NHL ProteauType: Like Them Or Not, Shootouts Are Key To Success

by | Mar 31, 2021 | News, NHL | 6 comments



  1. While not a fan of the shootout deciding a game, I will admit that I LOVE to watch them!

  2. I’ve detested them since the day they were introduced … just as I absolutely hated the designated hitter in baseball. Chacun a son gout.

  3. The NHL should switch to a system of 3 points for a win. That would hopefully lower the number of games that actually will need on OT period or a shoot-out.

  4. This article is outright wrong on its premise.

    Games never went on forever during the regular season, they ended at 60 min with a 2 pt win or a 1pt tie for both teams.

    The playoffs went and still go to sudden death.

    Now both teams get a point for the tie and then most of the team sits on the bench watching a skills competition of 3 on 3 and shootout to get a bonus point.

    It’s like baseball canning extra innings and having a homerun competition to end regular season games which actually DO go on forever.

    • i would imagine that the nhl will add more gimmicks as its poised to start their relationship with espn.

  5. I don’t like shootouts in and of themselves, but I like what they do to the game. We should get rid of the loser point while we’re at it. Every game should be worth 2 points. If your team didn’t do enough to earn a win in the first 65 minutes, then you should be fine with the proverbial coin toss. It’s a tough sport. There are no participation trophies.

    As with Tim Peel’s hot-mic gaffe, keeping the loser point is part of the NHL’s illusion of parity.