NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – August 22, 2020

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The Canucks eliminate the Blues while the Flyers send the Canadiens packing. Recaps and more in today’s NHL morning coffee headlines.

NHL.COM: There will be new Stanley Cup champs in 2020 as the Vancouver Canucks eliminated the defending champion St. Louis Blues with a 6-2 victory in Game 6 of their first-round series. Jacob Markstrom got the win with a 34-save performance while Tyler Motte scored twice and Brandon Sutter collected three assists. Jaden Schwartz tallied twice for the Blues.

Vancouver Canucks goaltender Jacob Markstrom (NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Blues couldn’t contain the speedy young Canucks, who chased goaltender Jordan Binnington from the game after leaping to a 4-0 lead. It’s the first time the Canucks have won a playoff series since their run to the Stanley Cup Final in 2011. It also provides a considerable confidence boost to their young core led by Elias Pettersson, Bo Horvat, Quinn Hughes, and Brock Boeser.

St. Louis coach Craig Berube cited a lack of energy among his players for their demise. Perhaps it was challenging for the Blues to regain their championship mojo after such a long layoff due to COVID-19. Whatever the reason, the Canucks were the better team throughout most of this series and deserve to march on.

The Philadelphia Flyers also advanced to the second round as they hung on for a 3-2 win over the Montreal Canadiens in Game 6 of their first-round series. Michael Raffl’s goal early in the third period held up as the winner as Carter Hart kicked out 31 shots for the Flyers. Nick Suzuki tallied twice for the Canadiens.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hart made the difference for the Flyers in this series, sporting back-to-back shutouts and bouncing back well from two lopsided losses. He’s looking more and more like the true starting goaltender they’ve lacked since Ron Hextall was in his prime 30 years ago. While many of the Flyers’ leading scorers were shut down in this series, Jakub Voracek proved to be a Hab killer with seven points.

The lowest seed in the Eastern Conference when return-to-play began, the Canadiens exceeded expectations by upsetting the Pittsburgh Penguins in the qualifier and pushing the favored Flyers to six games in this series. Goaltender Carey Price was outstanding, captain Shea Weber was a force on the blueline and youngsters Nick Suzuki and Jesperi Kotkaniemi gave a tantalizing glimpse of their potential. They have nothing to hang their heads over.

The second-round match-ups and schedule have been released. In the Western Conference, the Canucks will face the Vegas Golden Knights while the Dallas Stars tangle with the Colorado Avalanche. Over in the Eastern Conference, the Flyers face off against the New York Islanders while the Tampa Bay Lightning meet the Boston Bruins in a rematch of their 2018 second-round series.

ESPN.COM: The NHL issued a statement Friday condemning what it called an “insensitive and insulting” comment by NBC hockey analyst Mike Milbury during Thursday’s game between the New York Islanders and Washington Capitals. As Milbury and fellow analyst Brian Boucher was discussing the merits of the NHL playoff bubble, Milbury said, “Not even any woman here to disrupt your concentration.” The league communicated its concern to NBC. Milbury issued an apology on Twitter. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As ESPN’s Emily Kaplan noted, this isn’t the first time Milbury’s made insensitive comments about women during telecasts. Forbes.com’s Kim Elsesser pointed out his remarks have no basis in fact. She called them “reductive, diminishing the role of all women to a distraction. It implies there are only drawbacks of having women around.” 

Milbury’s comments were the latest in a long list of stupid things he’s said over the years. This one might be the last straw. He was removed from Friday’s telecast and it remains to be seen if he’ll be back. 



  1. I hope they cherry Milburys rest end.

    • Milbury probably doesn’t have a clue that women are only angry feminists when men act like ignorant mysogynist a-holes

      • Hi George

        Re “ Milbury probably doesn’t have a clue that women are only angry feminists when men act like ignorant mysogynist a-holes”

        You could have put a period after the word clue; and that statement would have accurately summed it all up.

        Milbury and Maguire … their rambling and bumbling opines , to me, have no value added to any broadcast. Repetitive “Captain Obvious” type statements mixed with delusional colour commentary with a dash of non relatable and extremely boring anecdotes; makes my bile boil.

    • Chrisms

      Nice and Quippy this morn 👍🤣😂

      But Milburry shouldn’t be in the same sentence as Cherry

      Both have sensor issues

      Only one provides good hockey commentary; the other steals shoes and arms himself

    • Seriously, wow, everybody today is so sensitive to everything. Need to wrap everyone in a bubble wrap.

      I guess the day of a standup comic is done.

      • Any with that kind of material is.

      • That the issue today George, it’s a boo who society.

        Yet these same people are the biggest and i do mean the biggest hypocrites out there.

        Milbury made a comment about Rask and how other players may have felt about it. His view point whether you agree with it or not was shared by many people.

        Then a report said he that Rask had a medical emergency, one his daughter, who was also reported was Ok.

        Then an ex USA player twitted how disgusted she was and how happy she was that all these people were tagging Milbury.

        People now if you don’t agree with someone opinion you want them fired! How dare they have a different POV.

        Milbury comments on Rask, all you have to know how the Bruins organization feels about it is when Neely was asked if Rask could return to the Bubble. “We are concentrating on the players that are here our focus is here.”

        There was no if Rask wants to return we’ll be happy to have him, the question was just ignored. They don’t want him back and Rask doesn’t want to come back.

      • Not a fan of Milbury, not a fan of cancelling people when they say something stupid.
        What milbury said was stupid as he should know better.
        But, and I am guessing, I think what he meant was lots of young single hockey players like young single lady’s, and young single ladies often like hockey players too.
        I assume young folk still go out and hook up? Or is that all online now too.
        Is anyone shocked that NHL players go out and meet women who want to meet them?
        Give me a break, if they weren’t in the bubble it would be happening and anyone who doesn’t think so didn’t get out much in their youth.

    • Welcome to the 21st century! Almost a quarter of the way through it and people think it’s ok to still adopt mid 20th century outdated mentality. That asteroid is gonna take out all these dinosaurs.

      Surprised? Get used to it.

  2. Congrats to ‘Nucks and Flyers

    To be honest; pre round 1… I thought Blues would beat ‘Nucks

    Was cheering for Habs over Flyers

    The Avs/Stars series will be a blast but I still think it’s setting up for Knights v Avs for WCF

    I like high scoring games; so I’m not sure I want to watch Isles v Flyers

    It’s too bad Bolts and Bruins have to meet pre ECF… to me ; winner of this series goes to SC

    Good luck to all of them

  3. Yet another example of how hard it is now to repeat

    • I know. Repeats used to be common when I was younger but anymore these days just getting one is cause for a parade.

  4. it’s 2020 how dare you

  5. With back to back games Tuesday & Wednesday there’s a VG chance Dan Vladar will be the goalie in one of those games …… would also like to see the Bruins move Trent Frederic Into the lineup at some point in this series

  6. Tough day for the “Iowa Prince”—returning the CUP

    ps. With the BLUES eliminated—Go BOLTS

    • Yeah… didn’t see it coming against ‘Nucks

      Knew they’d have it tough against Avs or Knights

      Would love a Bolts/Knights SC

  7. Are we all Canucks fans now north of the border?
    Except for Ron? and possibly Pengy?
    BTW they should be called the PVR Canucks……

    • How about a Vancouver – Boston re-match? Only this time, have police on hand to stop the yahoos from destroying public property if the Canucks lose.

      • Many of my friends thought the police were needed to deal with Boston’s treatment of the Sedins.
        Anyone who thinks the Sedins weren’t tough didn’t watch them play.

    • Not me BC Leaf Fan. I remember only too clearly Vancouver fans rioting when their team lost the Cup finals, and when Vancouverites rioted during the 2010 Olympics — when the men and women’s team both won gold.

      And before anyone jumps in to say that these riots were only because of a few anarchists, go back and read the news reports featuring so called regular citizens charged with shop lifting during the riots.

      That may not have a direct link to this year’s Canucks, but the association is hard to get over.

      And …. I live in BC so this is not a blighted east coast view.

    • NO! I never subscribe to that thought i have to cheer for a Canadian team, you know because they’re based in Canada.

      When Russia played Montreal, i cheered for yes your right, i cheered for Russia.

      Good Bye Montreal you didn’t belong in the Covid Cup in the first place.

      • Obviously, then, neither did Pittsburgh! Or Washington.

      • Or Toronto

    • Hi BCLeafs fan; was cheering for ‘Nucks to upset; just thought it was a long shot . I had expected Blues in 5…. blew that one

      Knights my third fav team and I did post months ago that I believed they would be in the WCF and likely getting to SC; so I’ll be cheering for Nights

      In my draft pool I have 8 Knights and 2 Bolts; so a Knights v Bolts SC would be nice

  8. No argument there, George, that was shocking and inexcusable. It was like a scene from another country.

    • Lol. Absolutely savage.
      Much respect.

  9. Milbury’s comment should not be considered offensive. The players are in their prime (reproductively speaking) and can be distracted by a pretty girl. That’s not a bad thing, it’s how we got this far as a species.

    Did his comment say or imply in any way that a woman is no more than a pretty object? No. It’s just one of their many qualities. If you took it as an offensive comment, maybe you have a problem with how you view women.

    It’s just an easy way for ESPN to try and look “sensitive” and be the good guy. Unfortunately at the expense of someone who said nothing wrong.

    To be a “Good Guy” you have to have a “Bad Guy” (or create one). It helps feed our self righteousness.

    • Sorry, it is the NHL, not ESPN making the fuss…
      No surprise there…

      • Dan,

        I agree on the ESPN.

        Nevertheless, much as I disagree with “Cancel Culture”, and leaving aside his lack of hockey insight, perspective and analysis (qualities which made him, arguably, the worst NHL GM of the last 40 years), Milbury has been an offensive idiot on many levels for a long time, not just the misogynistic one, and it’s beyond time for him to go.

        Incidentally, and I don’t miss him, but for the PC crowd out there you should know that Don Cherry was one of the earliest and most consistent backers of women’s hockey, often donating his name, his time and his energy to a cause when most “big names” had very little to say.


      • Not quite sure what the NHL will do in Winnipeg, as in the pass, they like to chant at players

        ie they would chant “Crosby better” when Ovi was on the ice

        One chant was directed at Corey Perry and when he had the puck they chanted “Katey Perry” personally i wasn’t a fan of that chant because it does make it sound that Katey is less of a person.

        Wondering would the NHL ask the fans of the Jets not to do such chants.

  10. This PC world we live in is pathetic….

    • Ed, so is Milbury.

  11. The double standard we have going on.

    It’s funny that every commercial and a lot of tv shows and movies ….make every male out there seem like they can’t wipe their ass without some women clearly instructing them how to do it.

    Like men can’t make a single rational decision without his Wife/GF , Mother weighing in.

    Yet nobody raises an eyebrow. Ditto on certain race, ethnicity and certain religions being open game…. while other have to be treated with white gloves.

    The world needs to get a sense of humor for gods sake!

    • The solution is live alone then. The concept of compromise is gone. The idea of understanding and suppression a of ego is also bye bye.

      • Ron…. wtf are you attempting to say? Point?

    • No Shiite! Women have gone beyond empowered in most home I see. There are now becoming everything they complained about.

      I guess the pendulum has swung too far, hope it goes back to center soon.

      As for living alone, it’s already headed that way.

  12. Everyone has their opinion you don’t have to agree and you can voice that you don’t agree but doesn’t make you right and someone else wrong. As a Bruin fan I agree with Milbury at the time there was no mention of a medical emergency and if there was what was it? None of you agree with my opinion of Covid but have I lost any sleep not a chance don’t care it’s my opinion and in a few years the truth will be known. Best part of sports for me is the opinions and the characters if we all thought the same I would not bother watching. Why do you think the NBA ratings have plummeted I will never watch again I don’t need spoiled millionaires telling me how to act and think when they don’t know how to behave. My opinion matters to me yours to you keep it respectful and all will be fine.

  13. Milbury’s newest comment is nothing. How he is working still after threatening a 12 year old kid is beyond me… there are 500 former players to take his place