2020 NHL Draft Winners And Losers

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  1. Sure like to see Mr. Duff’s Twitter account this morning. Fact is, I’d bet there’s as many die-hard Leafs fans who are in agreement with his analysis as there are who function in the unshaken belief that, when Leafs management makes a decision, whether a draft pick or a trade, it therefore must be the correct one and should never be questioned.

    Simmons: “They took the player they believed in most with the 15th choice in Round 1. They didn’t make the obvious move, drafting one of the two best defencemen available on a team in need of defensive players. They chose to pass on Western Canadian kids Braden Schneider, who went to the Rangers 19th overall, or Kaiden Guhle, who went 16th to Montreal, and around the NHL there was a lot of head-shaking about the choice made by general manager Kyle Dubas.”

    Only time will tell.

  2. Again with the “smaller, faster skilled” narrative..,complete BS. At the trade deadline are teams looking to get “smaller and faster?” No, they’re looking to get bigger and harder to play against.

    Last 3 Cup winners all big, tough, heavy teams. All were also talented and could skate.

    Hey hockey press please stop with the “smaller, faster” BS. Stop trying to influence hockey to become soccer. Ugh !!!

    • They’ve long moved in that direction David A with the writhing around on the ice like they’ve been pole-axed until a penalty was called – to the point where they felt compelled to introduced a new penalty for “embellishment”

    • David A and teams will continue to look to get stronger st the trade deadline.

      It’s almost like to different season, the small skill get you to the dance; then the physical play that doesn’t happen so much regularly in the regular season starts to dominate.

      Braden Point proved you cam be small and have a ton of success in the playoffs. He is more exception to the rule.

      • Point is an “exception” because he is a difference maker. That is all that matters and why Lightning say all players except him, hedman, kucherov and vasilevskiy (would include Stamkos if not so injury prone) are available from the Cup Champs. They won because and only because of these 4 players. The rest are nameless faceless interchangable spare parts.

  3. What a dummy Duff is. He seems incapable of understanding how the NHL draft has worked for decades. You totally ignore where your team is at and what they need and simply draft for the future based on best potential skill realization when player is mature.

    It is idiotic to suggest the leafs should trade for toughness and grit. That is available in trade and free agency every day.

    As Chris Johnston said, you try to hit home runs in the draft so pick only high ceiling players.

    Dubas not only did this but also selected a lot of European players who are already playing when the CHL players are at danger of losing a year of key development if the junior leagues don’t go ahead. Very astute.

    Dubas has also loaned who he could to Europe so they will be in great shape when next season starts.

    It is also apparent the league is starting to realize the correct Dubas strategy of paying the difference makers and not worrying about the grunts (like Duffs suggestions ceilings are) as teams are dumping the fillers like Stecher, AA, ETC.

    Dubas is the North Star of GMs in the hockey world.


    • Wendel:

      Some US soldiers returning from the Korean War were found to say positive things about North Korea upon their return home. How could this be?

      Turns out that in return for favours in the POW camps they were held in the soliders had to stand up and say something public in support of North Korea.

      Psychologists found that once a person has made a public declaration, they feel bound to it no matter what subsequent information came their way. This explains the behaviour of those in cults.

      Shall we see your undying devotion to Dubas in this light, Wendel?

      Yesterday I thought the Leafs’ picking Amirov was sensible. Upon reflection, I think it was foolish and inconsistent with the Leafs’ needs and stated objectives.

      But thank goodness. The Habs get Guhle. Better yet, the Leafs do not. A two for one blessing.

      Twinkle, twinkle little Dubas, how I wonder why you are.

      • Quite shocking that you are putting your hand up to say you are foolish enough to draft today for what you dont know you will need in the future.

        Whoever than lunched dman is he will never be anything special.

        And Dubas said his objectives FOR THIS YEAR (see invite in last paragraph) are to be harder to play against, because his roster is right there for most talented top end in league. You ALWAYS ALWAYS draft for star talent potential unless you are a moron (I just make the statements. You decide if they apply to you) The rest is easy to find by comparison.

        Move over fellas, we may be welcoming a new member to the LTC.

  4. No one is interested in the Lightning draft. As they should not be. Just another boring group of non-first rounders, two or three of which will turn our to be useful NHL players, and one of which will be vastly over-valued by some other GM in a trade.
    A team uses a second next year and a fourth this year to get the 57th pick. Waaaay under the radar.
    and, the guy might be nothing special, many if not most draft picks turn out to be nothing special LET ME APOLOGISE if you have worked hard enough to tge drafted into the NHL you are something special, even if your pro career doesn’t gothe way you want it to!!! But it won’t be because of round one that someone wins or loses this draft in four years, it will be 2-7. That the Bolts have done so consistantly is why they won the cup.

  5. Bruins BIG LOSERS – as usual!
    Mr Jacobs,
    Can you please fire Sweeney & Neely?