NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – July 19, 2022

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The Flames take Matthew Tkachuk to arbitration, the latest noteworthy contract signings, the Ducks aren’t done making off-season moves, and more in today’s NHL morning coffee headlines.

CALGARY HOCKEY NOW: The Flames are taking winger Matthew Tkachuk to arbitration after the 24-year-old winger opted not to file for player-elected arbitration by Sunday’s deadline.

Calgary Flames winger Matthew Tkachuk (NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The move sets a deadline for the two sides to hammer out an agreement on a new contract. It also prevents Tkachuk from receiving offer sheets from rival clubs.

This decision by the Flames will likely raise concerns among the fanbase that he could end up with just a one-year deal taking him up to unrestricted free agent status next summer. It could also lead to his name popping up in trade rumors.

The arbitration period begins on July 27 and ends on Aug. 11. The schedule for those hearings has yet to be released.

MONTREAL HOCKEY NOW: The Canadiens signed restricted free agent goaltender Samuel Montembeault to a two-year, one-way contract worth an average annual value of $1 million. The signing leaves the Canadiens with $1.2 million in cap space with 22 roster players signed for 2022-23.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This is likely an insurance move by the Canadiens given the ongoing uncertainty over the status of starting goalie Carey Price as he continues to deal with the effects of last summer’s knee surgery. Center Kirby Dach is their sole remaining free agent among their roster players.

NBC SPORTS BAY AREA: The San Jose Sharks re-signed restricted free agent forward Luke Kunin and goaltender Kaapo Kahkonen to two-year contracts with an average annual value of $2.75 million.

THE ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: Anaheim Ducks general manager Pat Verbeek continues to work on his off-season roster makeover. He’d like to sign a free-agent forward and a defenseman but didn’t indicate which players he’s targeted in the UFA market.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Verbeek made two notable free-agent additions last week, bringing in forwards Ryan Strome and Frank Vatrano.

TSN: Arizona Coyotes defenseman Conor Timmins released a statement on Monday indicating he was not involved in an alleged sexual assault involving members of Canada’s 2018 world junior team. His statement comes a week after Hockey Canada announced it was reopening its investigation into the alleged assault.

Timmins joins Toronto Maple Leafs blueliner Victor Mete in publicly declaring their innocence. The agent for Colorado Avalanche rearguard Cale Makar said his client wasn’t involved in the incident and had cooperated in the initial investigation.

CHICAGO SUN-TIMES: Ed Olczyk is leaving the Blackhawks broadcast teams after the two sides failed to reach an agreement on a new contract. He’ll be joining the Seattle Kraken broadcast booth and continuing as a hockey analyst for TNT.

TSN: Jake Virtanen’s sexual assault trial is underway in British Columbus. The alleged incident took place in Sept. 2017 when he was a member of the Vancouver Canucks.

NHL.COM: Defenseman Andrej Sekera has retired after 16 NHL seasons. He had 253 points in 842 regular-season games with the Dallas Stars, Edmonton Oilers, Los Angeles Kings, Carolina Hurricanes and Buffalo Sabres between 2006-07 to 2021-22.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Best wishes to Sekera and his family in their future endeavors.

PHILLY HOCKEY NOW: The Flyers are reportedly replacing their trainers as well as long-time equipment manager Harry Bricker.

THE PROVINCE: Former Canucks general manager Jack Gordon passed away last month in Minnesota at age 94. He was GM of the clubs from 1985 to 1987, during which he’s remembered for trading a young Cam Neely to the Boston Bruins.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: My condolences to Gordon’s family, friends and the Canucks organization.


  1. Not looking good for Calgary with the Tkachuk situation. They should move him if he won’t sign a long term deal as painful as it will be

    • Sounding eerily in Calgary like what Ottawa went through with so-called “top” players not prepared to sign new deals – e.g., Karlsson, Stone, Deschene – so they decided to move them for the best deals possible and live with the pain of a long re-build.

      When your top players put you in that kind of a bind you HAVE to reap the best returns you can negotiate and move on. And it doesn’t matter what time of the season it is – once the foot-dragging and the hemming and hawing starts with players/agents – MOVE them.

      • The Tkachuk family also have quite the negotiation play book. If I was Calgary though, I would have left him open to an offer sheet. Let someone over pay and take the three or 4 first round picks.

        I don’t think he’s going to be offer sheeted. I also don’t think he’s a 10-11 million dollar player.

        He benefited from coaching, system, good players around him and league wide inflated numbers last season. I think, much like Kadri, people are looking at the body of work as a whole and saying “ok..he’s 70-80 point guy”

      • Hi George!

        Just spit-balling, so go easy on me!

        What about Matthew playing with Ottawa – so long as a long term contract can be worked out?

        They definitely have the assets and cap space to get it done. Uniting the Tkachuk Bros (IMO) would make for some exceptionally exciting hockey!

        Dorian has been on one heckuva role this summer and has built a scary good team!!

      • LOL, Artsy – when it’s all boiled down to the basics, “spitballing” is the norm in here.

        Man, that’s a tough one. Only in the sense that Matthew, although a left shot, normally plays on the RW.

        Right now, Ottawa’s top 2 RWs are Batherson on the 1st line with Norris at C and Brady Tkachuk at LW, and DeBrincat, with either Stutzle at C OR if he moves back to LW. Giroux at C. We won’t know that until training camp opens and Smith starts to sort out his lines.

        But bottom line, where would Matthew play? With the kind of cap hit he’s going to command you sure don’t want him on the 3rd line. So, if one of those named above goes to Calgary in return – which one?

        It’s a nice thought, reuniting the brothers, but I just don’t see it happening.

      • Right now, the Sens need a top 4 D-man more than they need Matthew Tkachuk.

      • Bingo! To that end the Chychrun talks might be heating up with the Senators having lots of moving parts – including picks – that the Coyotes might find attractive moving forward – including a # 1 pick as the Senators look more and more like a team that won’t be finishing at or near the bottom for some time.

        Chychrun costs $4,600,000 off the cap with 3 years to run. Since they have to stay close to the cap minimum, and with only RFAs Crouse and Hayton to re-up, the $4.6 mil going out could be made up by having Zaitsev part of the incoming package (he’s $4.5 mil per for 2 more years). A # 1, plus Formenton along with one of Bernard-Docker or Thompson could do the trick.

      • Sabres had the same thing with Jack, Sam and risto

    • Calgary is still a pretty good team. In normal circumstances it might be better for them to retain Tkachuk as an “own rental” for the year, go for it and see what happens. But these are not normal circumstances. They can’t afford to lose both him and Gaudreau for nothing. If the Flames can’t agree with Tkachuk on a long term deal before the season starts they may have no choice but to trade him.

      • Laine for Tkachuk straight up? (snicker, snicker)

      • Boston’s beat writer noted that the Bruins checked on Chychrun before making the Lindholm deal and Arizona was asking for more then Anaheim received for Lindholm. Something along the lines of two first round picks, Swayman PLUS. That fits the rumor that AZ asked FLA and STL for Spencer Knight and Joel Hofer in packages from those teams. B Armstrong wants an incredible package for Chychrun. I dont think he moves him for anything short of an over payment.

  2. “The Flyers are reportedly replacing their trainers as well as long-time equipment manager Harry Bricker.”

    So THAT’S the root cause of their recent woes on the ice. Who-da thunk!

    • They were slow drying the players gloves. Causing several missed goals on scoring chances as well getting caught taking home skate laces and tape

      • Don’t forget the ice bath incident when the temperature was 2 degrees off; causing a 3 game losing streak

        Those dang trainers and equipment staff

        All of them will be hired by Yotes as concession staff in the barn

  3. Pasta… did read in more than a couple of spots that his next contract will be 8 years $88 million ….that’s over $20 million between 2 players McAvoy/Pasta … Tough to fill out all 4 lines & Dmen

    • As a few notable teams have been discovering ever since the cap went almost stagnant in terms of annual increases.

      And in that regard as it pertains to the cause of the stagnant cap, there’s no immediate end in sight as pressure mounts – again – from hospitals all across North America as they and their ICUs attempt to deal with the latest Covid variant surge,

      Politicians are between the classic rock and the hard place as they deal with the double whammy of runaway inflation and attempting to keep the economy moving forward while dealing with demands that something be done to stop the spread.

    • Calgary needs to pull off a sign and trade with Tkachuk adds an extra year to the team wanting him..

    • That s the going price for star players.Hope the salary cap goes up more than a million dollars a year.top forward 9-10 million,top D 8-9.5, goalie 5.5-6, fill in the blanks after that.

  4. Everybody’s making deals Sweeney as usual does nothing.

  5. Question to ask is it better to have say a Pasta $11 million per and a minor league player or two forwards at $ 5.5 million per on your roster …

    • Joe. I think pasta at 10 is a deal. The cap will jump slot in year 3. And it will be a bargain. The teams with their stars due in 2 years after cap jumps are the ones who will be stuck paying 13-15 per or more For say Matthews. Draisaitl PLB. Aho etc

    • This is where, in my opinion, the way the league figures the hard cap is a mistake. As we all know, it’s the average salary over the length of the contract that is counted. But most contracts have a players actual salary increasing over the length of the contract. If actual salary were to be what counts against the cap, Boston could sign a contract with Pastrnak which has a below market value salary for the two or three years the cap is expected to stay flat, then jump up in salary so that the AAV is $10MM.

      • Ya Paul, the hard cap has it’s issues, but so did the previous system where there was huge inequality in revenues by market size, which leads to a competitive imbalance and small market teams struggling to be competitive, and make a profit.

        You could make the argument, and I think you would be right, that the hard cap has increased revenues overall for the NHL due to competitiveness of most of the league, which brings in more revenue, which raises player compensation overall.

        So if we get rid of the cap, we replace it with what? I think revenue sharing might work like the NFL, but that is sport where every game is nationally broadcast which is where the big $ is, not the gate. Also 80% of the games on the same day. You might have a hard time getting Jacobs, Wirtz, MLS etc to agree to that as well.

        It’s a discussion worth having, because this system does have warts. I just don’t know what you replace it with? MLB is an example of what it would look like. Yankees and Dodger good 90% of the time and teams like Oakland good only 15% of the time, and for a shorter period until they break them up, again.

      • The point, I think, is to change the way each team’s salary total is calculated, not get rid of the cap. It would be a much different world if each team’s salary were calculated based on actual salary paid that year instead of the average over the contract. Doing actual salary would allow teams to sign aging stars to longer term deals with lower salaries in the last couple of years.

      • Exactly, BPB. I will never advocate abandoning the cap. Had there been a cap in place in the late 60’s, the initial expansion might have created more balanced teams and maybe (possibly not, but just maybe) the California Seals wouldn’t have gone to Cleveland to die. Or, a not overly long time later, the Nordiques wouldn’t have moved to Denver.

      • Ya that could work Bigphat & Paul.

  6. Here’s an idea.
    Mitch Marner for Mathew Tkachuk. The Leafs need a change, any type of change. You really can’t continue to ice basically the same core team every year and expect better results, so why not?

    • Do it
      He will leave leaf’s after 1 yr and sign with blues😝😝😝

    • Leafs could use the extra 2 mill they could get if they signed him for 8 mill a season for 2 or 3 years. Not sure that number will be enough for Tkachuk but anything less than Marner’s 10.9 helps…

      Maybe Matty and Auston like playing together?

    • Interesting

  7. For IP and any other Blues fans on here

    This would never happen …. But for super Ships ‘n Giggles; what would Blues offer Cgy & Ottw to get both the Tkachuk bros ?

    • For Brady I would want Parayko – there’s the RD solved. Move Stutzle to LW on the top line, with Giroux centering Formenton and DeBrincat on the 2nd line.

      How’s that for Ships ‘n Giggles? No Parayko? Bye.

      • Hi George

        BT straight up for Parayko…. that would surprise me huge if Dorion accepts a straight up flip (and that’s saying a ton as all on here know my love of Parayko) …. However, if so….IP…. Deal or no deal???…and if that happens, what does St L offer Cgy for MT

        I think MT traded and signing (a “less than elsewhere” contract) with Blues is much more likely if they (Blues) acquire BT first


      • Hey Pengy, knowing the “Tkachuk way”, it is unlikely in my opinion that Matthew Tkachuk will give ANY team a break on his deal

      • Hi Sparky

        It’s not Mathew or Brady that make the decisions re contracts…. It’s Keith 😂

        I think if discussions were allowed (Blues and MT camp) AND his brother was moved to Blues; that a reasonable deal could be reached

        What I mean by “reasonable” is not a hold out deal; not an overpay deal (which are the type of deals Keith insists in)

    • @Pengy….Sounds like it is either Phil Kessel or johan Larsson will ne the last forward to fill out the roster..

      Kessel is willing to ay at league minimum
      $850,000 to $1.2 M and would play with Malkin.

      If its Larsson he will compete with Poehling Caguilla Pustinen

      To join Carter McGinn Blueger Zucker in bottom six.

      • Hi BnG

        I’ll say it again…. Punt Zucker; sign Niedereiter… it can be done

        Under no circumstances should they grab Phil for top 6 roll…. Waaaaaaaaay too slow.

        The beauty thing re Kessel … not a 35+ contract …. Per CapFriendly….”A contract is designated a 35+ contract if the players age on the first year of the contract is 35 or older (as of June 30 prior to the year of the effective contract).” Phil was 34 on 30/6/22…. So sign him 1 year ; $750 K…. And if he shows up to training camp at 20lbd less than now…. Let him play some 4th line; and if he performs 3rd line. If he falters…. Bury him at WBS

        If no weight loss…. Steer clear of him

        If they can’t do Zucker out; Neiderreiter in move…. Larrsson a much better move


        Sid Guentz Rusty

        Gino Rakell Neidereiter

        Carter McG and one of Larrsson OR Poulin OR NylanderOR Kappy,

        Blueger and 2 of Larrsson OR Poulin OR NylanderOR Kappy,

  8. Pengy and. George

    I believe it would take a little more from blues the just Parayko. For. Tkachuk toss in a pick and getter done. The flames send Matt. For. Tank re upped. With Krug and a pic

    • Hi MB4

      Agree that Dorion will ask fir more than m beloved Parayko to get the Captain

      Your proposed trade (I’m assuming Tank is Teresenko, yes?) then to get MT not far off the mark in an individual trade….

      However the combined trades net the bros but have Blues losing BOTH Parayko and Krug; which, IMHO, is not viable

      I still believe if Blues could snag BT….. signing MT long term and for cheaper than he might get would be easier

      • Peng and all’

        Dealing with day 5 of covid recovery in Iowa—sorry for delayed response.

        Even as a Blues loyalist, I will say that Parayko for Brady is NOT enough. However, losing Parayko would make a mediocre Blues defense even thinner! Never happen!!

        Rumors are over the top with Matthew! I would think that Tarasenko would have to be included to make the $$s work. I would guess the Flames would look at Kyrou as well. Too much of a loss to the Blues. Maybe Vladdy + Kostin +1st round 2023 + prospect not named Bolduc or Neighbors.


      • Hi IP

        Hope you recover very soon

        Our fam was triple vaxxed and got it

        7th wave …. 💩🤬👎

      • @ Pengy…

        # 1. Zucker isn’t getting moved or it would have v=been done by now. ( he played well vs New York) he can’t be moved..

        # 2 No way in hell do we have enough to sign Nino even of we move Marcus Petersson which is coming soon.

        # 3 Why didn’t they just let that slug Kapanen walk that would free $ 3.2 million. And we made the bumpkin a qualifying offer.

        # 4. Kapanen’s $ 3.2 if we released him and Patersson’s $4.1 then we could sign Nino and a vet at a cheaper price to play second left d-man with Petry like a Robert Hagg or recently released Marco Scandella..

      • Hi BnG

        Zucker can still be moved (HexBurlie were working on the other moves and getting Tanger; Gino; Rakell re-upped); and definitely should be moved… he has a game or two here and there that are good; but a rarity AND just look at his overall production since he came…. His output is low for a low 3rd liner…. Cap hit of $5.5 M waaay too high for that, ; he is oft injured; he must go

        The QO to Kappy had two huge advantages…. (1) the QO to maintain his rights , was only $840 K (just $90 K over league min; and worst case… Arb will award him his production worth (FMV) so Pens won’t overpay; and he had a down year last year; odds reasonably predict that he will outproduce his Arb award

        But more importantly (2) with QO , HexBurkie knew that he’d go to Arb… and with Arb… new buyout window opens…. Zucker CAN be bought out… saving $3.5 M in Cap this year

        See my post of yesterday for a trade that gets Zucker moved without Pens retaining anything

        Zucker out…and Nylander or Poulin (or any of their new UFAs) in…. Leaves 1 Fwd to get and $7.3 M to acquire them… which is much more than it will take for Neitereider

        Just Neitereider in; Zucker out; has a very big difference in the top 6… size (3” taller; 30 lbs heavier) ; grit; strength; durability; and most importantly … production… 82 G pace of 26-24-50; and can play equally well on both wings; Gino-Rackell-Netereider would be s very good 2nd line

        Also…. Zucker can’t and won’t be put with Sid; and has repeatedly brought down Gino’s offence (Gino’s numbers much higher with Zucker on bench than on ice with him)

        Keeping Zucker is counter-productive; costly; and most importantly wastes opportunity to improve

    • Pengy…No one is saying Zucker is a second line player..but if healthy he is effective and adds speed to the slowing jeff Carter on the 3rd line….

      Ill bet you a nickel Zucker will be on the Penguins open night roster…

      Your points are valid about buyouts etc..just not goi g to happen….

      We shall see..
      Do like our right side defense Letang Petry Rutta.

      Dumoulin then (sign a veteran LHD on the cheap a Robert Hagg or Marco Scandella) to play next to Petry

      Let POJ or young talented Ty Smith to ay next to Rutta.

      I think Todd Reardon will work his Magic with Ty Smith like he did with Mike Matheson .

  9. I know the topic will be somewhat buried until its not… Canada’s 2018 world junior team and that gala incident. No idea the actions if names come out and they are NHL players now

  10. Only way trading Tkachuk works if he gives a list to where he will play and for how much money. Than a team can decide and move the necessary salaries to make a deal. Not many teams I believe fit that criteria. If he only will go to St Louis than Calgary in big trouble. Hope NHL doesn’t turn into NBA where players tell league and teams where they will play.