NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – July 13, 2022

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Johnny Gaudreau heads to the free-agent market, Evgeni Malkin re-signs with the Penguins, Evander Kane stays with the Oilers, Patrice Bergeron to return with the Bruins, the Wild trade Cam Talbot to the Senators, and much more in today’s NHL morning coffee headlines.

CALGARY HOCKEY NOW: Johnny Gaudreau has played his final game with the Flames. He reportedly rejected an offer worth over $10 million annually on an eight-year deal. Flames general manager Brad Treliving indicated the 28-year-old winger’s decision was based on family reasons and not money.

Calgary Flames winger Johnny Gaudreau (NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s a disappointing outcome for the Flames. Gaudreau’s decision could also affect the club’s efforts to re-sign restricted winger Matthew Tkachuk to a long-term deal. Gaudreau is now the top player available in the unrestricted free-agent market when it opens at noon ET today. He’s been linked to the Philadelphia Flyers, New Jersey Devils and New York Islanders.

PITTSBURGH HOCKEY NOW: Evgeni Malkin has agreed to a four-year, $24.4 million contract with the Penguins. The annual average value is $6.1 million and comes with a full no-movement clause.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Malkin was reportedly planning to test the market due to his frustration over negotiations with the Penguins. It appears his desire to stick with the only NHL team he’s ever played for led to his change of heart. The cap hit is identical to teammate Kris Letang’s but for two years less than Letang’s contract.

Speaking of the Penguins, they signed pending restricted free agent defenseman Pierre-Olivier Joseph to a two-year, one-way contract worth an annual average value of $825K.

SPORTSNET: Evander Kane is staying with the Edmonton Oilers after agreeing to a four-year, $20.5 million contract. The annual average value is $5.125 million.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Oilers agreed to let Kane’s agent speak to other clubs but it appears whatever those teams were offering didn’t measure up to this deal. The 30-year-old winger had terrific chemistry with Edmonton superstar Connor McDavid last season. It’s a good bargain for the Oilers if Kane and McDavid continue playing well together.

Meanwhile, Kane is still waiting for his grievance to be heard over his contract termination last January by the San Jose Sharks. There’s no indication he and the Sharks are going to work out a settlement before then.

RDS.CA: Francois Gagnon reports Patrice Bergeron will be returning with the Boston Bruins. Details of the agreement are expected to be revealed later today.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: There was concern among Bruins followers that Bergeron would retire, leaving the club without an established first-line center. It’ll be interesting to see what this new contract looks like.

OTTAWA SUN: The Senators have acquired goaltender Cam Talbot from the Minnesota Wild in exchange for backup goalie Filip Gustavsson. Talbot, 35, has a year remaining on his contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Talbot was reportedly unhappy over the Wild bringing back Marc-Andre Fleury on a two-year contract. Wild general manager Bill Guerin said he respected the veteran netminder but didn’t want this situation to become a distraction.

In the short term, Talbot should provide a much-needed boost to the Senators’ goaltending. Gustavsson, meanwhile, will serve in a backup role to Fleury.

TSN: Speaking of the Senators, they placed defenseman Michael Del Zotto on unconditional waivers yesterday for the purpose of buying out his contract. Del Zotto joined Philadelphia Flyers forward Oskar Lindblom, San Jose Sharks forward Rudolfs Balcers and New Jersey Devils forward Janne Kuokkanen on the contract buyout list.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Lindblom’s buyout isn’t going down well with Flyers followers. The 25-year-old winger became a fan favorite after overcoming a rare bone cancer in 2020. The move is seen as GM Chuck Fletcher’s attempt to clear cap space to pursue a big-ticket free agent such as Johnny Gaudreau.

THE ATHLETIC: Tampa Bay Lightning winger Ondrej Palat intends to test the market today. Speaking of the Lightning, TSN reports they’ve hired former Detroit Red Wings head coach Jeff Blashill as an assistant coach.

TSN: The Los Angeles Kings signed defenseman Alexander Edler to a one-year contract worth $750K.

WGR550: The Buffalo Sabres are bringing back goaltender Malcolm Subban on a one-year, $850K contract.

NHL.COM: The Kraken re-signed forward Alexander True on a one-year, two-way contract.

TSN: Scotty Bowman is stepping down as senior hockey operations advisor for the Chicago Blackhawks.

NHL.COM: Duncan Keith officially announced his retirement yesterday as an NHL player after 17 seasons with the Blackhawks and Oilers.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I summarize the future Hall-of-Famer’s career on Saturday when news first broke of his impending retirement. Best wishes to Keith and his family in their future endeavors.


  1. Gaudreau most likely signing in Philly. Cap is tight but they can go over in off season. Will look to move JvR and will also have option of starting Ellis on ltir. Gaudreau will reunite with former BC teammate Hayes. Could see an all BC line with Atkinson on right

    • Philly can only sign him for $8M per, NJ rumored $10M per, guess which contract he’s signing. Moving JVR is easier said than done

  2. Pens…..Gino… came to his senses? Signed what he was offered the day before? He wasn’t getting $24 M as a UFA! Either way…. He’s back… owners delaying rebuild… and HexBurkie re-upped Gino/Tanger (who were @$16.8 M) for $12.2 M…. $4.6 M savings

    Glad to see they appear that they are finally going to have P-O J up in Pitt (from WBS)….. so one of Pettersson or Dumo (more * logical) is gone. Zucker has to go…. More space created

    *to me ; seeing as top pair of Tanger/Matheson seems most effective….


    Freidman/P-O J

    Is better than
    Freidman/P-O J

    and far cheaper than


    Oil/Kane…. Great move IMHO. I had said before that a re-up with Oil with years would (along with his Sharks settlement ) make him whole AND as if he extended current contract at same rate….. he’s out ~ $25M total gross from Sharks terminating his contract…. The settlement is going to be at least 1/2 that…. that plus current contract (Oil)…$33 M … so like extending by a year (@ $8 M)

    I had originally proposed…. using the media suggested settlement of $18 M ‘ish (making him short by $7M) …To have Oil extend him 6 @ $4.6 ish ($28 M) …. would be like extending Sharks contract for 3 @ $7 M

    I like this move… he played excellent on Oil…. And with Smith/Klefbom LTIR…. still have $16 M + to fill out roster….I still suggest Yammo & Ryan (both Spokane lads) for Soucy swap

    • Pengy-
      Do your Pens think they can win with this core again in the next 4 seasons? Or are these legacy signings?
      I understand the respect aspect and wanting Pen legends to retire as Pens but in 2 years almost the entire squad is 30+

      • Hi ds

        From those signings it is clear new ownership wants to delay rebuild….

        I understand their move from a financial perspective….. throwing tons O’money to purchase a franchise that would immediately start losing viewership, fans in seats, and HER (with a 22/23 start to rebuild) …is not prudent. This is not Krakken or Knights starting from scratch

        My expectations on their success in the next two years are less (I believe) than what ownership “believes”

        Are Pens in the “league” of Bolts/Avs…. No, not IMO

        That said…. Can they still win ….they are still a playoff team, and close to the same roster that was one head shot away from round 2 (with Pens 3rd string goalie and top 6 wingers out); and I believe they match up much better v Canes than Rangers

        Re what Sid or Tanger or Gino believe …. I would hope that they play like they believe the team can still get to the promised land…. But that should be every player’s inner drive

        Realistically… healthy (and I just can’t possibly see all those concurrent key injuries again)…. Getting to round 2 as the underdog and upsetting to get toECF is not out of the realm of possibilities

        With tempered expectations… I like this roster

        Still need to move Zucker and an LD (Dumo most logical… age, 1 year left, easier to move, and Marino/Pettersson duo works well together). My hopes and dreams of Sully finally waking up and allowing Ruhweedel to be moved seem to be but that… a nice dream

        Legacy signings…. it serves as defacto “legacy signings” as a result of new ownership direction of rebuild postponement

      • DS..
        Sid is still elite, Letang is still very good, and if the fungus that won’t go away Malkin can stay healthier he is a point a game player. he remains a good player..not elite.

        We signed defenseman Jan Rutta which is a good deal and that means John Marino and Peterson are going to get moved.

        If Marino goes to where everybody kinda of knows he is going wink wink (Vancouver) that means 25 year old winger Connor Garland is coming to Pittsburgh..

        That gives you Guentzel, Rust, Rakell, and Garland you top wingers in between Sid abd Geno.

        Zucker and McGinn will go around Jeff Carter for the 3rd line.

        Letang Dumoulin
        Matheson Rutta
        POJ Rudwhedel /Friedman

        Or the could sign a Robert hagg to play 3rd pair left..all

        i think when they move Peterson for a pick they will go after a Tyler Motte type player..

        You must remember vs the Rangers the Penguins didn’t
        # 2 defenseman Dumoulin,
        # 2 Right Wing Rakell,
        # 1 Goalie Jarry,
        # 2 goalie De Smith

        – Each player missed the whole series but one game in the case of rakell he played one period.
        They gooned Crosby out of the third period in game 5 with the score tied and he missed the clinching game 6 at home Rangers barely won.. so yeah the can compete.

        Crosby Rust Guentzel
        Malkin Rakell Garland in the Marino trade)
        Carter Zucker Mc Kinn
        Blueger they will go after a Tyler Mott and a Sonny Milano with that $ 5 million left

  3. With the addition of DelZotto to the buyout list, Dorion now has $22.490,119 with which to sign 6. The 4 RFAs (Norris, Formenton, Joseph, Brannstrom) will likely total $11 to 12 mil when finalized so, with 2 to sign to reach 23, he’ll have around $10 or 11 mil at his disposal.

    Expect either another deal or someone plucked off the UFA list to get that wanted RD, and since there isn’t a whole lot on the UFA heap (if any) that are better than what he has in the system, I’d bet there is another trade coming, with possibly Brannstrom part of the package.

    • Hey looks like things are looking up for debrincat
      Dorion could be picking up some major talent.

      • I think one so far unmentioned side effect of the moves so far is that top UFAs looking for a place with a team legitimately in the hunt for a cup, while previously rejecting offers from Dorion during the early stages of the re-build, are looking at offers more seriously, especially with the emergence of Norris, Batherson, Formenton, Tkachuk, Zub. Perhaps they see them now as an emerging playoff contender worthy of consideration.

  4. Sens looking good….. if they truly are in on Giroux; and say can punt Zaitzev and sign Klinger or Manson…. That’s a nicely balanced roster

  5. Every year you always see some kind of smokescreen from Sweeney he’s an expert at underlying smokescreens. This years smokescreen signing Bergeron, Krecji, and Pastrnak. It diverts attention from his inability to land a big name on the trade and free agent market. Sweeney’s working the phones.
    Tomorrow Sweeney attempts Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto in D minor.

    • Hi, Rick. Any chance you can take a break from your unhealthy fixation on Sweeney to give your thoughts on Bergeron’s imminent return and what it means for the Bruins?

      • Okay Lyle, I love Bergeron as a player, his heart, & talent is second to none. But the bruins need more. So far as it is every year sweeney hasn’t done anything. Sweeney, no.1 still hasn’t dumped ole yeller ( Foligno). Nosek & Reilly still with the team etc etc I’ve seen the same scenario play out time after time. And the give it time adage doesn’t work. With the exception of Hampus, almost everything he does is garbage.

      • Lyle

        I think. Bergeron new contract will be less then market value for sure. I figure around 4-6 mil including incentives But with Patrice being such a team guy may be lower

    • Rick, Sweeney gave up the 1st round pick in 2022 for Hampus Lindholm (as you know).

      That pick was the 22nd overall pick, that deal was a steal for Sweeney.

      With that said, i was ready for a rebuild. I didn’t mind if Bergeron or Krecji didn’t come back.

      I would’ve traded Pastrnak and Marchand for some picks and prospect. But his Sweeney having many more misses at the draft then hits, i be a little skeptical of him leading the charges.

      My reality is Boston won’t be doing a rebuild. They’ll be signing Pastrnak to an 8yr extension.

      With Pastrnak, McAvoy and Lindholm under long term contracts; They’ll be no rebuild, it will be more of plug and play.

      With no cap space and Bergeron and Krecji about to return, maybe a move of Eric Haula and Mike Reilly is what we can expect for some draft picks.

  6. My Bruins will always be competitive even when Bergeron and Krech truly retire. To many good pieces to start rebuild they would have to move Pasta Charlie Lindholm Carlo Marchand Coyle Swayman. I guess they could do a Chicago but don’t see it happening. Some real good young big name players that will be unrestricted in next few years hope they have the cap space to make a splash.

    • You gloss over Hampus Lindholm, Rick, like he’s a minor upgrade. Guy’s a player; and Obe’s list is a core of talent that most teams in the league do not have. If Swayman gets to the next level, the Bruins can still play anybody.
      Personally I just hope Kadri doesn’t sign in Boston today.

      • Bc leaf I think you will get your wish in regards to Kadri not coming to Bruins. I expect little to no movement from bruins today. As they have stated so on several occasions

    • Obe

      You are correct. When 37 does retire they will retool like 2015

  7. Frank Seravalli is reporting that the Blues will be resigning Rob Thomas to an 8 yr – $64 mill contract. That contract won’t start until the 23-24 NHL season.

  8. Am i the only one who thinks Calgary dodged a bullet!

    $10m at 8yrs for soon to be 29yrs old, Johnny Gaudreau.

    Thank your blessings and move on. No chance that contract ends well. Maybe good for 3yrs

    Jersey or Philly is going to over pay for Johnny there saving grace it will be a 7yrs contract not 8yrs.

    • Caper. I agree with you. Too much term. It is going to hurt the team who does it 4 years down the rd. Same will apply for whom ever gives long term deal to Kadri

      • Well if Johnny gets $10M, Pasta’s agent will want $10M.
        #’s are close over last 3 years as far as points, Pasta a bit higher in pts/gm, but score more goals. Will also be a year younger when contract kicks in.

        Pasta take another discount?

        Lot’s of $ for a winger, especially when you need a 1 and 2C sooner rather than later. If you expect to get them as UFA’s, going to cost a fortune as well, IF they even come available.

        IMO you need strength down the middle if you want to actually compete and stay out of the mushy middle.

        Agree the B’s will do the “retool” vs tear down rebuild, just call me skeptical it will work other than being competitive to make the playoffs.
        Would like to be wrong about that.

      • Ray, I would trade him, sorry but not giving Pasta $10m @ 8yrs.

    • It was a tough situation for the Flames. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.
      Calgary was having a hard time attracting FA’s with Gaudreau on the team. It’ll be even harder to attract them without Gaudreau. Also, without Gaudreau how long will Tkachuk want to sign in Calgary?

  9. Well that Kane signing came pretty damn fast but Lyle do you think Kane’s agent touch base on every team that was willing to pay him? I feel that was a pretty damn cheap signing that came after Keith announcing his retirement.

    I think Kane really felt comfortable with the Oil and actually gave them a break on the signing (my own gut feeling)..Imagine if he would of signed with Boston? Fill in for Marchand while he iss off. I’m glad he didn’t but was really hoping Dubas would have touched base with him especially at that price (yes Dubas would have had to move a kerfoot and a holl (if possible) but it would have been worth it.

    I still think Johnny signs with the devils and may not want to sign with Philly just because of Torts who sometimes lays into his stars and (Johnny went dry in the playoffs) .

    In hindsight we have to see what Trevling does now and it could be a real hard fetch to improve the team right now and considering they too need a new arena well,…maybe it is time to get that rebuild going and look for a new young fresh look to play in a new arena at some point. I’d trade Markstrom and see what kind dof future picks they could fetch with him even though he too bit in the playoffs.

    • I thought he would get more if he went to market as well DJ, and would have bet he would have. And lost that bet. Maybe teams still have concerns with him?

      On the ice he is an $8M player all day, so must be something else. Hopefully the something else doesn’t bite the Oil. He is older now with young kids, that changes you.

      He was given permission to speak to other teams, and have to assume his agent did, it’s his job after all.

      • Ray,..I would love to know exactly what other teams offered him but fear that will never come out. I’d also like to know if Dubas tried. Nevertheless congrats to the oil for scoring a real solid deal and I too believe Kane is tame (not a good slogan for a t-shirt) but you hear me.haha 😉

      • I hear ya DJ, he is a bargain for what he brings on the ice. And exactly what the Oil need up front. They are a different team with him on McDavid’s wing, have some swagger and physicality. Conner is likely the happiest guy in Edmonton today.

      • I would assume that there was another club expressing interest in Kane. The agent talked to that club, offer was not enticing enough to leave McDavid so he signed in Edmonton.

  10. Interesting bit of news i heard on NHL radio the other day.

    9 of the last 10 teams to win the Stanley Cup had a 1st overall pick on their team.

    The only outlier was the 2011 Boston Bruins.

    Drafting is key. without looking it up who was on the Blues that was taken 1st overall ?

    Who wins the cup 1st, McDavid or Matthews?

    • On that theme Caper, only one team in the last 30 yrs (or around 30) has won the cup without a top 3 overall pick on the team.

      So while sucking and picking in the top 3 doesn’t guarantee a cup, not getting a top 3 pick almost guarantees you won’t.

    • Wow, I did not know that Ray. Tanking is a good thing, not a bad thing.

      • Well Caper, if it lasts as long as Buffalo’s has it can be a bad thing!
        When the B’s won in 2011, their top 3 guys was Seguin, a pick they traded for, and contributed at key times, but wasn’t a core player.
        Some examples like that in there, but ya, as rule you need the top guys to win.

  11. I had to look up who the 1st overall pick on the Blues was. I would never have guessed it.
    My biased pick would be McDavid. Especially if they can get Campbell signed like it has been rumoured.

  12. Sweeney. Trades. Haula for Zacha. With Krechi coming back. Hauls lost his 2nd line ctr job