NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – August 23, 2020

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The Stars draw first blood in their second-round series with the Avalanche, plus the latest on Marc-Andre Fleury, Steven Stamkos, and more in today’s NHL morning coffee headlines.

NHL.COM: The Dallas Stars took a 1-0 lead in their second-round series against the Colorado Avalanche with a 5-3 victory in the opening game. The Stars’ first line led the way, with Alexander Radulov scoring twice and collecting an assist, Tyler Seguin opening the scoring and assisting on another, and captain Jamie Benn adding three helpers.

Dallas Stars winger Alexander Radulov (NHL Images).

Nathan MacKinnon had a three-point game (two goals, one assist) for the Avalanche, who lost starting goalie Philipp Grubauer with an apparent left leg injury during the second period. Avs defenseman Erik Johnson also suffered a lower-body injury in the first period. He tried to return during the second and spent the third period on the bench.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Led by their first-liners, the Stars dominated much of the play in this game. Apart from MacKinnon, the Avs failed to match their opponent’s intensity.

We could learn more about the status of Grubauer and Johnson later today. Colorado coach Jared Bednar didn’t sound optimistic about his goalie returning to action for Game 2. “He won’t be hitting the ice tomorrow or anything like that,” said Bednar. While he’s hopeful Grubauer can return soon, he indicated backup Pavel Francouz will have to get the job done during his starter’s absence.

SPORTSNET: A suggestive social media post by the agent for Marc-Andre Fleury raised eyebrows and questions over the status of the Vegas Golden Knights netminder. Allan Walsh yesterday tweeted a picture depicting Fleury with a sword in his back and the name “DeBoer” on the blade, suggesting Walsh’s client was being stabbed in the back by Vegas coach Peter DeBoer.

Fleury has appeared in just two postseason contests with Robin Lehner getting the bulk of the starts. Elliotte Friedman last night reported Fleury remains with the Golden Knights and the club seems to be ignoring Walsh’s provocative post. Neither side issued a statement on the matter, but Friedman indicated Fleury met with team officials yesterday and they’re satisfied this won’t be an issue.





SPECTOR’S NOTE: I understand Walsh has Fleury’s best interests at heart and he’s going to bat for his client, but this post was over the top. The Golden Knights are trying to win the Stanley Cup. DeBoer is simply going with the better goalie. Right now, that’s Lehner. Walsh’s post created an unnecessary distraction for his client and the team.

CBS SPORTS: Tampa Bay Lightning coach Jon Cooper said team captain Steven Stamkos won’t be available for Game 1 of their club’s second-round series against the Boston Bruins. Stamkos remains sidelined by a lower-body injury suffered during Phase 2 training.

TSN: Montreal Canadiens winger Brendan Gallagher underwent surgery on Friday for his fractured jaw and returned home to British Columbia. He was also playing with a slight tear in his hip suffered during the qualifying-round series with Pittsburgh.

THE SCORE: NBC Sports hockey analyst Mike Milbury issued a statement yesterday indicating he was temporarily stepping away from his role following an insensitive remark made about women during a broadcast on Thursday. The remark was condemned by the network and the league shortly afterward.  


  1. Toodles Milbury! Don’t let the shoe hitcha where the good lord splitcha!

    • You’re such a clown Chrism, I’ve never seem someone take so much joy when someone livelihood is taken away. Enjoy your Ivory Tower.

      Today society is soft, and had no discipline now all they do is cry and want to destroy peoples lives and for some strange reason it makes them feel better about their righteous self.

      • When the individual is an turd… always was a turd… and likely always will be a turd then yup, I’ll take pleasure in it. I care about the game of hockey and I hate seeing the sport deliberately blemish itself by having these kinds of tools be ambassadors for the game. Just like cherry Milbury shouldn’t have had to step away due to that comment. But the opportunity to get rid of him was taken. Good.

        How do you not see the hypocrisy of your post caper. You simultaneously call out self righteousness while absolutely drenching yourself in self righteousness.

        Good grief.

      • No Chrism, you’re stretching and you’re, when have i ever said I want someone to lose their job because of a comment.

        I take issue with people like YOU, who absolutely think they are better then others and if your POV isn’t shared, lets seek and destroy.

        You didn’t watch Don Cherry he was on HNIC yet your disliked him and wanted him fired. That’s just someone who just wants to be heard.

        If i don’t like someone or something i just don’t watch. turn the channel. I don’t like Rap music so i don’t listen to it nor do i buy it, but i’m not interested in seeing it removed from the public.

        People like YOU just want to destroy peoples lives and so you can pathetically feel better about yourself. It’s absolutely disgusting.

      • Gee caper. I don’t want to tune out. I want to tune in to something worth watching. Milbury wasn’t worth watching. I’m allowed to want a better product. I’d always thought you might be the kind of guy who believed in personal responsibility and accountability. Milbury did this to himself! Both with that comment and his past behaviors! I didn’t personally Ron burgundy the guys teleprompter. There is a difference between wanting to destroy someone’s life and wanting something I care about to get better. The only one in the conversation that’s trying to make themselves feel
        Better right now caper is you. And it is pretty gross.

      • Most people who don’t like Milbury are soft and spoon fed ,people who say what you would like to say I look up to. Keeping everything politically correct is an embarrassment to society. Doesn’t take a man to kick somebody when their down takes a man to lift them up.

      • Chrism, i agree with personal responsibility, but i don’t agree with taken someone livelihood away because of a harmless comment.

        My issue with you is that you couldn’t wait to come on here and share how happy you are about someone losing their job, simply because you don’t like them. I don’t understand why someone happy about someone losing their job, when the individual didn’t do anything wrong.

        People complain about a harmless comment; then there is a pos like Tyreek Hill playing in the NFL and they celebrate him because he has a talent.

      • You still got it wrong. I don’t know mr Milbury. I don’t personally care about him one way or another. I do care about the nhl and it’s product. How a child abuser got the job in the first place I don’t know. It was a mistake from the get go and now it’s hopefully rectified. Hopefully they hire someone who actually does a good job. If Milbury goes out and wins the lottery today good for him.

      • Confused Chrism, first you say you don’t like him, once a turd always a turd and yup i take pleasure; now oh i don’t know him so i don’t like or dislike him and then try to label him.

    • Haven’t been here for awhile …BUT HELLO to everyone! …

      It seems the more things change the more they stay the same ..LMAO !!

      Oh YA to ….Gerorge

      …Iam just going to say

      ” Anthony Beaulivier ”

      ..just thought id highlight that after the last 2 years pumping his tires …and the Sens turning him down in the Duchene deal …when I thought that he was the best player in that deal ..what a steal he would have been like I said at the time !

      LOL …oh its 2020 and 2020 hinesite ..but I will take a simple pleasure in life today …LOL

      Wish you all well …nice to see all the old characters her …be safe take care …and be kind!
      Really ..

      Shout out to PENGY ..NY4LIFE….OBD & SHOREORPARK …if your around !

      Iam also starting up my # TRADENYLANDERNOW!




      • Hey Kal! I hope everyone is doing well at your house!
        Stay safe, bud.

      • LOL – missed you Kal El … re Beauvillier – yeah, file that under Woulda Coulda Shoulda

      • Hey Kal el welcome back!

      • Welcome back Kal El

        Hope you and your fam are all healthy…. mind , body, soul


    • “ hitcha where the good lord splitcha!”

      Another knee slapper from the millennial resident “woke” jokester.

      How does one have all this spare time to come up with jokes for 5 year olds while playing nurse on the front lines and curing covid?

      • Well. I’d say it was a gift from the man upstairs but let’s be honest… that would be giving the big guy too much credit. It’s all me baby.

    • I can’t tell if you are being deliberately obtuse or if there is some kind of communication breakdown related to the medium. I don’t like people associated with the sport that don’t lend themselves to respectability. Milbury most well known incident in the nhl was beating a guy with a shoe. He assaulted a child. He has made several unwise statements in his career as an analyst. As it relates to the sport he is a turd. If he turns this situation into a dream career outside of hockey good for him. But hockey is better with him gone. Crystal?

  2. Anyway last night game was boring and hard to watch, there was no intensity, no passion. no hitting just plain o boring.

  3. Not good that two key players go down

    Can see this series equally going 7 or a sweep…. totally unknown outcomes in each game IMHO

    On paper I would have said Avs win series; but Stars keep pounding and those were two key injuries to Avs

    Re Walsh….Moron…. I would think (and hope) that this was done w/o flowers knowledge….. as a Knights fan (my third fav team); I’m hoping there is no distraction

    Stammer…. not playing game 1…. well that hints to me he is also out for at least game 2…. speedy recovery stammer

    Milbury…. transparency here….never been a fan. I feel that he adds nothing of substance whatsoever to broadcasts and rambles over and over again with “ Captain Obvious” statements. His opines at times give me a headache. Him and Maguire are a pair.

    • Pengy is reference to Milbury and Maguire agree don’t like either, probably dislike Maguire more but obviously they must have an audience. Just throttle me when i see people taking joy at someone losing their livelihood.

      • Doesn’t that happen constantly in politics?

      • Hi Caper

        Certainly not taking joy in it.

        Do I truly believe that the broadcasts will be much more entertaining with anybody other than Maguire or Milbury … yep

        I’m just not a fan of repetitive intonations of what was obvious to everybody; with boring and non relatable anecdotes

        Give me enlightening insights and anecdotes and I’m good to go

        Burkie’s personality is not stimulating and I’m not in synch with some of his ideas/positions; but he provides a great deal of value added info and I listen to him and value his opinion (even if contrary to mine)

        If we could just get him to have a sense of humour 🤪😂

        Did I like Don Cherry…. yep yep yep

        Kypper …. nope

        We’ll see who they bring in to replace Milbury

    • Stamkos hasn’t played a game since February…..His recovery has been anything but speedy.

      • this has become a broken record-

  4. I love Don Cherry. (Warts and all)
    I won’t miss Mad Mike in the slightest.
    My only issue is with whomever was doing the hiring on the Canadian/American broadcasts. So much talent to choose from, yet blatantly ignorant with their selections.
    I do enjoy listening to Kevin Bieska though. Funny since I despised him as a player.

    • The thing about Bieksa that stands heads and shoulders above the likes of Milbury is that he’s articulate as well as knowledgeable.

    • I turn off Bieska, opposite for me liked him as a player but very arrogant as a whatever he is. I just urn the channel when he’s on. Simple as that, right Chrism?

      • Jaysus – ARROGANT? Because he’s clearly educated and states things in pragmatic fashion as opposed to pool hall jargon??

      • Yeah, pretty much like you alluded to, Caper. To each their own.
        I’m part of the minority in the fact that I like Burkie too.

        Never like to see anyone on hard times. Milbury will be offered a “soft landing” and that will be all we see of him.
        I’d like to hear a little less of boring color guys like Milbury, and a lot more of guys like Louie Debrusk.

        Pierre McGuire is fine, imo.
        The guy knows tons and I like that. If he gets annoying, I just yell at my TV to “shut up, Pierre!”

      • That the thing George, we have a difference in opinion and that’s OK. I simply don’t like his brand and he’s arrogant, don’t like him one bit, comes across that he thinks he’s better then everyone else.

        Glad you like him; i don’t.

      • So you can have a difference of opinion and not resort to name calling. Cool.

      • milbury ran his course…..
        i personally like mike rupp when he is working

      • Again Chrism you totally missed the point. As i stated my issue with your statement is simple.

        You couldn’t wait to celebrate him losing his Job.

        Maybe if you ever lost your job or had to lay people off you have a little more compassion, instead of wanting to celebrate.

      • If a certain individual – and all his followers – lose their jobs as governors of this country I will be doing cartwheels down the street – even at 82!

      • I have had to fire people and it’s never easy. But I can take joy in the fact that this particular person can no longer damage the reputation of the company… can no longer endanger patients and coworkers etc. I can take joy in that aspect and still wish the person well in future endeavors. And certainly not take joy in the fact that this persons behaviors ended up with this as the result. Comparing lay offs to a person taking responsibility for their actions and stepping down is apples to oranges caper.

        And ruppers is great!

  5. I neither “like” nor “dislike” him. I don’t know the man. What I find appealing is his ability to always put things in their proper perspective without worrying whether or not it will piss off those types of rabid fans who only want to hear what they wish to hear and never what they SHOULD hear when it comes to their teams of choice.

    • George in other words you like him , For me he is smug. I like Kelly Hrudey, Cassie Campbell for what they bring to the show.

      • No, in other words that is NOT what I mean. As I said, I don’t know the man – if I ever got to know him on a personal level – highly unlikely – I may discover any number of reasons to genuinely “dislike” him – or not.

        As a commentator – pure and simple – I appreciate his candor and straightforwardness and ability to zero in on faults and abilities. And that includes anyone on my team of choice. How, exactly, is that been “arrogant?”

      • I’m just guessing, of course (which seems to be the theme of the day) that Bieksa probably adheres to the theory that, it’s better to accept the fact that you’re not appreciated than to try your hardest to make someone see your true worth

      • George who talking about knowing the individual, try not to take it out of the context.

        Just incase you weren’t sure of what i meant, I’m talking about liking or not liking the person at the job they do.

        Like i said what you meant to say is you LIKE the job Bieska does.

        Not a fan he is arrogant and smug.

  6. Hi…i stepped on an ant today…roast me!

  7. I wonder how Fleury is feeling about that post from his agent. Does he praise him or give him s**t? Its a distraction for the Knight’s, no?

    • Hey Fd,

      I think the whole distraction thing is bs and grossly over used.

      Does anyone really think that when the puck drops and Vegas is in the middle of a game that players are thinking about Fleurys agents comments?

      I’m guessing not. The only thing on their minds is playing, and maybe an occasional hot chick in the stands.

      Oh 💩!!!! I just insulted all women!!!! Hope the upper brass at my company don’t see this!

    • Hi FD

      If I was Flower… and here I’m assuming Flower had no pre knowledge of the post (I highly doubt it)…. then I’d tear Walsh a strip

      There are ways to handle your (as agent) discontent over your player’s (and in effect your boss’) amount of playing time and in this case… number of starts

      This was NOT the appropriate way… distraction to team in good place for a cup run; AND placing your player in a precarious situation with coach; GM; and teammates…Walsh was a true moron

      I’ve no idea if Walsh has pulled similar stunts “on behalf of “ Flower before…..if he’s a “repeat offender” perhaps Flower’s time to cut ties. If it’s the first time… tear him a new one; tell him if he does it again … he’s not representing you anymore

      Walsh needs to act like JJ’s agent…. whatever that agent does…..he gets the GM to (despite being the worst player in NHL history) laud heaps and heaps and heaps of praise on JJ; and blames absolutely everybody but him for Pens failures.

      For those of you thinking I’m making that up… check out Josh Yohe’s interview with meathead Jimbo last week….. my stomach churned for 3 days

      • I’m with Pengy on this.

      • Except for the Jack Johnson take.
        Rutherford and Sid are trying to get as much money back into his account as possible after being flat out robbed by his own folks.
        I admire their loyalty to their friend, regardless of anything else.

      • Hi ShorOrrPark

        What happened to JJ by his parents was tragic. I was very sympathetic to his plight. I still am.

        No problem (and I fully support) with Sid being his friend and supporting him; and if that meant he put in a good word for him (although Jimbo stated many times [at that time] that he was the guy that went out and got JJ and had not been asked by anybody orsuggested by anybody) that got him that contract

        That said….

        Jimbo more than overpaid then (not in retrospect; at that time it was considered a grossly high AAV and much too long)

        Lets say Jimbo was looking out for JJ then after JJ had been financially devastated by his parents

        ….. but his (Jimbo’s) loyalty now must be first and foremost to the Pens

        It isn’t

        Defending JJ’s play; firing coaches and throwing Murray under the bus by blaming JJ’s mistakes (and BTW costing Pens [all by his lonesome] 3 of the last 7 play-off/playin games he was in ; and co-responsible for another …. ending Pens record setting Playoff streak ) on them…. is NOT in the best interest of Pens

        Jimbo’s job is to put together the best roster he can within the budget he’s given.

        He’s been told to cut costs

        Buying out JJ; and replacing him with either Riikola or P-O J ; saves Pens cash, cap; and immediately makes team better; and immediately improves every single Pens’ stats…. that would be doing his job

        Buying JJ out…. JJ overall after taxes (with deferred earnings) might lose a total of $1 M but gets tt retire and spend time with his fam.

        He will still end up with much more money with the buyout than what he sHould have been contracted for

        Perhaps Sid can get him partnered in a business op to make up that loss (of current contract buyout) in the long run

        No matter what…. easiest and best solution to save $’s and simultaneously massively improve the team is through a JJ buyout

      • I don’t disagree, Pengy.
        Not in the slightest, but we both know what’s happening and it is admirable, imo.
        I don’t think JJ is going anywhere soon.
        I sympathize with you though.

  8. MAF.. If you had no knowledge of what your agent was doing…then fire his ass….now

    He and Millbury should think before they speak.
    Add Trump to that list….LOL

  9. I personally think Boston putting Ritchie back in and taking Par Lindholm out is a mistake. Guess we will see I understand the toughness but Lindholm was arguably one of their best players.

    • Obe Boston need Ritchie physical game (hopefully he brings it.)

    • I really like Par, but this should be a heavy game, more suited to Ritchies style.
      Fingers crossed.
      Bruins in however many it takes.
      It won’t be easy.

  10. From what I’ve seen of both teams over the past few seasons, the veterans on the Bruins are consistently more capable of raising their effort when needed than any of those on TB – with the possible exception of Stamkos and it’s unlikely he will be able to step in after this latest long absence and make much difference.

    • Never count Brayden Point out of the mix.
      That kid is a gem.