The NHL Buyout Barometer – Metropolitan Division (Part I)

by | Apr 28, 2020 | News, NHL | 11 comments



  1. Well over on today’s Rumor posting there is a lot of animosity about compliance buyouts. They just help out rich, mismanaged salary cap teams. Here is an alternative, if teams really want relief in the form of contract buyouts, lets limit it to the highest paid player on a team. It gives the owners the relief they desire. Wonder how many teams would jump at that (looking at NYR, Chicago, Toronto, etc). If the goal is salary cap relief that proposal achieves the desired effect – but guessing most teams would pass (yes I know its absurd idea – but so is compliance buyouts for teams that cannot afford or need one). Rich, cash strong teams should not get a benefit that is meaningless to most small market teams. It should be a level playing field. If the salary cap remains at its current level that is already relief enough.

    • Yea…..Keep making it all about parity. It’s dynasty teams that bring excitement and attention to the sport. Chicago had to revamp it’s team because it couldn’t reward it’s players. Maybe there are just too many teams. The idea to play down to the smaller markets is ridiculous. And some keep buying players with cap charge but little cash due to get to the floor and save money. You are finding fault with the wrong teams. A HARD cap is not the way to go.

  2. The salary cap is a joke. Supposed to level the playing field. Canadian teams have to earn another 30 cents on every dollar to pay in U.S dollars.
    Every state or province have different tax structures. Cost of living is different in every city.
    There is no possible way to make it fair for everyone.
    Trading players who are injured and no longer playing to avoid being over the salary cap or using LTIR to get to the cap floor is ridiculous.
    Let the teams spend as they see fit.
    Teams that have money have proved you can’t buy a championship
    Toronto no cups in 52 years
    Rangers 1 cup in 80 years

    • Ya but the leafs have hired a knucklehead like shanny and a numbers guy in dubas who likes to give out way more money than players ar3 worth! Could you imagine if there was no cap dubas would have the league flooded with overpriced players

      • Was ar3 in Star wars as well. I only remember R2 D 2

      • Lol I guess that is your best defense

    • Rangers bought 1 Cup in 80 years.
      If the cap existed in the 90’s, that team would not have happened.

      Not being anti-Rangers; it is just the truth.

      • That’s an odd statement. NY had 2 players that were in the top 25 salaries the year they won the cup….. Messier and Leetch. Leetch was at 1.8 million.

        Also having 2 or more on the list? Buffalo, Calgary, LA, St. Louis and Philadelphia…. why didn’t they win?

        Leetch (con Smythe winner) Zubov, Kovalov, Karpovtev, Richter + all home grown.

        I’m pretty sure players like Beukaboom, Nenchenov, Noonan, Matthau, etc. were not breaking the bank.

        By way of comparison… how many top 25 salaries IN the cap era did Pittsburgh ice for their last cup? 3-4?

        When people say crap like this it’s a shortcut to thinking!
        It’s like a preprogrammed thing to say….

        Take a look at what NY gave away to ice that team… Amonte, Weight , Gartner, Vanbiesbrook, Marchant…..

  3. The thing with compliance buyouts is that the players being bought out will have to leave the team in question for at least a year, likely forever.
    Travis Zajac for example is still a good player and the Devils could use him even at the cost of his contract.
    At first glance I kinda like the alternative being presented where teams could apply to have two players exempt from cap considerations but would pay a luxury tax if they still exceeded the cap. The monies collected through the luxury tax would be shared among other teams in the league.
    In Zajac’s case, for example, he could stay in New Jersey and they could still come in under the cap.

  4. Wait… the pandemic eliminated half the metro?

  5. Lyle,
    Zibanejad is not in need of a contract this year. He has 2 years after this left on his deal.