NHL Playoffs: Edmonton Oilers vs Winnipeg Jets Game 3

by | May 23, 2021 | News, NHL | 3 comments



  1. Oh man do I feel bad for Oilers fans. I went through it with my team a few years ago. It sucks. Hopefully they can forget about tonight’s game and make a series of this.

  2. The Oilers heads have to be spinning – they know they can’t win if both McDavid and Draisaitl are held pointless – that pretty much goes without saying – but now, even when they chalk up 6 points between them, and they still lose, confusion must be reigning supreme.

    The Jets could close this out in 4 – and with the way they stumbled down the stretch into the playoffs, who on the planet could have predicted that? And if they do win in 4, they can sit back, get even healthier, and watch as the Leafs-Habs hammer each other for at least 3 more games.

    • Although I didn’t think they would do it in 4 I did think that Winnipeg would beat them it’s why there’s no McDavid or Drasaitl in my playoff pool. To beat McDavid and Draisaitl you just need to stay out of the penalty box. They aren’t anywhere near as effective 5 on 5. I know Winnipeg stumbled towards the end of the regular season but they were amongst the best teams for the first half. Edmonton needs to get McDavid and Drasaitl some real help but I’m sure they’ll waste there cap space on Nugent Hopkins and the like. Get some depth so that you can start beating teams 5 on 5.