NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – July 1, 2022

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The Avalanche stage their Stanley Cup victory parade, the Lightning working on trading Ryan McDonagh and signing Nick Paul, the Red Wings hire Derek Lalonde as head coach, and more in today’s NHL morning coffee headlines

THE DENVER POST/COLORADO HOCKEY NOW: The Colorado Avalanche held their Stanley Cup victory parade on June 30 in Denver. During the parade, defenseman Bowen Byram briefly jumped from the fire truck he was riding to mingle with fans along the route. He was nearly prevented from rejoining his teammates by a policeman who thought he was one of the fans.

In other highlights, head coach Jared Bednar gave an emotional speech thanking the Avalanche organization for giving him the opportunity to prove himself at the NHL level. He also praised his players and fellow coaches and thanked the fans for sticking with the club after his difficult first season in 2016-17.

Cale Makar thanked his “underappreciated” defense partner Devon Toews, Mikko Rantanen apologized for “forgetting” how to speak English following the Cup win and drank from a shoe with Artturi Lehkonen, and Nathan MacKinnon joked about finally winning something in his ninth NHL season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: In short, a good time was had by all.

SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman cites multiple sources claiming the Tampa Bay Lightning are working on a trade with Ryan McDonagh. It’s not a move they want to make but may have to for salary cap reasons. The 33-year-old defenseman is signed through 2025-26 with an annual average value of $6.75 million and a full no-trade clause.

Tampa Bay Lightning defenseman Ryan McDonagh (NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: McDonagh is still an effective defenseman but won’t be easy to move given his age and contract. The Bolts might have to include a draft pick or prospect to make the deal work.

They’ve also got less than two weeks to pull this off. Free agency begins on July 13 and most teams with available cap space interested in acquiring McDonagh could consider more affordable free-agent options if trade talks fall through.

TSN: Darren Dreger reports that the Lightning are closing in on a multi-year contract with Nick Paul. The 27-year-old forward was acquired from the Ottawa Senators prior to the March 21 trade deadline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Paul’s new contract could be one reason why the cap-strapped Lightning are trying to trade McDonagh. He fit in well with the Bolts, especially during the postseason. He reportedly rejected a four-year, $10-million contract offer from the Senators before he was traded. It’ll be interesting to see what he gets from the Lightning.

DETROIT HOCKEY NOW: The Red Wings have hired Derek Lalonde as their new head coach. He spent the past four seasons as an associate coach with the Lightning and is a former ECHL coach of the year.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: We shouldn’t be surprised that Wings general manager Steve Yzerman went with a former Lightning coach. He’s the one who hired Lalonde during his tenure as the Bolts GM.

BOSTON HOCKEY NOW: A Bruins source indicated former Dallas Stars head coach Jim Montgomery could become their new bench boss. ESPN.com’s Kevin Weekes reports he’s been offered a three-year contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: A formal announcement could come as early as today (July 1). Montgomery spent the past two seasons as an assistant coach with the St. Louis Blues.

WINNIPEG SUN: The Jets are reportedly targeting Rick Tocchet as their new head coach. They’ve made him an offer but a deal had yet to be finalized. Tocchet is a former head coach of the Lightning and the Arizona Coyotes.

SPORTSNET: The Toronto Maple Leafs are open to trading the rights of pending UFA defenseman Ilya Mikheyev.

TSN: The Buffalo Sabres signed goaltender Craig Anderson to a one-year, $1.5 million contract. He was slated to become a UFA on July 13.

THE COLUMBUS DISPATCH: The Blues Jackets acquired gritty forward Mathieu Olivier from the Nashville Predators in exchange for a 2022 fourth-round pick that the Jackets acquired from the Toronto Maple Leafs last year.

THE DALLAS MORNING NEWS: The Stars signed goaltender Scott Wedgewood to a two-year contract extension worth $1 million per season. He’ll serve as Jake Oettinger’s backup.

SPORTSNET: Ottawa Senators defenseman Victor Mete released a statement on social media yesterday indicating he was not present at the Hockey Canada gala in 2018 that is now the focus of sexual assault allegations.

Mete, a member of Canada’s World Junior team in 2017-18, said he was deeply troubled by the allegations. He indicated he was vacationing in Jamaica with his family at the time of the alleged incident and only learned about the situation recently through media reports. He added he’d be willing to fully cooperate if requested by those investigating the matter.

Agents for NHL players Cal Foote and Dante Fabbro recently issued statements saying their clients also weren’t involved in the incident.

TSN: Speaking of the Senators, they’ve informed forward Adam Gaudette that he won’t be receiving a qualifying offer, making him an unrestricted free agent on July 13. The club also announced they’ve hired Trent Mann and Ryan Bowness (son of former Stars coach Rick Bowness) as assistant general managers.

WASHINGTON HOCKEY NOW: The Capitals have promoted Emily Engel-Natzke as their new NHL video coordinator. She becomes the first woman to be hired as part of the full-time coaching staff of an NHL club.


  1. Monty. Is the right pick for. Bruins new coach I am just happy was not. Quinn.

  2. Montgomery new bruins bench boss……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………yay?! Let the March to the cup begin?

    • Go back to bed. Seems like your bud light gave you hangover 🤓

    • RW

      Reminder…..Independence Day is Monday!!

      • Pengy…Hearing that progress is finally being made with Kris Letang…

        Penguins are offering 3 or 4 years @ $ 8 million. Or 5 years @ $7.75 million.

        I wouldn’t go over 3 years @ $ 8 million…for Leturnover..

        You could get Manson and Zadorov for between $ 9 – $ 10 million

  3. Couple of idle thoughts re the blurb above:

    Don’t be surprised if the Habs sign Adam Gaudette once he becomes a UFA;

    WHY would any team relinquish anything for the “right” to talk to pending UFA Ilya Mikheyev? Coming off a cap hit of $1,645,000 and a 21-goal scorer, he’ll be a serviceable addition to some roster somewhere who can afford what will likely be a $2.5 mil cap hit for a 3rd/4th line F – and even if a team did make such a deal, why would Mikheyev and his agent accept whatever that team is offering until they see what the market is?

    • His rights will be a throw-in in another trade, George. Unless, of course, it is “future considerations”.

      • He’d still be smart to wait and see what the market is … and be able to pick his spot, so the “throw-in” would amount to nothing more than a gesture. So it would have to be part of a trade package which, in and of itself, gets the Leafs nothing.

      • George, “BOGO” is a capitalist gimmick that works!

    • George, yes, re Mikheyev. What team is so desperate they would pay a premium to talk to a bottom 6 forward?

      Why would the Habs be interested in Gaudette? I don’t know anything about him, but if they are I hope it isn’t just because he is Quebecois. If that is their motivation, I evoke the name of Louis Leblanc.

      • Same reason they’d give up a Caufield or Suzuki for Dubois (NOT saying they would or should – just a response to someone asking yesterday WHY would the Habs do something like that.

        They’ve gone down that path many times before and the pressure remains the same. Hard to be The Flying Frenchmen without any on the team.

      • Yeah, well first they have to fly. They’ve been grounded for decades. And role players like Gaudette are tokens, not pilots.

    • Hey George the compensation would be like a 7th or something but as for the player, I’m sure if say Ottawa were interested that PD would call Dubas to find out if first the player would come before throwing away an asset. So the player will have an idea of where he can play making free agency much less stressful and cheaper to the team. I’m sure even more goes into it because usually when a pick is given up for early access, that player signs partly because it was also the player’s preferred choice.

  4. And now Sharks need a new coach. What were they waiting for?
    Jets need to decide. Draft and FA coming fast and new coach needs to figure out what’s going on in that locker room

    • Slick

      That was a head scratcher for sure. Why would sharks take so long to can caching staff. Now many of the top candidates are gone.

      • Blashill and Touchet are your main men! LOL

  5. Happy🇨🇦 day to all here from the Great White North

    Congrats again to Avs… some heartfelt speeches and funny lines; love Byram sneaking off to grab a brewsky from the crowd… cop looked like he was going to stop him as he (Cop) thought Byram was a fan not a player

    Was surprised at the Anderson signing

    McDonagh…. Difficult to trade is certainly putting it lightly… he has a full NTC. He is in z great city; is well liked; great teammates; great team (B2B cups then made it to game 6 in 3rd straight appearance with many injuries; no state tax.

    How is BriseBois going to get him to waive his NTC?

    What no-tax franchise has a better city, better ir equal team, has Cap space; and wants a 33 year old at $6.75 M Cap for the next 4 years

    I guess they could buy him out (unlikely but could)….

    Savings of

    $3.4 M; $6.3 M; $4.8 M; $2.1 M (over next 4 years)

    Followed by 4 years of Dead Cap of $2.1M


    Re signing Paul to a longer term contract…. Good move

    • Thinking McDonagh waives to go to Detroit, Stevie and Lalonde are there and he likes both and there is a glaring need for a veteran LD. I like it, except for the term, and his NMC finally turns into a 12 team no-trade on 1-26-2026!

      • Hi JZ

        I certainly see Wings want (of him)….

        I’m surd he is fond of Stevie Y and Lonlonde….

        But taking a pay cut (take home) to sell house; relocate and play for s team that is a few years from the cup; and leaving behind TBay and Bolts…. Hard to think that would motivate him to waive his NTC

        I’d be surprised if it happens

        Wings fans would certainly embrace him

      • Possible dark horse is Minn. Home Town, needs D, has cap space. Lightning don’t have to make this trade if they can move Killorn.

      • Pengy, the housing market in the Detroit area is not as expensive as in other places. He can rent his house in Tampa and be back there at the TDL at half salary. LOL

      • From Detroit’s perspective, no thank you. The league is getting faster…McDonagh is getting older…..very good d’man….in his day. But 4 more years at $6.75M ? Nope.

    • Why surprised at the Anderson signing? Yes, the guy is 41 but, until Smith who is creaking at the seams, he’s a fitness freak who appeared in 31 games with a bad team and had a 3.12 gaa and 0.897 save %. Good value as a back-up and watch, with an improved Sabres team in front of him, those stats will be better.

      • “but, unlike Smith …?

    • To compare, Mrazek appeared in 20 games for a significantly better Leafs team with a 3.34gaa and 0.888 save %. And costs twice as much.

      • George, Mrazek could fit into the current LTIR definition. Maybe TB makes a move for him.

      • Why would he fit the LTIR? He was out with a groin injury and eventually cleared to play

        ” Maple Leafs’ Petr Mrazek: Removed from injured reserve
        Rotowire May 4, 2022

        Mrazek (groin) was taken off injured reserve Wednesday, per the NHL media site.

        Mrazek has been practicing with the team but shouldn’t be expected to challenge Jack Campbell for the starting job during the postseason. Even with Mrazek available, he may not even be able to unseat Erik Kallgren for the backup role for the remainder of the playoffs.”

      • Do Murray next!

      • My bad, George, I thought you’d get the drift with Mrazek and Smith and some guy in Florida who shows up in time for the playoffs.

      • Oops.

  6. Ironic that Barstool Sports announced the Montgomery hiring! LOL

  7. With Victor Mete releasing his statement, distancing himself from the 8 and as Lyle noted above Cal Foote and Dante Fabbro agent doing the same.

    It won’t be long now before the suspected names come out.

    I mentioned when Rick Westhead published his article, that some report will do the digging. I didn’t expect to the see the politicians and sponsor getting involved.

    This isn’t going to end well for the 8 and Hockey Canada. Jobs will be lost and player(s) careers may end.

    Rick Westhead is becoming a prominent reporter in the sports world.

    • I doubt any specific names will emerge. The complaint was settled out of court — what’s being “investigated” by our grandstanding government are the actions of Hockey Canada in reaching a settlement, not who was allegedly involved.

  8. Congrats to the new coach, replacing the old coach.

    I’ll say the new coach won’t be having .650 win % and the Bruins will miss the playoffs.

  9. Caper you may be right but it’s apples and oranges I would have much rather coached the Bruins the last five years than going forward. Boston will be under the gun starting the year with Marchand and Charlie on the shelf. Bruins getting older need to get healthy and start playing some younger guys.

    • Obe, part of the problem is, are there any “younger guys” ready to play in the NHL. When you’re ranked 26th out of 32 in terms of prospect pool, either there are 25 teams ahead of you each with reams of top prospects, thereby making some of yours at least notable OR, the pickings are mighty slim.

      The Hockey Writers put it this way

      ” John Beecher, Mason Lohrei, Fabian Lysell, Jack Studnika, Urho Vaakanainen

      The last few drafts for the Bruins haven’t exactly been promising as most of their picks could pan out to be depth players. They do have good pieces in John Beecher and Jack Studnicka that could be decent middle-six players.”

      Could be is the kicker.

      • GeorgeO Boston top 2 prospects are Lysell and Lohrei.

        Studnicka under a new coach will get more of an opportunity.

        Not very hopeful on Beccher.

        The poor drafting is why Sweeney keeps signing College Hockey players he has some success there.

        Merkulov and Callahan being the latest. Also signed the big undrafted dman Wissman out of Germany. We’ll soon find out if and what contribution they make.

  10. Pengy, i’m not so sure that McDonagh would lack motivation to go to either Detroit or Minnesota as previously suggested. Obviously they would be for different reasons and certainly not as ideal as Tampa Bay at present. But the longer he stays there the less value he will have the team because with or without him our window is not going to be open for the rest of his contract. I see Mac Coaching and either one of those two destinations would probably better set the table for him to be successful at that venture. I also think Killorn gets traded regardless of whether Ryan stays or goes

    • Hi ShaneinTpa

      I definitely see motivation by Bolts to move him

      I don’t however see him motivated re Wings

      Re Wild…. With $13 M dead cap…. No space for him

      Will be interesting

      • You might be right but I have a hunch he will take a new opportunity. I didn’t think Minnesota would work either because of money. And Detroit where it is pure speculation to me makes a lot of sense. He’s got his 2 cups and I think he would get motivation out of helping to build Detroit and work with guys like Seider in that process. If anybody could talk him into it it would be Stevie Y. After all it was him who brought him to Tampa and gave him that big money

      • Minnesota couldn’t add a free lunch

  11. It probably depends on why the NMC was negotiated. It might have been “I want my money and to stay buy me out if you made a mistake”, or it might have been “it’s been a great run here and I have two cups I know its time to move on but I want to control the process”. If it’s the Lightning, the Red Wings, and Ryan it will be a negotiation among gentlemen that’s likely to be good for all concerned, and we’ll know nothing til it happens.

    • 3rd option is that he gets traded back to Tampa at the TDL for half-salary…..maybe not this year but next. He also would waive his NTC for another chance at the cup elsewhere.