NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – September 9, 2021

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Sidney Crosby undergoes wrist surgery, Patrice Bergeron discusses his contract situation, the latest on Evander Kane and more in today’s NHL morning coffee headlines.

TRIBLIVE.COM: Pittsburgh Penguins captain Sidney Crosby underwent surgery on his left wrist on Wednesday. He’s expected to be sidelined for six weeks and could miss the Penguins’ opening four games of this season. General manager Ron Hextall said Crosby has been dealing with an unspecified ailment in his wrist for several years.

Pittsburgh Penguins captain Sidney Crosby (NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It sounds like Crosby aggravated the ailment as he was ramping up his training in preparation for the coming season. The Penguins will now be without their top two centers to open the season. Evgeni Malkin is recovering from offseason knee surgery that will sideline him much longer than Crosby.

NBC SPORTS BOSTON: Bruins captain Patrice Bergeron said his focus is on the upcoming season and not on his contract status. The 36-year-old center is entering the final season of his deal and is slated to become an unrestricted free agent next July. He indicated he’ll play out this season and discuss his contract with the Bruins after that.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That could make some Bruins fans nervous after seeing long-time stars Zdeno Chara and David Krejci depart over the last two years. Bergeron is no longer in his playing prime but he remains among the league’s best two-way forwards.

Much will depend upon his performance and how much he’ll seek on his next contract. They could be more accommodating to Bergeron given how thin the Bruins are at center.

THE MERCURY NEWS: The NHL’s investigation into allegations San Jose Sharks winger Evander Kane bet on his own games has hit a snag. Kane’s estranged wife Anna made the accusations on social media but the league has thus far been unable to interview her. The NHL hoped to have its investigation completed before training camp opened later this month.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The article also reported an examination of betting trends that showed no abnormalities for Sharks games last season. Kane was also the Sharks’ leading scorer in 2020-21.

COLORADO HOCKEY NOW: The Avalanche signed center Artem Anisimov to a professional tryout offer.

TSN: The Calgary Flames signed unrestricted free agent forward Brad Richardson to a one-year, $800K contract and restricted free agent defenseman Connor Mackey to a two-year deal worth an annual average value of $912,500.

Former NHL player J.T. Brown pledged his brain to the Concussion Legacy Foundation in Boston. “We need more information about brain injuries and concussions, the kind of information you can get from studying brains after someone has died,” said Brown, adding he loves hockey and hopes to make it safer for future generations.

CBC NEWS: Brandon University scolded former NHLer Theo Fleury for “reprehensible remarks” he made against vaccine passports. The university granted Fleury an honorary doctorate in 2015 but says his espousing of conspiracy theories is a “stain on his legacy”. He recently took to Twitter claiming vaccine passports would make it easier for pedophiles to track children and touted an anti-parasitic medicine commonly used for livestock as an alternative to COVID-19 vaccines.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Fleury was one of my favorite players during his NHL career. His work in exposing sexual predators in hockey and as a mental health advocate remains worthy of praise. Nevertheless, it’s sad to see him disappear down this rabbit hole of misinformation.

THE PROVINCE: Vancouver Canucks scout Patrik Jonsson recently passed away at age 51 of prostate cancer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: My condolences to Jonsson’s family, friends and the Canucks’ organization.


  1. When I was a Kid we used to chant a saying from a TV ad..”Uh Ohh, Spaghettios”

    That’s what went through my mind yesterday when I heard about Sid’s surgery

    Pens already out Gino (reportedly “a minimum of 1month” [1/6th of the season ]) were likely on track to battle for Metro 5th and hope/pray that they finished ahead of 2 of Bruins, Habs, Leafs (beat out 4th in ATL)

    Now Sid out reportedly at least 7 games; Pens starting Carter 1C; Blueger 2C; Rodrigues (??) 3C, 4 C (????)… uh ohh Sphagettios… and Pens hopes of making playoffs getting longer…. and longer

    Perhaps Pens are at the point where rebuild is seriously an option

    I hate to utter this Blasphemous thought…. But what if Mac K really got into Sid’s ear this summer about how the “next team” is Avs…. in that hazy and Blasphemous thought… what is Sid (at 50% retained) worth to Sackic at trade deadline? Sid may have just won another Gold medal; and only would have (at that time) about $12M total left on his contract…. 50% retained… Pens eat $6M…. What would Sackic offer??

    This of course is hyperbole …. Sid is only talked about in trade; if Sid talks to Mario first (then HexBurkie) about it…. But if he did…. what is Sackic’s offer? Seriously!

    In the same thought… what is Gino worth (Vegas? Panthers?) at TDL? 50% retained (only $750 K at the TDL) and only $1.6 M in space needed!

    These awful thoughts have this Pen’s fan very down. VERY down.

    The other option is for HexBurkie to pick up the phone and call Murray….”what do we need to add to flip Zucker for Henrique?” ; or call Wilson …”what do we need to add to flip Zucker for Hertl”?; or Bowman …. “what do we need to add to flip Zucker for Strome?”

    Options are limited; but no options are available without a phone call

    I like Boyle; but he is well past his prime; and he is not the solution to saving the season. With Pens already overloaded on D…. why the PTO on Barto???

    • Re “why the PTO on Barto???” – Pengy, you know as well as any of us that GMs/coaches like to have competition present during training camp to make certain any of the younger candidates don’t think that all they have to do is show up. It’s nothing more than that.

      • Hi George

        I get the competition thing; but Barto won’t offer that at all… Chrisms is right… this was a PR thing for a local lad…. As Chrisms put….Barto may end up in WBS

        He won’y be up with the big club

        Boyle might push some of the WBS centres during training camp

    • Once again I thank my personal God that you aren’t the GM of the Pittsburgh Penguins … thank you

      • Do you disagree with trading of Sidney, trading of Malkin or just with Pengy posts in general? It is difficult to infer based upon your post.

        I recall back in ’94 or ’95 when there was a rumored swap of Yzerman for Yashin on the table in Detroit. At the time I would’ve been a fan of that swap. Little did I know then how bright the future with Yzerman at the helm under the leadership of Bowman would be!

        That being said, if I were a fan of the Penguins (I’m not) I could get on-board with a trade of Malkin. Knowing what I know now about Yzerman and his legacy, I would not trade Crosby. He’s still productive and, like Yzerman is doing now, could conceivably contribute to the organization far beyond his playing days.

        I’m just sad that Holland’s ego pushed Yzerman down to TB for those years. I’m not saying Detroit’s playoff streak would still be intact if Yzerman was at the helm prior – it isn’t probable but it was possible. But I digress.

        If there was a swap of Malkin to Vegas the ask would have to be a center with a high ceiling. Is Glass still that guy? Or did his ceiling plane out?

      • Not realistic. Pens want to compete. A center to replace Malkin would have to come back. Salary would have to come back and pens would have to hold salary. Malkin returning from injury, his perceived inconsistency, and Nmc are other barriers. I can’t see a match here.

      • bigphatbastard,

        Cody Glass is no longer with LVK, he was traded to Nashville for Nolan Patrick.

      • I thought it was the perfect opportunity to get away with one. Drat.

    • He’s a local Pittsburgh boy they are doing a favor to. Good pr optics pengy. That’s it. Possible wbs depth.


      • Thanks Chrisms

        I’d forgotten he was from Pitt… WBS it is 👍👍

    • Maybe Bergevin OS Rust and Burkie loses his Marbles like with Penner…One can only dream!

    • @ Pengy…Sid rarely does something stupid well this was it ! What the hell are you waiting until two weeks before training camp to get this done.

      Late June or July this should have ben done….bad move # 87.

      Can we say Tomas Hertl ? Gm Hextall better find a fuc****ing way to get him.. by any means necessary

  2. How did my post get doubled up again?

    • It’s odd as you seem to be the only one this happens to. Are you using a phone or tablet to post your comments?

      • Hi Lyle,

        That was phone

        Can’t remember if the other duplications were phone or iPad (which I di post on at times)

  3. Eric Staal might be a good short-term solution for Pittsburgh.

    • Hi BCLeafs Fan

      Yes that may be a possibility

      Easily covered with Gino LTIR $’s

      Of course with Canes at an exorbitant $25 M @ C…. I’d love for his brother to be traded back to Pens…. That would be great

      He’d have to agree…. But what’s the ask?

  4. I have to disagree with you Lyle on Bergy’s decline in play, Patrice is still the same player he’s always been the best two way player in the league. I have seen no sign of him slowing down, although I know it’s coming it ain’t here yet. I do have bad feeling about his next contract My spidery Sense is tingling this might be his last kick at the cat.

    • Bergey should have a lifetime contract with B s.He took bargain basement prices his whole career.I wish Sweeney was as good a talent evaluator as he is a capologist.He has repeatedly signed his best players 63,88 to low contracts.73 S contract will be interesting.

      • Sweeney’s an incompetent fool who should have been fired years ago.

    • As a fan I would like to see Bergy stay in BOS and retire as a B.
      But I get it if he moves on. I don’t know him so just a guess, but he seems like a guy that wants to win another one or at least have a chance to legitimately compete for a cup. Not sure the B’s are still that team. This season will be telling as there have been plenty of changes. Fingers crossed.

      Bergy is still a really good player, All Star caliber player. Still top 3 C defensively in the NHL. But he doesn’t drive offence like he used to, Marchand drives offence on that line, and having Pasta helps a bunch too. Been that way for a few years. Bergy has benefited from that stat wise.

      Sweeny and Bergy will have an honest conversation about the future and he will decide what he wants to do. It will be his call if he keeps it up. Not sure it is all about the $ for him. He’ll take it, don’t get me wrong, but just 1 factor IMO.

    • Rick, I think you misunderstood Lyle. He did not state that Bergerons game is in decline. He wrote that he’s passed his playing prime, which is hockey speak for he’s not as young as he used to be. No one doubts that he’s still at the top of his game. But he’ll be 37 years old when his next contract starts. The decline is coming, even if it’s not here yet.

      • He did misunderstand me, Howard. Bergeron remains a terrific two-way center, among the best in NHL history, but at 37 he’s no longer in the prime of his career.

  5. “It sounds like Crosby aggravated the ailment as he was ramping up his training in preparation for the coming season. ”

    As great a player that Crosby has been, I believe the greatest contribution to hockey has been his relentless pursuit of perfection with his commitment to training on and off season.

    He’s the role model for hockey players all over the world and the reason that there are many rookies who are big enough, strong enough, fast enough and smart enough to be impactful.

    For the good of hockey I hope his recovery is quick and successful.

    • Well said HF30

      I concur and hope as you do

    • Well said HF30

      I concur and hope as you do

  6. Bergeron will be the # 2 center for the greatest hockey nation on the planet come Olympic time. He should wear nothing but Bruins colours for the rest of his career………and Daniel Alfredson shouldn’t own property in Detroit.

    But here we are.
    If I was Bergeron, I’d handshake it. 1 million a season for as long as I can play + a huge bonus package.

    • I’ll go with 3C, or 2nd line winger with Crosby Dark G. Worked before.
      McDavid and MacKinnon on the top line? That seems like a good idea. Lethal. Or 1C and 2C?
      Toews if healthy C on a checking line.
      Tending is wildcard for Canada though?

      I will predict Nurse makes the team as a LD.

      • Agree Ray, the line worked before and no reason not to unite them.

        Bergeron, Crosby, Marchand

        Bergy starting his 18th season with the Bruins, started in the league as an 18yr old.

    • Dark..I agree with you he will be on the number 2 line but as a winger with Marchand and Crosby at center.

      Those three together were amazing in sochhi..

  7. Bergeron’s in my Hall of Fame. Will he be voted into the NHL HOF?

    • He’s automatic.

    • Hi BCLeafFan

      It’s a done deal IMHO… Should be first ballot and in

    • 1st ballot, for sure.
      In all honesty, the man should have 6 or 7 Selke trophies at this point.