The Best and Worst NHL Trades of 2019

by | Dec 23, 2019 | Soapbox | 8 comments



  1. Marino for a 6th round pick?????????

    • Marino for a 6th round pick was a steal for the Penguins.

  2. Kessel for Galchenyuk / Joseph was a good trade for the Penguins. Since last February how many goals did Kessel score for the Penguins ??!?? Last season what was Kesssl’s +- rating ? Kessel effected Malkin’s play. Most important Kessel wasn’t following a Team way !! Islanders crushed the Penguins !!!! Kessel gotta go !!!! Galchenyuk salary is off the books soon ; traded soon ? Joseph, prospect D-Man included in the trade. Penguins team better off without Kessel.

    • Didn’t they win two cups with that useless Kessel?

      • Penguins won those cups with Kessel in ’16 and ’17. Two seasons later Penguins’ urgent plea trading him. Kessel wasn’t buying into Team concept !! Canadian King, both Bruins and Maple Leafs overjoyed trading Kessel !!

      • A pens fan perspective.

        Kessel was instrumental in our cup runs. A trade worthy of comparison to the Cullen for Francis plus trade. He would still be valuable on the ice for pens this year but his off ice value wouldn’t. The nmc and cap hit makes his trade a win.

  3. I like Kessel talented and misunderstood.
    Enjoying the game and life just like he should. He has the world by the tail and being a cancer survivor probably helped him realize that.
    I thought he was a great Maple Leaf. They got him to score and that’s what he did.
    He didn’t make the trade.

    • I also like Phil.
      Phil doesn’t care who likes him or who doesn’t, and that’s why I like Phil.
      Cool as a cucumber, that one.