NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – July 30, 2022

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John Klingberg signs with the Ducks, an update on Jesper Bratt’s contract negotiations, and the Sharks will honor Doug Wilson this season. Details and more in today’s NHL Morning Coffee Headlines.

THE HOCKEY NEWS: John Klingberg is off the free-agent market. The 29-year-old defenseman signed a one-year, $7 million contract on Friday with the Anaheim Ducks.

Anaheim Ducks sign former Dallas Stars defenseman John Klingberg (NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Some observers expressed puzzlement on social media regarding this move. Why did Klingberg accept just a one-year deal? Why sign with the rebuilding Ducks? For that matter, why did the Ducks make a short-term investment in a veteran player?

Klingberg may have overestimated his value on this summer’s free-agent market. While he reached the 40-point mark last season for the sixth time in his eight-year NHL career, the puck-moving blueliner struggled with consistency during his final season with the Dallas Stars. Interested clubs may have been reluctant to sign to a long-term deal at this point in his career.

This deal gives Klingberg an opportunity to prove that he still has value as a top-pairing blueliner. A strong season in Anaheim will improve his chances for a more lucrative deal, either with the Ducks or another club in next summer’s free-agent market.

The Ducks, meanwhile, had to spend money to reach this season’s $61 million salary-cap minimum. Signing Klingberg achieve that goal, putting them at $63.6 million invested in 22 players.

It also addressed their need to bolster their blueline while adding a veteran presence to their rebuilding roster. If Klingberg plays well this season, the Ducks can peddle him at next year’s trade deadline for a solid return if they’re out of playoff contention by then.

NJ.COM’s Ryan Novozinsky took to Twitter on Friday regarding Jesper Bratt’s contract negotiations with the New Jersey Devils. He cited Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman saying there hasn’t been much discussion between the two sides so it’s hard to figure out what’s going on.

Novozinsky acknowledged it’s been “pretty silent” from Bratt’s camp for weeks regarding updates on contract talks. He believes it’s been another tough negotiation like his last deal.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Bratt’s arbitration hearing is set for Aug. 3.

DAILY FACEOFF: The San Jose Sharks intend to raise a banner for former player, captain and general manager Doug Wilson in the coming season. He’ll be honored in a pregame ceremony by the club before their game against the Chicago Blackhawks.

Wilson spent 14 of his 16 NHL seasons with the Blackhawks before joining the Sharks. He become their general manager in 2003 and held that position until stepping down for health reasons in April 2022. Wilson was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame as a player in 2020.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Wilson built the Sharks into a Western Conference powerhouse during most of his tenure as their general manager. They finished atop the Pacific Divison five times under his watch, won the Presidents’ Trophy in 2009 and reached the Stanley Cup Final in 2016.

PHILLY HOCKEY NOW: The Philadelphia Flyers signed Owen Tippett to a two-year contract with an average annual value of $1.5 million. The 23-year-old right wing was part of the return the Flyers received from the Florida Panthers in the Claude Giroux trade last March.

The Flyers also named Rocky Thompson as an assistant coach.

YARDBARKER: The Seattle Kraken recently announced the Kansas City Mavericks as their ECHL affiliate.


  1. Great signing by the Ducks. They cannot akk my so move him at deadline for some prime assets

    • Similar to GMBA acquiring Ghost (yes via trade) but in concept. Ghost plays well again and it’s more assets and he was a good leader on and off ice. Klinger will do same. Smart move

  2. And for the 1,947th consecutive day, Sweeney has done nothing. The Bruins are expected to hire RWM as general manager any day, which will also mean the Bruins acquiring Jack Eichel for a bag of pucks and the promise of three used goalie sticks to be sent no later than the All-Star break.

    • PB.
      You forgot to mention the 50% retained on Eichel😂

  3. I’ve seen some tell tale signs in Sweeney’s tweets that it’s possible he may have already signed Patrice & Krecji but, he’s going to drag this scenario out for as long as it takes, he’ll save the bows and curtesy’s for later. He is the master of deception how do you think he’s kept his job for so long as he has? Sweeney has been hoodwinking the Jacobs family for years not to mentioned the fans.

    • Yea his win% is awful. Worst in nhl. Oh wait. Hmmmmm
      If both are signed it makes sense not to release as will be over the cap and make it even harder to get any value in trades. Is that. Dumb or smart???

    • why don’t the B’s sign Kadri now, and then when they place Marchand & McAvoy on LTIR, sign Bergeron & Krejci? they could move Coyle to RW. Give them strength down the middle and protection for if/when Bergeron/Krejci retire?
      Is Sweeney afraid he wouldn’t be able to create the cap space when BM & CM return?

    • Thinking I just saw Sweeney getting a Black Rifle Coffee ( Freedom Roast ) at the Chatham Perk ( Cape Cod ) …..Bruins ball cap on 4 day beard with a #37 shirt on …..He had that look on his face ….how he could get T Hall to agree to a trade

      • As far I’m concerned Sweeney is a nightmare straight out of a novel by Steven King based on a screenplay by John carpenter. Obviously there’s a couple of posters on here that don’t read some of the more prominent and respected sports journalists in Boston who are saying FANS , one writer placed the number at over 90% that want Sweeney out a lot of those in Boston actually go to games if they stop going who do you think, the Jacobs family are going to rake over the coals.? I cannot say muchan more in my comments or they won’t get on here. I responded a number of times to two of my most ardent admirers yet they never make it on. So I have to tread lightly.

    • Your mom let you post twice today???

      • Why ?

  4. Not sure which is worst. Rwm daily bologna or the daily rip on rwm scrapple. Either way it needs fried and smothered in ketchup to be tolerable.

    • Chrism if anything I’ll give both Rick and Pengy credit for consistency.

      Pengy first it was JJ and when he was finally dealt, I thought thats the end of that.

      Then Pengy picked a new target.

      Rick knows what going on, but is having fun, he knows he is getting a reaction from some poster; therefore the banter continues.

      Whats the over / under, who is gone first Sweeney or Zucker?

      • Sweeney +260.

  5. good luck to John Gibson to play behind a defense that has both Shattenkirk and Klingberg

    • Especially if they pair them!

  6. Great news about the Sharks honoring Doug. It’s a well-deserved honor, and even though he had some dips at the end, he was an awesome player GM and person. With Marleau scheduled to go to the rafters as well, that just leaves the Thorton ceremony announcement. It’s gonna be a tough season, so glad to see some positivity.

  7. Oh am I the only one that overlooked the Burins news? Other than to obviously remove all doubt about yourself, why not comment on the current daily topics, which today, doesn’t include your lost in the wilderness management. I guess Bs fans should be concerned because it sounds like your management is playing checkers and everyone else is playing chess

    • I don’t think they are lost in the wilderness Ron, just where they are in the cycle that all good teams go through after more than a decade of success. I can give multiple examples of teams in the same spot or were, but we all know who they are.

      I think the MGT knows exactly where they and are pragmatic enough to know their options are limited and look to be giving it another go while they can, with the players they can get/afford until the inevitable rebuild/retool happens.

      No “chess” to be played, more like poker and playing the cards you have, and all the player’s cards are face up. Ain’t that complicated. Basic math.

      Some folks just have a hard time accepting it, or they are just messing around for laughs. Not sure which, would have to ask them.

      • Ray I kinda agree with you, but not fully.

        The issue for me is management still thinks by adding a piece or two they are legit contenders.

        Jacob’s in his media day said “Boston fans would never accept a rebuild.”

        They but pieces in place to prove that.

        Is Sweeney clever enough to get the pieces he thinks he needs to be a cup contender?

        This Bruin fan, although I don’t live in Boston is ready and wanting a rebuild.

        McAvoy, Swayman are young enough to build a round.

        2023 is rated a strong draft class at the top.

        Sign Bergeron (which I believe is already completed. )

        Deadline: move out Marchand, Bergeron, Smith, Coyle and Hall.

        Reilly will be moved when healthy.

        When healthy move Grizz.

        How is that for a rebuild?

      • I dunno what MGT actually thinks Caper. Not sure what Jacobs says publicly is what he says privately, or what Sweeney thinks. I’m a B’s fan, but not a fan of Jacobs. He won’t give up playoff revenue until it is obvious they can’t compete for a spot.

        I would label your plan a retool vs rebuild, but splitting hairs!

        They would get some good value back for those guys, if they agree to be traded.

        Would still need to get lucky to get the dominant C you need to win a cup. But hey, they nailed it with Bergy later in a very deep draft, and I’m hearing the same thing as you about this draft.

      • Ray how about Pastrnak to LA for Quinton Byfield.

        Sign and trade deal.

        I know why I would make this deal but I dont know why LA would.

      • Sign me up Caper!

    • Wanna talk about the Leafs, or you wanna stay on topic, Ron?
      Is it just the Bruins talk you don’t cotton too, or is it anyone who isn’t mentioned in the headlines?

  8. Klingberg signs for 7.5 – Yikes !
    George will be heart broken – he is not a Senator !

    As per the Bruins , always the number 1 topic on here – I really thought Kadri was a “slam dunk” to be a Bruin , ideal candidate Bruin image – keep the Bruin fans on the edge of their seats .
    No nights off with this guy !

    • Yeah, let him get suspended when’s playing for their team, not against it.

    • Yeah … I’m friggin’ SHATTERED I tell ya ….

    • Kadri would be a nice add get a little snarl back which has been lacking but the $$$ won’t work they way they are set up now …… Sweeney …. Bigger,tougher and stronger to the puck ….I like Lawson Crouse

      • Joe I don’t think I’d want Kadri similar to Brad not as good but 31 and he’ll want a fortune, now Lawson Crouse, huge ,tough can score and hit is young that’s. A Yes.. pretty good skater for a guy his size.and has a mean side. Wouldn’t mind seeing Crouse do a rink length dash and paste both Mr Bruin and Private Bowles into the end boards.Sometimes those two could use an attitude adjustment.