 😭

        Dumo out minimum of 8 weeks

        Call McQ

        Heck… call Phaneuf

        Call Dallas for Honka …. can they get a contract singed in 35 minutes??

        Danger Will Roger…. Danger

  10. I will say it again. Cost for Hall will be too high for Habs especially if he signs with them and he does NOT address their needs on D C or 2nd G. If he land in MTL and they can’t get rid of Alzners contract they may nit have enough in the cupboard for Domi and Kotkaniemi who both are in expiring contracts.

  11. Blues send Sanford, Dunn and 3rd round pick for Hall—too much, too little or just right??

    • About 29 other teams would beat that offer

    • That wouldn’t even get you Pageau!

      • Except the Blues have seemingly fleeces the Sabres for O’Reilly and Carolina for Faulk so who knows. Maybe the GM is a Jedi

  12. If you think Taylor Hall gets hurt a lot now just wait until he hits 30. I wouldn’t give him more than 4 years at 9 million.

  13. Matt Murray is one bump from being back on the IR with another concussion. I highly doubt the trade either of their backups for an equally brittle Hall.