NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – June 10, 2022

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The Lightning are on the verge of their third straight trip to the Stanley Cup Final plus the latest on Evander Kane, the Avalanche’s injured players, and more in today’s NHL morning coffee headlines.

NHL.COM: The Tampa Bay Lightning are one win away from advancing to the Stanley Cup Final for the third straight year after downing the New York Rangers 3-1 in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals.

Tampa Bay Lightning winger Ondrej Palat (NHL Images).

Ondrej Palat broke a 1-1 tie late in the third by deflecting Mikhail Sergachev’s screened point shot past Rangers goaltender Igor Shesterkin. Brandon Hagel added the insurance goal into an empty net. Andrei Vasilevskiy made 24 saves for the win. The Lightning can wrap up the series on home ice in Game 6 on Saturday.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This was the tightest-checking game of this series with the outcome in doubt before Palat netted his second straight game-winner. Both goaltenders were outstanding but Shesterkin had no chance on Palat’s goal. It was the Rangers’ first loss on home ice since Game 1 of their first-round series against the Pittsburgh Penguins.

There’s no question the Lightning have shaken off their slow start to this series and now hold the momentum returning to Tampa Bay for Game 6. Their championship experience and disciplined play have made the difference over the last three games. We’ll find out on Saturday if the Rangers can find a way to overcome this deficit and force a seventh and deciding game in New York.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Evander Kane appeared to bid farewell to Edmonton after posting a gracious thank-you to the Oilers and their fans on Instagram yesterday. In his statement, Kane said he was grateful “to have had the opportunity to play with such a committed, hardworking and loyal group of men.” He called the team a “first-class organization” and thanked them “for giving me the opportunity to play for such a historic franchise.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: An optimistic will say Kane is leaving the door open for a possible return. Perhaps I’m being cynical, but this looks like he’s saying goodbye. The 30-year-old winger is slated to become an unrestricted free agent this summer.

THE DENVER POST: The Colorado Avalanche got some good news on some of their sidelined players ahead of the Stanley Cup Final. Goaltender Darcy Kuemper said he’s fully recovered from the upper-body injury that forced him out of Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals against the Edmonton Oilers and sidelined him for the remainder of that series.

Forwards Nazem Kadri and Andrew Cogliano suffered broken thumbs during that series. However, Avalanche coach Jared Bednar is optimistic they could return at some point during the Stanley Cup Final. The Avs are awaiting the winner of the Eastern Conference Finals.

THE SCORE: Bruce Cassidy was as surprised as everyone else when he was recently fired as head coach of the Boston Bruins. Speaking with reporters on Thursday, Cassidy said he was told by management that his job was safe during his end-of-season interview.

Cassidy might not be unemployed for long. He revealed he’s already spoken with a number of teams. “I want to get back to work. Hopefully, it’s a really good fit – best fit possible,” he said.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Some observers say that this doesn’t reflect well on Bruins general manager Don Sweeney, who visited Cassidy at home to deliver the bad news. I’ve heard it suggested that Sweeney was forced into firing him by team president Cam Neely.

Whatever the reason or whoever was behind it, this story only adds to the sense of offseason upheaval and confusion swirling about the Bruins of late.

TORONTO SUN: The Maple Leafs are seeking a new goaltending coach after parting ways with Steve Briere on Thursday. He’d held that role since 2015-16.

NYI HOCKEY NOW: The New York Islanders have relieved assistant coaches Jim Hiller and John Gruden of their duties.

MONTREAL GAZETTE: The Chicago Blackhawks have reportedly asked the Canadiens for permission to speak with assistant coach Luke Richardson.

THE PROVINCE: The Blackhawks have also asked the Vancouver Canucks for permission to meet with assistant coach Brad Shaw.


  1. The gamers at the garden found three ‘pipe-no-goal’ tokens last night but the MSG magic wasn’t enough.
    The 5th floor shield of invulnerability failed. Buildings don’t win hockey games. Ugly tho; watching the Lightning last night without Point to carry the puck was like a Pips concert without Gladys Knight. The Lightning found a way, however, and some of the Rangers looked to be squeezing the resin out of their sticks when faced with an open shot, especially during the Bolt’s third period Left D Rope-A-Dope without McDonough. Ondre Palat is now third among actives in playoff game winning goals with a doink off the knee as the puck luck evened out late in the third. Even ‘sending a message’ after the game went badly as one of the Ranger’s youth was schooled by the Captain (who never fights). NYR has lost twice in games they might’ave could’ave, should’ave won and I don’t know if they have the juice left to take the next two. Bolts will remember 2018 and know that the fourth win, even in their barn, in the hardest. Special excuse in the papers will likely be that the Rangers should have had a bunch more power plays; a lot could have been called both way and this night the zebras chose not to. Or Reaves, though why???

    In retrospect, leaning on strength and streak at home may not have been best psychology for the Rangers; but it may not matter, as to my eye the 19 games in 38 days for this group’s first deep run is showing up against a Lightning team no able to dictate to a degree where the Rangers can and can’t go on the ice.

    • Richard. Agree on most of your points. Especially the puck luck. Don’t believe Rangers relying on anything but playing their game and that’s it. Home crowd gives you a little juice, but fact that most of team has never had an extended season like this. Even without playoffs, there’s the 2 shortened seasons due to Covid. They’ve been down 3-2 in previous series, but this looks different. Their best just hasn’t been good enough.

      • The Rangers had several glorious chances to score in the third. Over passed the puck or misfired.

        But yes, winning two in a row against Tampa most unlikely. Still, the Rangers have acquitted themselves nicely. Experience in the playoff bank.

    • And the first Pips reference on Spector’s Hockey goes to Richard!

      Methinks you aced Lit and grammar as well.

      Well done sir.

    • That was one of the best I’ve read on here in quite some time. A very enjoyable recap.

      Well done.

  2. That late goal is tantamount to a punch in the gut. Looks like a Tampa-Colorado final for sure.

    Huh. All this time the problems in the Leafs goaltending has been the goalie coach. Wonder why it took 6 years to figure that out?

    Traikos, in this morning’s Sun, has an interesting take on possibly why Cassidy was dumped under the heading “Did the Bruins fire Cassidy Because He Was Winning Too Much? Sounds idiotic on the surface, but give it a read – sounds like a page out of Eddie Johnson’s playbook when he did everything he could to make sure the Penguins lost in the “race” to get Mario Lemieux


      • FD, that just proves that the world is chock-a-block full of gutless wonders – same warped mentality uses a gun to shoot defenseless people.

      • FD, didn’t realize you’d already posted a link to that video.

      • WTF is with that guy?
        Takes hockey a little too seriously.
        Or just a dick.

      • I would think, with the video and witnesses, it shouldn’t be too hard to track him down and have him charged with assault. And bar him from MSG.

      • From the NY Post article:

        James Anastasio, 29, of Staten Island, was arrested and charged with two counts of assault, two counts of disorderly conduct, and two counts of harassment, cops confirmed to The Post.

      • Thanks Doubleminor – good. Throw the book at the SOB. Any word on the poor guy who took it?

    • That’s a good article George.
      I likely think that because he thinks about it the same way I do!

      Makes sense to me anyway.

      • If that article doesn’t align with how you think, is it still a good article?

      • Ron, huh?
        I don’t know, since his thought process kind of mirrors mine, if it didn’t I could answer that.

        What I mean is that I am biased since it does, ask somebody else, who thinks differently.


    • George just to enlighten you so you won’t make another ignorant comment….that goalie coach didn’t receive an extension after 5 yrs working there. The team needs to make changes and this is a small rather insignificant one. I guess you’re one of the guys that keeps every together regardless? Pointless comment of a pointless news item.

      • It was tongue-in-cheek for Krossakes. Get some addition skin, will you. I’m effing tired of your jumping on every frigging Leaf comment that you view as “ignorant.” Speaking of which ….

  3. The Cassidy episode is one of the lowest points in bruins history. You have a winning coach, you’ve already Lost Rask, Krug,. Feeble adds Foligno, Forbort, Nosek, …along with expensive contracts.
    Probably the most irritating thing about this whole affair is Sweeney and Neely sweeping all their mess under the rug and Immediately throwing Cassidy under the bus. It’s yet another blatant attempt to cover their tracks Ownership once again turning a blind eye. Please sell the team to someone who has an idea of how to build a winning team. Yzerman Would have tough time trying to turn this disaster around.

    • “Cassidy” revealed he’s already spoken with a number of teams. “I want to get back to work. Hopefully, it’s a really good fit – best fit possible,”

      You can bet that, wherever he winds up, that team will be extra-prepared whenever they meet up with the Bruins.

  4. If Neeley is so tough,was he at the press conference w/Sweeney was roasted by the writers.

    • He’s probably been hanging around too many politicians to ever put himself in that position.

  5. Reporters are really turned up the heat on Sweeney at his press conference and he did a lot of squirming. Neely won’ t show up for those press conferences because. He doesn’t like being asked relevant questions other than the usual standard kind. He is a horrible president who can’t tell his yin Yang from his elbow he and Sweeney are in way over their head. Just look at the mess they have created.

    • Rick, clearly your ongoing rant against Sweeney is more than valid. For what it’s worth, please accept this cranky old man’s apology for the repeated digs over the course of the past year.

      • No problem George Once he blew it with the 2015 draft, the hair on the nape of my neck starting standing on end . But despite his ability to sign players for some pretty good deals others he totally went over the line Forbort Ullmark, Backes, Foligno it just seems like he always late to the party for free agency you waited for the big name then we got Backes, Then we finally get a first rounder and he gets John Beecher, sorry I’ve caught some Hockey games on the set with Beecher there we times he looked invisible. I really thought this was it for those two Neely and Sweeney and yet they get another kick at the can. Frustrating. Your posts are good by the way
        I may not agree with them but some of them you have obviously done your homework on

      • Hey, if we all agreed with each other Lyle would have a short-lived mutual admiration society on his hands.

    • I would not assume this was Sweeney’s call.
      Perhaps that is the reason Sweeney said status quo in the meeting with Cassidy?
      Then he manned up and went to see Cassidy at his home, face to face. And it would have been a short conversation, as that is how those conversations have to go.

      Is this a terrible look for the B’s? Yep, absolutely.
      I liked Cassidy as a coach, have never said otherwise.

      I have been a B’s fan since 1969, when I was 4 and started playing the game. Jeremy Jacobs has owned the team since 75. If I have learned anything about Jeremy, is that he does stick his nose in when he thinks he needs to and does it behind closed doors.

      And he gets what he wants. Whether NHL lockouts and negotiations, or the B’s. I don’t know that, but if I had to bet $20…

      If I had to place another bet, the recent injuries and Bergy’s likely retirement has changed the calculation upstairs. I feel a quick reboot attempt coming, but again total guess. I wouldn’t put Jacobs above starting the Pasta rumor actually, or just click bait.

      I don’t feel bad for Cassidy, he will double dip for a year, and perhaps get a substantial raise. He will be moving from a team with the window closed, for either a short period, or a long one. To one that is open – like LV or one that is going open soon – like a Detroit.

      Good for him.

      • Ray have you ever seen the tape the Bruins meeting discussing the trading of Tyler Seguin ……Neely had the Big say in that trade not PC, everything goes thru Neely before it gets to the GM

      • Maybe it’s Neely Joe, I dunno.

        I think Neely is simply the conduit between Jacobs and the team. Only thing I am basing it on is Jacob’s past behavior. Dude is pretty hard nosed, “his way or the highway” kinda guy who rarely gets in front of the camera.

        Neither of us know, just seems like it wasn’t Sweeney’s call. Him intentionally lying to Cassidy seems like a stretch to me.

      • Joe, what you describe about Neely and Jacobs sounds very much like Melnyk hiring Pierre McGuire. That that only lasted until shortly after Melnyk’s death tells me it never sat well with Dorion.

        Shanahan in Toronto seems to be another similar situation, something they also tried briefly in Vancouver with Trevor Linden. That didn’t last very long either. Meanwhile, Shanahan is heading into his 9th year of the Shanaplan – probably augmented by the fact that, unlike ownership in the other places, in TO is ownership by committee representing a couple of giant conglomerates.

  6. when the Bruins found out the PB was thinking about retiring you knew this was going to be a terrible offseason the way the roster is set and even if there weren’t any injuries to deal with …..no legit 1st or 2nd center and no cap = a issue

    • It sure does Joe.
      I have been beating that drum for a while as well. Not like we didn’t see this coming, players age out.

      Problem is, true #1 C’s (the ones playing on contenders) get drafted, and almost always in the top 5. Or top 10 minimum. Bergy and Krecji, while on the same team, are still the exception not the rule.

    • It’s not going to be rough season Joe ,without going into too much detail,the bruins should be bottom dwellers this year. The only way they might inch inch in the post season is,Swayman plays lights out and they get back Patty and David. But as time lingers on it’s looking more and more like Bergy’s going to hang ‘em up. There’s some glimmer of hope if David comes back. But Sweeney has really muddled this up. The guy’s got no vision in The Gm position maybe he should hire a Life gm Yzerman might be able to offer some tips cause Sweeney doesn’t have it.I am afraid the bruins free fall is about to unravel.

  7. Cassidy is going to be one of the best coaches in the NHL….Hello LV

  8. 🍁Edmonton Oilers are looking at a Couple of things on there Defence and Trade names floating around in Edmonton are,
    RD Tyson Barrie, RW Jess PulJujarvi, power forward Zack Kassian,

    The Oilers also have 4 UFA that they are not bringing back next season,

    They will add Hollaway and maybe young Carter Savoie and maybe one of the young LD men from Bakersfield Nemo or Broberg… mid season as they are not quite ready yet❓

    1)Tyson Barrie trade with the Seattle, they need a puck moving d/man as there are only a few on the market with Seattle in a rebuild situation sounding like they are looking at local Boy LD&RD man
    Carson Sucey
    other name conected to this is big RW Jess PulJujarvi

    2) The other Team intrested in Barrie is the Habs, They are also looking at Barrie in the rebuilding Defence, they trying to move out jeff Petry & and an other’s….
    Habs to many forwards and if they take Wright 1st over all they will have to move a top 6 forward to get one off the books.
    They need to save salary in the Re-build they are looking at moving RW Josh Anderson… the Oiler’s need a top 6 RW….? 1 Million in salary difrence there🤔

    just waiting on the official Announcement Mike Smith will retire… Hopfully Soon as he showed in the playoffs at 40 & he is done….❓

    So the oilers will look at the UFA goaltender Market they need someone to play 50-55 Games
    Jack Cambell, Villie Husso, and a couple more
    that should set them ip for the next 4-5 year in Net

    AHL from Bakersfeild, Young Stewart Skinner will get the back up roll for next season, He should get about 30 games to break him in

    Last But not least the Oilers want to Bring Back local boy Brent Kulak as a LD man for the 2nd or 3rd paring LD he fit in very well with the team.