NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – October 7, 2021

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The Islanders’ Semyon Varlamov expected to miss the start of the season, Wild owner discusses his club’s buyouts of Zach Parise and Ryan Suter, the Sharks prepare to start the season without Evander Kane, and more in today’s NHL morning coffee headlines.

THE ATHLETIC: Arthur Staple reports an undisclosed injury could sideline New York Islanders starting goaltender Semyon Varlamov for the upcoming start of the season. It’s uncertain if Varlamov’s condition is tied to a nagging knee injury that hampered him during the 2021 playoffs. His absence would mean Ilya Sorokin becomes the Isles’ start with Cory Schneider as his backup. 

New York Islanders goaltender Semyon Varlamov (NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Varlamov wouldn’t be the only noteworthy starter expected to miss the start of this season. Montreal’s Carey Price will also reportedly remain sidelined when the schedule begins next week. Speaking of the Canadiens…

TSN: Habs defenseman Joel Edmundson will be sidelined two-to-three weeks with an undisclosed injury. He’s been day-to-day since training camp opened.

NHL.COM: Bad news for Los Angeles Kings’ Quinton Byfield as the 19-year-old center was diagnosed with a fractured left ankle suffered during Tuesday’s preseason loss to the Arizona Coyotes. He’s been placed on injured reserve and sidelined indefinitely.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: An unfortunate setback for Byfield. Selected second overall in the 2020 NHL Draft, he was hoping to garner a full-time roster spot with the Kings this season.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Oilers winger Kailer Yamamoto will miss tonight’s game against the Vancouver Canucks. He could have a concussion after suffering the injury during Monday’s game against the Calgary Flames.

THE SCORE: New York Rangers enforcer Ryan Reaves is day-to-day with an injured left leg after his skate was clipped by New Jersey Devils defenseman P.K. Subban as they went into the corner chasing a loose puck. Reaves had to be helped off the ice.

DETROIT HOCKEY NOW: Red Wings forward Michael Rasmussen is day-to-day with an undisclosed injury.

THE ATHLETIC: Minnesota Wild owner Craig Leipold told Michael Russo he supported general manager Bill Guerin’s decision to buy out winger Zach Parise and defenseman Ryan Suter this summer. However, he expressed no regrets about signing the duo to their 13-year contracts back in 2012.

It totally changed our franchise,” said Leipold. “We went from not selling any tickets and having a future that looked bleak to overnight being a sellout team for the next five, six years.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The additions of Parise and Suter didn’t translate into a Stanley Cup for the Wild but Leipold’s right about how much they improved the franchise. Before they joined the Wild, the club reached the playoffs just four times in 11 seasons. With Parise and Suter in the lineup, they qualified for the postseason eight times in nine seasons.

THE MERCURY NEWS: San Jose Sharks head coach Bob Boughner said his club is preparing to start the season without Evander Kane in the lineup. The 30-year-old winger has been out of the lineup while under investigation by the league regarding allegations of spousal abuse and using a fake COVID-19 vaccination card.


  1. And the injuries continue to pile up. That;s a tough one for young Byfield. At least with some “upper body” injuries a player can resume skating at some point.

  2. Unfortunate set back for Byfield…. Looked pretty bad on Video

    Re Kane …. Presumed innocent; so no judgement from me

    I posted before re the spousal abuse claim (coming 24 hours after his Ex’s lawyers had been informed that the gambling [on Sharks games] had been proven as false…

    spousal abuse; any abuse at all….is a serious claim and needs to be investigated thoroughly ; no ifs ands or buts

    The timing of the claim is what surprised me

    Re possibly using fake Covid proof… again assumed innocent until proven otherwise…. If guilty… Sharks can nix him

    The proof would have to be definitive …. An actual picture of the fake card and video of him using it. If it is someone saying they saw him use a fake covid proof of Vax …. I’d think that would fall short of conclusive

    Either way; guilty or innocent, this is a detractor to Sharks

    As at now he sits at home collecting a paycheque

    Even if proven innocent; it will still be a difficult “dressing room “ atmosphere

    Even if there were interested parties… he can only be traded to 3 teams (his modified NTC) …. Not sure which trams

    • Or whether they’d want any part of him.

  3. Would be a hoot if Kane was traded to VGK

    • Hi HF30


      Do I hear Fred Flinstone in the background going “behhhhtttttt…..Bet bet bet bet bet”

      Odds of Kane on Knights…. Me thinks are in the 10,000 : 1 range

      • Good Flintstone reference. I saw that one!!!!…..The Avs are already suffering injuries, what else is new? They need to bring it right out of the gate and never mind this fooling around s***! Going to be very competitive in the Central as usual it is the toughest division in hockey. GO AVS!!!!!!

  4. Ryan Reaves was given a sneaky slew foot by Subban and the toe of his skate got jammed.

    As usual Subban didn’t engage with Kreider when it was time to own up.

    Whether one agrees with “the code” or not, players get a reputation for abiding with it or not.

    • Interesting take on Subban. Not surprised coming from you but I saw an unfortunate hockey play. That motion from Subban foot was an attempt to leverage himself was the enter the corner and fight for the puck which it looked like that’s where PK was attempting to stop it with his foot. Reeves looked like his foot was already in that rut and momentum of both of them finished him off.
      The play was clean and unfortunate.

    • He kinda fought Kreider. More like a rough hug and a takedown, but he engaged, nonetheless.

    • I watched that video several times, HF30, and you might want to be careful with your accusations.
      Eye of the beholder, I guess, but how you came up with your version is beyond me.

  5. A fake COVID-19 vaccination card? Maybe they should make a list of kane’s top 10 most pathetic accusations?

  6. Rule 52- Slew Footing is the act of a player or goalkeeper using his leg or foot to knock or kick an opponent’s feet from under him.

    I watched the play a number of times and it looks to me that Subban spread his leg out and took out Reaves leg from behind.

    Frequently the move is accompanied by a push with an arm or an elbow to the upper body….but its the kicking/tripping from behind that is the slew foot imo

    • You must have been watching the replays with your special habfan30 goggles on.

      But yeah, you are entitled to your opinion and you have every right to be wrong.

    • Subban didn’t do anything intentionally. He didn’t kick or swing his leg. Was focused on the puck the entire time.
      At worst careless, most likely simply unfortunate hockey play.

  7. I at least explained the reasoning behind my opinion, while most of you choose ad hominems.

    I also don’t see where intent is part of the rule, however Subban widened his stance to take Reaves leg out.

    You guys choose to call it careless, unintentional, clean and unfortunate and in my opinion you ignore the rule.

    I won’t say you guys are wrong, we just disagree.