NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – June 27, 2022

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The Colorado Avalanche are the 2022 Stanley Cup champions and Cale Makar is named playoff MVP. Details and more in today’s NHL morning coffee headlines.

NHL.COM: The Colorado Avalanche are Stanley Cup champions for the first time in 21 years. They defeated the defending champion Tampa Bay Lightning 2-1 in Game 6 of the 2022 Stanley Cup Final to take the best-of-seven series in six games.

Colorado Avalanche win the 2022 Stanley Cup (NHL.com).

Nathan MacKinnon had a goal and an assist and Artturi Lehkonen tallied the game-winner as the Avalanche overcame a 1-0 deficit in the second period. Darcy Kuemper made 23 saves for the win. Steven Stamkos scored for the Lightning.

Avalanche defenseman Cale Makar won the Conn Smythe Trophy as the most valuable player in the postseason. The 23-year-old led the Avalanche with 29 points in 20 games. He’s the third defenseman in NHL history to win the Smythe and the James Norris Trophy as the top blueliner in the regular season, joining Bobby Orr (1970, 1972) and Nicklas Lidstrom (2002). He’s also the third defenseman to win the Smythe at 23 or younger, with Orr (1970) and Serge Savard (1969) as the others.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Congratulations to Makar and to his Avalanche teammates for their well-deserved Stanley Cup championship. Their Stanley Cup parade in Denver will be held on Thursday, June 30, starting at 10 am local time.

SPORTSNET: Avalanche center Nazem Kadri revealed he suffered multiple breaks in his thumb in Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals with the Edmonton Oilers. He returned to action in Game 4 of this series and scored the overtime winner. Kadri also had some choice words for his critics. “For everyone that thought I was a liability in the playoffs, you can kiss my ass,” he said.

Avalanche head coach Jared Bednar has now won a championship in three professional leagues. He coached the South Carolina Stingrays to the ECHL’s Kelly Cup in 2009 and the Lake Erie Monsters to the AHL’s Calder Cup in 2016.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Bednar’s first season behind the Avalanche bench in 2016-17 saw them finish with a league-worst record of 22-56-4, prompting some critics to suggest he was unsuitable to coach at the NHL level or not the right bench boss for a rebuilding club. The criticism resurfaced last year as the club failed to advance past the second round after winning the Presidents’ Trophy. However, Avalanche general manager Joe Sakic stuck with him and was rewarded for his loyalty.

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman was unavailable to present the Stanley Cup after being diagnosed with COVID-19. It’s the first time since he became commissioner in 1993 that he hasn’t presented the Cup to the winning team. Deputy commissioner Bill Daly did the honors in his absence.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The presentation wasn’t the same without Bettman getting booed. In all seriousness, here’s hoping he makes a full recovery. The same goes to everyone else out there who’s also currently battling COVID-19.

It took only five minutes for the Stanley Cup to suffer some damage. Avalanche forward Nicolas Aube-Kubel accidentally dropped it as he was joining his teammates for the traditional post-game on-ice team photo, denting the base of the trophy.

THE DENVER POST: Avalanche forward Andre Burakovsky revealed he broke his right thumb during Game 2 of the Cup Final, sidelining him for the remainder of the series. Winger Valeri Nichushkin played through an ankle injury that he suffered in Game 5. Team captain Gabriel Landeskog skipped all the postseason morning skates as he continued to recover from the knee surgery he underwent near the end of the regular season.

SPORTSNET: Lightning center Brayden Point missed Game 6 with what was called a “severe injury” by coach Jon Cooper. Point suffered a lower-body injury in Game 7 of the first-round series with the Toronto Maple Leafs and missed the next two series. He returned for two games in the Final before leaving the lineup again.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cooper described the number of injuries suffered by his players during this postseason as “mind-boggling”. Details should emerge in the coming days. He said they would’ve had half of their minor-league team playing if it had been the regular season.

THE SCORE: Cooper and Lightning captain Steven Stamkos dismissed the idea that their time as Stanley Cup contenders is over. “Who says we’re done?” he told reporters following the game. Cooper pointed out his club has been to six Conference Finals in the past eight years.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That will depend on what moves general manager Julien BriseBois makes in the offseason. I’ll have more on that in today’s Rumors update.


  1. Congrats to the Avs

    Would love to have seen a game 7

    The series was great

    Congrats Makar…. Great year; great series; topped off with a Cup and the Conn Smythe

    Love Mac K’s shout out to Sid

    Love Kadri’s jab at his haters

    I do feel sorry for the Bolts (grossly missed Manson hook… seconds later an Avs goal; and possession gained twice during a delayed penalty that should have blown play dead; instead …. Avs score)

    That said…. Better team in the series won the Cup; no question. I’d just rather that it had gone 7.

    The series was close…. Each team had a blowout win at home; each lost at home; and 4 1-goal victories including 2 in OT

    A 7th game would have been nice… Avs win at home; all hockey fans get 7 great games

    Bolts and Dynasty???

    No question in anybody’s mind that they would have been automatically been crowned a dynasty had they 3-peated

    I believe that there is a good argument still for them to be labeled as such

    Went to 6 of last 8 ECF

    Were in 4 of last 8 SCF

    Won 11 straight series

    Won B2B Cups

    Got very close to a 3-peat…. Took the SCF (in their 3rd straight appearance) to game 6; down their top C; and matched a blowout win to their opponent’s blowout win; and the other 3 losses were 1 goal games (2 in OT; one of which was with Avs having too many men on the ice)

    To me…. Bolts …. Dynasty

    Unlikely , but It would not shock me to see Bolts in Cup next year (they need to get by Shesterkin again; but it could happen)

    Again…. Tannenbaum needs to reach out to Vinik to find out what it will take to trade Dubas for BriseBois

    • what no cograts to JJ ?

      • Hi Fergy,

        I tried to type that , but my fingers kept on cramping…. Just couldn’t do it

        If JJ had played with Pens even at 1/2 the level he played with Avs….. Pens not only win both of those 2 first rounds exits he cost; but perhaps more

        I guess that is why my fingers would just not congratulate him…. They still hold a cavernous grudge

    • When I saw Jack Johnson lift the cup last night, Pengy, I could only think of you.

      • Hi Randino

        I’m sure all Penguins from the two years he was on Pens were thinking….you individually cost us 2 first round exits…. Why couldn’t you play like that (Avs rendition) for us?

      • On the bright side, Pittsburgh is still paying him for 4 more years.

    • In my humble opinion Tampa got away with a bunch of no calls they were running around slashing and hooking all game. After every whistle they were screaming at the Refs like a bunch of 9 year olds Stamkos even shot the puck at a ref. Maroon was acting like a buffoon and Cooper was pouting all game long. The right team won for sure and Makar is an absolute stud best player on the planet right now.

      • Anyone see Kuch throw his glove a the equipment manager after he broke his stick, and there wasn’t one ready for him when he went to the bench.

      • Hi Obe

        No question at all that Bolts were getting away with stuff later and Avs deserved the win and the cup

        To be fair though…. The Bolts cavalcade of slashes etc and complaining to Sutherland was after he refused to call the Manson hook (resulting in Avs goal on same play; and after Sutherland refused to blow the play dead after Bolts possession (twice on same delayed penalty) that resulted in a goal

        Certainly not professional the way they (Bolts) went about things; but I do empathize their frustrations in a series deciding game . I’m confident that they were still irked at the missed too many men (Kadri OT goal)

        Refs were letting both sides equally get away with small stuff early; but I’m confident Bolts got their backs up after the Manson non call

        Overall the point is moot…. Right (best) team won…. I personally would have loved a 7th game…. extra game of entertainment for all NHL fans; AND hoisting Cup at home id always a great scene

        Congrats again to Avs

    • Pengy, agree with almost everything you said – except WHY did you dredge up that mod word “hater”? It is, without a shadow of a doubt, THE most erroneous word ever used in such a context.

      • Hi George

        Sorry to have upset you with my use of “hater”

        We agree to disagree that the word is erroneous in the situation

        The use of it (hater) is understood by all as hyperbole…. but in that context of hyperbole use…. to me it works and is acceptable

        A more specific, appropriate and non-hyperbolic word would have been say “detractors”

        “Non-supporters” is far too soft

        Perhaps “naysayers” ??

        Many on here would likely say that I’m a JJ “hater”

        I certainly don’t hate him at all. Never met him; and I’m confident that the man JJ is nice and liked (we would have heard rumblings otherwise)

        I’m bitter to the nth degree for what his on ice performance did to Pens

        But I don’t hate him at all

        I do certainly accept those here who would call me (in hyperbolic fashion) a JJ “Hater”… makes sense and I’m s in line with the common use of it

        Semantics , change your n Lexicon; Urban dictionary

        Many “new” words come/go over time….

        “Jerk”, “tool”, “knob”

        Yes “hater” is an extremely overused word…. But it is used in common lexicon not by the true definition of hate/hater but more in line with a completely exaggerated statement of “distaste with” or “detractor of”

        Kadri certainly had thousands of detractors and just as many again that had “distaste with” him

        Finally…. To put it in perspective…. People on here would likely call be a JJ hater…. and that is not even minutely close to the “distaste for” that I have for someone like Sean (Shawn??) Avery

        Sorry to have upset you with my use of Hater

      • Didn’t “upset” me – just that I think today’s generation doesn’t have a clue what the true concept of “hate” is. Much like “awesome.”

        The Universe is awesome. Maybe the Grand Canyon at first sight. Scoring a fancy goal? Hardly.

      • Your disdain for hater is awesome, dude!

      • LOL. Bodacious.

      • The Fonz says (holding 2 👍) “ehhhhhh” “cooool”

        Jeff Spicoli …. “Gnarly”

        Bill & Ted “most triumphant”; “All we are is dust in the wind, dude.”

        Not sure if Bill & Ted were thinking of the real Dude…. Jeff Bridges …..

        “I’m the Dude, so that’s what you call me. That or, uh, His Dudeness, or uh, Duder, or El Duderino, if you’re not into the whole brevity thing.”


  2. Re “The presentation wasn’t the same without Bettman getting booed.”…. He did get booed…. As soon as Daly mentioned Bettman… the crowd booed

    The tradition lives on

    • Yeah, but it’s not the same if he’s not there to revel in it like Vince McMahon…

      • Hi Lyle,


        You are very correct on that


    • I agree with George this new generation is absolutely a mess..

      This is generation that cancels things, everything ever said is offensive, oh I’m offended comment is everywhere.

      This generation thinks Miss Piggy and Kermit the frog are offensive yet will fork out $800 to go see Bad Bunny in concert …listening to him sing lyrics like i can lick your Girl friend A***S better than her boyfriend can. good grief..

      social media Instagram, twitter, tic toc omg people spouting off anonymously about everything under the sun..

      lets get back to sports excellent hockey played in the Stanley Cup finals..I think the Brayden Point injury torn quad hurt Tampa a lot.

      good hockey though

  3. as I watched the finals it struck me how amazing the Islanders feat of 4 in a row in 80-83 was.
    Congrats to the Avs for a hard fought series win and kudos to the Lightning for being at the top of the heap for 2+ seasons.

    • That one by the Islanders was also pre-cap Fergy22. I’m sure that, with its introduction there would have been several of the same nature. Chicago and Pittsburgh for sure.

      • “without its introduction….”

    • I agree. My first thought this morning was about the Islanders. That was the dynasty above all others. Post original-6 parity. Pre-salary cap era, but also before player salaries were much of an issue for teams. They were just dominant.

      For me, Tampa’s last 2 wins will always come with an asterisk. If adversity reveals character, last night wasn’t a good look for them.

      Manson’s hook was irrelevant because the Cup should have been won on Friday night. Chris Rooney botched that one.

  4. Not a fan for either Colorado or Tampa, however the NHL has a real problem and/or opportunity. The NHL is essentially the only professional sports league in the world that has two sets up rules, one for the playoffs and one for the regular season. And before we go on and on about “Playoff Hockey” I get it, I have been watching hockey for nearly 40 years. IMO I would like to see the regular season called like the playoffs. Its a more exciting brand of hockey and it allows the physicality of the game to be come out. In addition the TV rating for the playoffs should show the league what fans want to see. The league also needs to go back to the old icing rules. I would rather see two guys going all out to touch that puck instead of the questionable icing wave offs. Seriously, go back to the days when guys where absolutely getting lit up into the end boards. Most fans me included loved the physicality if the game in the 90’s and up to the first lockout.

    • Hi Brian

      Agree fully that it is severely problematic…. 2 sets of rules … reg season and playoffs

      Having the regular season called like playoffs or the reverse; playoffs like regular season…. Comes down to the same thing…

      Consistency in calls ….

      from drop of puck game 1 of season through final whistle in SCF;

      from reffing crew to reffing crew;

      from arena to arena

      from period to period

      From match-ups to match-ups….

      ……. Is paramount

      And…. Almost more importantly…. Consistency with DOPS rulings…. Firing Parros would go a very long way

      • Pengy…spider senses tingling !! J.T. Miller and Trocheck are currently skating and working out at the UMPC Mario Lemieux complex..

        mmmhhhhhhh one of those two would be nice as our new second line center…

        now Both Miller and Trocheck live in Pittsburgh in the off season so….. here is hoping LOL

    • Hi Brian

      Agree fully that it is severely problematic…. 2 sets of rules … reg season and playoffs

      Having the regular season called like playoffs or the reverse; playoffs like regular season…. Comes down to the same thing…

      Consistency in calls ….

      from drop of puck game 1 of season through final whistle in SCF;

      from reffing crew to reffing crew;

      from arena to arena

      from period to period

      From match-ups to match-ups….

      ……. Is paramount

      And…. Almost more importantly…. Consistency with DOPS rulings…. Firing Parros would go a very long way

    • Speaking of officiating, I’d like to see video review calls taken away from the on-ice refs. When there’s an obvious challenge where everyone on TV is saying “this one will get overturned” and it doesn’t get overturned, it makes the league look like a joke. At that point, they should just roll a pre-canned video of Tim Peel bursting out of a cake, exclaiming “the Aristocrats!”

    • I like it the way it is today and think the playoffs are more exciting than the regular season.
      I don’t like the march to the penalty box, and when the intensity ramps up it would be.

      I also think the league has been consistent in that they let more go in the playoffs, especially later in games and in OT. It has always been that way in my lifetime, hence, consistent.

      I would also counter that every contact sport does the exact same thing when it comes to judgement calls, just maybe not to the same extent, but the other sports are not the same as hockey either. Not nearly as fast, and they don’t have sticks.

      The NBA gets more intense and physical and they don’t call more fouls. In the NFL they aren’t calling pass interference in a tight game late unless it is blatant.

      The refs aren’t perfect, nobody is, and I don’t want more replays either. Playoff hockey is the best sport to watch bar none, and is because of the speed and intensity. Calling everything would remove the latter IMO.

  5. We Win the Stanley Cup 2022! The Avalanche worked their tails off and deserve it. Congratulations boys!!! Go AVS!!!

  6. I called it in 6. It seem easier the win on the road, without the pressure of winning at home. All the noises are canceled.

    TB had 4 shots on net in the third period. What a shut down by Colorado.

    Cogliano must be a special guy; first name out of the players being interview is they wanted it for Cogliano.

    Congrat to Colorado, the team i picked before the season started. They did it with underwhelming goaltending. You don’t see that often if ever.

    TB is a very good team, congrats on their success and they’ll still be one of the top teams next season.

    The Av’s were the better team in the series and i wanted to see them win.

    Players to hear you and Kadri wanted folks to know what he thought and it was funny.

    Lastly I was cheering for Colorado once Boston was out; but i’m not sure they would’ve got by the Blues if Binnington didn’t get injured.

  7. And Kuemper makes a timely safe when we needed it. Great job Kuemps!!!!

    • Yes tommyboy, he did what he had to do and congrats to Kuemper. It was the only scoring chance of the third period by the lightening.

      Hard to believe TB only 4 shots in the third period of an elimination game. Complete shut down effort by the whole team.

  8. Loved that comment by Kadri. Wonder what “personalities” ran through his mind as he uttered those memorable words?

    • Happy to see Kadri get rewarded for a good year and good playoff, and for playing hurt.

      But, in fairness to the press/media who thought he was a liability in the past, Kadri did get suspended 3 times in 4 years in the playoffs. Meaning he (an important player) couldn’t play when it mattered most, making him a liability. That is what happened.

      Not like the personalities made him do it.

      He learned from it, which I think most people would, which is why I thought the Leafs should have kept him.

      Good player, I would take him if his contract demands were reasonable, which they won’t be, because somebody will buck up.

      • Right on, Ray. Kadri earned his reputation and to suggest that he wasn’t a liability during multiple playoff suspensions is ridiculous. Mind, his suggestion is more palatable than kissing his face.

        That said, he also deserves credit for turning his game around.

        The key question around him is now, was this past season what he does next, or an aberration? He has played one full season in the last six, and prior to this year his best season was 61 points. Effective centre when on the ice. But difference maker for big bucks? I don’t see it.

      • Will be interesting to see if anybody goes all in on Kadri LJ. Was a really valuable guy when Mac was hurt, and teams like my B’s could really use him, but likely can’t afford him.

        Most of the teams with $, aren’t actually contenders, so curious where he ends up.
        Will he take less than he could get on open market to stay in COL? Maybe. Depends how much less I suppose.

        Seems like a good place to play hockey over the next 5 years.

  9. Glad to see Nate. Hoist the cup too good of a player not to get his name in it. He still gas but to catch Crosby his east coast buddy though

    • And I hope some of what he has rubs off on another East coast buddy – Drake Batherson

      • Along with a little from another member of that group – Brad Marchand.

  10. I miss Kadri, what a legend.

  11. What a turd comment by kadri. All he did was prove that suspending him taught him a lesson and that he really could have helped the leafs win if he played the game right.

    • Aww nuts. No one offensive player could have made that difference and, if they truly believed that, they would have found a way to retain him and get him the sort of counseling he perhaps needed. It wasn’t a lack of goals that did the Leafs in in his time there – it was keeping puck out of their own net.

      • Khadri’s role also includes defensive responsibilities, George. Your point that there were deficiencies in the Leafs game larger than Khadri is fair, but he doesn’t get a pass on hurting his team by taking multiple playoff suspensions.

        And, as I am sure you have seen in your many years of watching playoff hockey, every winning team does so with important contributions by role players.

        Water under, but Khadri earned his reputation all by his onesie.

      • Man was essentially a ppg player this year. Could have made a difference in those close series. We will never know… cause he was suspended

  12. Belated post about the Allstar voting…and another reason why we should see the voter’s name on the ballots.
    Tuukka Rask received a 3rd place vote from playing his 4 games. also Brett Burns had a 3rd place vote for his -15 season

  13. time to make the Daly fill-in for Bettman on a permanent basis …

    • I’d 2nd the motion but Daly says and does whatever Gary tells him to say/do…. This arrangement, I fear, will survive Bettman’s retirement

      Fresh face/blood need at Commissioner and Vice-Commishioner positions

      Stevie Y??

      • Would you take that job if you were Yzerman Pengy?
        Needs to be an experienced lawyer IMO.

      • Hi Ray

        I’d love to be to be Yzerman…. No idea if he would take it if offered to him

        I truly believe that the commissioner position does not require a Law degree; and that Stevie Y would be an excellent candidate for the position once Gary retires

  14. Im not sure what should be considered a dynasty in the cap era but its going to be hard to top Tampa’s recent playoff run.

    The following is every teams playoff record (in order of wins) since the salary cap era started in 2005-06. Note that Tampa won the Stanley Cup the season before so it’s not included in the data.

    2005-06 to 2021-22

    Team GP W L P%
    Pittsburgh Penguins 190 103 87 0.542
    Tampa Bay Lightning 168 98 70 0.583
    Boston Bruins 170 93 77 0.547
    Chicago Blackhawks 137 80 57 0.584
    San Jose Sharks 157 80 77 0.51
    Washington Capitals 147 71 75 0.486
    New York Rangers 152 71 81 0.467
    Anaheim Ducks 126 70 56 0.556
    Detroit Red Wings 128 68 60 0.531
    Montréal Canadiens 120 56 64 0.467
    Colorado Avalanche 95 53 41 0.563
    Philadelphia Flyers 109 53 56 0.486
    Nashville Predators 119 52 67 0.437
    St. Louis Blues 113 50 62 0.447
    Los Angeles Kings 92 49 43 0.533
    Dallas Stars 96 48 48 0.5
    Carolina Hurricanes 91 48 43 0.527
    Vancouver Canucks 91 45 46 0.495
    Ottawa Senators 82 41 41 0.5
    New York Islanders 78 39 39 0.5
    Vegas Golden Knights 66 38 28 0.576
    Edmonton Oilers 61 31 30 0.508
    New Jersey Devils 66 30 36 0.455
    Calgary Flames 68 26 42 0.382
    Buffalo Sabres 47 25 22 0.532
    Minnesota Wild 72 24 48 0.333
    Toronto Maple Leafs 46 19 27 0.413
    Arizona Coyotes 36 16 20 0.444
    Winnipeg Jets 43 16 27 0.372
    Columbus Blue Jacket 41 15 26 0.366
    Florida Panthers 33 12 21 0.364

    Since Tampa’s first season (1992-93) through 2022 they have the leagues top playoff winning percentage at .582. Since 1992-93 they are 4th in playoff wins (121), behind Detroit (163), Pittsburgh (152), and Colorado (144). Its Ironic that Tampa’s only presidents cup winning team (2018-19) never won a playoff game but the first round sweep may have been the catalyst they needed to take their game to a higher level.