NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – May 15, 2022

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The Lightning, Oilers and Hurricanes advance to the second round. Check out the recaps of Saturday’s action in today’s NHL morning coffee headlines.

NHL.COM: The Tampa Bay Lightning advanced to the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs with a 2-1 victory over the Toronto Maple Leafs in Game 7 of their first-round series. Nick Paul tallied both goals and Andrei Vasilevskiy made 30 saves for the Lightning as they took the series four games to three. Morgan Rielly replied for the Maple Leafs.

Tampa Bay Lightning goaltender Andrei Vasilevskiy (NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It was a well-earned victory for the Lightning as they continue their quest to become the first team to win three consecutive Stanley Cups since the 1982 New York Islanders. Vasilevskiy seemed ordinary through most of this series but he stepped up in Game 7. With their best scorers neutralized, the Bolts got timely goals from Paul, a depth player acquired from the Ottawa Senators at the trade deadline.

It was a costly win for the Lightning, however, as Braydon Point suffered a leg injury late in the first period and spent the remainder of the game on the bench. No word yet as to whether he’ll be sidelined for their upcoming series against the Florida Panthers but it would be a significant loss for the Bolts if he is.

As for the Leafs, their postseason series drought is now at 18 years. This disappointing loss, however, is unlike this current group’s previous ones. In 2017, 2018 and 2019, they were a young team on the rise going up against better, more experienced opponents in the Washington Capitals and Boston Bruins. They underachieved against the Columbus Blue Jackets in the 2020 playoff bubble while overconfidence cost them last year against the Montreal Canadiens.

This time, the Leafs pushed the defending Stanley Cup champions to the limit with their best players performing well. It was a very entertaining series but the Leafs failed to put the Lightning away in this contest and in Game 6 when they held a 3-2 series lead.

There were calls last year from fans and pundits for the Leafs to make big changes following their stunning collapse against the Canadiens. The front office ignored those cries and focused instead on building up around the core. It’ll be interesting to see what they do this time. I’ll have more in the Sunday NHL rumor mill.

Connor McDavid had a goal and an assist while Mike Smith kicked out 29 shots to shut out the Los Angeles Kings 2-0 in Game 7 of their first-round series. Cody Ceci also scored for the Oilers, who will face off against the Calgary Flames or Dallas Stars in the second round. Kings goaltender Jonathan Quick made 39 saves.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Oilers could’ve won this 6-0 if not for Quick’s outstanding goaltending. They dominated the Kings with McDavid leading the way as they advance to the second round for the first time since 2017. There were concerns before this game whether Leon Draisaitl would play following a leg injury in Game 6 but he was in the lineup and picked up an assist on the Ceci goal.

The Kings exceeded expectations in this series, pushing the favored Oilers to the limit. Their performance in this series can be used as a building block going forward. However, it marks the end of Dustin Brown’s 18-season NHL career, all of them spent with the Kings. He announced last month that he would retire following the postseason. The former Kings captain leaves as one of the best players in franchise history after leading them to two Stanley Cups in 2012 and 2014.

The Carolina Hurricanes are marching on to the second round after holding off the Boston Bruins 3-2 in Game 7 of their opening-round series. Max Domi scored twice and Antti Raanta made 27 saves in his first Game 7 appearance. Jake DeBrusk and David Pastrnak replied for the Bruins. Having taken this series four games to three, the Hurricanes await the winner of the New York Rangers-Pittsburgh Penguins series.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The home team won each game in this series. Raanta was the series MVP for the Hurricanes, filling in for sidelined starter Frederik Andersen and shaking off an injury suffered in Game 2. The Hurricanes got clutch scoring from a trade deadline acquisition in Domi, who finished this contest with three points in what was perhaps his best performance as an NHL player.

Among the questions facing the Bruins heading into the offseason is the future of captain Patrice Bergeron. The long-time Bruins star is an unrestricted free agent this summer and remains among the league’s best two-way forwards. However, there’s speculation the 36-year-old center could retire or perhaps sign elsewhere if he and the Bruins fail to reach an agreement on a new contract. I’ll have more about that in today’s rumor mill.


  1. Wow. Three thrilling, exciting game 7s which saw the home team takle 2 of the 3, and the third one couldn’t have been any closer.

    Now the cheers and laments will ensue in here, complete with finger-pointing and blame-laying … and while that’s to be expected, please don’t include thr “that should have been a penalty” or “that penalty was ridiculous” routines.

    And hey, who was it that said, a couple of months or so back, that Nick Paul was a non-entity?

  2. Oh well George, as the saying goes… better luck next year.

    Both Ontario fan bases are getting really used to that !

    • Yeah, so true FD -at least the Leafs have been IN the playoffs the last several years – Ottawa has missed 5 straight – although if you go back to 2006 (no playoffs in 2005) the the beginning of Toronto’s long drought of never winning a round, at least Ottawa fans can count 7 series wins, including a Cup final and one where they were a double-OT goal from going to another.

      Let’s hope Calgary can pull it off tonight so at least there’ll be 2 Canadian franchises still in the hunt.

      • To be fair, something else we have to keep in mind when pointing out the Leafs haven’t won a playoff round since 2004 is that, in the 17 years of playoffs since then (no playoffs in 2005), they did not qualify for the playoffs in 7 straight years from 2006 to 2012, and 3 more from 2024 to 2016, Pretty hard to win a round when you’re not in it!

        Ottawa, by comparison, has not qualified 9 times in that span – in2009, 2011, 2014,, 2016 and 2018 to date.

        Overall, in that period covered, Toronto has appeared in 7 playoff rounds while Ottawa has played in 15.

        Often, it has boiled down to luck of the draw (who you meet in Round 1) and sometimes getting to play later in the playoffs against a team that has just knocked off a higher-seeded injury-riddled team.

        Lady Luck is ever-present.

      • George, with all due respect, I don’t think “Yeah, but we missed the playoffs for 7 straight years” is an effective comeback to “you haven’t won a playoff round in 18 years”.

      • Lol. no it isn’t Howard when you boil it down to the basics – I simply wanted to illustrate that in 10 of those 18 years they weren’t even IN the playoffs, and that it’s therefore impossible to win a playoff round if you ain’t there to begin with.

        The Shanaplan was supposed to address that, but it’s now nigh on 8 years since that went into effect, and while they have certainly become a better seasonal team, they’re still without a playoff round win, never mind a cup.

    • Same old , Same Old
      Leafs cannot for whatever reason – FINISH!
      This series should of been over in “6”
      Kerfoot – blind drop pass , 2 late penalties , Leafs had this game

      What is the answer – No reason why they couldn’t of went to the final , if they won game 6 ..,

      Now – who leaves , Nylander , Kerfoot ?
      Tavares has a No trade clause
      Dubas and Keefe likely stay on ?

      Leafs needed a Paul , Domi like , bottom 6 to come out of no where …
      Tampa played a very disciplined game , mega blocked shots , Leafs were on the perimeter most of the evening , they were boxed out from the inside area of the Tampa zone
      Cooper is a very good coach !

      • not to mention TBay has the best goalie in the NHL. When Vasilevskiy is zoned in the only way to beat him is traffic in front or lucky bounces.

        Tough to watch the B’s exit the ice and Bergeron embracing his teammates. Thinking he may hang em up. He is an awesome leader.

      • The Leafs, as a collection of 18 skaters, were younger, faster, skilled, and a better offensive team than the Lightning through 82 games. The Lightning are a TEAM, value and provide for their third and fourth lines, know how to play under playoff pressure, can take a punch and not wilt, and have the world’s best money goaltender. Perhaps we should start adding to the list that we appear to have the most capable GM. The road doesn’t get easier, but the next leg has appeared out of the mist and the gold clubs are still in the closet. Healing vibes in order for Pointe! One game without him is one thing, but his speed is key. Remember when losing Gourde/Coleman/Goodreau doomed the Bolts? Colton/Hegel/Paul seems to work pretty much the same way. Couldn’t afford to keep Johnson? Perry wants another cup, fits in well enough to wear the A for a 2 time winner. Leafs need that kind of tweak, not a rebuild. Campbell looked good enough, but third and fourth lines were where the difference played out, as it did for two Lightning cup runs. Playing the way the Bolts did down a star in a game seven shows the value of team chemistry, depth, that intangible ‘knowing how to win’, and, to be fair, luck. Yes, they hit a post (Kuch) that would have been the third goal, but the Leafs had double the shots directed at net, and didn’t get a bounce or deflection this time.

  3. Congrats to the game 7 winners. Tough losses for the leafs, kings, and bruins.

    A few months ago I’d say Bergeron re-signs or retires. But with Montreal potentially drafting Shane Wright, I don’t doubt his former agent is making a mentoring proposal. I can’t imagine Bergeron playing for the Habs but stranger things have happened… maybe if he does retire it will be easier to transition to Montreal in a skills development role.

    • Bergeron will either retire or play for bruins there is no other option. He was never a fan of habs he was a Quebec fan. He has stated that several times Here’s hoping he resigns again

      • I think Bergy shuts it down.
        Blow it up, if he does.

      • That’d be a shame ShoreOrrPark. I love watching this guy play – all class (like Beliveau).

        Hell, at 36 he still potted 25g 40a 65pts in 73 gp, and over the past 3 seasons since turning 34 has 79g 90a 169 pts in 188gp. Worked out to 82-game averages, that’s 34g 39a 73 pts.

        They should convince him to take as much time as he needs before making a final decision and that, in the meantime, they’ll be doing what is necessary to bring him back on a one-year deal at close to – if not identical – his current cap hit.

        They’re just NOT going to find someone of his all-round skills at this stage.

      • It would be a shame George.
        Only way out of it is to have a 1 and/or 2c fall into our lap, and I can’t see that happening.
        Tavares might be available, but I can’t see the Leafs retaining salary.
        I’m not interested in a center from Winnipeg unless it’s Dubois.
        Malkin and Giroux aren’t the answer. Kadri might cost too much, but I’d definitely be asking.
        I just hope I’m wrong, and we can get a couple more year outta the old fella, at a sensible cost.

      • Could he pull a ray and sign in Colorado to get one last shot at cup? Replace kadri when he likely leaves?

    • Bergeron just missing 1000 point mark but I think he retires a Bruin.

    • Boston third line picked a bad day to have the worst game of the season.

      Two defensive zone breakdowns end up in the net.

      Charlie Coyle -3 and couldn’t handle a pass for an empty net.

      Raanta made a huge save on Hall, believe it or not was the turning point of the game. Canes don’t play the same way from behind.

      Canes play a solid, aggressive, and discipline style of hockey.

      Congrats to the Kanes.

      I thought Toronto was going to win, but Matthew’s and Marner couldn’t get it done.

      Solid defensive game by Tampa and their goalie was on his game, not to take anything away from Campbell he was solid and will now want to get paid.

      McDavid wasn’t letting his team lose last night.

      First player since Rick Middleton to have 6 multiple point games in one playoff series.

      All series were first round exit for the lovers. Lots of emphasis seem to be made as if it were for the cup finals. Need to get out of the first round to get to the 2nd round.

  4. Maple Leafs losing in the first round yet again. They haven’t won a playoff series since 2004.

  5. If Sweeney’s resigned I’ll no longer watch this team.
    Both he and “ You Rang” in the front office have to go. No more building around the main core. Rebuild get some draft choices this year can get a first rounder for Marchy, Maybe a first for Carlo, first for Bergy,
    There’s no easy fix, one more good player would not have made a difference. They needed a forward who could score but had grit and a tough mean, d that can skate decent on the offensive side they didn’t get it. Gone Matt , Taylor, Foligno pass him off for empty tin of pinty’s Forbort dreadful signing. Two of the most important things for the bruins get at least two first rounders for this years draft, and build through the draft, gonna be an unpleasant couple of the years. This club is done.Oh and get a goalie.Right now couldn’t less who wins the cup. Got
    a makeshift softball game late this afternoon, I’ll find something else to do this evening

    • So if Sweeney resigns (very different than re-sign) you’ll no longer watch? I though Sweeney resigning would make you happy?

      I think you grossly overestimate Bergeron value. Before they can hope to get a 1st round pick they’ll probably have to “re-sign” him. Not to be confused with “resign”. Nobody is giving up a 1st for negotiating rights for a 36 yo pending UFA.

      Marchand on the other hand could probably haul in more than a 1st. With 3 years left on a very nice deal, even at 34 years old.

      Carlo? Not sure what he returns to be honest.

      The Bruins weren’t really in a position to better themselves. Limited cap space and not a whole lot a valuable assets to trade without gutting themselves. They’re not looking much better this year coming with cap space.

      Mcavoy, is probably one of the most underrated players in the game. Swayman looked good. This team is a mess as far as cap structure and prospects going forward.

      They should trade Marchand, Hall, etc and build around Mcavoy. But with lots of teams looking to move high dollar contracts, and the cap barely budging. I wouldn’t expect any type of miracle turnaround.

      • Teams would be elbowing each other out of the way with package offers for Marchand – including Ottawa who could put together a pretty good package, including this year’s 7th overall pick.

        Love to see him join his home-area “student” Batherson (they, along with Crosby and MacInnon get together every summer in Nova Scotia at some point to begin working out for the coming season).

      • If. Bruins don’t want the same next year. They have some magical chairs to do
        Buy out Foligno saves almost 2 mil. Trade debrusk. Trade 1 or 2 d. Griz and or Rielly. Trade one of Coyle and or Smith. They are not blowing it up by trading hall. Marchand. Etc it is not the Bruin way

        Bruins lost to a better team And Canes will probably go to finals. March even mentioned in presser after game they knew it was the hardest series to win but they believed if they win they would go to finals Hockey gods said no. Frederick hits iron and canes score on follow up rush so instead of 2 2. Now 3 1. Coyle can’t settle perfect pass for open net goal These things are why the games are played Good luck to Canes. Hope they win whole thing

      • Why wouldn’t they trade these players? They’d be wasting Mcavoys best years?

        I’m not one for predictions, but I’m not sure the Canes, who struggled with Boston are beating either Florida or Tampa, and whoever comes out of NY / Pittsburgh.

  6. I thought the Maple Leafs were much better than historically they have been? We need to cut them some slack. Again, goaltending can take you to the promised land and Vasileskiy usually is the difference maker! That was a great series. So, now it’s time for Avalanche vs Blues. Let’s get it on. GO AVS!!!!!!

  7. Leafs fans (and I’m one for over 5 1/2 decades)…. The sky has not fallen. We are not in the burning embers of Hell

    It hurts…. Yes

    But we had basically zero shot at a cup this year….I said it many times….a cup in ‘22 meant beating Avs, likely both FLA teams; and likely Canes or Rangers… 4 series …. It just wasn’t happening this year

    Hurts…. Rip the bandaid off…. All good in long run as it forces a change.

    The true window is ‘23 and ‘24

    No cups in either guarantees AM walks 1/7/24 (still fair shot he walks then anyway; but guaranteed if they haven’t won a cup)

    The formula of 1/2 Cap on 4 forwards does not work

    JT controls own destiny and Leafs won’t be trading AM

    So it’s MM (at nigh $11 M on Cap) or WW ($7)

    It is doable…. and I hope they do it

    This is not a rebuild

    It is an on-the-fly retool moving a key forward

    This is not going to happen… but just imagine….

    WW & Holl for McCann and Soucy

    🤞🙏🤞🙏🤞🙏 GO LEAFS GO

    • Yes, the JT contract is the 2,000 lb. anchor that the Leaf’s are stuck with. It seems to me that Tavares fleeced 2 different teams within one year – he strung along the Islanders so they wouldn’t trade him at the deadline, then walked so the NYI’s wound up getting nothing in return, and then took $3-$4 M more than he was worth from the TML’s. I wonder if he carries a bank book with him every time he walks past a mirror so he can look at it rather than himself. Yes, the Leaf’s weren’t forced to give him that much money so he could fulfill his childhood dream, but they did, and probably regret it.

      • Did Tavares fleece Toronto? Or did Toronto fleece themselves?

        Toronto drafted an elite, generational talent, then got hosed by paying rfas a ridiculous amount of money. Combined with signing a player they didn’t really need for 11 million.

        Don’t blame Tavares for Dubas’s failures. Tavares didn’t put a gun to his head.

      • You got it, Iago … and it wasn’t just the annual cap hit that was overblown, it was the up-front money that 85% of the league could not do – even if they wanted to

        “John Tavares signed a 7 year / $77,000,000 contract with the Toronto Maple Leafs, including a $70,890,000 signing bonus, $77,000,000 guaranteed, and an annual average salary of $11,000,000. In 2022-23, Tavares will earn a base salary of $910,000 and a signing bonus of $7,040,000, while carrying a cap hit of $11,000,000. ”

        Pengy, all I can say from this vantage point is, they had better be able to move a couple of high-priced tickets from the core or you can forget about ’23 and ’24 -unless the cap goes up significantly before then. Because, not only is it impossible to flesh out a solid 23-man NHL roster with over 50% of your cap tied up in a small handful of players, you can’t even keep the better of your supporting cast if they come up for contract renewals before or during those years (e.g. Bunting and Holl who are UFAs after next season and Kallgren who’s an RFA after next season).

        They can’t afford to keep Giordano, who’s a UFA now, and while it’s fine to say they can do better than Holl on D – with who and for how much?

        I think Marner and Nylander would be great adds to any team – but looking around I just don’t see too many with the Cap wherewithal to take on effectively $11 mil and $7 mil cap hits and/or the commodities that the Leafs would want in return – or that they would be prepared to relinquish.

      • C.O. – I did point out that the TML’s weren’t forced to give him that much money. But Tavares accepted far more money than he has earned, is earning, and will earn for the balance of his contract. He does own some responsibility for that. And yes, he certainly isn’t alone in this, since many folks in professional sports, and society in general, are guilty of similar greed.

      • Hi Iago

        True Leafs didn’t HAVE to get JT…. true his current performance doesn’t come close to Cap/Cash hits…. But…

        At time of signing …. Leaf’s wanted him; he was a top level UFA C…. Leafs at best paid $500K – $750 K over market value as at time of signing…. he got basically what other teams would have paid (again, possibly marginally more but certainly not a ton more at the time) and he chose T.O.

        The Cap crunch came with the Capitulation on the WW contract

        If he sits that year… no change to Leafs outcome that year… but…

        WW then has to sign for less (negotiating power then in Dubas favour)

        Dubas then also has the negotiating upper hand on the AM and MM contracts

        This was one of the few times when I saw eye to eye with Burke who said on HNIC….that if Dubas had not signed WW, and made him sit out the year, that the end result for the three contracts (AM , MM, WW) would have netted Leafs at least an additional $3M – $5M annually in Cap space, better suited to the back end; AND very likely gets another year on the AM contract

        That’s in the past now

        Moving forward …. Window is narrow…. Solution IMHO…. Move on of MM or AM for a strengthened back end and additional Cap space

        This CAN be done

      • Wait…. Iago… are you saying you wouldn’t take more money if you could to do your job?

      • In all fairness to Tavares, prior to that deal, he was probably one of the best dollar for dollar deals in the league for years.

        I’m not going to fault anybody for trying to squeeze a little more out. Why wouldn’t they? In the real world most people aren’t going to tell their boss, “a 10k raise? That’s way too much, please cut that in half, I’m not worth what you’re trying to give me”

        The only thing that drives me nuts is the players that complain about the state of their team after taking massive deals. Doughty, Toews etc. I mean seriously, what did you expect?

        I think we at times minimize the reality of taking more money. Nobody I know is going to turn down a significant raise.

        I think we are just prone to making it sound easier, because at the end of the day, it’s not our money. Lol

        If my boss comes to me tomorrow and says, we’re giving you 11 million per year, I’m collecting if it means I bankrupt the entire organization!

      • Hi George

        Re “had better be able to move a couple of high-priced tickets from the core or you can forget about ’23 and ’24…”

        They don’t need to move a couple…. One will do the trick

        Converting WW or AM into bolstering the back end AND extra Cap space (for other moves)…. Can work

        Agree… Gio can’t logically be re-signed

        Agree …. Holl needs to be moved

        Re “I think Marner and Nylander would be great adds to any team – but looking around I just don’t see too many with the Cap wherewithal to take on effectively $11 mil and $7 mil cap hits and/or the commodities that the Leafs would want in return – or that they would be prepared to relinquish.”…. agree re MM…. very tough re Cap hit

        However… WW @ $7M…. IS a viable move…. Certainly quite a few more teams can take on (well trade for) $6M in Cap than almost $11M

        Dubas just needs to come to this conclusion….Not moving one of them…. Hard to see a cup in either of ‘23 or ‘24…. Then all but guaranteeing the AM exit at midnight 30/6/24

      • Oooops

        “Converting WW or AM”…. should be “Converting WW or MM”

        Single finger typing; looking @ “small” iPhone screen , with weak eyes …. Doh 🤪🤬🤬😭

      • Well Chrisms, I have been retired for a while now, but will say that I was always cognizant and appreciative of the good wages I earned while working, as well as every cent of income I have in retirement. There are many folks on this planet less fortunate than I, and I try and life my life accordingly. I am much more concerned with others, including my children and all future generations, than my wife and I. We in the US are living well beyond our means, incurring debt that will not be paid off in my lifetime, debt that my daughters and others will need to reckon with, and have done the best I can to assist. We boomers own the debt, and I am embarrassed by it, just as I think JT should be of his contract.

      • While I appreciate your position Lago,and share some of the same concerns, I think the issue is getting a bit confused.

        You’re comparing wasted tax dollars by the government to your personal finances.

        Not sure about you, but I certainly don’t contribute to the government spending. Nor have I ever benefited a thing from the government excessive spending. Nothing, not one dime. Covid money, unemployment, any type of financial aide or assistance.
        We paid off our own college loans / debt. Zero. My Conscience is 100% clear.

        My wife and I have / and still do pay more than our fair share. To the point of nauseam. Especially when we see other peoples tax returns and benefits received. Tax returns? What’s that like?

        But, Have you ever turned down a pay raise for the good of the company?

        Honestly, I have personally, never or had an employee turn down more money, nor have I ever heard of something like that.

        I think the vast majority of people feel they’re underpaid no matter how you compensate them.

      • That’s a stretch iago. I appreciate the acknowledgment of the fortunate times the boomers had handed to them. Your generation could work hard and usually see the benefits of that hard work. Now a days that’s less of a guarantee. But saying Tavares should regret his contract? I’m f he took less it would only go to another nhl player. Maybe he uses his money for betterment of people and organizations other than just himself and his family? It’s not like if he took less it would cut into the national debt.

      • Pengy, you say the Leafs can solve their cap problems by dealing only Nylander.

        Right now CapFriendly’s updated summary for the Leafs following their elimination shows $74,439,783 committed to 17 with $7,847,777 to sign 6. These 4 RFAs all need new deals: Kase and Engvall, both with arbitration rights and coming off $1,250,000 each, Sandin ($894,167) and Liljegren ($863,333). Their expiring cap hits totalled $4.2 mil so, if all are re-upped, even with minimal increases, you’re still looking at a total of around $6 mil, so now you’re down to $1,847,777 to sign 2, one of which has to be a goalie, unless you want to enter the season with the tandem of Mrazek and Kallgren.

        Obviously not, so OK, you deal Nylander and his $6,962,366 cap hit (no big ticket item can come Toronto’s way in the deal) and RD Holl who has 1 year to go at $2 mil per, and suddenly you have $10,810,143 to again sign 4 as you’ll need satisfactory replacements for Nylander and Holl.
        Re-signing Campbell is going to cost at least $5 mil off the cap (and I’m sure there will be teams prepared to offer him something closer to $6.2 so the dickering could get intense). Let’s say he signs for $5.5 – now you have $5,310,143 to sign 3. In this scenario, they’d likely bring RD Lyubushkin back to replace Holl – but he’ll want a decent hike over his expiring $1,350,000 cap hit, so let’s say he agrees to $2.5, so now you have $1,810,143 to sign 2.

        Giordano is therefore gone for sure.

        Do you realistically believe they can fill those 2 spots with elevations from the Marlies or cheap UFAs like Spezza and Simmonds and, in the end, with the loss of Nylander’s offense, somehow be a better team than they were this season?

      • Hi George

        When I sad deal only WW… I meant of the 4 biggies (of which I really only meant 2…. WW or MM vs BOTH WW & MM)

        That said…. Moving only WW, and no one else …. IS doable….

        As at right now per CapFreindly …. Leafs have 17 players accounted for in 22/23….so 6 slots to fill…. and over $7.8 M to do it

        Moving just WW ; and absolutely no one else currently under contract for 22/23 (I’m not saying any of their other mid /lower level players aren’tmoving; and I’m not necessarily saying RFAs MUST be re-upped) but just to show the math)….

        That’s $14.8 M for 7 spots… doable. Tight but doable.

        As I said… Gio gone…. Should not be re-upped, unless they somehow get a very very beneficial hometown discount

        Keeping 1/2 Cap on the 4 Fwds… IMVHO… is not winning them the cup

      • Pengy, Tavares chose Toronto for one reason and one reason alone – that up-front money that most of the league simply could not afford to match.

        That’s the questionable “benefit” of being the richest team in the league … but being the richest doesn’t translate into being the best if you keep making mistakes of that magnitude.

    • Please tell us what your fascination is with Carson Soucy????????

    • Pengy, it’s not like the Leafs just didn’t win the Cup. Once again, they couldn’t get out of the first round. Tampa was there to be had and the Leafs couldn’t do it. They are 0 fo 9 in games over the last few years when they had a chance to move on. 0 for 9!!! You’d think they’d win at least one. The Matthews-Marner era is 6 years old and not one series win.
      Those who make excuses for the Leafs by talking about how they took the defending champions to 7 games are not doing them any favors. The sad fact is that this group lacks the killer instinct needed to win in the playoffs. The good teams find ways to win games like last night. The Leafs don’t.
      I recall a line from a 1990s film called Greedy which starred Kirk Douglas and Michael J Fox. A network cameraman, observing the struggles of a struggling bowler, remarks “When they lose so long they don’t know how to win”. That’s the Leafs in the playoffs right now. I’m not saying they need to break up the team, but some changes are necessary.

      • Valid points Howard

        Again just my opinion…. But I , prior to the series start, had hoped that Leafs would get to game 6 where I fully expected Bolts to win the series

        I truly believe Leaf’s put on an amazing series; and outperformed what the probable outcome was

        These ARE the 2 time defending SC champs

        They DO have the outstanding play-off goalie

        Taking them to game 7 was very good IMHO

        Playing solidly AND able to bounce back…. was good IMHO

        I just might be a “lowered expectations” type of guy after 55 years… or perhaps…. Just pragmatic ???

        I am looking forward …. Looking very forward…. To what transpires over the summer for the Leafs

    • @pengy Please, enough with the initials already! Just who is WW? My guess is it must be either Wally Weir or maybe Wojtek Wolski???

      • Yeah, initials, and jersey numbers, gets me lost many times also. WW is Pengy’s longstanding term for Nylander. “Wee Willie”. Cheers HarryO.

    • My apologies folks – I’ve led the discussion astray. Let’s get back to hockey. I’ll restate my original premise, then shut up. Signing Tavares solved a problem that Toronto didn’t have at the time, which was scoring goals, and restricted their ability to solve the problem they did have at the time, which was keeping the puck out of their net. And yes, ultimately, Shanahan and Dubas own the issue.

  8. Well guys…we now know the greatest rivalry in hockey..

    The Leafs VS the first round of the playoffs.

    I think at this point…the Detroit Lions are going to win a Stanley Cup before the Toronto Maple Leafs do!

    • Does that mean that the Leaf’s will win the Super Bowl ?

  9. I saw only a bit of Bruins/Canes…. What I saw…. Exciting

    Oil/King…. Watched it all

    Two Stars of the game …. McD and Quick

    No Quick…. Oil steamroll on the scoresheet

    For those who didn’t see the game… the score belies the actual game

    Oil dominated

    McD dominated…. EVERYWHERE

    He IS the best player on the planet

    Those who espouse he does not have a 200’ game… were not watching the Oil games this year and certainly were not watching last night

    Plain and simple…. Just friggin impressive

    …. and Canada had Eric Staal as 1C in the Olympics…..Me thinks the results would have been massively different if the NHL had been allowed to go to theOlympics


    Flames “should” win….. and the Battle of Alta is back…. but….. Oettinger could very well block that scenario all by himself

    Pens…. If Sid, Jarry, Rackell all healthy and playing…. Great chances for Pens

    No Sid, No Jarry…. highly likely Tee times Tuesday morning

    Go Pens Go

  10. Now Canadian fans can enjoy hockey without the media keying on the Leafs on an hourly basis

    • Amen!

  11. Once again the Maple Loaves don’t disappoint me … bwahahahahahahahahaha

    imo they badly need a top notch puck moving offensive d-man to pair with Muzzin, Reilly isn’t it. they’ll never get McAvoy but someone like him.

    and a shutdown 3rd line and a brand new 4thline.

    Tavares is a luxury but impossible to trade … but he’s the one that should go. his contract is an albatross.

    how about Carson Soucy??????

    • New proposal for NHL board of governors at next general meeting to consider.

      Bye in first round for Toronto Maple Leafs, starting with next years Stanley Cup playoffs.

  12. Mike smith . .938 , two shutouts . Rock solid after that game 1 gaffe .
    Evander Kane , great series , physical force .
    Duncan Keith steady and solid mentoring Bouchard who is also playing a much more complete game.
    Codi ceci , not only a replacement for larsson , an improvement , rock solid all year with more offence , playing his best hockey down the stretch into the playoffs with different partners .
    Leon gutting it out on one leg .
    Kulak , great addition , perfect fit.
    Archibald solid in bottom 6 with some jump and physical .
    Mcdavid pure domination .
    Maybe , just maybe Kenny does know a thing or two .

  13. George, congrats on Nick Paul. You must be proud. The bad news is his performance probably insures he doesn’t return to Sens.
    Re: Taveras – he didn’t have to squeeze anybody. The Sharks were waiting in the wings to pay him more than Toronto.
    Condolences to all Leaf’s and Bruins fans on this blog. These are tough pills to swallow.

    • Hey Hud … good to see a new name on the board. Yeah, I always liked Paul, especially the way he responded to the up-and-down-like-a-yo-yo routine after coming over from Dallas in the Spezza deal. It took some doing by Mann in the AHL to get the message firmly across that a guy with his skating ability and size had to use both consistently to his advantage if he wanted to stick in the NHL, as he’s just not a “natural” goal-scorer.

      Yeah, if TB can’t find the cap to keep him I’m sure there will be several teams making UFA offers this summer. He may as well see what develops.

      No, Tavares didn’t have to squeeze anyone, as you say – they were ready to bury him in cash. But then, neither Karlsson nor Burns had to do that either and while no one can fault anyone for not turning down the big paydays, you have to figure that, at some point – if their team is sinking or simply can’t go deep in the playoffs due to an imbalanced roster caused by cap restraints and they’re hungry for a cup – they must sit down and privately contemplate the reality of the situation and realize that a team with 50%+ of their cap invested in 5 or 6 players, is going to find it very difficult.

      • Tampa usually finds a way, Paul has been a great fit. If there’s a third cup, everyone will be overvalued again and choices will have to be made, but if not, he’s likely to stay on a bridge, with a great organization where he’s been a great fit, and get more in a couple of years. He’s had a flash in Tampa, not the culmination of a build-up like Coleman or Goodreau. do I think the money will be reasonable.

  14. Awful effort from the Kings beyond Quick. They simply weren’t getting shots on goal, let alone quality ones, for way too much of the game. Smith is not good, you need to pepper him though.

  15. I’ll save you all a lot of trouble Av’s win the cup.

    • If I’m an Avs fan (which I’m not) that endorsement pretty much puts the kibosh to their season!

  16. PB comes back say for a 1 year there wont be any $$$$$ to improve the D get a C for that 2nd line or clean up those 3rd & 4th lines, Bruins will have a tough road ahead in the offseason…..maybe they can get Ullmark to OK a trade, move Foligno,Matt & a few other strickly depth players

  17. Joe I Think old man time has a caught up with the b’s that and they don’t have enough depth to play with the big boys tear it apart, I mean everything. if they can secure two number one’s, start from there. But Sweeney cannot be choosing the draft picks or making any more trades he’s got to be gone after this season