Will NHL Trend of First-Time Sports Champions?

by | Feb 5, 2020 | News, NHL | 6 comments



  1. OK. I’ll bite – should the title include “join” or “continue” after “NHL”?

  2. Psst … the Tampa Bay Lightning won in ’04.

  3. St Louis and Lecavalier would like to request this writer retires.

    • He didn’t say they didn’t win in 2004. The way I read it is, he’s talking about the current team which lost two game 7 showdowns since losing in the 2015 final, and were (and still are I suppose) heavy favorites to take it all.

      • The writer also prefaces him comments under the heading “Feels Like The First Time” saying “and which teams might have a shot at going all the way that haven’t made that journey in a long, long time.”

        Tampa’s last cup was 16 years ago. The Flyers and Leafs are also mentioned – Philadelphia last won it all in 1975 – 45 years back, while the Leafs last win came in the antediluvian age of hockey – the 6-team league – some 53 years ago.

  4. The fact three of the four teams discussed have ALREADY WON CUPS shows just how bad this so-called “article” is.