Leafs Down Canadiens 5-1 to Tie Series 1-1

by | May 23, 2021 | News, NHL | 12 comments



  1. In your post elsewhere, Pengy, you mentioned that the penalties were one sided in this game, and they were. Yes, the refs missed a few, my one complaint was the dangerous Hyman hit on KK that was not called.

    That said, the Habs’ penalties were deserved and they did themselves no favours. It kept Anderson’s line off the ice for most of the second period.

    The Leafs had to win last night and it is clear that they are trying to make “win one for the gipper” their rallying point. The Habs have to push back themselves.

    My hope is that the Leafs continue to put Thornton and Simmons on the ice at the expense of Engvall who has played well against the Habs.

  2. Montreal Canadiens defenseman has been fined $5,000, the maximum allowable under the Collective Bargaining Agreement, for cross-checking Toronto Maple Leafs forward during Game 2 of the teams’ first round playoff series on Saturday.

    The incident occurred at the 10:07 mark of the second period.

    I don’t even recall the incident, nor was there a penalty on the play.

    • Ya Hab fans tend to see what they want to see. When you don’t have the skill you spend the game cross checking, clutching and holding. Somebody forgot to tell Begevin it’s 2021 so he tried to build his team like it’s 2001. It’s about time the refs started calling them. With that being said though I’m really starting to like Anderson. Why he can’t get even 50 points a season boggles the mind. Don’t know if it’s because he played in Columbus and the Habs have no depth at center. Edmonton should have grabbed this guy. Can you imagine with his speed and tenacity what he could do with McDavid.

      • Yes that’s right, you also saw the knee on knee on Johnny T that no one else did too.

        Good eye!!!

      • You mean the one where he lifted his leg and the announcers during the game mentioned it. Oh and the knee injury that John Tavares has. Is that the knee on knee I was talking about. Let me guess Tavares got the knee injury trying to stand up. That’s the excuse the Habs fans used when the video clearly shows the Habs player lifting his leg which I guess to Hab fans that’s what player do when body checking. Look at the video without the Habs eyes. I just did again. He lifts his leg and clearly the 2 knees connect, causes Tavares to fall weird which is why Perry had no idea Tavares would fall that way.

      • Here’s the video again. Watch the slow motion replay. Not that I think you’ll see it again but Habs As much as you’ll says he hit his shoulder first he clearly lifted his leg and connected with the knee as well. Apparently body checking is like kissing so you lift your leg when you’re getting a good one.


      • Looked like his knee hit JT’s inner thigh. The knee injury probably was a result of the inept trainer folding him like a cheap suit, rather than placing him in a recovery position.
        From non Habs eyes at least.

      • Shorepark I think you took the knee on knee term literal. It maybe called knee on knee as the NHL reference term but it’s a knee to the leg. Rarely to the 2 knees actually connect. I’m also not saying the his was illegal as I think the Habs player was actually trying to avoid making direct contact with Tavares and actually trying to avoid an injury potential hot. Doesn’t change the fact though that he lifted his leg and his knee connected with Tavares leg. It was a clean hit. The point I was making yesterday as you might have read the comment was that despite directing the injuries and how they happened all the commentators could talk about was a who cares fight afterwards just for the same fact that it was a leafs player who started it. Would of happened with almost every other team in the NHL and would not have even been mentioned.

      • Ugh freakin aurocorrect

      • Did autocorrect make you type “clearly the 2 knees connect”?
        How else am I supposed to take knee on knee other than literally when you typed just that in your post?
        You’re very sensitive with regards to the Leafs, Roger. I read every word typed on this site, and you seem to take offense to everything written about the Leafs like they’re talking about your immediate family or something. Im stuck between thinking that it’s quite admirable or very weird. Either way, you do you. I’m just here for the entertainment.

  3. Still there SOP? Welcome to Roger’s world.

  4. Ya welcome to hockey fantasy land. Population all NHL teams’ fan bases…well not Habs fans, they live in reality where all their prospects are future hall of fame bound players. Juggernauts!