NHL Playoffs: Canadiens Eliminate Leafs with 3-1 Win in Game 7

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  1. Toronto:
    Well… what transpires from now until training camp will be interesting.

    Don’t know if Nylander can be put out as bait for the Krakens… as he has a 10 Team no-trade clause… but if possible, I’d do it.

    Dump that contract and get someone who will go in the corners, will take a hit, give a hit, and play some defense.

    • Did you watch any of that series? Nylander was their best player, hands down. Plus, his contract is a bargain. Marner is the one that needs to go, can’t play playoff hockey. Problem is his contract is absolutely terrible, so we may have to retain salary to make a deal.

      • ROTFLOL…
        Nylander should be known as “Half-Ice”.

        His rink has no corners, and nothing along the boards where he might have to take a hit to get the puck, or get by a player.

  2. Whatever roster decisions Dubas makes this off-season, pretty much dictating the way he goes – including dealing with 18 franchise UFAs – is the fact his system doesn’t have a whole lot in the way of top-drawer prospects to replace those free agents who won’t be re-signed. Added to that is the lack of a 1st round pick this year, meaning he won’t get to pick until the 59th selection.

    • It’s pretty obvious like most non leaf fans have said paying half the cap to 4 forwards will not get you wins in the playoffs.

  3. The abundance of UFA’s looks like a strategy to me.

    If the Kraken select a UFA that is their draft pick.

    TML can be accused of many things but they understand the cap and how to game the system.

    • Hamstringing yourself by paying $46,130,616 off your cap to 5 players (57% of the total) is not “gaming the cap.” Not when you’re left with $35,369,384 to deal with the other 18. Sure, they can re-sign UFAs like Bogosian, Hutton, Galchenyuk, Spezza and Simmonds (collective expiring cap hit of $5,200,000) – but do they all come back at the same cap hit? Even if they do, they weren’t good enough to get them past the 1st round and if they don’t bring back Andersen ($5 mil) do they go with a tandem of Campbell & Rittich? If not, any 1A goalie brought in to replace Andersen is not going to come cheap.

      • Paying $46 million to 5 players at the time of the signings was a decision made when there was expansion foreseen, increasing both revenue and cap.

        The rules have changed, not the fault of the GM’s that need to react.

        All the UFAs mean they aren’t “stuck” with duds like Hutton, Bogosian, Simmonds etc and they can be replaced among the hundreds of available UFAs.

        The flat cap means there will be more bargain contracts this summer than last summer and TML should be able to upgrade the team for less money by swapping out the UFA players.

        It all depends on whether the professional scouts can find them.

        Their hands aren’t tied at all and if they sign Seth Jones, which is very possible, the boy wonder will be seen differently.

      • Habsfan in a cap league paying 4 forwards half the cap is not being smart with the cap

      • Habfan30 – have you scanned the list of UFAs? There are precious few that can be considered top drawer talent – and they are out of the Leaf’s reach in terms of what they’ll eventually get – in salary and term. So, yes, they can sift through what’s left and get “bargain basement” replacements – but none of them are going to lift them over the top. Meanwhile, those that they’re paying 57% of their cap haven’t been able to get them past a first round for 3 years now. How much “seasoning” do they need?

      • The signings were done before the cap freeze but keep blaming Dubas anyways, hindsight is lovely.

        They had the money and willingness to spend it on a super young core.

        As for UFA, there are more available than last year, so if anything the price will go down and not up.

        Surely they will improve on Bogosian and Thornton.

        Surely they have some trade bait in Nylander and Brodie.

        If you think their hands are tied, that’s just wishful thinking, TML will be an improved team next year, the question is how much will other teams improve.

        Critics forget how young these guys are and how long they’ve put up elite numbers.

      • Yeah, I KNOW the signings were done prior to the cap freeze. You think I’ve been n the effing moon? That’s beside the point. In his 3 years at the helm he’s done nothing that would alleviate the top heavy cap. And that “young core” has shown – repeatedly – that, while they can chalk up all kinds of points in blowouts over the course of a long season and get everyone excited, they simply cannot do it when playoff hockey rolls around. How much more evidence of that do they need? Yes, Marner is a playmaker and not expected to get 30-40 goals – bit ZERO in 18 playoff games?? ` in 7 playoff games + OT sessions for the Rocket Richard winner? Come on.

        I don’t indulge in wishful thinking – never have – never will. I’m a pragmatist.

  4. You still there habfan30? The Leafs cap problems should have been anticipated way before the cap freeze. They had clear evidence to draw upon:

    The Leafs are in essentially the same position that the Blackhawks and the Kings were when they each signed top players way too much money and then have spent the last 5 years each shedding good players and trying to rebuild.

    They clearly demonstrated that you can’t win with just a few elite players and then whatever you can scrap together. The one difference – and this is key – they both did it AFTER they won multiple cups. The Leafs as we know can’t get past the first round.

    • LJ,

      TML haven’t fallen off the radar like Chicago and LA have and while they haven’t won the cup they have put up competitive seasons and are disappointments only because expectations are high.

      The Habs are up against the cap and are unable to resign all the players on the team for next year.

      Do the Habs have any player of the same calibre as Matthews,Marner and Tavares? No.

      Were the Habs able to call up and dress the players they wanted at the end of the year? No

      I’m not a fan of TML I just don’t like to kick them when they’re down.

      • How the hell is looking at a situation realistically kicking them while they’re down? What should we be saying – “don’t worry Leafs fans, all will be better next year??” They’ve been telling themselves that for 18 years – and it’s never gotten better when the playoffs rill around.

      • George,

        Looking at it realistically you wouldn’t keep cherry picking Marner’s production over and over, I can’t even count how many times, at least get it right, it’s his last 18 games.

        His last 3 series, 19 games, he has 2 goals and 10 assists.

        A guy who has been in the league for a total of 5 years, he has played 32 playoff games and has 5 goals and 20 assists.

        You can say it is or isn’t enough but your repeated attempt to make him look like a playoff no show isn’t being realistic or pragmatic.

        TML management have chosen a path that, win or lose, has gotten them into more playoffs than your team of choice and mine.

      • So what? That’s the comparison now? They’ve done better than Ottawa and Montreal? Big effing deal.

        And what I have said repeatedly about Marner is that he has not put one in the net in 18 playoff games. Zero this year in 7 and 1 for Matthews. That’s NOT what you pay $22.5 mil for.