NHL Playoffs: Maple Leafs Blank Canadiens 4-0, Take 3-1 Series Stranglehold

by | May 26, 2021 | News, NHL | 6 comments



  1. Great use of the quotes which seems to illustrate the divide between the two teams and where each team is at right now.

  2. I watched Nylander in game 3 closely. He is afraid of going into the corner and of getting hit in general.

    Some team is going to hammer him every time he touches the puck. Then watch what happens. He’ll be as effective as Johnny Gaudreau.

    As long as they let him figure skate, he’ll be a threat.

    • Hey Zim I’m glad to hear you watched him closely because I’m sure then you saw on that sweet goal of his that Nylander actually started the play 200 ft back behind his own net out muscling Tofolli (who’s no slouch) for the loose puck allowing Holl to break out of the zone with a pass to start the rush ending in his great goal. You also should be aware of where he gets his goals too right, you been watching?

      • Don’t you know that the Habs are built for the playoffs and all leafs players are soft, can’t win puck battles and dissappear when it matters. Also the habs have amazing depth and can run 4 lines. Even though Spezza would have been the 4th leading point getter in the habs and he’s the leafs 4th line player. No point in talking to people like that Ron haters will be haters and they will never admit anything. Nylander has more goals then the entire Canadians team combined in this series so I’ll take Nylander in the playoffs over any Habs player anyday.

      • Just wait until he starts getting hit. Then show me how effective he is. And tell me, how effective was he in the playoffs before this series?

        It may not be this series… but some team is going to ensure he is popped hard every time he gets the puck.

        It’s the nature of the playoffs.

        Time will reveal who is right 🙂

      • Yo! Ronny!!!

        Well… Nylander coughed up the puck like the figure skater he is. Someone comes close to him… and it’s… here… have the puck.

        Nobody rung his bell. Maybe next year… if they make the playoffs!!!