NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – July 27, 2020

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Updates on John Chayka’s messy departure from the Coyotes, 24 teams travel to hub cities for the upcoming playoff tournament, and more in today’s NHL morning coffee headlines.


ARIZONA SPORTS: The Arizona Coyotes yesterday released a blunt statement indicating John Chayka terminated his contract as their general manager. “Chayka has chosen to quit on a strong and competitive team, a dedicated staff, and the Arizona Coyotes fans, the greatest fans in the NHL,” the statement read. Assistant GM Steve Sullivan is taking over the role on an interim basis.

Former Arizona Coyotes GM John Chayka (NHL.com)

Chayka countered with his own statement, indicating how much he enjoyed his four years in the role, his work in building the club into a playoff contender, how much he loved the players, coaches, staff, and fans, and how he wished he could be with the club in Edmonton for the upcoming playoff tournament. “Sadly, the situation created by ownership made that an impossibility”.

The relationship between Chayka and Coyotes ownership recently soured over a possible job opportunity. The club originally gave Chayka approval to explore the opportunity but then changed its mind.

SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman reports multiple sources are claiming Coyotes owner Alex Meruelo will ask NHL commissioner Gary Bettman to adjudicate the split between the club and Chayka. Friedman heard rumors linking Chayka to the Buffalo Sabres and New Jersey Devils. The job offer was reportedly for a much larger role than a general manager position.

TSN’s Darren Dreger tweeted sources told him the Sabres weren’t the mystery team supposedly expressing interest in Chayka.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I don’t think anyone’s surprised this has quickly deteriorated into a “they said-he said” situation following several days of speculation over Chayka’s status with the Coyotes. What’s clear is things fell apart quickly. This is yet another chapter in the years of uncertainty plaguing the Coyotes, providing fodder for critics to cast doubt over the club’s long-term stability in their current market.


NHL.COM: The league yesterday released the Phase 4 player rosters for the 24 teams participating in the playoff tournament that opens this Saturday. Each club was limited to 31 players it could bring into the Secure Zones in the hub cities of Edmonton and Toronto.

SPECTOR’S NOTE:  Concerns over a potential spike in positive COVID-19 cases during the recent two-week training camp period of Phase 3 proved unfounded. That’s a credit to the league, the teams, and the players for maintaining the strict health and social-distancing guidelines. A COVID outbreak could occur in one of those secure zones during Phase 4, but the teams will be better protected in those zones that they were in their home cities during Phase 3. 

TAMPA BAY TIMES: Lightning defenseman Victor Hedman is remaining in Tampa Bay to deal with a personal matter. He’s expected to join his teammates in Toronto on Friday.

THE SCORE: Speaking of the Lightning, captain Steven Stamkos remains day-to-day with an injury suffered during Phase 2 training. He’ll miss the exhibition game Wednesday against the Florida Panthers but is expected to suit up when the post-season begins.

CBS SPORTS: Oskar Lindblom was included in the Philadelphia Flyers’ 31-team roster and traveled to Toronto with his teammates. Lindblom recently completed treatment for a rare form of bone cancer. It’s unclear if he’ll be ready to play when the playoff tournament begins Saturday.

THE SCORE: Pictures have emerged showing the inside of the secure zones for NHL players in Edmonton and Toronto.


TSN: Hockey Hall-of-Famer Dale Hawerchuk is battling a recurrence of his stomach cancer. He’s completed chemotherapy in April.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Best wishes to Hawerchuk for a speedy recovery.

TORONTO SUN: Former NHL forward Eddie Shack passed away Saturday at 83 following a battle with throat cancer. Nicknamed “Eddie the Entertainer”, the popular Shack spent 17 seasons with the New York Rangers, Toronto Maple Leafs, Boston Bruins, Los Angeles Kings, Buffalo Sabres, and Pittsburgh Penguins from 1958-59 through 1974-75. He won four Stanley Cups with the Leafs in the 1960s. In 1,047 games, Shack tallied 239 goals, 465 points, and 1,431 PIMs. He went on to become a successful businessman and NHL Alumni participant following his career.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Shack was a character but also a very effective and tough depth player. I met him briefly as a kid in the 1970s when he was doing promotional work for The Pop Shoppe and again at an NHL alumni game in Calgary in 1995. He was funny and kind to everyone, taking time to chat and sign autographs. My condolences to his family, friends, and former teammates.


  1. Re Eddie

    Loved him as a kid.

    Lyle, I also met him once at an opening of a Pop Shoppe store

    He was one of my Dad’s favourite players

    Open the gates St. Peter, as Clear the Track is on his way

  2. To any lawyers on this site

    Even though Chayka was given permission to talk to other teams regarding a “promotional” opportunity; doesn’t his quitting invoke breach of contract?

    Or ; is breach wiped once Arz owners gave him permission to speak to other orgs; as that in effect, inferred that there was a likelihood that he would be moving on?

    Thanks in advance

    BTW, with his departure, now KD is youngest GM in the league

    • Paul Maurice was once the youngest coach in the league.

      • Hi Caper

        and a good one at that!

    • Pengy, I think this is why Arizona has asked league to step in. This situation had already hit rumor mills after Hall meeting. Some are attacking team for statement, but IMO they had to address why Chayka wasn’t on the list to travel to bubble city. From what I’ve read, the dispute seems to be about what the job was he was given permission to discuss. You’d think they’d keep it under wraps until off season, but looks like Chayka forced issue by being a no show for Hall meeting.

      • Ya, depends what was in the contract and what the communication was, and what can you prove.
        My question is what do the Coyotes do if they win and Chayka is blocked from moving to another team? Banish him to the basement and make him do the filing and pay him a bunch of $$?
        I doubt that, so what is the goal? Punishment for Chayka?
        It may be time to simply move on even if they are right as I don’t see a scenario where he continues to be part of the team.

      • Thanks Slick & Ray

        Agree… likely public positioning and maybe hopes of image saving

        Blocking a potential move (keeping his contract rights)….???? Tough now IMHO; and as you pointed out … what’s the upside of doing that

        Big step for the Tiny Sully ; but if his tenacity and vigour from playing can be translated to managing the desert debacle … good things could be in store in the blazing sun city.

      • He wasn’t a No-Show … he wasn’t invited … big difference.

    • Pengy without looking at the contract I would have to say no. You can always quit or leave; it’s whether or not you receive severance pay, stock options or other things negotiated in your contract if you fulfill the contract or leave amicably.

      • Dunka Ron


    • Pengy,

      Obviously the terms of the contract are paramount and will govern. It would also be a factor if any permission given to him to pursue another opportunity was in writing. General contract law is that the terms of a written contract can be changed only in writing. If nothing was put in writing then I would term this permission as a revocable license. Unless the contract provides otherwise of course.
      Chayka refusing to fulfill the terms of the contract would be a breach. Once again, in general, contract law would not allow the team to force him to be their GM if he does not wish to (I don’t see how they’d want to anyway). But they could seek damages and likely prevent him from seeking employment with a rival NHL team.
      Anyone remember the Alexei Yashin dispute with the Sens?

      • Thanks Howard

        I would think he (Chayka) would have been smart enough to get the permission in writing…. if he didn’t … foooooooooooliiiiiiiiish

        Will be interesting outcome

  3. Any amazing Eddie Shack story – yesterday on Twitter, Joe Bowen, longtime Leafs’ announcer, said that the Shack and Bowen families had been intertwined for 83 years. Joe’s father was the doctor who delivered Eddie Shack when he was born, 83 years ago, in Sudbury.

    • That is amazing.
      Hockey really is a small community.

  4. “Best fans in the NHL” lol. I’d like to think my Jets can make that claim, but honestly it’s probably the Habs. Totally delusional!!!

  5. Hockey starts tomorrow people..TOMORROW