The Best and Worst NHL Unrestricted Free Agent Signings of 2019

by | Dec 28, 2019 | Soapbox | 5 comments



  1. In addition to that 4 year $4 mil contract, what makes that Gardiner deal even worse for Carolina was giving him a 7-team NM clause. Even if Montreal were still even remotely interested, you can bet they are on that 7-team list. Good luck trying to move him. Not only are his offensive stats anemic (2g 6a 8 pts), in limited ice-time he’s a -19 and has 20 giveaways to his credit.

  2. George, U have to give his agent credit for negotiating that 7 team NM clause on Jake’s behalf.

    As a TML fan, I don’t miss Jake at all. As it stands for Carolina, good for them. You got yourselves a world class brain fart, giveaway specialist. There is a reason he was available as the last player left standing on the free agent market so enjoy Jake and all he brings to your team.

    As a caveat, he was a Babcock favorite and where is Big Mike now? Fired !!

    • Never really understood the infatuation with Babcock who, to this observer anyway, failed to grasp the caveat that he should cultivate his character and not his reputation, because his character is who he is and his reputation is only what others think of him

  3. Jackets fans are wearing little smiles. Bob leaving made room for Joonas Korpisalo to claim the starter’s job and Korpi has better numbers on a worse team.

    • And at a cap savings of close to $9 mil per