NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – September 11, 2021

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The hockey world remembers 9/11 victims Ace Bailey and Mark Bavis, Zach Parise signs with the Islanders and the Flames ink Erik Gudbranson and Michael Stone. Details and more in today’s NHL morning coffee headlines.

THE ATHLETIC: Twenty years after the September 11, 2001 attacks on New York and Washington, the hockey world remembers Los Angeles Kings scouts Garnet “Ace” Bailey and Mark Bavis, who perished aboard highjacked United Airlines Flight 175 when it was deliberately crashed into the South Tower of the World Trade Center in New York City.

Garnet “Ace” Bailey and Mark Bavis (NHL.com).

Wayne Gretzky shared his memories of Bailey, who mentored The Great One early in his pro career and became his close friend. Mike Bavis recalled identical twin brother Mark’s path to becoming a scout.

Former NHL coach Bruce Boudreau talked about how would’ve been on the same flight with Bailey and Bavis if he hadn’t flown to Los Angeles a day earlier to attend a dinner of all the coaches in the Kings’ organization. At the time, Boudreau was the head coach of the Manchester Monarchs, an AHL affiliate of the Kings.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Please spare a thought for the families and friends of Bailey, Bavis, and the other innocent people who perished during the attacks on that terrible day and for the survivors, many of whom still bear the physical and mental scars.

NEWSDAY: The worst-kept secret of the offseason was officially confirmed yesterday as the New York Islanders announced Zach Parise had signed a one-year contract. Financial terms for the former Minnesota Wild winger were not disclosed.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Parise recently confirmed he’d signed with the Isles earlier in the season and would soon be on his way to Long Island for training camp.

TSN: The Calgary Flames signed free-agent defenseman Erik Gudbranson to a one-year, $1.95 million contract yesterday. They also brought back blueliner Michael Stone on a one-year deal worth $750K.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Gudbranson’s critics believe his style of play no longer fits into today’s fast-paced game. Nevertheless, he keeps finding teams willing to pay for his leadership and physical shutdown game. The Flames are the well-traveled blueliner’s seventh NHL team.

THE SCORE: Columbus Blue Jackets goaltender Elvis Merzlikins revealed a new mask honoring his late friend and teammate Matiss Kivlenieks, who perished in a fireworks accident on July 4.

THE ATHLETIC’s Michael Russo tweeted former Minnesota Wild captain Mikko Koivu will be joining the club’s prospect camp and training camp. It’s believed he’ll eventually have a position within the organization. Koivu announced his retirement in February after 16 NHL seasons.

USA HOCKEY: announced Ryan Kesler will be a volunteer assistant coach for the organization’s National Team Development Program.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cap Friendly shows Kesler under contract with the Anaheim Ducks this season. However, he’s all but retired after being sidelined by a hip injury. This announcement indicates Kesler is taking the first step toward what could be a coaching career in the pro ranks.

SPORTSNET: The Ottawa Senators announced a proof of vaccination and mask-wearing will be required for fans attending their home games this season.


  1. They just don’t seem to get it that “proof of vaccination” doesn’t mean you can’t be carrying – and passing on – the virus. Cases have been well documented all over the globe, including many who have had to be hospitalized and more who are asymptomatic.

    I understand the desperate need and desire to get bums back in the seats,,, but be honest about it and quit feeding the gullible with what they want to hear rather than what they should hear.

    • Fyi, a minority of doctors now believe that coronavirus is like the flu and common cold in that it’ll be with us forever and there’ll never be a permanent vaccine. Who knows?

      • You are correct and it’s time to stop with the virus fear mongering and get back to day to day life. The virus is here to stay and with over 70% vaccinated in the US and soon 100% at some point you have to move on or go bankrupt, and some owners will move the teams to where they can get fans in the building, so bet on that.

    • Amen!

    • So long as everyone is vaccinated it’s not a big deal if they are carrying it as those in the crowd are protected for severe symptoms in almost every case. A great way to highlight the “rewards” people get when they are responsible and get vaccinated.

      • Tell that to the 80 million in your country who refuse to get vaccinated and are now filling up the hospitals and, worse, ICUs, in several states.

        80 Million – that’s 2 1/2 times the size of our population in Canada. And they want the borders opened and relaxed criteria for pro sports teams in and out of the country.

      • I agree completely. It’s just selfish not to be vaccinated.

      • Well george. Those 80 mil won’t be crossing the border to attend a sens game and even if they seal team 6’d it across the border they couldn’t attend anyway cause they not vaccinated.

        I’m not sure I see your point George

      • My point is, how many of them will be attending games in the U.S. I haven’t heard anything yet that U.S.-based teams are insisting on proof of vaccination/negative tests. If they are, under Biden’s recent edict, how many of those states already saying nuts to that have hockey teams – NHL or otherwise?

      • I think after seeing you windy road to the point that we agree that only allowing vaccinated people into games is the way to go and hopefully the us teams do the same? Am I getting it?

    • George maybe it’s you who doesn’t get it.

      Covid-19 isn’t going where

      Allowing vaccinated fans in the arena is a good ideal.

      If 20% of the population doesn’t want the vaccine; then it’s time for us who are vaccinated to move on and start living our lives.

      By not allowing unvaccinated folks into events, it helps protect them

      I do understand there is a small percentage of people who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons. But the majority are for reasons I can not understand.

      Going to the Blue Bombers game today and only DV may attend. I feel safe knowing it’s less likely I will get anyone sick if I’m a carrier.

      Banjo in hand.

    • George, no credible source I have seen claims the vaccine makes one immune to covid.

      There is a wealth of credible information from medical and government sources showing the vaccinated are substantially less likely to get covid, and if one does, to be hospitalized or die from it.

      Here is the latest information:


      I am fine with taking the much reduced risk of going to a hockey game as long as all in attendance have been vaccinated. And for those of us who still feel uncomfortable going to live events requiring proof of vaccine, there is TV.

      That’s as good as it gets.

  2. To all who lost a loved one in the tragedy 20 years ago,

    My heart and prayers go out to you.

    I know all US posters here were affected deeply and horrifically on that tragic day

    I remember watching things unfold at the office with all of of my staff. We were shocked, awed, shaken, rattled. We were devastated.

    I can sympathize with all you American posters here but it would be impossible (and rude to even think) for me to state that I empathize with you. How could I possibly know how you felt that day.

    My sympathies and heartfelt thoughts go out to all of you.

    Rest in peace all the innocent souls lost that day.

    Your Canadian Friend


    • Ty pengy

    • I was emailing my good friend Bill that morning after I arrived to work. He told me it was a beautiful morning In New York but his car was giving him problems on the drive home that Monday so he had taken the train that day. I replied to him at 8:50am…he was in the south tower.

      Miss ya pal

      • Oh man, that had to hurt. I just sat there agape at what was unfolding before me – started out watching Regis & Kelly when he said there seems to be a report about a “small” aircraft hitting one of the towers. They broke for a live report … and didn’t come back on for a few days.

        There was mass confusion at first on the airwaves with no one quite sure what was happening … and then I saw the live feed of another aircraft approaching. I remember saying out loud “wtf is he doing? coming in for a closer look?” Then wham.

        I don’t think I budged for 8 hours.

  3. “They” do get it and they get that an arena with double vaccinated masked fans has a low risk of breakthrough and a lesser risk of hospitalisation and severe symptoms leading to death.

    Health Canada and the CDC in the USA and the Israel Ministry of Health are pretty much on the same page, with Israel being roughly a month ahead, actively pushing a booster.

    With that being said alarmists pushing fears are the polar opposites of anti-vaxxers pushing theirs.

    Trust the system, the scientific authorities of the governments like Canada, Israel and the USA because at the end of the day unless you fully understand the subject, your “independent research” is just internet validation of your own bias.

    On a different note how does Gudbranson keep getting a job? At least in Calgary he’s getting closer to the colour of a pylon that he is.

    • Yeah, I forgot about the resident “expert” on everything from soup to nuts. Must be wonderful to be absolutely correct on all matters.

      • Oh yeah, before I forget, when you say “Trust the system, the scientific authorities of the governments like Canada, Israel and the USA …” – you mean like our Chief Medical Officer, in March 2020 when it was breaking, assuring us one and all on national TV that “Canadians have little to fear from this virus …” Here we are almost 28,000 deaths later with well over 1.5 million having had the disease.

        Trust works both ways so it’s incumbent on pro sports teams, like the Senators and Leafs as examples, to be totally up front about statistical chances of catching/spreading the virus when in close quarters – especially among young children who can’t yet be vaccinated and, according to “official statistics,” are coming down with the disease more frequently thanks to the variants. The arenas on both sides of the border always seem to have these youngsters on hand.

      • Remember George…..when you point one finger there are some pointing back….

      • Twas ever thus!

  4. March 16 2020,
    Dr. Theresa Tam stressed during her daily update yesterday that we are “definitely not out of the woods and that now is the time to “absolutely double down” on all efforts to stem the still rising tide of the new coronavirus.

    So yes , trust the system, the scientific authorities of the governments like Canada, Israel and the USA and not people who do their own “research” online.

    Anti-vaxxers do their “research” online and spew things you call misinformation and can’t understand how and why they do it.

    Consider that when you don’t trust Health Canada, CDC and Ministry of Health in Israel guidance and prefer your online research that just validates your preconceived notions.

  5. Where did I ever say I was quoting on-line “research?” Get off your bloody high-horse. If I do provide a link to something I’ve read on-line it’s always one with reference to CDC, Health Canada, and the like. Don’t put effing words on MY mouth.

  6. Get vaccinated , don’t get vaccinated.

    The issue is hardly about being an “anti vaxer”. It’s about uncertainty for a lot of people. The flu vaccine took over thirty years to put together. It’s also has over 70 years to understand the long term effects. It has a whopping 40% effective rate!

    Worse odds than a flip of the coin it actually works!

    All statical data on either side of the fence is absolute bs at this point. The virus hasn’t been around long enough to put actual data to the test. And the vaccine isn’t even a year old!

    FDA approved should make everyone feel warm and fuzzy. Just ask users of Zantac, Rofecoxib, Isotretinoin (Accutane), Rofecoxib (Vioxx), Terfenadine (Seldane), Efalizumab (Raptiva), I could literally go on forever here.

    Known issues with covid vaccine in its very short life span? Enlargement of the heart (specifically in young men), changes in menstrual cycles, and who knows what else? Flipper babies? Liver disease, stroke , heart attack?

    Both sides need to seriously step off the soap boxes. You want to get vaccinated and role the dice, good for you. You want to not get vaccinated and role the dice ? Good for you too.

    • So, in effect, if choosing not to get vaccinated, then so be it – spread it around to others of that ilk and so what if they fill up the hospitals and ICUs (as they are doing down)? Just cancel all other surgeries to make room for them – like that young man in Alberta who was called the day before he was scheduled for surgery on a malignant brain tumor that it had been postponed indefinitely. Must look after the bozos who said “no” to the vaccine. Jaysus!

      • George are we just going eliminate the possibility that the covid vaccine may have any complications? You are a lot more confident than the manufacturers of these vaccines !!! They won’t take responsibility for ANY fallout that may follow!

        Maybe that malignant tumor was the aftermath of taking Zantac? Another fda fool proof drug, That sold over the counter!

        If this vaccine is so fool proof, wtf are you worried about ? You’re safe right? I mean you’re vaccinated, so you shouldn’t have to worry about anything? Why does every other person on the planet worry you?

        Because underneath all your bs, you know damn well you’re not necessarily safe being vaccinated. Because I don’t think you’re dumb enough to believe that ANY virus is not smarter and more Sophisticated than you , me or any doctor or scientist on the planet.

        It has and will hide and mutate like EVERY virus on the planet!

        Why do people still get flu shots (as I mentioned are 40% effective) 70 years after the vaccine? Flu must be gone right?

        The vaccine against the MU variant is already pretty much completely been written off as useless. So again stop thinking you , your government, doctors and scientists are smarter than this virus!!!!

        Typically, on most subjects I find myself in agreement with you. But seriously, get off your high horse!!!!

        Just because YOU believe this vaccine is safe and effective, doesn’t make it so! JAYSUS!!!!

      • Viri arnt necessary classified as life so I don’t think they are intelligent.

        And flu vaccine success percentages vary year to year so throwing 40% around is misleading.

      • 60 a lot better than 40. Also like the covid vaccine it’s not necessary about prevention but also about severity. Reducing hospitalization and death. Been some time since a flu season had caused significant death and gummed up our healthcare system.

        So it seems to be doing it’s job pretty successfully

      • Well to me, and pretty much all odds when you say between 60-40% it’s really 50-50 no? A flip of the coin if it’s a shot at powerball = good. A flip of the coin to get flu= bad.
        Either way what they’re saying is it’s between 40-60% effective which still = not good..

        In 2018 less than half of the us got a flu shot. Roughly 500k hospitalizations, and 35k deaths. No statistical data is available for vaccinated vs. unvaccinated. But it’s estimated that about 25% of all flu related deaths fell into the unvaccinated category. Meaning an estimated 75% were.

        So I’m not sure how the flu vaccine is doing a pretty good job.

      • So if no data exists…where did the estimate come from?

        The flu vaccine is prone to human error as it is made to create antibodies to what is the expected likely prevalent strains that coming year. Sometimes they get it wrong and sometimes people just contract a less common strain. The neat factor is that the antibody knowledge is maintained in the body and say a strain 5 years from your shot comes back around then your body is still better prepared to create the antibodies.

        And lastly. A coin flip to be better protected against the flu when the risk of serious side effects is minimal sounds pretty good to me. I honestly believe that the majority of people who are antivax are really just wusses when it comes to needles.

      • The estimate comes from the cdc.


        Should I still not trust the cdc? The estimate is based off likely age groups to be vaccinated or unvaccinated. That’s all the data available. From the cdc. Not some tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorist on YouTube.

        Your massive turn around on this covid virus is quite interesting. 16 month ago at the very beginning of this pandemic you accused George and a bunch of other posters of “over reacting “ and “hide in your house if you’re so afraid” to being pro vaxer? Lol.

        “All you need to do is wash your hands and distance 6 feet” remember all that?

        The reason those words and your name stick out so vividly is because you said you were in health care, which I found shocking considering anyone I knew in healthcare didn’t / doesn’t have anywhere near the lackadaisical attitude toward this virus.

    • This is a black hole for discussion, Captain Obvious but it is blatantly (I will choose a polite word) inaccurate to claim all information on BOTH sides of the fence is absolute BS.

      The research and science showing the vaccine is so far better and safer than covid itself is overwhelming, world wide, and incontrovertable. Unless, of course one prefers reading chicken guts or tea leaves for their medical advice.

      Giving weight to any other sources of information
      is not merely irresponsible but life threatening.

      Stick to hockey, where even lunatic fringe opinions are harmless.

    • Wow, CO, do you read what you’ve said before you hit “Send”?
      Your post is simply ridiculous – the virus has not been around long enough? Start there and re-consider your entire message.

      • What I can’t get in his argument is that some of those who choose not to be vaccinated are taking that route because they don’t trust the FDA and like, not to mention the health system … but if they DO get Covid it’s not a quest ion of staying home and fight it there, regardless of the severity, but rather to say “save me” and fill hospitals to overflowing and clog up ICUs to the detriment of others who have put their trust in the system. Brilliant.

      • Bc,

        Do you understand where the “19” in covid 19 comes from right? Please , tell us ALL how long covid “19” has been around?
        Then explain how long the vaccine has been around. I’ll be waiting here.



        The research says it’s safer now. But the research is still in its infancy stages , No?

        How did accutane, and Zantac (which we’re a hell of a lot longer process to get fda approve ) hold to the test of time?

        How did ONE person get cancer from Zantac if early research were to indicate long term issues?

        It will take YEARS to DECADES to fully understand the real numbers. Not months.

      • So George,

        So people who smoked and got lung cancer should joy asked to be saved either?

        People who eat McDonald’s by the truck load and live in Obesity should not ask for healthcare due to the complications that eating like that come with? And they knew it!

        Makes perfect sense!

        They shouldn’t take up hospital beds, because unlike a virus, they did this to themselves right ?

      • Bc,

        Full is in on how long covid “19” has been around please?

        If we’re talking sars , sars has been around a while, but this variant is called covid “19” for a reason. I’ll let you google why and save you the embarrassment.

      • I agree with co on this point. As a healthcare provider I wouldn’t have a job if people made good choices all the time. As much as I want to tell the antivax covid pt tough ti**ies… it doesn’t jive with what I do. If hospitals only served those that didn’t make poor choices resulting in them being there they would be very small buildings generally treating the very old and very young.

      • CaptainObvious – you ask two specific questions

        So people who smoked and got lung cancer should joy asked to be saved either?

        People who eat McDonald’s by the truck load and live in Obesity should not ask for healthcare due to the complications that eating like that come with?

        My answer to that? NOT when it comes at the expense and urgent surgery of those who come down with things like cancer through no fault of their own. Same with a schmuck who refuses vaccination despite medical authorities – I’m talking doctors not pharmaceutical shills – who then wants the very system to put them ahead of others.

        Plain enough to get through your own BS?

      • George ,

        You better hope that some doctor doesn’t take that stance against the elderly!

      • And if and when they did, what the hell can I do about it?

      • Hey obvious. When you have to cherry pick outliers like Zantac to prove your point you are on shaky ground. What’s the percentage of medications approved that didn’t at later dates have these severe complications vs those few that did? The track record is pretty good.

      • Chrism,

        I’ve used much more than Zantac. If you want a complete list just do a google search or watch 15 minutes of TVs for the lawyer commercials suing for drugs gone bad.

        Or listen to the possible side effects of any drug commercial.

        And how many of those drugs went from concept to drug store in 6 months?

      • You didn’t answer the question. Another sign of shaky ground.

      • I don’t know the percentage, do you?

        What percentage of those failed medications went from lab to drug store in less than 8 months?

        None, zero, nada, zilch.

        How many are still out there that have horrible side effects and can kill you? A lot!

        So if ones that had much more research behind them failed, it’s safe to say that at the very least there is a possibility this vaccine may have issues?

        What’s kinda funny here is I’m saying straight up “I don’t know if this vaccine is safe.

        Phizer , Moderna and J&J aren’t willing to accept any responsibility if there are issues. Doctors and pharmacies won’t either.

        And right away I’m a conspiracy theorist? Lol, that’s rich!

        What everyone challenging me is saying “I know” . So I guess you’re all way ahead of the manufacturer’s,, pharmacies and doctors that don’t know either?

        It is impossible to say what the long term effects may be, impossible. Because we haven’t hit “long term” quite yet have we?

        You don’t know! Stop pretending for one second you do! Stop pretending that it’s not a possibility there are issues that can or will arise from the vaccine.

        I know people who lost their lives to covid or complications from covid. I don’t take it lightly. I don’t believe it’s a hoax, myth etc.

        I know a lot more who contacted covid and didn’t die. Or suffered mild symptoms or were completely Asymptomatic.

        What the vaccine does or does not do could take years to decades to fully understand.

    • Sounds pretty fair obvious. I’m on board so long as those taking the risk of the vaccine are the only ones allowed the rewards of things like public social events.

  7. Washington State has decreed a proof of vaccination for Kraken Seahawks & Mariners

    • Washington State has decreed a proof of vaccination for Kraken Seahawks & Mariners attendance

  8. George, you still there? A couple of days ago I blew a gasket in response to Kevin, I think, and Lyle had to edit my response.

    My point is, there are people like Kevin and Captain Oblivious who will seek out information that confirms their existing biases. A key indicator is when they give equal credibility to non-science based sources. Stone age thinking. A lack of perfection is equated with fallacy; one statisically inconsequential adverse reaction is equated with failure.

    You, I and others here have the impossible challenge of bringing those who prefer conspiracies, whispers and the occult into the light when they don’t like light.

    This is a hot button topic for me too, George, but why risk a stroke on the unworthy? You might as well discuss Plato with your goldfish. Equally fruitless, much less stressful.

    • LOL. Good advice LJ. While there are valid vaccines against the worst effect of Covid-19 – on the advice of leading medical experts everywhere and NOT those plugging the latest “miracle drug” coming out of some wealthy pharmaceutical – there is none yet to prevent or reduce the effects of stupidity.

      But hey, while I’ll freely argue my point with anyone on any subject – even the Leafs 🙂 – I didn’t get to be 83 by suffering stroke-inducing apoplexy over what some ill-informed donkey writes. In this instance I just continually point to the advice coming out from the leading medical experts around the world and do not indulge – as one suggests – that I quote “on-line research” blogs.

      I just don’t – and never have – suffer fools gladly.

      • Well, they are, by comparison, good for one’s self worth.

    • You know LJ quit being paranoid & point fingers & insults at people like me you dont know anything about. I was in ICU right before the vaccines came out (not Covid related). It was scary. I have a medical condition that puts me in a position that the vaccine poses a much higher risk to me than you & George. But I have to endure the finger pointing saying people like me are to blame for this pandemic continuing. I say go pound! Here is a few things I believe & Im not a conspiracy idiot:
      1/ there’s a reason why they made everyone read & sign a waiver absolving responsibility of the vaccine manufacturer if something adverse happened from taking it. Duh yeah there is risk taking the vaccine & I strongly feel I should have the right to weigh that risk despite the bullying thats happening.
      2/I get furious when i hear people cant have surgeries & other medical procedures because of Covid overload from us lowlife unvaccinated. Federal & Provincial governments have had over 18 freaking months to get their action plan together so that there is capacity to address all Canadians medical requirements and also be prepared to address Covid as we transitioned to getting people vaccinated, ensuring the vaccine is doing what its supposed to as the virus mutates and just as important, develop therapeutics for the ages 12 & under & unvaccinated.

      Perhaps you are not as insightful advanced thinking as you perhaps thought.

      • Hey, folks, let’s try to keep the debate civil here, OK. You can disagree with each other without resorting to childish insults. If you can’t do that, then find another topic to discuss. I’ve given you plenty today in the Morning Coffee Headlines and in today’s Rumor Mill.

      • And, Kevin R, no one – and I mean no one – is talking about people like you among the unvaccinated who have underlying health issues that make it risky if not impossible. I, anyway, and others such as LJ and Ray I’m sure, are talking about those who are otherwise healthy but simply refuse to get vaccinated on a matter of principle (their “rights”?) or due to following the wrong advice. And there are many many more of that type. So relax will you?

        And by the way, most deaths in Canada so far are among people of my age group who, at the outset, just happened to be caught in the cross-hairs by being in Long-Term Care facilities not properly equipped, staffed or monitored. THAT is changing as we speak.

      • Did someone else also named Kevin post this on September 8: “there are over 10000 deaths related from people taking the vaccine.”

        Unless you say someone is impersonating you then take responsibility for posting a comment that had no context and contributed zero clarity or relevance to the vaccine’s effectiveness.

        And don’t whine when you are called out about it.

      • LJ go to VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting Systems) & on the CDC site report there are around 7300 deaths from the vaccine in the US alone. It’s on the CDC site. It also describes some of the side effect. I am sure there are other vaccine death related events elsewhere in the world. It may seem like a small number compared to all the vaccines administered, but I was trying to make a point there are related risks for people taking the vaccine & we shouldnt judge decisions whether to take the shot or not. I totally understand why people are getting it & would never criticize them for getting the shot.

        I posted it & I still stand behind the fact it’s sad seeing people lose their jobs like Rocky Thompson did.

      • Kevin: You started at 30,000 and now you are down to 7300. What do you expect people to do with such loose comments?

      • lj.
        If you go to the CDC and link to VAERS you’ll see very different numbers and explanations to their meaning as you had thought.

        The system is not made to provide the numbers he’s giving.

        “VAERS is not designed to determine if a vaccine caused or contributed to an adverse event. A report to VAERS does not mean the vaccine caused the event.”


    • Remind me of where I put out numbers from a non “trusted” source? You mean the cdc? Lmfao!

      That’s the 2nd time here today someone told me not to trust the cdc!

      Who’s a trusted source ? You?

  9. Hello everyone I just read all your quotes and I came to this conclusion let’s all talk about sports and leave all the bs aside. So let’s watch baseball and football and hockey and enjoy what we have together and enjoy life for we don’t know how long we have on this earth. Cheers everyone and have a beautiful day.

  10. OK I get the point. Ouch

  11. Go figure,
    The entire conversation here today began with a comment on the last line of coffee headlines.

    “The Ottawa Senators announced a proof of vaccination and mask-wearing will be required for fans attending their home games this season.”

    The criticism wasn’t against, vaccines or masking or social distancing but that even that isn’t enough.

    The insulting tone started then and there and grew throughout the day.

    Reporting on yet another team looking at Health Canada guidelines which are being followed by the Provincial Health authorities shouldn’t be met with more cantankerous commentary and another go round by folks who have made their positions clear on numerous occasions.

    I sold my business on Sept 10 at night and was sitting in my office on the 11th watching things unfold on my computer, my head reeling with mixed emotions over what the fallout will be on both macro and micro levels.

    That day changed the world as we knew it.

    • When we post comments here, the deal is that they are subject to rebuttal. Sometimes strong rebuttal. Opinions on hockey are just that. There are few examples where they are right or wrong.

      Comments dressed up as facts about covid are nowhere near the same. If anything has caused the world to change it is covid, not Sept..11.

      You can sit on the sidelines and choose not to rebut. If you think you occupy the moral high ground by doing so that’s your choice.

      I choose not to sit on the sidelines. With what’s at stake I think it is dangerous to let such comments sit unchallenged. That’s my choice.

      You also have the choice to read the comments or not. No one makes you do so.

      • Yuck. Comparing COVID and 9/11. That was a special piece of nasty.

    • Anybody who was an adult on 9/11 recognizes how the world changed that day.

      If I need to explain it, it isn’t worth discussing.

  12. I would hate to see how the world responds when a “real” pandemic comes around. By the time everyone accepts the reality of the Covid virus it may be too late. But that’s o.k. because at least I was free to choose my own fate. Oh….I forgot that choice may affect others. What the heck…..let’s drop the puck.

  13. Has anyone heard an update on Pengys dog?

    • 70+ comments and I don’t think I saw 1 Jack Eichel reference