NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – July 25, 2021

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The remaining rounds of the 2021 draft are completed, plus the latest on Alex Ovechkin, Seth Jones and more in today’s NHL morning coffee headlines.

NHL.COM: The remaining rounds (2 through 7) of the 2021 NHL Draft were completed yesterday. It was something of a family affair as the sons of several former NHL players were selected, continuing a trend that began during the first round when Tyler Boucher (son of Brian Boucher) was chosen by the Ottawa Senators (10th overall), Cole Sillinger (son of Mike Sillinger) was selected by the Columbus Blue Jackets (12th overall), and Chase Stillman (Cory Stillman’s son) was taken at 29th overall.

Other sons who followed in their fathers’ footsteps this year as NHL draft picks include Josh Doan (Shane Doan) selected 37th overall by the Arizona Coyotes (his dad’s former team), Redmond “Red” Savage (Brian Savage) taken 114th overall by the Detroit Red Wings, Justin Robidas (Stephane Rodidas) selected 147th overall by the Carolina Hurricanes and Shane Lachance (Scott Lachance) chosen 186th overall by the Edmonton Oilers.

The second day saw its second brother act in this year’s draft as Colton Dach, the younger brother of Chicago Blackhawks center Kirby Dach, was chosen 62nd overall by the Blackhawks. Luke Hughes, the younger brother of New Jersey Devils center Jack Hughes, was selected by the Devils with the fourth-overall pick on Friday.

With the 2021 NHL Draft completed, some are gazing ahead to next year’s draft. OHL center Shane Wright of the Kingston Frontenacs could be the first-overall pick.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Saturday also saw the Philadelphia Flyers trade Jakub Voracek to the Columbus Blue Jackets for Cam Atkinson, the Buffalo Sabres ship Sam Reinhart to the Florida Panthers, and the Colorado Avalanche re-sign Cale Makar to a six-year contract extension. You can get my take on those moves by following this link.

THE WASHINGTON POST: Capitals general manager Brian MacLellan remains confident of getting team captain Alex Ovechkin under contract before the unrestricted free agent market opens on Wednesday, July 28. “I think both parties want the same goal, and I think we will get it done by then,” he said.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I anticipate Ovechkin will ink a three-year deal with the Capitals worth an annual average value of $9 million.

CHICAGO SUN-TIMES: Seth Jones said he’s up for the challenge of meeting the high expectations he’ll face playing for the Blackhawks. The 26-year-old defenseman was traded on Friday to Chicago by the Columbus Blue Jackets and signed an eight-year, $76 million contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Blackhawks have been criticized for the trade and the contract signing because of Jones’ declining stats over the past two or three years. Hawks management is betting Jones’ stats will improve playing on a team with more scoring punch where he’ll get an opportunity to play a less restrictive style than what he faced in recent years.

SPORTSNET: The Kings re-signed forward Trevor Moore to a two-year, $3.75 million contract.

TSN: The New York Rangers officially bought out the final year of Tony DeAngelo’s contract. The 25-year-old defenseman is now an unrestricted free agent.

THE SCORE: After being chosen by the Montreal Canadiens in the first round on Friday, defenseman Logan Mailloux addressed the November incident in Sweden that led him to renounce himself from the draft before being chosen.

Mailloux read from a prepared statement acknowledging he took a photo of a young woman engaged in a consensual sex act and sharing it without her knowledge among his teammates. He was fined by Swedish authorities for defamation and invasion of privacy. He admitted what he did was a “stupid and egotistical act”, that he showed a lack of judgment and had caused harm to the woman and her family.

Though Mailloux said he didn’t want to be selected in this year’s draft, he’s accepted the possibility of joining the Montreal Canadiens because he believes the organization will help him improve as a person and a player. He also said he’s participating in professional counseling.

Taking questions from reporters, Mailloux acknowledged he had work to do to regain the public’s trust. He also indicated he’d had no contact with the Canadiens from the time he renounced himself from the draft on Tuesday to when he was selected on Friday.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Mailloux broke the law but he should have an opportunity to redeem himself as a person. As The Athletic’s Arpon Basu observed, he needs the time to get his house in order by making the self-improvements he claims he’s committed to doing and make amends to his victim’s satisfaction, not just his own. She claims all she wants from him is a heartfelt apology that she said she hasn’t received from him yet. That would be the best place to start.

The Canadiens haven’t done Mailloux any favors by selecting him just three days after renouncing himself from the draft. The same would apply for any of the rumored teams that intended to choose him in the second round had the Canadiens not taken him. It also applies to the NHL and NHLPA for not having a rule in place that honors a player’s request not to be part of a given draft.

Regardless of whatever round Mailloux might’ve been chosen in this year’s draft, this only makes his situation more difficult. As Basu also pointed out, it’s hard to see how this will put him in a position to improve as a person or a player.


  1. The Habs gave Zack Kassian a second chance.

    He screwed up BIG TIME, a repeat offender. Partying with two young ladies, under the legal age to consume alcohol. Both ladies proclaimed Kassian was driving at the time of the accident & passed out at the wheel. Kassian denies that fact. If so, could have easily kill all three in that vehicle.

    The Habs stood by him throughout his rehab. Upon completing rehab (for the second time), the Habs promptly placed him on waivers & told him NOT to report to the Habs AHL team upon clearance.

    Less than two weeks later, the Edmonton Oilers had no issues with trading for Kassian & playing him on their NHL team. He has since been given another contract with a substantial raise.

    • Yep, there are a lot of martyrs who live in glass houses who visit this site regularly …

    • My point being, Mallioux is not the first player Montreal & in particular Marc Bergevin has given a second chance to.

      The organization has proven that they are willing to work with a player to rehab.

      The organization has also proven that they will not tolerate players who blow their second chance remaining with the organization.

      If the young man proves that he can not be rehabilitated, then it is absolute egg on the face of the Habs & Bergevin for wasting a 1st round pick.

      But if they work with him & he becomes a person who can contribute in a positive fashion to society, then it becomes far more than a hockey story.

      That said, it is also the responsibility of the team now, to work with both Mallioux & the young lady to resolve what she feels is what she requires to mentally heal.

      • Amazing how those bullies that love in glass houses haven’t yet bullied MTL hard enough or the NHL hard enough like they did to AZ last year with the Miller pick…..

      • AZHockeyNut ,

        The difference being IMO, Maillioux’s action was a one of, while Miller’s bullying was proven to be over a several year period.

        So, one is convicted of a one time offense, while the other demonstrated years of the same repeated behavior.

        Those are hard to compare IMO.

    • It isn’t that this kid wasn’t going to get a second chance. It is more about the victim. She doesn’t believe the kid regrets what he did. She gets to see little to know repercussions. If he was left out of this draft he would of been selected in the next draft. His second chance would of come. Montreal and any other team disregarded the needs of the victim in this and instead turned this kid’s poor decision into his personal demon to fight as if he was a victim himself. Montreal considered their future, this kid’s future and didn’t take a second to think about the victim. “Getting selected into the NHL is a privilege” a statement that implied character provided a large component towards earning This privilege was the was the joke of the day.

    • I think linking Kassian to this kid is wrong. Kassian is am alcoholic…who plays hockey. The goal, he has spent his life on to date. is to win the Cup. What do players do traditionally once they have won the Cup? Drink alcohol from it. Talk about a major stressor.

      I felt bad for Kassian because (I’m pretty sure it was his first relapse) the vast majority of alcoholics fail rehab the first time around. MB should have known that going in. If he cracked a second time, way less chance he would ever make it. No surprise then he seems to have sorted it out with Edmonton.

      My point is a chemical addiction is not the same as a character flaw. The kid is young so perhaps he can overcome it. Their is not the same research into it as alcoholism.

      Te fact that he did try to remove himself from the draft is encouraging. I do think the league should have stepped in and ruled him ineligible for the draft. The league bears some of blame for this fiasco.

      PS Can you imagine if the Hawks had selected him?!?

      • I agree Habsfan1 … and can you imagine the vitriol that will emerge if he stays in the organization and turns out to be a major presence?

  2. Another Day another day of inaction from Sweeney. The biggest smokescreen this guy has is draft day, and signing reg roster players, other than that he does nothing. Do not sign Yandle, past his due date.

    • Rick…. whatcha talking about?

      Did he not trade for Hall, Reilly and Lazard?

      Did you want OEL and that contract?

      With Hall signed, does that but Debrusk on the trading blocks?

      Free agency starts Wednesday, let’s see if he can land Suter, Savard or Martinez.

      • Same scenario time and time again he just seems to stall and stall all over the place and nothing ever happens everyone else grabs the good players. I just can’t give this guy the benefit of the doubt any more to be honest you

      • Hall s NMC clause forced Buffalo to trade Hall to the Bruins.Sweeney did not do much of the
        leg work.As I have stated before he is a great capolog ist,but his talent evaluation leaves something to be desired.Debrusk being traded shortly wipes out the 2015 draft.

      • Still have to wait a couple of days, Rick. Just like every other team. The free agent frenzy hasn’t started yet.
        Who are you hoping we sign? Who are you hoping we trade for?
        I’m hoping to re sign Krech. Maybe pull Suter into the fold. I don’t think anyone can afford to trade for Eichel. Not even the Rags and their supposed wealth of unproven wingers.

  3. I see the Leafs were active during the draft with only 3 picks.
    Dubais/ The “1” man wrecking crew …
    It doesn’t matter if it’s next year or the year after , soon he will only be a bad memory , and another mass rebuild in Leaf land …
    There is no possible way to build a contender around the present core …
    Yzerman is a”perfect” example of taking a team at ground level and being very clever , restructuring a franchise !
    Yzerman requested the opportunity , as per the GM in Toronto , prior to his Tampa tenure , but was shut down due to his lack of experience !!!
    I believe they went with Nonis at the time , groomed under Quinn
    Just a “pathetic” incredibly lack of thought , intellect, skill level , in choosing a right candidate for this very “key” position , as a GM , operations co – ordinator , taking a team to a dynasty .
    Think of the number of high draft picks , Dubais has discarded , foolishly during the last while .
    Yzerman manoeuvres for a goaltender , Carolina trade , trades up in the draft to acquire another elite prospect .
    Yzerman has a vision , not throwing logs into the fire , as we will soon find out the master plan reward in the next 3 or 4 years ahead , maybe sooner !
    Motor city will be revving their engines , Leafs again will be sad pinning their wheels , déjà vu all over again !
    Congratulations to Leaf board of directors wit your decision making !!

    • Eloquently said. Great points and well written thought/point.

    • The Leafs are in cap hell and Dubas put them there.Having 3 players making over 10 million dollars is ridiculous. As a result, the Leafs lose good players like andreas Johnsson and kasperi kappanen.They are about to lose Zack Hyman who is to the Leafs what Brendan Gallager is to the habs.Leafs need more players like Zach Hyman, not less. If a real hockey person like Mark Hunter had been in charge, the Leafs would be far more c ompetitive than they are now. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. Leafs need a complete makeover and it starts with the top with Shannahan and Dubas.

  4. “As Arpon Basu observed, he needs to make amends to his victim’s satisfaction, not just his own”.

    Umm, no…

    He made a mistake, all he can do is apologize to her, and they move on. Whether the victim is satisfied or not with that, it ends there.
    As for the ‘woke’ media, I just hope they don’t plan to virtue-signal over this for too long.

    Mailloux made a childish mistake. He didn’t commit a felony or violent crime. But today’s media loves to scold, so…

    • This is some high quality scolding.

      • Well said Chrisms, nice catch.

        Save the woke sh*t please. Not applicable.

        I think why many “media” folks who are criticizing the team for drafting him is because they have sources who have interviewed and researched this kid. Plenty like him in the world, we all know them.

        They may also have a daughter, like I do. And this hits home if you do, as this is life altering for her and minimizing means you don’t get it from their perspective.

        It ain’t just about him, but agree 100% with the take that is is not doing him any favors either.

        He deserves a 2nd chance, but, you earn your 2nd chances. 3rd time I said it, and will keep saying it.

        He gave the teams the right answer, MTL didn’t listen to him.

      • I am only bothering to reply to this because Ray, you are IMO the most balanced and level headed poster on this site. An intelligent exchange on this heated topic is possible with you where it surely is not with others.

        My view on Mailloux is that the kid made a very bad mistake. He’s earned some of the blasting in the media because such behaviour must be denounced, in addition to the verdict of the court.

        But what causes me to call virtually every journalist “holier than thou” is that none of them really heard the discussions between Mailloux and the young woman. They aren’t in a position to judge how sincere the apology was.

        There is a reason why civilized justice systems don’t allow the victim to sentence the perpetrator. Has any of the pack mentality journalists considered that point? Victims of crime naturally hurt. The young woman says she doesn’t believe he is sincere. He’s said he apologized sincerely multiple times. I can’t see how this gap can be bridged. Is it not possible that they can be correct? But that would be nuance and not sensationalism.

        Has there been any discussion about the point at which justice morphs into revenge? None I have seen.

        The Habs (yes, my team) have said they can make the kid a better person. Why isn’t that a good thing? In all the shrill denouncements by the media, I have yet to read an exploration of this. In the absence of any such exploration the media have brushed this off in their quest for click bait. At best, a rush to publication; at worst a cynical grasp for ratings.

        If the quality of mercy is twice blessed then the media handling of the Mailloux issue is twice cursed. It serves neither Mailloux nor ultimately, I believe, the young woman.

        And the worst of scurrilous journalism by far too many.

      • I try to stay balanced/nuanced LJ, often don’t succeed. I see you try as well.
        This discussion is the poster child for nuance as you stated in your post. He deserves a 2nd chance, he needs to make amends IMO.

        I don’t like painting the entire media with a brush. Today the media is whatever you want it to be. It’s an individual choice.

        Many sources of media have earned my trust, some have lost it. I stick to the ones I trust.

        Like the media Mailloux has lost the trust he may have had with many in society and the media. He needs to earn it back. Like I keep repeating, earned 2nd chances.

        I played golf with a couple indigenous guys in a town in southern AB. Really nice little course.
        They told a story of when they were kids, it was a honor system (still 9 holes) and you put money in a box at the first tee. The 2 brothers stole some of the money.

        Their father asked where the $ came from, they fessed up. He made them plant trees on that course, free labor for 2 summers.

        The town and the boys were good after that. They learned a lesson about how to be members of a society and about themselves.

      • My issue with the media Ray, is that in this instance they have hijacked the story. The young woman said all she wants is a sincere apology. I have seen that quote multiple times and no other quote where she adds anything else.

        That means she did not ask for Mailloux to withdraw from the draft, she wouldn’t object to his being drafted, and she would not object to the Habs drafting or helping him improve. So at the same time the media is screaming “what about the victim” they have pushed what she wants to the side for their own agenda.

        I’m not seeing the media here as I want to see them, I am describing their behavior as it is.

      • I assume you live in Quebec LJ? I actually don’t know. What specific media outlet? And even better who in particular? I hate the blanket “media” thing. Drives me nuts as it isn’t all the media.

        Mailloux asked that he not be taken in the draft. Seems pretty clear to me. That is being ignored on one side of this debate. I believe to my bones that he needs to earn back trust that he deserves to be a member of that community. He lost it. No one else did.

        The Habs deserve to be asked about that and defend it, so far they haven’t IMO.

        Watch the link that FD posted, it is below again. I have no idea which “media” member asked that question but it is a good one as you watch him struggle to answer it, because he can’t.

        So why did they ignore that? So far we are left to make assumptions, and that it was what Obe said, he is the best player available.

        IMO not what is best for the player, the team, the league. Our society as whole actually.

        I hire people, we do criminal checks, if this was on a candidates record and it was recent, I don’t hire him. If was an older charge I would want to know, in detail, what he has done to improve himself, including amends to the victim. Whatever that may be. He hasn’t. Yet. When he does, open arms.


    • He apologized several times (according to Mailloux), but she hasn’t accepted the apologies because she doesn’t feel heartfelt enough.

      The Habs would do well to counsel their young player and arrange a face to face, private meeting, if the victim is ready for it. They would also gain by providing counselling to the victim and her family. I am a little disappointed that this was not announced by Bergevin immediately after the pick.

      Restorative justice works really well with these types of serious crimes. 1-Repair 2. -Encounter 3-Reform

      • Wrong.

    • “Woke” media? I’m afraid you’re the one who needs to wake up!

      Knuckleheads want to mix politics with morality. Now that’s rich…

  5. Of all the selections ; extensions; trades in the last few days…. Zito , IMHO, has scored the best

    25 year old ; great playmaker; fantastic hockey IQ; Rightie; C & W; 38 G (82 game pace) …. RFA….In demand by several teams…. for a 1st (next year BTW) and Levi !!!!

    Stealamundo !!!!

    Kudos abound to Zito…. I still say he should have been top two in voting for the GM award… how the hell did Lou win that? Bergevin and Zito must have downed two bottles f Scotch each the night Lou got the award

    Reinhardt is EXACTLY what MacCrimmon was looking for…. He couldn’t outbid GMBZ?

    Reinhardt is EXACTLY what Jarmo was looking …. and Jarmo had 3 firsts THIS year!!

    Now on the other side of the rating scale for performances by GMs…

    The two headed GM tandem Hex-Burkie….

    Lost a very good asset (young versatile CW 27 G [82 Gm pace] ) at very low Cap hit for basically nothing; and publicly stated for weeks that they wanted to get grittier… but lost their number 1 (by a huge margin) grit player…. all to protect a 4C who could have been replaced by Gaudreau

    Still sit with a surplus at LHD

    Will likely lose one of their best value to Cap players (Ceci— $1.25 M) to UFA

    Have stood by and watched their Metro counterpart GMs (except for MacLellan) all make moves

    Know their team exited round 1 and know their team as at now; looking at Metro counterparts; is possibly up for missing the playoffs next year

    Only have $7.5 M in space to fill 5 spots (again note… lost their feistiest player; and a highly highly versatile 27 G [82 G pace] great PP CW)

    …. and remain with a very low value to Cap player in Zucker

    …. and know they will start season w/o Gino

    The answer to their problems will not be resolved solely in the UFA market

    …. and they remain on their keisters …. Doing Jack Squat… 💩😡🤬💩😡🤬🤮🤮🤮

    • Pengy,

      Zito still needs to resign Wennberg, Bennett & Reinhart.

      He has roughly $11.5 mill in cap space left.

      He has recently signed Duclair to a 3 yr, $3 mill per contract.

      Both Bennett & Wennberg should get the equivalent to Duclair.

      So can Zito resign Reinhart for less than double those contract dollars???

      That said, with Barkov, Reinhart, Bennett & Wennberg as their four centermen, that is going to be extremely hard to match anywhere in the league this year with Gourde now gone from the Tampa lineup.

      • Hi Uwey

        I have confidence Zito will get the signings done

        Per CapFriendly… $11.5 with 21 included

        Drop one League min down to get to 20… about $12.3 M for Bennett, Wennerberg, Reinhardt…tight… prob one player move out (Accairi ??)… and just might do it

        If Bobo can perform (wins wise) at just 75% of his Caphit; along with great expectations of the youngster as back-up; and with the further changes expected/needed from Bolts… 1st in Div for Panthers is not out of the realm of possibilities

        Certainly a team built much better than Leafs

        Now… that said… if Bobo is a bust and the young lad can’t compensate for Bobo… 1st might be a dream

  6. Does Brent Seabrook’s contract remain a cap hit to the Hawks since he is now retired???

    • Hi Uwey… yes …. But LTIR of same amount covers that …. So officially a Cap hit; but net effect is zero with the identical LTIR offset

      Pronger did the same

      Hossa as well

      • So if Weber retires, the Habs reap the beneift of the LTIR dollars, while Nashville takes the cap hit????


      • Hi Uwey

        No… if Weber “retires” but stays on LTIR (Pronger/Hossa route) ….. no Cap recapture for Nashville

        If he can never play again due to injury… no logic for him to NOT go on LTIR…. where he still gets his Sal… but is paid by the insurer

        Formal/true retirement (no LTIR)…. then Weber collects no $’s…. and then Nashville definitely on for the recapture

      • Here’s the thing I find intriguing. When Nashville traded Weber they traded away their ability to control his cap recapture penalty of just over 24 million dollars. Lyle wrote about Weber’s recapture penalty for The Sporting News on Nov 11 2019. After the 2022 – 23 season Weber is only making one million a year and it may make sense for him to just retire at some point and get on with the rest of his life whether that is in hockey or not. When he retires you can just divide the 24 million by the number of years remaining on his contract, and that would be the years x cap recapture penalty the Preds are facing. There is no way the Preds could absorb a 24 million dollar cap hit in 2025 – 26 without dismantling the team. 12 million over two years would have the same affect.

        I am beginning to think that if Weber IS done, there comes a point where it actually makes sense for Poile to trade for him – and possibly sign him to another contract to incentivize Weber NOT to retire and avoid the recapture penalty.

  7. Why does another team was going to select him in the second round, have anything at all do with Montreal selecting him?

    Montreal is the team who selected him no other team.

    Mailloux release statement of I think the Canadians can help me…. hogwash.

    How about “I disappointed that the Montreal Canadians didn’t take my request serious and didn’t honor my wishes to not be drafted this year.”

    Unfortunately there is nothing the kid can do in this case. His rights are owned by Montreal for the next 4 years.

    The NHL needed to step in and advise the clubs to honor his wishes or put something in place to make him ineligible for the draft.

    The Canadians didn’t show any respect to him and certainly no respect to his victim.

    He claims one thing but his statement after being drafted implies differently.

    To be clear Montreal doesn’t get a pass because they heard another team was going to select him in the second round.

    Sorry Judge I heard he was going to shoot me next week so I shot him this week.

    • And now that you displayed on side of the equation, here’s the other:

      1. The Habs needed to fill an organisational need at Right D. He’s the perfect specimen and highest rated player that fills the bill.

      2. The Habs believe that he showed enough maturity in asking for not being picked to give him a chance; and also work with him to improve.

      3. Bergevin has stipulated that the victim and her family was on his mind, that he took it in consideration.

      4. Mailloux was underage (Minor) at the time of the offence. He is therefore under the protection of the Youth Criminal Justice Act, twhich stipulates that he is entitled to be provided the opportunities to redem hiself and live in the society.

      BTW, you and all of those criticizing the choice, the Habs, or him, are breaking the said Act.

      • I think the people defending him seem to fail showing they agree with what he did was as a very low thing to do, he was convicted and guilty. They display little or no empathy towards the victim to whom they are convinced is now Mailloux.
        People against him have to give the Habs credit to some degree that they believe in him. I don’t think they have a very good history when it comes to players with problems outside of the game. Kudos to the Habs for extending the opportunity when it clearly wasn’t earned…unless you somehow think his statement was BS too?

      • Wrong

    • Agree 100%

      • That is, I agree 100% with Caper’s comment, in case it gets misinterpreted with agreeing with RickFairfeild. All I see from his comment is that Montreal was only concerned with the team needs and not that of Logan or the victim.

  8. “Seth Jones said he’s up for the challenge of meeting the high expectations he’ll face playing for the blackhawks.”

    WHAT high expectations??? Didn’t chicago win a total of 2 Stanley Cup playoff games in the last 5 years (that’s 2 games, NOT 2 series)?

    In addition, it looks like their goaltenders have played a total of 82, 37 and 27 NHL games in their lifetimes.

    I would say the expectations for this team are low and none, just like the last 5 years.

  9. Reading a prepared apology and acting like it is heartfelt may mean the world to the innocent young lady who was hurt but I wonder how much it changes Mailloux?

    If he truly cared, would he not have already made the heartfelt apology (and made it repeatedly)?

    Prayers to the young lady who hopefully has a full recovery and realizes the problem is with the hockey player, not her.

    I wonder how many young players these days think the rules apply to everyone else because, after all, they’re good hockey players.

    They say attitude is everything (good and bad) as I read about the Tony DeAngelo buyout.

    • Nasdaq40 on July 25, 2021 at 11:14 am
      “I wonder how many young players these days think the rules apply to everyone else because, after all, they’re good hockey players.”

      This was his attitude all through high school. Prewritten apology sounds absolutely nothing like how this kid actually speaks. Grammar, inflection, wording. Tells me it’s not heartfelt at all, just a piece of PR baloney.

  10. Sounds like people think he is the only kid to ever make a mistake there has been thousands remember Kobe Tiger both have been forgiven many times and both have millions of fans. Let’s see how the kid responds.

  11. The DeBrincat-Caufield influence.

    Pick number 191, Xavier Simoneau, 5’7 175, passed over 3 consecutive drafts.
    Captain of his team in the Q and all he does is put points on the board.

    An undersized pick who we might see in the future.

  12. As is usual in matters such as this, the woman must be convinced that Mailloux is truly remorseful by a big check attached to his apology.

    When he endorses that check, he’ll shake his head and say, “We live and learn,” and he’ll be grateful to have a job in Montreal.

    He’ll then write letters to the parents of teammates who didn’t rebuke him when he showed them the pictures, advising the parents to find counseling for their sons.

    Meanwhile, the Habs are wondering, it it is unconscionable to sign a player who has hurt someone, why does the league allow Tom Wilson to play?

  13. Re Mailloux

    I waited a day to post on this. I have a daughter and didn’t want to post quickly (react quickly) w/o thinking about the whole thing

    First… bad move… …. That said, at 16 I shared with my friends a sexually explicit and unbelievably provocative letter a girl had written to me about our encounter and things to come (not defending it, but she had shared it with her best friend first)… stupid move… my only defence is that I was 16 and an idiot…I apologized and meant it

    I can’t comment on whether or not what he said was heartfelt… I don’t know him. I have no clue.

    To me his public request to recuse himself from the draft and ask for a year to “earn” back his draft right selection… proper move

    No rules in the CBA or policies by NHL allowing the official withdrawal from the draft… that’s another issue… but it is what it is

    So… under rules … Habs had the legal right to pick him

    My guess… this was a calculated risk by Habs…. They knew it was morally wrong but took the overall business risk/reward approach and decided that the negative publicity incurred now was worth the risk as they likely believed this episode will not be front and centre by the time he enters the NHL. They also know who is running the show next year in Jr and those brothers don’t mess around. The long term reward (if the risk abates) is a potentially strong middle pair DMan

    Again… this is just a guess on my part

    Mailloux has a lot to prove and time to do it. He’s been given a second chance…. He better have great council (family/friends) around him to make sure that he keeps clear of any trouble

    How he redeems himself …. and/or whether or not there is further reach out /apologies from Mailloux and/or Habs to this young lady and her family, is TBD

    To (you know who you are)…. what I did in ‘77 was immature and insensitive … again I’m sorry

    • Well said Pengy.

      I suspect we will never know if the Habs help Malloux make life for the young lady, nor is it any one else’s business if so done.

      That said, if things are not healed between the two, I suspect the media will know it soon enough.

      FYI, I started a family late in life because partying meant more than a solid relationship well into my late thirties.

      I have a 23 yr old son & an 18 yr old daughter. My message to both since they hit puberty has been, measure the situation & don’t put yourselves in situations that may come back to haunt within weeks months or years. They know of my past & when I tell them that they need to bear responsibility for their own judgment calls, that it is coming from someone with experience in regretfully making several bad judgement calls. Never trust anyone in a situation that you freely participate in that can reflect badly upon yourself.

      That said, I will never understand why a sexual act between two consenting adults is deemed so taboo that we can’t talk about it or see it.

      If it is only because it is “God Forbidden”, maybe those who follow those rules should be far more outraged by God’s servants, torturing, raping, murdering of innocent unwilling children in God’s name than condemning two consenting adults because of a picture of them having sex.

      The reason I use the word condemn with the young lady is, if she feels no condemnation from society for being labelled a tramp from said picture than she does of her holding a bottle of beer to her lips, life would be so much easier for not only her but for all people, no matter what their sexual orientation.

      If I have offended anyone, I apologize up front for not believing what you believe to be moral.

  14. ” Mailloux broke the law” isn’t enough to be a cause for the morality play or the demand for redemption or heartfelt enough apology.

    Mailloux broke a law on modern day boasting- sharing a pic with teammates in a private group.

    Had he done “old school” boasting and told his teammates about he did with her…..no law broken, no crime, no morality play.

    Schadenfreude disguised as ethics.

    • I’ll go a step farther. Our cancel culture is disgustingly relativistic and self-absorbed. As the supposed perpetrator was 17, and the supposed victim was 18, there are jurisdictions where she might have been guilty of corrupting a minor, so leaning on “the law” is a matter of convenience by many who seem to have no standards except double ones. We have no real knowledge of what went on between the lady and her friends, and so have a young man we can condemn for youthful stupidity. Most of us had an incident of same, whether involving sex or not. On other sports blogs, in other sports, other transgressions of rather more serious nature have often been white-washed by university or professional teams, and ignored by the blogosphere defending on the ethnicity of those involved.
      Everyone with a daughter is absolutely right, this is a problem. But it is a problem than not sleeping with a 17 year old hockey play would have avoided. As “consent” was mentioned we seem to think the event was ok, the aftermath was not.
      How about the event not being ok, but the problem being growing up; and pretty universal and not a hockey problem.
      If all brushes with the law were treated equally, we couldn’t populate sports. What’s special about this one is in the need for the folks who are bitching to take note of it; a shoplifting on a juvi not made public ad worked off with community service would not have been note by anybody here.

      • Richard,

        IMHO, the age of the two are just splitting hairs.

        That said, if the tables were turned & he were 18 & she only 17, that would have surely been a death sentence for him within today’s society.

      • Richard, your right youth plays a part and this can be part of growing up.
        So is making amends and making it right.
        Plus a whole bunch what about this and that, and someone else, which isn’t even an argument.
        You know what else is part of growing up? Making amends and making it right.

        I think he knows it by what he said about not being drafted because he feels the guilt. As he should. It’s part of this. The Habs should have let him. He asked them too, why didn’t they?

    • And HF30, sharing picks of you girl having sex with you is totally messed up.
      Give your head a shake.

      Ya some guys boasted about sex in the locker room. Losers then, losers now. Just boasting? Are you flippin’ serious? Naked pictures of her having sex with him is boasting? Nope, it’s a fuqing crime.

      If this was my daughter, not sure what I would do.

      • Ray Bark

        Sharing pics of your meal in a restaurant is messed up.
        Sharing pics of the bags you’re choosing between is messed up.
        Sharing your life on line is messed up.

        Its what teens do.

        BTW telling friends what they did with who isn’t a locker room thing, it isn’t a loser thing, its a teen thing.

        It seems like if it was your teen daughter or son , you’d get a serious wake up call if you looked at her or his social media and snapchat group activity.

        And….none of it is the point.

        Righteous indignation is more important than accepting the fact that he was charged, sentenced and paid his fine.

        Righteous indignation is more important than accepting his repeated apologies.

      • I’m with you on this one, Ray.

  15. I decided to wait to comment. What I don’t understand is how Bergevin can decide to intervene in the stated need of Mailloux for a year to deal with what he did. Bergevin took the draft choice for one reason only. To improve the Habs.

    That is his responsibility as a GM. His responsibility as a human being is to respect the stated needs of Mailloux without assuming he knows best.

    • Exactly

  16. shoreorrpark for d I’d like the b’s to keep away from Yandle unless they can chip in for someone like Hamilton, 2nd on the list savard or Oleksiak, for forwards Eichel, Denault would be my second choice, goalies Mzrek Get rid of Rask he’s finished. If they can sign Krecji for five million bring him back unwise say so long!

  17. Back to hockey I think my Bruins got another great steal in the draft Fabian May turn into be another Pasta. Ty Gallagher is also another kid with great offensive skills time will tell but at 200 wow great pick.

    • I thought we had a great draft. PJ Axelsson’s hand prints were all over it.
      Got some nice size and Don stayed in his own lane and took the best player available in each round.

  18. Does anybody here have a son?

    For the last two days, fathers with daughters have registered their outrage. That’s understandable. But what fate would you assign your teenage son if he did what Mailloux did?

    • First, I’d apologize profusely to this girl on behalf of my idiot son especially if it doesn’t seem the apology from him is sincere. Then I’d start with counselling/therapy. If the therapist thinks it is time, I’d look at some (supervised) volunteer work with organizations that help victims in one way or another and take it from there. The one thing I would not do is reward him before he actually gets help and learns what it is he has done wrong and the actual impact it has on others.