NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – September 23, 2022

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Gabriel Landeskog and Nick Suzuki are among notable stars sidelined as training camps open. Ryan Ellis is expected to miss the entire season, plus the latest on Kirill Kaprizov, Mark Stone, Mathew Barzal and more in today’s NHL Morning Coffee Headlines.

NHL.COM: Colorado Avalanche captain Gabriel Landeskog is expected to miss the start of the 2022-23 season with a lower-body injury that’s been nagging him since last season. Meanwhile, winger Valeri Nichushkin is not participating in on-ice activities with a lower-body injury.

Colorado Avalanche captain Gabriel Landeskog (NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Landeskog underwent knee surgery in March and missed the remainder of the regular season but returned in the playoffs to lead the Avalanche to the Stanley Cup.

MONTREAL GAZETTE: Canadiens captain Nick Suzuki will be sidelined for two weeks with a lower-body injury. Defenseman Joel Edmundson will be out indefinitely with a lower-body injury. Winger Josh Anderson and Jake Evans are day-to-day with upper-body injuries.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Edmundson missed all but 23 games last season recovering from a back injury.

PHILLY HOCKEY NOW: Flyers defenseman Ryan Ellis is expected to miss the entire upcoming season with a torn psoas muscle causing hip and core muscle issues. General manager Chuck Fletcher said it’s possible the 31-year-old blueliner’s career is in jeopardy.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Ellis’ injury sidelined him for all but four games last season. His absence is a big blow to the Flyers blueline.

VEGAS HOCKEY NOW: Golden Knights captain Mark Stone said the nerve pain in his back is fully gone following surgery earlier this year. The 30-year-old winger missed 45 games last season. He said he’s looking forward to getting into at least one preseason game before the regular season begins next month.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Stone’s absence contributed to the Golden Knights missing the playoffs last season.

TSN: Golden Knights forward Nolan Patrick will miss the coming season with an upper-body injury. A former first-round pick, the frequently sidelined Patrick played just 25 games last season.

THE ATHLETIC: A number of lawyers and diplomats worked with the Minnesota Wild and the agent for Kirill Kaprizov to help the Russian winger secure a U.S. work visa for the coming season. There were concerns the 25-year-old Kaprizov wouldn’t be able to return to the Wild due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Wild general manager Bill Guerin said he doesn’t think there was much truth to reports claiming Kaprizov used a fake military ID. The young winger has been in Minnesota for the past seven weeks.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’ll be interesting to see if Kaprizov and other Russian NHL players encounter further difficulties getting work visas next summer if the war is still going on by then.

NEW YORK POST: Mathew Barzal isn’t stressed about not having a contract extension yet with the Islanders. The 25-year-old center remains hopeful of getting a deal done before the start of the season in two weeks’ time. There appears to be genuine sentiment between Barzal and Islanders management toward getting a new contract in place soon.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Barzal will be a restricted free agent next summer and will be a year away from unrestricted free agent eligibility

NHL.COM: The Anaheim Ducks won’t be discussing contract extensions with forwards Trevor Zegras and Troy Terry and defenseman Jamie Drysdale until after the 2022-23 season. GM Pat Verbeek wants to see how the season goes and doesn’t want contract negotiations to be a distraction for the players.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Zegras and Drysdale will be completing their entry-level contracts. Terry will be completing his second NHL contract and will have arbitration rights next summer.

THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER: Flyers goaltender Carter Hart said he’s fully cooperating with the NHL investigation into sexual assault allegations aimed at eight players on Canada’s 2018 World Junior team.

TORONTO SUN: Maple Leafs defenseman Jake Muzzin will miss the opening week of training camp with a sore back.

TSN: The Arizona Coyotes placed Andrew Ladd on long-term injury reserve for the coming season. He was acquired from the New York Islanders last year. Per the terms of the deal, the Coyotes will receive a 2023 third-round pick from the Isles as a result of Ladd being placed on LTIR.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Ladd is in the final year of his contract. Given his age and injury history, the 36-year-old winger’s NHL playing career appears to be over.

Former Nashville Predators goaltender Pekka Rinne has rejoined the team as a special alumni advisor.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: The Oilers signed forward Ryan McLeod to a one-year, $798K contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That bargain price could enable the Oilers to start the season with a 21-man roster while GM Ken Holland seeks ways to free up additional cap space if unable to do so over the next two weeks.

THE ATHLETIC: Russian players who are scheduled to participate in upcoming NHL games in Prague will not be allowed into Czechia owing to that country’s stance on Russia’s war with Ukraine.

The Nashville Predators and San Jose Sharks are scheduled to play in Prague on Oct. 7 and 8. Yakov Trenin plays for the Predators while Alexander Barabanov and Evgeny Svechnikov skate for the Sharks.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Sharks GM Mike Grier said the NHL is handling this situation with Czechia. He doesn’t anticipate his club will forfeit those games but added, “we all go or we don’t go.”


  1. I knew it, despite what mr know it all said, Sweeney couldn’t resist, it’s part of his mo another nhl castoff has joined the bruins ranks, Anton Stralman. This would have been a good addition ten years ago. Now “yawn” it’s just another pathetic move appease his guilty conscience.

    • 10 years ago he was dumped twice (once from a pto with NJD’s) and a hair away from playing somewhere other than the NHL before resurrecting his career in NY on a one year deal.

      You never know!

  2. Anton Stralman Signed a PTO with the Bruins …another DMAN with lack of size and toughness ……

    • Joe

      Anton Does not play a soft game say like Griz does. And is solid defensively As far as RWM. It could be McDavid and he would still complain. If you don’t believe me wait till Sweeney resigns Pasta.

      • Stralman seems to find a way to be productive. I wouldn’t be surprised if he earns a spot on the Bruins roster.

      • A worthwhile move by Sweeney. I thought he would be a good fit for the Oil too, who ended up with Murray.
        When folks are back, he watch most games from press box, we definitely needed some depth for the first couple months of the season. If it is a vet, all the better. We will see what he still has in the tank.

      • I know PK retired and probably and is probably done playing hockey unless someone comes along and offered him a nice contract …Even with the baggage I would’ve rather seen the Bruins try to bring him in ( they may have tried ) at least he could’ve ran the PP and help out with the 3rd pairing … 33 years old still played a decent game

    • Another dud compliments of Guess who

      • You!

  3. No reason to worry yet about Suzuki, Anderson and Evans. Looks like they should be ready for the start of the season. Edmundson is a concern. He missed most of last season with a back injury and there doesn’t seem to be a timetable for his return. If he is forced to miss a significant amount of time, it’ll be trouble for the Habs, as a young and inexperienced D corps will become even more inexperienced.

    This could very well be it for Ellis. Tough break for Patrick. He’s had so many injuries that he could be done as well.

    • This year is shaping up like last year, Howard. With Edmundson out for possibly a long stretch watch for the Habs to trade one of their forwards for an experienced d.

      • I thought Stralman would have preferred Mtl over Bos.

  4. Maybe some of the Russian players currently playing at all levels in North America – including Major Junior (don’t know if any are involved in U.S. College or their junior program – will be among the 300,000 Putin wants to add to his armed forces to fight in the Ukraine. Did you see footage of the long line-ups at land-border crossings into places like Georgia, and at airports? Others are clearly making themselves scarce.

  5. Now with their upcoming LTIRs…. Knights have space

    …. And…. With Ladd going on LTIR ; plus Little apparently going to remain off…that’s $10.8 M on LTIR… Yotes will be well below $61 M …. In the $53.1M range…. Needing to make a move

    I will come back to Kane and the likes, for Yotes as potential to-through trade partners retaining Sal and Cap

    Yotes absolutely need the cheapest way to the Cap floor…. and upcoming UFA players with low actual cash to Cap ratios are the way to go about it

    Kane (and Toews) only have (EACH) about $2.55 M (after escrow) cash owed to them…. But Cap hits (EACH) of $10.5 M

    24 cents cash on the Cap dollar…. Those are contracts that Yotes would benefit huge from in a to-through retention trade

    As a Pens fan… already scared enough of Rangers…. But with the mumblings of Kane “maybe” going to them…. And now with their recent gain of a 1st….yikes ….

    For ships ‘n giggles

    To Blackhawks…. 2 1sts (from Rangers…lottery protected) and Chytyl . BlackHawks retain 50% on Kane

    To Yotes (for retaining 25% on Kane)….from Blackhawks …. 3rd in ‘24 (later of Blackhawks or Sens)

    To Rangers…. Kane (@ 25 %) and ‘23 3rd (from Blackhawks…lower of Blackhawks and Stars)

    Rangers net loss in Cap space ~ $0.3 M…. Flip 2 1sts and Chytyl for Kane and a 3rd

    Yotes move $2.6 closer to floor at a cheap rate (approx $640 K) and gain a 3rd

    Chi gets to tank (more) and gains 2 1st and Chytyl, for 2 3rds and knowing that a player (who won’t be back next year) that (if staying) just helps them further away in lottery odds…. mitigates the loss of this franchise icon

    Kane would have to agree of course…and I’m sure would only go to a contender…. And Rangers already good…l Kane on team…. Definitely a contender

    • Another Ships ‘n giggles … (hopes and prayers for this Pens fan) , and in line with Yotes needing to make cheap cash moves to get to the Cap floor….

      To Chi …. 2nd from Pens , 3rd (‘24) from Yotes, plus O’Connor and Poehling , for retaining 50% on Toews

      To Yotes…. Zucker (Yotes retain 25% on Toews)

      To Pens… Toews (@25 %) , Ritchie

      Yotes at a net cash (after escrow) increased cost of around $2.3 M cash…. Gain ~ $5.6 M in Cap hit for flipping UFA Fwds and a 3rd (‘24)

      Blackhawks get to tank( more ) ; gain 2 prospects; gain a 2nd and a 3rd, for retaining 50% on a player that will not be back next year

      Pens flip Zucker and O’Connor for Toews and Ritchie , get bigger and much better, save $1.2 M in Cap…. at cost of a 2nd and Poehling

      Again… this move all on Toews agreeing…. But with those moves… Pens should be top 3 in Metro and strong playoff roster

      Sid Guentz Rusty

      Gino Rackell Heinen

      Toews Carter and Ritchie or Kappy or Poulin

      Blueger McG and one of Ritchie/Kappy/Poulin/Leger/Nylander/Zoho/Arch

    • Why would Arizona bother putting either on LTIR? They don’t have to do that. It’s not as if they need that to stay within the cap. They have to pay them either way so just leave them on IR and they continue to count against the cap.

      They could also be the ones dealing a potential LTIR to a team that absolutely needs that sort of relief. What they don’t need is more crap like Zucker. I think Armstrong is handling a bad situation properly, and where Chychrun is concerned he may scale back his demands a bit, but in the end some team grasping at D straws will come up with an attractive offer not involving some convoluted “hold-back” garbage. IF, of course, Chychrun is completely recovered from his latest ailment and is seen to be playing well.

  6. Pengy. I’m not 100% sure but I think the team has option weather to use the Ltir moneys against cap if they so choose to and have that space available

    • Hi MB4

      Absolutely their choice, you are correct.

      However, Yotes will be down even more in revs (hard to believe but very true even with the raise in ticket prices, as the barn maxes at 4,900)…. for AT LEAST 4 more years

      ….and IR…. They pay…. LTIR…. insurance reimburses them (so no cash cost other than insurance premiums which they pay anyway)

      From a management perspective and ownership perspective…. HighCap, low cash contracts is absolutely what they need

      • I agree with that. Nhl should have pulled the plug on yotes years ago and relocate

      • Hi MB4


        I’m gloriously awaiting a Bettman retirement announcement…. any new commish would immediately authorize (basically insist upon) the relo

        This “barn” move is not only costing Yotes… but with Rev sharing…. All teams , all owners, and all players (Cap does not increase as much with Yotes in Barn vs say Yotes in Houston) suffer

        Revs and fan base would tremendously increase with a relo

        Toyota Centre…. New city team…. Sell out four straight years… 17,800 seats, at higher price per ticket….. vs Barn (max 4,900… I’m skeptical re sell outs) for 4 minimum years… PLUS massive increases to HRR for merchandise (new jersies etc etc)

        Not a good move Gary

  7. Borderline fraud the Flyers promoting their big defensemen being back for this season when they knew all along Ellis was done – and is likely done for ever.

    Not much really to be said about the 2018 stuff. But if I was Carter Hart I would have said even less.

  8. Yotes DO NOT have to place Ladd on LTIR….he will be on IR and his cap still is counted……

    • Very true johnny z – it’s not like Arizona is going to have to resort to LTIR to stay within the cap limits any time soon. They could also deal his contract to a team that would love to have a confirmed LTIR candidate to alleviate their cap problems. There a few currently over or with very little wiggle room who could use such a contract (e.g. Florida)

      • Hi George and JZ

        Yotes must get to cap floor…. Little and Ladd eligible for LTIR …. If either is put on LTIR….. then Yotes are NOT Cap compliant (are below the floor)

        The catch is that IR is exactly what Yotes do NOT want and do NOT need…. With IR they (Yotes) must pay the Sal ; and get no player on the roster for it

        With LTIR…. insurance company reimburses

        The ideal contract for Yotes is low cash , high Cap UFAs

        In a to-through on say Kane or Toews, retaining 25%….. they pay (after escrow)…. ~ $640 K, but get a Cap hit of $2.63 M…. It is Cap at 24 cents on the cash dollar

        See my proposals above; and set aside the ships ‘n giggles part….. the net math is what they absolutely need to follow

        If they keep Little and Ladd on IR just to be Cap compliant …. Then that’s closing in on $8 M in cash payments…. And getting Jack Squat out of them…. All the while…. Being the absolute worst rev generators of the 32 franchises, for the foreseeable future

        Not smart management at all

        They need upcoming UFAs with much lower Sal relative to Cap hit (front loaded contracts in their last year)

        Contracts such as Ritchie …. Back loaded , upcoming UFA, with playing value less than Cap hit…. Is exactly what Yotes do not need

        Now… if Gary retires…. The Houston Yotes Paying Little and Ladd while on IR for one year…. Makes zero difference …. They’d be selling out the Toyota centre at much higher average ticket prices , with gobs more in merch sales

      • So, if they don’t NEED LTIRs and at the same time don’t want to have to pay them if on IR, deal them to teams that don’t currently have an LTIR but could obviously use it – e.g. Florida. In that scenario they could take back a contract of a decent player as opposed to some albatross stiff a team would like to jettison. Look for something along those lines to take place closer to the end of training camp.

  9. Landeskog not ready for the opener is definitely a bummer man, “that’s a bummer man” as the Dude says!!! Val , I understood that one because how broke his foot was, ugly! Oh well, the Avalanche better get out of the gate despite those setbacks and be ready to defend because everyone is going to be gunning for them. It’s always important to get off to a good start. So, no excuses, let’s get it on! GO AVS!!!!!!

  10. Shean Donovan’s son Jorian signed an ELC today with the Sens. Sounds like he’s turning out to be a pretty solid D-man!

    • He had a pretty good season with the Hamilton Bull Dogs (Bulldogs?) in his only Major Junior year … will likely be returned there for one more full season.

      • yeah I am sure of that, but it’s nice to know they are impressed enough to lock him up now. I always liked Shean.

  11. Strålman will be a good pickup contrary to some beliefs here, trust me.

  12. Paul and mr bruin a couple of mindless peons

  13. Home and family safe. Electricity is out Island wide and cellular service is spotty. Once both are restored, it will be business as usual. Thanks to those of you who reached out and for your support during this difficult time! Cheers

    • Glad to hear that Lyle. Watching that whole thing unfold on TV was surreal … like watching a Hollywood disaster movie – especially Port-Aux-Basques. Much cleaning up to do around your place? Across most of Atlantic Canada they’ll still be cutting up and moving downed trees and putting in new hydro poles in December by the look of it.

    • Lyle

      Glad to hear that as PEI got crushed way more then here in NS. Stay safe

      • Yeah, part of Newfoundland and just about all of P.E.I. were pummeled