NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – July 18, 2022

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24 players apply for salary arbitration plus the latest on Matthew Tkachuk, Patrik Laine, Pierre-Luc Dubois, Nazem Kadri and more in today’s NHL morning coffee headlines.

NHLPA.COM: 24 NHL players filed for salary arbitration by the 5 pm ET deadline on July 17:

Mason Appleton (Winnipeg Jets)

Ethan Bear (Carolina Hurricanes)

Jesper Bratt (New Jersey Devils)

Lawson Crouse (Arizona Coyotes)

Morgan Geekie (Seattle Kraken)

Mathieu Joseph (Ottawa Senators)

Kaapo Kahkonen (San Jose Sharks)

Kasperi Kapanen (Pittsburgh Penguins)

Keegan Kolesar (Vegas Golden Knights)

Oliver Kylington (Calgary Flames)

Maxime Lajoie (Carolina Hurricanes)

Steven Lorentz (San Jose Sharks)

Isac Lundestrom (Anaheim Ducks)

Zack MacEwen (Philadelphia Flyers)

Niko Mikkola (St. Louis Blues)*

Andrew Mangiapane (Calgary Flames)

Matthew Phillips (Calgary Flames)

Jesse Puljujarvi (Edmonton Oilers)

Tyce Thompson (New Jersey Devils)

Yakov Trenin (Nashville Predators)

Vitek Vanecek (New Jersey Devils)

Jake Walman (Detroit Red Wings)

Kailer Yamamoto (Edmonton Oilers)

Pavel Zacha (Boston Bruins)

*Signed after filing

New Jersey Devils winger Jesper Bratt (NHL Images).

The deadline for club-elected arbitration filing is July 18 at 5 pm ET. Arbitration hearings begin on July 27 through August 11.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Bear in mind that this is usually a tactic designed to set a deadline to complete contract negotiations. In most cases, the player and his team reach an agreement on a new contract before the date of his arbitration hearing. Mikkola agreed to a one-year, $1.9 million contract with the Blues shortly after filing. The notables on this list include Bratt, Mangiapane, Kapanen, Puljujarvi and Yamamoto. 

TSN: Calgary Flames winger Matthew Tkachuk and Winnipeg Jets center Pierre-Luc Dubois were among the notable restricted free agents who didn’t file for salary arbitration. Another is Columbus Blue Jackets left winger Patrik Laine.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Athletic’s Aaron Portzline believes Laine’s decision not to file for arbitration suggests contract discussions with the Blue Jackets remain amicable. The same could apply to Tkachuk and Dubois with their respective clubs. It also leaves the door open for those players to accept their one-year qualifying offers before the July 22 deadline for doing so.

THE ATHLETIC’s Peter Baugh recently tweeted that a league source told him multiple teams are trying to clear salary-cap space in an attempt to sign Nazem Kadri. The 31-year-old free-agent center wants to play for a contender and has ruled out those who are not.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That explains why Kadri remains available nearly a week into this season’s free-agent period. Perhaps he’ll sign a new contract at some point this week.

BOSTON HOCKEY NOW: A source tells Jimmy Murphy that the Bruins’ contract extension talks with David Pastrnak could take longer than expected. The feeling is both sides are in wait-and-see mode. The Bruins are still dealing with Patrice Bergeron and David Krejci and could need to make a cost-cutting trade to make it all work. Meanwhile, the Pastrnak camp could be watching to see where things are headed with the Bruins.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: There’s also how much Pastrnak’s new contract will cost the Bruins. The 26-year-old winger is a year away from unrestricted free agent eligibility and is earning $6.6 million on his current contract. It could cost them $10 million annually on an eight-year deal to keep him in the fold.

TORONTO SUN: The Maple Leafs signed restricted free agent winger Pierre Engvall to a one-year, $2.25 million contract.

TSN: The Edmonton Oilers signed UFA forward Mattias Janmark to a one-year, $1.25 million contract.

The Florida Panthers inked UFA defenseman Michael Del Zotto to a one-year, two-way contract.

CHEK TV’s Rick Dhaliwal reports the Vancouver Canucks have granted permission to goaltender Michael DiPietro’s agent to speak with other teams regarding a trade.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cap Friendly indicates DiPietro is signed for 2022-23 with a cap hit of $840K.


  1. Whew what a mess Zacha arbitration, wait and see, Pasta, Patrice and Krecji unsigned, all orchestrated by the most hated executive since Martin Shkreli. Gonna be like trying to find your way out the Peace Maze. Rebuild ..this team’s going nowhere.

    • Rick, filing for arbitration is virtually a routine – just in case – measure … 95% of those filing each year wind up with new deals well ahead of any hearings.

  2. Some interesting names on the arbitration list. Of course, being a CBJ fan, I’m most interested in the Laine negotiations. Historically, Portzline is terrible at predictions, but very accurate with behind the scenes news. So, I’m wondering who the Jackets will trade to clear cap space and what the return will be. Right now, I’m guessing Nyquist, Bean and Texier are up for grabs.

    • Nice to see a Blue Jackets fan on this board, it seems to be mostly buzz about Canadian teams plus the Bruins, Penguins and Rangers.

      Assuming they sign Laine for the medium or long term, what do you see as the plan for CBJ’s top line? They’ll have two high-end wingers but no first-line center. Frankly I’m skeptical that Roslovic or Jenner are legitimate second-line centers, though they’re both good players. I guess they’re hoping Sillinger or Hughes can step into that role, but it seems unlikely this season and far from certain even after that.

      Any thoughts?

      • Assuming Laine signs I see the lines as:
        Laine-Rosolovic-Varcek (they were doing magic at the end of the season)

        Nyquist, Bean and a low salary forward getting traded to clear cap space.

  3. With the Engvall signing the Leafs now have 22 signed with only Sandin left to re-up. As it stands now, they are $1,493,116 over the cap and if Sandin (coming off a cap hit of $894,167) is signed at, say, a bridge $1.5 mil, they’ll be at 23 and $2,993,116 over.

    So, clearly, other moves are coming there. Who do the Leafs fans in here see being dealt to get at or under the $82.5 mil limit – or will they try and land an LTIR?

    Dealing Kerfoot would do the trick – barely – but that lone leaves them no flexibility since no contract player could be among the return, and so at 22 players with limited space. Also trading Holl would get rid of $5.5 mil in total, leaving about $2 mil in space and the 3 vacant positions filled by ELCs.

    Pengy, Ron, Ken?

    • Hi George

      I was half-way through my post (below) and took a call… so it shows further down

      I’m still advocating for thr bigger move to get away from 1/2 Cap on 4 Fwds…. Which means MM (highly unlikely) or WW

      Holl & $2M needs a sweetener

      Kerfoot…. Who takes him? Retained Cap/Cash or sweetner??

      Leafs not better than the 21/22 team…. So changes needed

      • Pengy, what about dealing for a viable LTIR from a team that likely won’t use it anyway – e.g., Silfverberg ($5,250,000) from Anaheim or Little ($5.291,667) from Arizona?

      • Hi George

        Arz won’t be trading their LTIRs

        Not sure if they have concluded Silfverberg out whole year; have they?

        Either way… the LTIR has to be part of make up on first day of season

        I don’t think Leafs go the LTIR route

        But who knows with Dubas

      • Well, it’s not as if they haven’t done it before.

      • True

        Just skeptical this year

      • I expect Michael Ferland’s $3.5 m contract is available from Vancouver without taking anything back. It’s only for the coming season, unlike Silfverberg’s and Little’s which are both for two more seasons, which might be an advantage in terms of flexibility.

      • I was going to mention him East Van Fan, but then I saw their current cap situation (over by a $mil +) – maybe they intend to use that themselves.

      • I know you all have a thing for LTIR and buyouts…it’s like being proud you have a band aide for your cut when it was you who cut yourself. It’s not a solution for anything because day one every team must announce their roster who’s cap hit must not exceed the cap ceiling – I know you all know that – but if you are looking to ‘exploit’ that cap loop hole with LTIR because you’re a smart one, you also know that player has to fit in your roster and under the cap….so, who are you waiving and later calling up once you place that LITR contract to its place? Hopefully no other smart GMs are out there looking for good players who teams are trying to sneak or not through because of this move? How about the person who commonly referred to as player? Think they think it’s a smart move like you do?

      • Ron. Ain’t you a fan of of the team that flew a player on oceanic 815 to the island? Who was that again…. Robby? Robocop? Roadkill?

      • Yes, and? It echoed long and widely throughout the talking heads and fans. My point is still very much valid since they had to reactivate or whatever it’s called at the beginning of the season…oh yeah one more thing, you want to be as close, like a few hundred shy or less, to the ceiling so you can make the most of that LITR contract. What’s the big deal, see what I said about choosing the players to temporarily demote.

        For such a Leafs follower like yourself, you’ve seen the success the Leafs had doing this, why are you guys looking at this, or any other cap gymnastics the Leafs do, as an option in your trade proposals or cap management? They are only trying to stay afloat at this point. LOL 😂

      • That’s actually a good point. Cheating the system didn’t even work for the leafs. I guess it’s hard to grasp as a pens fan as we cheated the system and got the most talented hockey player in history.

  4. After reading Howard comment yesterday in regards to PLD, and a trade almost at the draft to send PLD to Montreal.
    Found the article and certainly seem like the agent is pushing for a trade to Montreal.

    The odd thing is nothing in Winnipeg has been reported. I sent a tweet to a reporter close to the jets and he replied PLD lives in Montreal and he’s aware of the report.

    If we still had TSN1290 in Winnipeg it be all over the airwaves.

    With PLD not going to arbitration a report today suggest maybe it’s going to be a tough negotiation and he might try and pressure Chevy into trading him to Montreal.

    Personally not a fan of the agent tactic saying PLD isn’t under contract so he can say he would like to play in Montreal.

    PLD is presently tied to Winnipeg for two more seasons and unless Chevy can get the deal he wants he will not be trading him to Montreal for a bag of pucks.

    I would have to think the player Chevy wants is Suzuki. I don’t blame Hughes for not giving him up and offering the least amount possible considering the player only wants to go to his team.

    If i’m Chevy i’m talking with other teams to gauge the interest. Anaheim, Buffalo.

    I could be wrong but by not going to arbitration this could make it difficult to do a trade, as there is no cost certainty and the player said he wants to test free agency. meaning he wants to sign in Montreal if not today in two years.

    • I would let him sit forever. I would offer him a few fair contracts with term if no sign. Go play in khl Once he does it to peg all future stars will or can force them the same way Bad precedent to set

    • Caper, it doesn’t seem wise IMO for the Habs to move assets for PLD now. They are a few years away from being a contender. Better for them to see how Dach does over the next two years.

      Then there is the issue of cap space. The Habs need to move a roster player now to sign Dach and be cap compliant, assuming Price does return. Adding PLD to an unclear picture would be foolish.

    • Caper I agree sorry to hear about 1290 I worked a lot out there before covid only thing I l listen too. I do not see why the Habs trade top end talent this year . Yes PLD is great and young but I would like to see how Huges does with the rebuild before we rush for a top player ,

  5. Oil…. With Yammo filing; and still need to strengthen D….

    Yammo & Ryan (both from Spokane) for Soucy (Viking)

    Benefits both teams roster wise; and 3 players go to a team that is close to home

    Leafs….. signing Engvall …. Now only (sarcasm) $1.5 M over…. And Sandin still to sign …. and still 1/2 Cap in 4 Fwds (fact not sarcasm)…. Trades afoot

    Arb…. Very good for Pens…. Kappy won’t get much above his QO…. But the bigger picture…. Arb means buyout window opens again…. Zucker 👍🙏🤞👏…. Just sayin’

    For total ships n giggles ….The better move …. If it could ever be arranged…. to-through with 2 teams….

    To Arz or Ducks – Zucker, O’Connor; 2nd from final team (see below)…. Arz or Ducks (1st team in to-through) retain 50% of Zucker; send on to second team (Arz or Ducks)

    To Arz or Ducks ;whichever didn’t have him first; so second team in to-through….3rd (Pens acquired in trade) ; B prospect from final team; for retaining another 25% on Zucker

    Final team gets Zucker at 25% ($1.1M cash [after escrow] ;$1.38 M Cap) @ a cost of a 2nd and B prospect

    First to-through (Arz or Ducks) get O’Connor and a 2nd for retaining $2.2 M cash (after escrow) gain $2.75 M Cap

    Second to-through (Arz or Ducks) get a 3rd and B-Prospect for $1.1 M (after Escrow) cash; $1.38 M Cap

    Pens get $5.5 M in Cap space and the “massive “ future considerations; for O’Connor and a 3rd (rec’d in trade)

    Buyout …. Saves $3.5 M Cap this tear; $1.7 M dead Cap next year

    • Pengy, can’t see the Oil trading Yamo and Ryan for a 3rd pairing D man on a crappy team.
      Soucy is OK, kinda meh.

      IMO the Oil will roll with what they have on the blue line, and yes that means young guys will get plenty of reps.

      Top 4 will be Nurse, Ceci, Kulak, Bouchard with Barrie and Broberg playing 3rd pair. If Broberg keeps progressing I can see him getting top 4 minutes by the TDL. If not, they grab a guy then.

      The AHL guys will fill in if needed due to injury. It’s time for Samarukov and Niemelainen to get those minutes as they will both be waiver eligible after this year. Let’s find out if they can play in the NHL or not, they have been seasoned properly, so let’s go.

      • I’m a big g Soucy fan…. He is very good IMHO; worth the trade IMHO

        You are waaaay more in tune with Oil… so your take is most likely what will happen

      • I know you are a fan of Soucy Pengy, and you were on him early and right about him.
        To me he is a really good #5 guy, who can play in your top 4 if needed for a stretch. Nothing wrong with that.
        It’s just the Oil just traded for, and re-signed Kulak for the exact same role for about the same amount of $.
        Problem with Soucy is he will be a UFA after this season as well. My guess he gets moved to a contender at the TDL as you can’t have too many D men who can defend when the playoffs come around.

      • Hi Ray

        If he stays on Krakken…. I agree fully he’ll be moved @ TDL

        He’d be a good acquisition on many teams if they felt he could be extended now…. Would need permission from Francis to do that

    • Pengy, thanks for earmarking your sarcasm – wouldn’t have sensed that without your help.
      Pretty sure teams are allowed to go ten per cent over the cap during the off-season, Pengy, so don’t worry about the Leafs just yet.
      Keep worrying about the Penguins though – that should help fill your day.

      • Hi BcLeafFan

        Most here do know when sarcasm is “played” /“posted”

        But there is at least one on here that does not know when sarcasm is posted ; and I’m just tired responding to inform that it was sarcasm after that individual responds

        Yes teams can go 10% over in the off-season…but a trade still needs to happen

        My NHL worries are equally spread over Leafs and Pens

        With the nigh certain exodus of Mathews 1/7/24…. Leafs have two play-off runs at a Cup

        When AM walks…. That sets another couple of years back for hopes of a cup…. Then nearing 60 years drought

      • As well has having the team’s name dropped from the cup as that ring containing the 1967 win comes due to be removed (it stays, of course, in the Hockey Hall Of Fame – just not on the cup presented to the winners).

  6. Peng,

    A comment that you made above caught my attention (and is really what matters most) —“Leafs not better than the 21-22 team”……NEITHER ARE THE BLUES!!


    • So we both agree that a Blues/Leafs SCF in ‘23…. Almost assuredly ain’t happenin’

  7. Achan. 5’7” 170 lbs ….Bruins sure do like their little Dmen and they usually end up injured

    • That’s True Joe, but look at the other giant signings talking about size and massive talent Matt Filipe, and Ryan Mast. This clubs down going faster than a Major Bowles thank you post

  8. Iowa prince, with the Blues sitting at 22 signed and just $625,000 left in the kitty, you’d have to think another move – or two – could be in the works to try and find a suitable replacement for Perron and his 27g 30a 57 pts in 67gp. That’s their only real loss as they won’t miss either Bozak or Neal.

    • I’ll remain hopeful and optimistic.

    • Something like tarasenko and scandella for Beuvillier and Bailey would make me much more hopeful and optimistic.

  9. The HAbs should let things play out, if ever there was an event driven situation this is it. On the upside, MSL is an inspiring coach, their youngsters develop quickly, Price comes back at the 30 game point and they threaten playoffs, and they are hunting at the deadline…or they are growing but still a lottery team, Price, regrettably, is done, and the finish rebuilding at the TDL. Unless PLD falls in cheap, I’d wait and see in Montreal.