Five NHL Storylines To Watch This Season

by | Dec 22, 2020 | News, NHL | 4 comments



  1. Great story lines

  2. For me, the SINGLE storyline is “Will the NHL season proceed as planned in January”?

  3. My thoughts on the story lines:

    I dont want a Canadian division beyond this year. It messes with TV times but suspect the mighty Leafs get their way with weekend afternoons but what would be Great would be an original 6 division if we get lucky and a handful of teams fold.

    I am only sorry that Andersen isn’t in a new market already…but there is still time.

    Bruins are gonna fall like the turkeys Mr Carlson tossed out of the helicopter on WKRP. TB still an elite team.

    how much difference can a 4th line centre really make. He is obviously a big upgrade on the Goat , but it is AM34 who will drive the results as he establishes himself as the best player in the league this season (Rocket, Hart, Conn Smythe)

    BUFF will be in a race for a playoff spot to the end. Dead things are dead last.

  4. Bad take man, the ratings in Canada will be massive. Canada has 1/10th the population of the U.S. yet just as many hockey fans. It’ll be a bonanza for Sportsnet.