NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – December 28, 2020

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Mike Hoffman joining the Blues and two significant trades by the Senators highlights this roundup of the notable Christmas holiday weekend news in the NHL morning coffee headlines.

THE ATHLETIC: Jeremy Rutherford reports the St. Louis Blues signed free agent Mike Hoffman to a professional tryout offer. Hoffman can negotiate with other clubs while training with the Blues. However, Rutherford believes the two sides have in place a one-year deal worth between $3.5 million and $4.5 million, and they’re waiting to officially announce it because of salary-cap implications.

Mike Hoffman joins the St. Louis Blues on a professional tryout offer (NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I doubted the Blues would sign Hoffman unless he was willing to reduce his rumored asking price of between $5.5 million and $6.5 million. He’s apparently done so to join a Stanley Cup contender.

Hoffman will provide some much-needed short-term offense with sniper Vladimir Tarasenko sidelined by offseason shoulder surgery. A solid performance could improve Hoffman’s chances of a more lucrative deal in next year’s UFA market.

Cap Friendly shows the Blues with $1.175 million in cap space with Vince Dunn to be signed. They will get cap relief by placing Alexander Steen and his $5.75 million annual average value on long-term injury reserve at the start of the season.

Rutherford points out having Hoffman on a PTO gives Blues general manager Doug Armstrong time to determine how much it’ll cost to re-sign Dunn. It could also allow time to make a cost-cutting trade, though they could also get some wiggle room if necessary by placing Tarasenko ($7.5 million AAV) on LTIR.

ARIZONA SPORTS/OTTAWA SUN: The Senators were busy in the trade market on Sunday. Their first move saw them ship a 2021 second-round draft pick (originally owned by the Columbus Blue Jackets) to the Arizona Coyotes in exchange for center Derek Stepan.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: A good move by both clubs. The Coyotes wanted to shed some salary and the rebuilding Senators sought some short-term experience and leadership at center.

PuckPedia pointed out this deal gives the Coyotes a projected $3.7 million in salary-cap space without having to place Marian Hossa on long-term injury reserve (LTIR). They can accrue cap space to put toward this season’s trade deadline and their performance bonuses earned won’t automatically carry over into next season. That extra second-rounder will offset their lack of a third-round pick in the ’21 draft.

Some folks wondered why the Senators took on Stepan when (in their minds) they could’ve pursued better options. One reason is Stepan will get more playing time with the Sens than he was getting with the Coyotes. Another is he lacked no-trade protection. His actual salary is another factor. While his annual average is $6.5 million annual average value for this season (the last of his contract), his actual salary is just $2 million.

Critics feel the Senators gave up too much for Stepan by parting with a second-round pick. This, however, was a move they could afford to make. They still have two second-round picks in the ‘21 draft and could land another second-round pick if they decide to peddle Stepan at the trade deadline. Failing that, they could get a third-rounder. Some will scoff at that notion but one must never underestimate the willingness of general managers to overpay at the deadline.

OTTAWA SUN/TAMPA BAY TIMES: The Senators’ second deal saw them send the contracts of winger Marian Gaborik and goaltender Anders Nilsson to the Tampa Bay Lightning in exchange for defenseman Braydon Coburn, forward Cedric Paquette, and a second-round pick in 2022.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Gaborik hasn’t played since 2017-18 while Nilsson is expected to miss this season with concussion symptoms. The Lightning will place their combined salaries ($7.5 million) on LTIR, allowing the club to become cap compliant when this season begins.

Like Stepan, Coburn and Paquette will provide the Senators with short-term experience and leadership. Both will be unrestricted free agents next summer, though there’s a chance the Sens could sign the 27-year-old Paquette to an extension if he plays well this season.

OTTAWA SUN: The Senators also signed top prospect Tim Stuetzle yesterday to a three-year entry-level contract. He was given his release by Adler Mannheim in the German league Sunday in order to sign with the Sens.

SPECTOR’ S NOTE: This signing isn’t surprising considering how well Stuetzle’s performed for the COVID-ravaged German squad thus far in the 2021 World Junior Championship. The 18-year-old winger is expected to finish the tournament with Germany and join the Senators’ training camp following a seven-day quarantine in Ottawa.

TSN: Ilya Kovalchuk has officially signed a two-year contract with KHL club Avangard Omsk.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That should bring Kovalchuk’s second tenure in the NHL to a permanent close. He’s no longer the scoring threat he once was, bouncing last season from the Los Angeles Kings to the Montreal Canadiens to the Washington Capitals.

NBC SPORTS CHICAGO: The Blackhawks signed free-agent center Carl Soderberg to a one-year contract worth $1 million.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This move comes after Blackhawks promising young center Kirby Dach suffered a fractured wrist last week playing for Canada at the World Juniors.

THE SCORE: The Capitals signed free-agent goaltender Craig Anderson to a professional tryout contract. This signing comes less than two weeks after Henrik Lundqvist was sidelined for the season by a heart condition.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: The Oilers signed free-agent defenseman Slater Koekkoek to a one-year contract worth $850K.

THE COLUMBUS DISPATCH: The Blue Jackets signed free-agent defenseman Michael Del Zotto to a professional tryout contract. He’ll compete for either a roster spot or a place with the Jackets’ taxi squad.

TSN: Buffalo Sabres defenseman Casey Nelson has opted out of playing the 2020-21 NHL season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The deadline for player opt-outs was Dec. 27.

THE SCORE: Forward Mark Letestu announced his retirement yesterday after 11 NHL seasons. He tallied 93 goals and 210 points in 567 games with the Pittsburgh Penguins, Columbus Blue Jackets, Edmonton Oilers and Winnipeg Jets.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Best wishes to Letestu in his future endeavors.


  1. APB out for Sweeney & Neely

    • Hi Joe

      Yep…. I was convinced that Bruins would get Hoffman

      The only thing that I can think has happened is that perhaps Jacobs has secretly told them no more big spending ….. what other reason could it be ?

      • Pengy….they can at least bring Chara back one last time I mean at least make it look like like team management has a pulse …..I guess their bigger worries will come next offseason with all those UFA & RFA they will have

      • Stop it they have around 4 mill in cap space please stop blaming Jacobs for being cheap lol that hasn’t been the case since they signed Savy n Z

      • I knew the Bruins wouldn’t sign Hoffman. LD is a more pressing need for them. To sign Hoffman they would have had to trade a guy like Debrusk. Not worth it.

  2. Hi George and all Sens fans

    I hope your 25th went well as Boxing Day was a kick in the …

    Dorian …. WTF?

    I proposed Stepan to Sens months and months ago… but my expectation was something like Garland also going in the deal and Sens paying a 2nd??

    Sens are doing Arz a favour… why do they have to pay a 2nd to do the other team a favour???

    Stepan is now likely at the very best, their 4th (and possibly 5th or 6th) best C in the organization

    Yes … only $2M full year Sal…. so Melnyk on hook for only $1.6 M (due to escrow) …. $1.44 M in ‘21 and $160 K later (deferred)….. but that is over pay by a load.

    If he had got Garland (or similar) in the deal… then 👍

    Again… WTF?

    This is a steal for Arz…. and they get out of a hole… went from top 2-3 in Cap payroll, down to about 19th

    Dorian better be able to flip Stepan at TDL to get that 2nd back…. but the best he likely do to get that 2nd is retaining 50%… and that’s after a team in the hunt likely loses a mid 6 C due to injury (will that happen???)

    IF … that happens …. and that (50 % retained for a 2nd) is likely the best he can do…. is Sens playing him bottom 6 C …. and after giving the 2nd and receiving one back…. Melnyk basically paying (in ‘21 Sal and later deferred Sal) Stepan about $1.1 M to play 35-40 games. Wow!!!

    For that money Dorian … who it appears was “desperate” for a depth Centre; could have had AA and been waaaay quicker and younger; AND still kept the 2nd

    He could have also got Shore or Goat or Sheahan or Boyle ….. all for around League minimum (about 1/3rd of Stepan’s Sal) AND kept the 2nd

    A better move would have been Boyle or Sheahan…. $700 K…. retain 50% at TDL…. get a 4th; 3rd if Dorian finds a panicking team

    That move would have garnered 35-40 games with a veteran C depth player; costing eventually only about $375 K (noting escrow) ; and netting a 4th…..AND …. not giving up the 2nd

    To me ….there is one glimmer of hope for Dorion regarding this move…. that is if he can move Anisimov …. for say a 4th…. thus netting $’s saved at a cost of the difference of giving up a 2nd to get a 4th

    Now the other deal from yesterday….. Paquette , Coburn , 2nd (Note in ‘22) for two LTIRs…. again…. WTF?

    Dorion goes out and does a massive favour for Bolts (after hugely helping out Yotes)…. who HAD to do something… Sens get two depth upcoming UFAs…. that they don’t need…. are sitting at 16F and 8 D, 2 G… 26 (3 over)…. so still have to move 3

    Net of all this above….. increased payroll , depth additions increase age of team, don’t move the needle on making the team better now, forced to move 3 players or worse…. playing vets over these young rising stars….. AND trading a 2nd in ‘21 for a 2nd in ‘22

    Dorion better have some buyers lined up….. or what will be his total haul for TDL moves …. while retaining 50% on….

    Paquette (maybe they re-up him)

    ????? One 2nd; three 3rds; three 4ths????? They don’t need more pics!!!!

    These new additions are taking playing time away from the likes of L. Brown, Norris; Batherson, Balcers, Stuetzle, Formenton, Abromov, Chlapik, Jaros, Wolanin, Zub, Thomson, Brannerstrom

    Very confusing on these Dorion moves!!!!!

    • I agree pengy, I can’t believe the sens had to give up a 2nd for stepan! I still think stepan can play but I thought the yotes would be giving him away?

      • Yep very confusing

        Bolts and Yotes were “Secret Santa’d” by Dorion

        He should have GAINED at least a 2nd (Yotes) and a first (Bolts) between the two deals; at least!

        He could have demanded Foote from Bolts as a starting point then perhaps settled for Raddysh…. but getting a 2nd in ‘22…. huh?

      • I disagree vehemently. They got a solid veteran center for a pick that historically has about a one in four chance of resulting in more than a fringe player. They already had another second rounder in this draft and picked up another from Tampa yesterday. Their prospect pool is deep already. And don’t disregard the 50 contract limit, which will likely mean that the Sens wouldn’t have the room to sign all their picks. They could afford to part with this pick.

      • Hi Howard

        No challenge from me wrt odds on a 2nd rounder making the NHL

        I do however disagree on Stepan’s C depth value to the team…. to me..l he is a best right now..l Sens 4th best C

        If Sens truly wanted a mid 6 C with much more speed, bigger, and better numbers …. they could have gone back to Brassard for $700 K, been more productive as a team, faster, and saved dough, AND kept the 2nd

        Again… my bugaboo is not necessarily the acquisition(s) , but the two trades that helped out teams that HAD to make a move …. Sens didn’t have to make a move….. and instead of winning BOTH trades (as panickers and needing to get the trades done… Arz AND Bolts absolutely should have been sweetening the pots)…l Dorion got the net hose on both deals

        Dorion had better options; and now with 26…. is either sending down 3 up and comers ; or has to make more trades

        This is just my opinion and only time will tell… but as at right now, I’m gobsmacked at what he netted in the trade

        If he had netted Garland and Raddysh…. I’d be singing a different tune

      • You guys are too picky. I like the moves Dorion has made, at little cost. His club is immediately better and has improved their chances of being a playoff team. And with their young players/prospects they will be a very good team in just a few years.

        I see the Habs have just signed Cory Perry. The Habs are anticipating the grind of back to back to back games in constricted season and anticipate injuries and the need for rest. Another good move. Impressed with Bergevin and Dorion.

    • the 2nd for Stepan was a surprise but I think he lines up @2C. It is not a terrible move and if a contender needs a 2C due to injury Sens can flip him easily

      Josh Norris will get easier assignments now

      • Hi ds

        Sorry but I am not as confident in Stepan as you are

        I see him as Sens 4th best C at best

        I might be wrong and Stepan turns the burners on, we’ll see

      • @pengy
        no way Stepan turns on the burners as his lack of speed is his biggest weakness

        but if he gives them solid 2way play and is able to pile on the assists on the PP its an ok deal.

        I think the Sens forward group is deeper than the Oilers(take away 97 and Leon=worst team in the league) and maybe the Flames

        Still Dorion seemed too nice in these deals for sure but the Sens will not be the easy out in the Canadian division imho as they were two days ago.

      • Hi ds

        Fully agree with you that their depth increased and thus “strengthened” them overall

        Agree… don’t see them as a pushover

        The point I’m trying to make is that Dorion lost in both deals relative to what he should have got

        There was no other team in the NHL that absolutely was pushed against the wall to make a deal, than Bolts… TJ refused to give more than a handful of teams…. and likely to teams that not only couldn’t fit him; but also didn’t want him

        Dorion gifted two greatly needed LTIRs to Bolts

        Bolts absolutely owed a sweetener …. or two

        Instead of the 2nd (in ‘22); it should have been a prospect…. demand Foote; acquiesce and accept Raddysh

        Arz also had to slough as they were in Cap crunch….. no sweetener given, no retention…. and Dorion had to give up a second

        Again …. acquisitions NOT the issue….. clearly losing two trades in which you had the upper had going into negotiations …. is

        More appropriately the deals could have been…

        Stepan and Garland for a 2nd or

        Stepan (50% retained) for a 3rd


        Coburn, Pacquette, Raddysh, 2nd (‘22) for the two majorly beneficial and highly coveted (by BrisBoise) LTIRs

        Time will tell

    • I get these moves by Dorion guys. I have lived in Edmonton now for a decade, and watched the Oil suck for the majority of it with them finally coming out of the darkness the last few years. It is no fun having no chance every night.
      I think Dorion believes it would be bad for his young team to get s**t kicked every night. IMO they are still a lottery team, maybe even worse than last year when the had Pageau etc. Probably about the same give or take.
      He will get some assets back at the TDL, but the big issue was he would be sending his kids to be slaughtered every night without some more quality veteran pros in the lineup.
      Their blue line was brutal before he got Gudbranson and Coburn, now it is just not very good.
      At least they will be in more games now and have a chance to win a few. Make the young guys earn a spot, don’t hand it to them.
      Ask Edmonton how that goes.

      • Hi Ray

        The acquisition side of the equation was not as mind boggling as the entire trade net… Dorion was effectively bailing out Arz and Bolts out of a must change situation (for them) and in those two deals did not get the better half of the deals

        Veteran presence in a young team I get

        If he really desired a veteran 4 C ; who could fill in at 3C at times (because that is where I personally feel Stepan fits in depth wise) and he was worried about being pushed around …. get big man Boyle for $700 K or to a lesser size but still big… Sheahan at $700 K …. and still have the 2nd in pocket

      • Stepan may have been the best option available. Boyle is 36 and no longer as effective as he once was. I don’t see Sheahan being an improvement over Stepan. You’re also assuming Boyle and Sheahan would be willing to sign with the Senators.

      • Pengy, maybe he could have got them for less or had a better sweetener thrown in, I dunno. I think Dorion is concerned about his team getting better, not helping or hurting the other guys.
        The season starts in a few weeks and you need to start getting players into town. I think Stepan plays higher up the lineup than 4C. Sheahan is a decent pro and a 4C like Boyle. IMO Stepan is an upgrade over those 2 guys and has some skill at the NHL level.
        Handing Norris your 1 or 2C spot would be a mistake IMO. Now he has cover, and he actually has to beat a veteran for the job. The kid has played 3 NHL games. Stepan will compete with and mentor him.

      • Agreed, Ray.

      • Hi Ray and Lyle

        There is a chance that I’m missing some hidden talent in Stepan

        Agree he is better option than Boyle or Sheahan… was using them as an alternative at 1/3rd the cost of Stepan

        Agree … no knowing if they would sign with Sens… beggars can’t be choosers tho

        However… Brassard for 100% sure is far better, faster, and more productive than Stepan… is UFA… no assets would be given up; would come at the absolute most $1M (1/2 of Stepan Sal) ; and more importantly… would return more at TDLthan Stepan

        Again… the strengthening the team depth of Sens is not the issue…. losing two successive deals in which you had the upper hand, is

      • Dumping cash in the form of Nillson and Gaborik in exchange for actual NHL players was important to the Sens. With little revenue coming in, I don’t think the Sens had as much of an upper hand as people may think. Getting a second is a decent sweetener

    • He youth need competition. No ones playing time should be guaranteed. Ottawa’s prospects can develope by earning there spots from hard working mentors..

  3. PTO for Hoffman is very strange to me

    What’s the advantage to him…. I know it doesn’t officially preclude him from signing with another club… but it almost effectively (actually ?) does…. very limited chances he signs elsewhere now

    Iowa Prince…. your Christmas present came… just delayed a few days

    I like the low cost low risk signing (by Oil) of Koekkoek… 👍👍

    • Ya Pengy, the Oil should be done once they sign Bear. They needed a depth LD with Klefbom on the shelf for the year.
      I think the Oil push for top spot in the North Division, although not having Klefbom really hurts.

      • Ray
        Agreed , sign bear around 1 million , possibly a depth forward trade and start the season , moving klefbom on opening night .
        Also agree that they should push for the division , klefbom down hurts but when I break it down it’s an injury they should be able to withstand .
        My reasoning is this , klefbom had a tough season last year , was playing banged up but went through long stretches where he was really bad , munched minutes and contributed on the PP but struggled 5v5 . Was -17 , closest other oil d man was -4. Nurse and bear stepped up and actually played a larger percentage vs elite competition at close to 40% for the year and held up to the test , in bears first full season .
        Looking forward to this year you have nurse and bear to continue in that top role, Barrie to fill in on the top pp and an extra year under the legs of jones who I am high on . I think we could see jones on the the left with Barrie to pair ideally with mcdavid or Leon lines wherever possible leaving Russell and Larsson as a 3rd pair . With Koekkoek Bouchard and lagesson battling to try to steal a job .
        This year we will have cap space with klefbom going on opening night , last year had none . I like the depth better this year , extra year under bear and jones , even nurse should be beneficial.
        To be clear , I’m a klefbom fan , thought he had a tough tough year last year other than the pp , but replacing last years klefbom is not as tough as it appears and they were fighting for top spot in pacific then.

      • Hi Craig and Ray

        On paper , right now, I see Habs as winning CanDiv

        If Oil can get great performance ps out of their goaltending then Leafs/Oil or Oil/Leafs as 2nd and 3rd is not out of the question

        Anything and everything could happen in this Div with some teams playing each other 10 times

        A 5-5 split really shifts nothing…. but win two more games in Reg…. 7 games (14 points) to 3 (6)…. huge swing

        I like Habs chances as I view a shortened season with tons o’ B2Bs relying heavily on the goalie tandems and strength of D overall and NOT necessarily on explosive offence

        Hands down Habs tandem is the best

        Habs IMHO; improved the most over last year

        Can I be wrong on that prognostication…. absolutely… anything can happen in this shortened season…. just as I sit here , looking at rosters as they stand right now… to me Habs have best shot at winning the CanDiv

      • Fair point Craig, I was thinking of a healthy Klefbom. Not sure if you heard the rumor that it is arthritis which was caused by previous injuries. And chronic pain, which explains the struggles.
        If so, he has a tough road back.
        Like that Holland is taking a patient approach.
        I think Jones sticks, and if they keep Bear and Nurse together I will go with he plays with Larson in more of a shut down role.
        But they might not keep Nurse and Bear together either, although why fix what already works.

      • I’ve heard and think it’s the best approach too , from what holland says he’s aiming to be healthy for start of next year , with that in mind , can open up possibilities in season but have to be careful with term. Bouchard is ready for a role , he just has to go out and take it , Broberg is looking great and will be pushing for a spot next year . Samorukov looking very good in khl play too . Lagesson a sure fire #7 I think , lennstrom also in that 7 d mix . I don’t see the d as a huge issue , solid depth , lacking a top end guy for sure but let the kids continue to grow and force them to win jobs , like insulating with Koekkoek. I like what ken is doing, more options open up next summer , now isn’t the time to be aggressive . Adding Kahun who was been strong 5v5 for a couple years , turris in a proper role , JP as a wildcard and resigning Ennis to mcdavid Leon nuge and Yamamoto, that should be fantastic top 6 production and if things go right , top 9 . With a slew of guys for the 4th line . Chiasson Neal haas nygarrd archibald Khaira . Adding a tender in season a few weeks before the deadline would be ideal to pair with koskinen down the stretch , smith just has to help get us there .

    • Hoffman will sign with the Blues once they put Steen and Tarasenko on LTIR. Deal likely worked out already.

  4. Ottawa simply over paid for Stepan. If anything the 2nd round pick should’ve went to Ottawa, maybe Ottawa sends a 3rd or 4th round back.

    Reality it doesn’t matter what they have in the line up. The Senators are not a playoff team and shouldn’t try to be. There is no fans in the building no one to satisfy. Stepan is a nice addition but Dorion overpaid.

    This trade was won easily by Arizona.

    • Yep

    • Wha? In a shortened season every team is a contender and should go for it. For example right now with Boston injury the sens are unarguably a better team to start the season. The sens have played dead long enough. This is the season to go for it.

  5. All good moves by the GMs in play. Ottawa, though overpaid, did well on the whole…when you can trade away two guys that were never gonna play and taking up cap and a spc slot for a few short signed and less $$$ than cap hit vets to help your young team for a year isn’t that bad. The GMs from FLA and AZ did a great job and gifted cap relief from the sens. I see it as a positive move by all clubs and expect more transactions between these teams again.

  6. So, Tampa – in the midst of one of the biggest Cap problems we’ve seen in some time – gets out of it by unloading two guys that aren’t in their plans anyway, and a future 2nd rounder. Heck, not even this year’s 2nd.

    Thanks for nothing, Ottawa.

    Tampa: “I can’t believe that worked!”

    • That was my thoughts exactly Whaler. I thought Dorion could have gotten away with just a 3rd to get Stepan & I get it. Stepan will be useful on a very very young Ottawa team. But why bail out the defending Stanley Cup champions???? Geez I honestly thought Yzerman was going to do that & here Dorian does with spare parts that Tampa can replace easily as they go along. They should have extracted a 1st & 2nd for that cap bail out.

  7. I think we are all overlooking the 7.5 in LTIR the Sens are not shelling out now

    • Oh, no, ds, you hit it right on the head. That’s exactly what this was about. OTT saves a boatload of actual $’s. And I can’t fault them for that.

      But from a competition standpoint, the rest of the league must be fuming.

      • @whalercane
        for sure the rest of the league sees Tampa somehow return with the same core lineup for a potential repeat without even losing TJ.

        Sens might of been interested in TJ over Stepan…wonder which was plan A

      • TJ is owed MUCH more money on his contract. I don’t think Ottawa has any interest there.

        Stepan has 1 year remaining at an actual salary of $2M

        TJ is still owed nearly $18M through the 2023-24 season.

    • Hi ds

      It’s not $7.5M

      While on LTIR …. insurance picks up at least 80% of Sals paid

      With the 80% of Sals (20% escrow) …. ins picks up at least80% of that…. Sens WERE only on hook for max of 16% of actual posted Sal while they are on LTIR…. after the math…. Melnyk would have only paid about $875 K total for Nilsson/Gaborik total combined posted Sal ($5.475 M total full year Sal for both, before escrow)…. 16% of ~ $5.5 M…. ~ $875 K

      They took on Stepan ($2M); Coburn ($1.6 M); Paquette ($1.65 M)….$4.25 M …. after escrow…, $3.4 M

      So payroll netted an increase of ~ $2.5 M; and they lost overall in the two deals

      They did add 3 veteran UFAs to the depth ….. but that won’t necessarily get them into the playoffs

      Again , sorry for beating a dead horse… the players they acquired is not really the problem…. losing two trades where they entered negotiations with the true upper hand; is

      They do those two deals and net Garland and Raddysh…. that would have been fair to both sides… their net on the deal was to increase payroll by $2.5 M and shift a 2nd in ‘21 to a 2nd in ‘22 (obviously the current value of same round picks further down the road is of lesser value right now).

      Dorion bailed out two teams and got the worse side of both trades; that is my bugaboo on this

      • Shows what I know. I thought Dorian made a couple of savy deals.
        Anyone ever hear of the old sayings, “I scratch your back, you scratch mine,” or “what comes around, goes around,” or “get two birds stoned at the same time”?
        Well not the last one so much, but you get the idea.
        As for Hoffman, I don’t know the kid, but I think its pretty telling that a multiple time 30 goal scorer has to settle for a PTO, at undoubtedly less than the 5.5-6.5 mil reported as his ask.
        I also believe that St. Louis has divided their room by naming ROR as their captain, whilst Schwartz and Tank were the more obvious choices. This will be the 3rd room that the “great” ROR has has had a hand in wrecking.
        These ponderings are merely my own opinions and thoughts.

      • I like what Dorian did. He needed 3 players in those positions. He moved out money. I see where you calculated the money differences but you did not count on the cost of 3 players too replace them. So 3 young players costing even at 750 k each the money will be the same. The young players now get too develop a bit longer.

      • Pengy: Nilsson’s contract is insured. Because of that, Coburn and Paquette make around the same as they would have paid Gaborik and Nilsson on LTIR.

      • Nilsson’s contract “isn’t” insured.

  8. Mark Letestu retired after being diagnosed with mustard intolerance.

  9. No team in OTT’s position “needs” to make any trade Caper. These trades, and there were a few by Dorion, were ones he wanted to make.
    I agree with him. Stepan had value and OTT makes sense for him.
    I am repeating myself but leading a young team to slaughter every night is a really bad idea long term. Handing over a 1 or 2C job to Norris with 3 games under his belt in the NHL is a really bad idea. Having only 3 NHL caliber D men is a really bad idea, and handing those spots to unproven kids is a really bad idea.
    They will get a return on Stepan if they move him and he stays healthy. Same is true for the D.
    I would also not assume that every NHL contract is insured using outside insurance.
    I would bet that many teams, if not all, self insure the medium to small ones and just insure the big long term ones.
    I will go with Gaborik insured, Nillson is not.
    Makes more financial sense IMO.

    • @ray
      good points

      so what do the Sens lines look like now?

    • Agree, Ray, and, Pengy, as far as the Canadian division goes, set Ottawa aside even though they will compete, and you could make a case for the other six teams finishing in every possible order. That’s what makes the whole darn thing so exciting.

    • I think they are still a lottery team ds. DET finishes last again IMO, by a lot. You would have to work to be worse. Can’t see them being ahead of any team in the North Div.
      OTT will get another good pick, just need time for the kids to grow up.

  10. Brasserie to yotes on a one year deal.
    That kid sure moves around.

    • Hmmmmmm. Looks like that other i mentioned kid joined Brassard in AZ.

  11. Just from reading here, I’ve inferred that the Senators would have used the Gaborik and Nilsson contracts to help keep above the lower limit of the cap. If that’s so, then acquiring a Stepan makes not only good roster sense, but good cap sense. His salary and those of Coburn and Paquette add about $10 million to their payroll to offset the $7.5 million they’re losing. That allows them wiggle room to make a future deal like, say, for Anisimov and stay above the limit.

  12. Ray, correct they didn’t need to make this trade, which only puts an explanation mark on what he gave up a 2nd round pick. I would say the 2nrd round pick was more important then having Stephan in the lineup.

    Ottawa overpaid for the player. This was a good deal by Arizona who got the cap release and a second round pick.