The NHL Buyout Barometer – Metropolitan Division (Part II)

by | May 5, 2020 | News, NHL | 1 comment


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  1. 1000000000000000% yes re Pens first buyout candidate

    He should be absolutely first one (in entire MHL) registered with the front office if the CBO is approved

    However Michael , when you use the word “dependable” relating it to JJ … the statement immediately falls apart unless it is clarified with ……

    dependable (to be a negative impact on Pens, teammates, fans, owners; and positive impact on other team)

    Yes I’m bitter re JJ 😡😡😡😡😡

    5 + decades playing; coaching; watching hockey at all levels; I’ve got to have watched thousands and thousands and thousands of games and I’ve never seen one player so detrimental to team performance; teammates; fans; etc etc etc

    Pens could have bought him out last June and only had a $270 K cap hit in 19/20 😡😡😡

    A reg buyout this year saves $2M in Cap; total buyout cost is $5.5 M

    Yes if there are 2 CBOs… unfortunately the 2nd would have to be Horny (who I like as a player) as his expected (due to age) production to Cap should be low and diminishing rapidly

    Horny’s buyout would cost $10.6 M total in cash; and as a regular buyout ; would save $3.5 M in Cap room for the next 3 years; with $1.8 M dead Cap space for each of the following 3years