NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – April 27, 2020

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The latest on the league’s plans to reopen the season, an update on Zdeno Chara, and more in today’s NHL morning coffee headlines.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports the NHL’s attempt to complete the 2019-20 season would satisfy some of its sponsorship agreements, recouping roughly half of the $1.1 billion it could lose by canceling the season. Pushing back the start of next season to mid-November could also work in the league’s favor. Physical distancing measures could be reduced or lifted in some NHL cities by that time, allowing teams to sell tickets again.

TORONTO STAR: Damien Cox reports canceling the season could see the NHL’s television contracts with Rogers Sportsnet and NBC Sports carry over for another year. The deal with NBC expires at the end of the 2020-21 playoffs, meaning the league would have to wait another year to negotiate a more lucrative contract.

Boston Bruins captain Zdeno Chara isn’t thinking about retirement (Photo via NHL Images)

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Despite social distancing measures, Terry Jones believes the city of Edmonton would support being a divisional neutral-site host even if fans would be prohibited from attending games at Rogers Place arena. “I already know of people making preliminary plans to set up big-screen TVs and LED boards in parking lots to watch the games in their cars, drive-in-movie style,” writes Jones.

STLTODAY.COM: Jim Thomas reports Blues president and CEO Chris Zimmerman would love for the league to choose St. Louis as a divisional host city.

THE ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: Elliott Teaford reports Rutgers University professor Dr. Mitchel Rosen is skeptical of the NHL’s plans to resume action this summer. Citing the potential spread of the coronavirus by personnel in close quarters, the Rangers’ season ticket holder recommends shutting down the season. “We should wait to have more tests available with rapid results, as well as proven, effective treatments,” said Rosen.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Dr. Rosen’s approach is the sensible one. Like all businesses affected by this pandemic, however, the NHL is trying to find the best option to resume operations at the earliest date while ensuring the safety and health of its employees.

THE SCORE: The current pause in the schedule doesn’t have Boston Bruins captain Zdeno Chara pondering retirement. The 43-year-old defenseman said he still loves playing the game and his current focus is playing some sort of hockey this season. The only active player from the 1996 draft class, Chara will become an unrestricted free agent at season’s end.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I anticipate Chara will sign another one-year, bonus-laden deal with the Bruins for next season. As long as he remains an effective member of their defense corps, the Bruins will keep him in the lineup.

THE HOCKEY NEWS: Sam McCaig listed the all-time goals and points leaders for all 31 NHL franchises.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Some of the players on these lists might surprise you.



  1. I, like many I assume, am enthused to see big Z play another season

  2. Agree that canceling the season is unlikely (outside of the loss to us fans ….$1.1 B loss is pretty well not going to fly)

    Heard an economist on the radio that said the suggested 68 roll-back and then playoff scenario that had been proposed would be only about $20-$35M net difference from full resumption of reg season in empty arenas ; then playoffs

    I still say a hybrid of season resumption ; to 74-76 games ; sloughing the 8 teams that are mathematically already eliminated at a 74-76 game schedule; and have balance of games intra-Div only … that would mean draft and playoffs start sooner and next seasons start and schedule compaction is less restricted

    Less differential if the $20-$35 M roll-back 68

    For Wings (for sure) and more than likely for Sens , Kings, Sharks; resumption for full schedule comes with no chance to advance ; risk of worsening draft odds; and risk of injury

    The only true drawback is the negative impact on the remaining 23 teams …. those trams that had a skewed current remaining schedule against those weaker 8 teams; and a boon to teams who had already (or almost already) completed their games against those weaker teams

    This is true; but perhaps an intra-Div sched (competing against those teams you are jockeying positions for) that is done in a way to mitigate some of those negative impacts and boons listed above; just might work

    Whatever is done : roll-back 68; full season/full play-offs; season cancelled ; 74-76 game sched; crimped and/or changed play-offs (some best of 5’s or with roll-back and 24 team playoffs)…. there will be many dissenters

    No matter what; I expect the first few games to be a little sloppy

    The big bonus with resumption is that all teams will be fully healthy (with the exception of those few players that had season ending injuries and were not expecting a return until next season)

    Canes could have 3 key Dmen back

    Avs could have 5 IRs back including Rants and Kadri

    Clb had 5 on IR; Phi 4;

    Pens get 40 gial scorer Guentzel back; Blues get Taresenko back?; Vegas Tuch?;

    The only team that had no player injured at Covid-19 pause; was Caps




    • Are you going to be posting this same idea every day? Asking for a friend. Lmao

      Seriously, I’d be interested to see your 8 team list you are thinking will just not continue if the season resumes.

      Because I can’t see Chicago who are 6 points out with 12 games remaining saying “ no thanks , we’ll catch you next year…” to their fans.

      I don’t think any ownership will want to send that message. Especially considering only one team is mathematically eliminated from playoff contention today. Some others are a very long shot… but I think they’d rather play out the season then lay down.

      • Washington, Tampa and Florida each play 3 of their remaining games against Detroit and Ottawa. I would think they would object to having these games cancelled when every point counts for playoff positioning.

        Also, not allowing the weaker teams to play affects the order of the draft lottery. Six of the bottom 7 teams are within 6 points and the order could change if they play out the schedule.

      • Hi NYY4Life and Gored1970

        If season were 74 & 75 G’s

        3 Cal teams; Ottw; Det; Buff; NJ and Habs can’t get in no matter what; ranked as is or by points percentage won’t change their draft odds; playing 74 or 75 games for those teams can’t increase their lottery position w/o a combined worsening of their odds (increased play) by one or more of the other 8

        @ 76 G’s , technically by running the table and complete lose-outs by ALL of Canes; Jackets; Isles; Rangers; and Panthers; then one of Habs/Sabres/Devils COULD (not sure if they have any H2H with the other 2) get in … huge long-shot though (as almost impossible for full lose out by those other 5 [they’ll be playing some H2H’s between them])

        My suggestion didn’t have Chi as one of 8.

        BlackHawks can only be eliminated at 73 G’s (if Nash loses out to 73 GP; still has tie-breaker over Hawks)….. and I was not advocating for 73 GP

        Thanks for the update Gored wrt Bolts/Caps/Panthers yet scheduled for 3 against Ottw/Det; I fully acknowledge the concerns; and your point has complete merit wrt disadvantages for those teams; no ifs ands or buts. 👍

        There is no way any decision wrt this season and playoffs will satisfy all; many will be peeved

        Detroit has only risks associated with a full sched; Ottw has mathematical chance of getting in with a full schedule ….. but call that nigh impossible ; even running the table only lessons their draft odds without guaranteeing being playoff bound

        Sorry NY4Life’s friend re some re-peat /duplication posts but was on topic for Spector post of today and I provided update on info; still Covid cooped-up crazy and trying to run my firm completely remotely ☹️🤪 ; so repetition just might be my remaining sanity??? Or not?

        Looking forward to resumption (and happy for Pens in that Guentzel [40 G’s last year] will return to Sid’s wing; but sad in that Leafs could easily flip positions with Panthers [1 game in hand AND one H2H] putting Leafs OUT of playoff picture 😭😭).