Building Through The Draft is No Guarantee Of NHL Success

by | Mar 1, 2020 | News, NHL | 9 comments



  1. Another example of lack of success with plenty of good picks
    Ottawa Senators
    1992 2nd pick Yashin
    1993 1st pick Daigle
    1994 3rd pick Bonk
    1995 1st pick Berard
    1996 1st pick Phillips
    2001 2nd pick Spezza
    Other picks that they hit on were Alfredsson, Havlat and Hossa.
    No Stanley Cups but they did manage to play the Leafs 4 times 2000 , 2001 ,2002 and 2004 in the playoffs
    The Leafs won every series

    • Alfredsson era Sens were a solid team. Not every team can win a Cup like the Sundin Leaf teams

      • Totally agree ds, those Stanley Cup winning Leaf teams were a treasure to behold! 😉

      • Talking about those Leafs teams that these Sens teams never beat in the playoffs regardless the points difference or season series?

        Or is there another team, same result?

  2. Duff is correct that a team has to get lucky to have a stud available, and even then there isn’t a guarantee of success.

    What confounds me is that Duff says saying building through the draft i hucksterism and then he says:

    The reason Tampa Bay is an elite Cupcontender is because they hit some late round home run draft picks.

    If that isn’t building through the draft, what is?

    • look at the Rangers Henrik runs
      the team were there because of drafting but never got over the top because never had those top tier threats either

  3. That’s why I don’t agree with trading good players for the unknown such as draft picks.
    You definitely need to get lucky in the draft to build your team .Sam Pollock said whoever gets the best player wins the trade.
    I would say that observation is probably accurate most of the time. Trading for magic beans is more hoping than knowledge

    • Yes. Yet most GMs, who know the game better than us, continue to trade for draft picks.

      The receiving team has a reasonable idea where that draft pick is going to fall because the pick is only a year or two out and they can gauge where the giving team will be in the standings. Go figure.

  4. Last time i checked edm. Has half there team drafted and playing including two rookie dmen in the top 4 and holding there own . And if a team sitting 4 points out of first in there division with 2 games in hand on vegas then i guess Vegas is a bubble team too.