NHL ProteauType: Dryden Is Right – Make The Nets Bigger

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  1. I can’t really be sold on bigger nets but especially not with the reason Dryden is giving. And Adam does a poor job supporting him.
    Goalies are bigger, more agile, athletic, better conditioned that’s all true. But so are the players. They shoot the puck harder, skate faster, stick handle quicker. Lafleur or Wretzky never handled the puck like McDavid or MacKinnon. Heck even 3rd line players have amazing Puck skills. The reaction time goalie have from then to now is way down.

    A slap shot from the top of the circle in 1985 would go in just from poor technique rather than the goalies being ‘smaller’. I still see not as skilled goalies get caught out of position, leave gaping holes and they get burned. The shooters are so good now small holes can get exploited shooter VS goalie.
    I’d say both have evolved with each other and still produce high and low scoring games.
    Not to mention goalies would have to cover more net one on one and be far more likely to get deked by the players with the goalies not standing a chance.

    But really what lost me the most was Adam’s last line to return the game to the more skilled game of the past. What the heck is he talking about. See the stick handling comment above. The more skilled game of shooters scoring on the ice from the top of the circle, with no screen? Come on. The players are so skilled, even big goalies get shredded. Koskinen at 6’7 had a brutal start to the year. Markstrom has been having struggles at 6’6. The need for tips is more linked to goalie technique than size. It sure helps but taking away the bottom of the net and going butterfly has really changed the position and leaves fewer and harder holes for the puck to find. Size came after

    • I agree with you Cmac. Dryden himself was considered a big goalie. Plus if the goal is to increase scoring then we Run into people who feel teams are no longer defensively sound because of all the scoring. We see that now with the north division in how many fans, reporters whoever is saying the north is weak because of all the extra scoring it’s also happens to be the one division with all the biggest point prducers in the league so I don’t know it’s either you want defensive low event/scoring boring games or offensive flying high event games that will make you go crazy because it lacks defense…you know the ability to stop the other team from scoring.

  2. Unless the league average goals per game drops under 5, which it hasn’t, bigger nets are completely unnecessary.

  3. Dumb suggestion.

    Excitement and entertainment is not generated by goals so much as it is by scoring chances and flow. If teams go end to end with great plays and spectacular saves it is brilliant entertainment.

    Power plays are generally bring, fast paced back and forth is better. What is better to watch in OT, 3 on 3 going crazy or a stagnant 4 on 3 power play.

    Let’s also get rid of that stupid trapezoid for goalies while I am ranting.

    • Should read power plays are generally boring it should have read.

      Bonus rant: have 10 mins OT then its a tie.

  4. Hello Lyle;
    Why not return the minor penalty to a full 2 minute penalty as opposed to the current system? The powerhouse Canadiens teams of the 50s are long gone. Let the skilled players display their skill set.
    I do agree with the regulation win enhanced points system. Purists shouldn’t complain because the 3 on 3 and shootouts have already modified the points structure.
    Would not allowing the short handed team the opportunity to ice the puck be pushing my luck?


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