Hextall, Burke Exactly What Penguins Need To Right Ship

by | Feb 9, 2021 | News, NHL | 19 comments



  1. Only one solution rebuild move the big three for prospects and picks they may have to take back horrible contracts that have a year or two left before expiring. Makes no sense to get older when Sid and Malkin are on their last legs.

    • If they agree/want to leave Obe, and you never know they might. It would definitely speed up the process.
      One last go this season and Hextall evaluates what he has and takes it from there.

      Sooner or later they will have to suck if they want to win a cup, or get a crappier team to give them their high pick.

      Getting a top 3 pick in the draft doesn’t guarantee a cup, but not having one almost guarantees you won’t.

      One team in the last 25+ years has won the cup without a top 3 pick in the lineup. Carolina.

      • Um Eric stall was drafted second overall

  2. Well if they want to stay and have no moves not much can be done but can’t see them winning again. Most athletes want to win I think so could see Malkin excepting a trade not sure about Sid. In order for Penguins to get better they need better goaltending, Defense and one more good forward they don’t have the picks or prospects to make that happen in my opinion. Plus they are not in a good position cap wise kind of caught between rock and hard place.

    • Agree 100% Obe.

  3. ^ Winston Churchill (1939-10-01) The Russian Enigma‎[2] (BBC Broadcast, in English), London: “I cannot forecast to you the action of Russia. It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma; but perhaps there is a key. That key is Russian national interest.”

    It seems Glen Sather was not above borrowing “his”quotes.
    But let’s keep history straight.


  4. Said it in the rumours section…. good add in Hextall; strange and very surprising add in Burke

    Mario better make sure that all additions and subtractions are solely Hextall’s call…. no influence or suggestions by Burke…. Pens can’t afford that right now

    Re moves…. I can’t see Hextall starting the rebuild in season unless it is a hybrid… trade now for youth who can play now and can still allow Pens to get to playoffs… where anything can happen… they just need to get ahead (and keep ahead) of Isles…. and no …. I doubt they hire a secret operative to give Varlamov Covid

    Re moving on from Sid, Gino, Tanger…. that would be their call

    As it has been reported… it seems it is Mario’s intention to allow them to retire as Pens, if they choose

    Not likely… but let’s say Pens waaaay out of it near TDL…. would Sid be interested in playing with Mac K for a shot at another couple of cups??

    Would Tanger like a shot with Habs (where would they get the room) if they would take him

    Hextall needs to make a couple of tweaks soon …. very soon…. to stem the bleeding

    • Or just Let It Bleed Pengy.
      Making moves seems like whack a mole to me, as to Obe’s point; multiple holes and gotta give to get. Not much for cap space other than LTIR used.
      If the D gets healthy they may get in, and who knows, but wouldn’t bet the farm.

      See who steps up in tough times, the vets should as they have before, but maybe they just want to see what the rest have.

      Seems like purgatory for a couple years, my B’s will be there eventually too.

    • Great hire a Flyer and a Grumpy old man..

      Isnt that movie 2 grumpy old men.

      Scrooge and the grinch.

      Were doomed.

      Malkin and letang wont get dealt..lemieux Burkle wo t allow it..

      • I feel these are both great moves for the pens. Now hire rob brown into the fold just for kicks. But seriously, Sid is a pen for life I’m sure but geno and tanger could and should be used in trades for younger prospects and or picks plus hopefully free up some cap space for future as well. I don’t want to give up on the season or these great players but facts are facts, this team as it is won’t go far if even make playoffs and to get something you have to give up something.

      • I was honestly wondering how you’d feel about the hiring of a former Flyer great as head honcho of the arch rival Penguins.
        Chin up big guy. This is an excellent move by Mario. Hextall will restock the cupboards in a few short seasons.
        Short time pain for long term gain.

    • @Pengy..Malkin Letang arent going anywhere..if Rutherford wasnt allowed to.move them what makes you think HEXTALL or Burks will b allowed to.

      • Hi BnG

        I don’t believe he will move them unless they ask for it … that’s what I meant by “ that would be their call”…. I was referring to Sid, Tanger, and Gino as “their” not Hextall/Burke as “their”

        Sorry for the confusion

      • You don’t know anything of the sort …

  5. @pengy..we will see HEXTALL was here in LA for a bit..not the worst hire but he reports to burke who reports to moorehouse who takes orders from lemieux and Burkle.

    Doubt pens will move letang or Malkin..we will see I guess

    Watching Nashville struggle tonight might b a trade partner.

    Malkin for?

    Evegeni Malkin & Kris etang to Nashville

    Matt Duchenne Ryan Ellis & and Colton scissons

    I’m not a huge duchense fan but he has a couple goals latley and he skating hard which is more than I could say for geno.

    $16.75 To Nashville

    $16 or $17 to Pittsburgh

    Dreaming I know both teams need a shake up

    Then move pettersson for an assest..

    • Shoreorrpark..I sure hope you are correct.

      HEXTALL^s did play for the penguins and he grew a bit there..so not all orange.Lol

      Burke HEXTALL need to get moving

      • Hextall’s dad played for the Penguins…

    • I would do it in a heartbeat but Malkin probably won’t go to Nashville … Rutherford was a big fan of Duchesne, no idea what Hextall thinks of him …

    • Hi BnG

      I certainly don’t see a massive move like that in-year; and Gino would have to OK the off-season move…. full NMC

      Tanger might have Nsh on his list

      Gino would only go there for increased take-home pay (lower taxes) as the trade still doesn’t make Nashville contenders

      Mario has already been reported to say that Sid , Gino, and Tanger should be allowed to retire as Pens if they want to

      In reality , the one team I could possibly see Tanger maybe “wanting” to go to might be to his hometown Habs

      Would they want him…. they already have Weber and Petry at RHD

      the only real move is Tanger for Weber ($6M next year, then $3M, then $1M, $1M, $1M)

      But I can’t see GMMB making that move as at now