NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – October 29, 2022

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The Bruins and Golden Knights get identical shutout victories, Islanders winger Josh Bailey scores in a milestone game, the Hurricanes trade Ethan Bear to the Canucks, and more in today’s NHL Morning Coffee Headlines.


NHL.COM: Boston Bruins goalie Linus Ullmark stopped 30 shots for his first shutout of the season in a 4-0 victory over the Columbus Blue Jackets, dropping the latter’s record to 3-6-0. David Pastrnak had a goal and an assist to move into first place in the NHL scoring race with 17 points while the Bruins lead the league with a record of 8-1-0.

Boston Bruins winger David Pastrnak (NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Brad Marchand took a scheduled game off from this one after making his season debut on Thursday. He underwent double hip surgery in May.

Vegas Golden Knights goaltender Logan Thompson made 29 saves for his league-leading second shutout of the season to blank the Anaheim Ducks 4-0. Reilly Smith and William Karlsson each had a goal and an assist for the Golden Knights, who are 7-2-1 thus far this season. The Ducks, meanwhile, fell to 1-6-1.

New York Islanders winger Josh Bailey scored in his 1,000th career NHL game in a 6-2 victory over the Carolina Hurricanes. Brock Nelson tallied twice and Ilya Sorokin made 33 saves for the Islanders, who improved their record to 4-4-0. Brent Burns scored his first goal for the Hurricanes, who are 4-2-1 in their first seven games.

An overtime goal by Blake Wheeler gave the Winnipeg Jets a 3-2 victory over the Arizona Coyotes, spoiling the latter’s home opener at the 5,000-seat Mullet Arena in Tempe. The Coyotes (2-4-1) opened the scoring on two goals by Christian Fischer but the Jets (5-3-0) rallied on goals by Cole Perfetti and Mark Scheifele to set the stage for Wheeler’s winner.

Vancouver Canucks captain Bo Horvat scored twice to lead his club over the Pittsburgh Penguins 5-1. Spencer Martin turned aside 34 shots to give the Canucks their second win of the season (2-5-2) while the Penguins (4-3-1) have dropped three straight games.

The New Jersey Devils got a 24-save shutout from Vitek Vanecek and a goal from Jack Hughes to upset the Colorado Avalanche 1-0. The win moves the Devils to 5-3-0 while the Avs drop to 4-3-1. The Avalanche were without winger Valeri Nichushkin, who is listed as day-to-day with a lower-body injury


THE NEWS & OBSERVER: The Carolina Hurricanes traded defenseman Ethan Bear and prospect forward Lane Pederson to the Vancouver Canucks in exchange for a fifth-round pick in 2023. The Hurricanes also retained 18 percent of Bear’s $2.2 million salary for this season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This move wasn’t unexpected. The Hurricanes had been shopping Bear for several weeks as he became the odd man out on their deep defense corps. The Canucks were in the market for a right-side defenseman and were reportedly quite interested in Bear.

DETROIT HOCKEY NOW: The NHL department of player safety suspended Red Wings forward Michael Rasmussen for two games for high-sticking Boston Bruins center David Krejci, who is listed as day-to-day with an upper-body injury.

NEW YORK POST: Rangers center Filip Chytil has resumed practicing with his teammates but is still expected to miss the next two games with what is believed to be a head injury.

OTTAWA SUN: Senators defenseman Artum Zub is out for one-to-two weeks with an upper-body injury.


  1. The bruins best players this season Ullmark and Pastrnak which is good news for bruins fans bad news for Management. The money they are going to have to cough up will be disheartening. They could have solved this before the season started and David went on his tear, now fans and management can only hope The greedy part of Dave and his grab all agent will settle for 10.5 . Mr know it all has been biting on the bit on all year because of this something like this could lead to jaw disorders.

    • So I was away for a week travelling for biz, and when I left Rick was looking for the downside in a 4-1 start by the B’s, and now getting even more creative looking ways to blame Sweeney for a 7-1 start and see the downside in that. Unexpected, sure, but also great flippin’ news for a Bruin’s fan. So odd.

      We all know the glass is half empty guys, but this is next level sh**.

      I always defended the Ullmark signing even during his up and down season last year.

      Go B’s.

  2. Pasta deserves whatever pay he gets He is a superstar

    I thought Ullmark sucked??? Guess Sweeney knew wgat he was doing???

    • Hi diddly ho neighbour I’m in such a good mood this morning, a round of Timmy’s small for you the entire gang at the home.

      • What ever wife put on your cereal tell her to keep it up

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  3. Looks like Vegas and the Bruins hired the right coaches.Make no mistake about it,Boston s goaltending has been outstanding this year.Even with all their early success scoring,their season will be make or break w/ it s goaltending.

  4. After reading yesterday post.

    Simply put the age limit isnt changing and the GTA is not getting another team.

    Neither suggestion makes sense for the NHL.

    Read a reference to the legal drinking age: A quick counter would be the age of driving.

    The NHL is still a gate driven league and it’s something the NHL would desperately move away from.

    Adding another team in Canada does not help with that.

    Adding another to ie Houston certainly does.

    • Hi Caper

      Per Elliot Friedman; at one of last years BOGs; raising age to 19 had the support of 12 (of 32) ; up from 8 the previous year

      I believe this has “fair” legs and I really hope this happens…. Super benefit all around at the expense of (at most).. . 3 or 4 “super” 18 year olds a year… and i proposed a phased 3year slide) to this adaptation ; that could have an “exceptional” clause…. Say first 4 picks CAN still be 18 year olds…. Or …. once the 4th 18 year old is picked… the rest enter the following years draft

      Re another team in GTA… and not making sense for the NHL; this is where it would absolutely make most sense

      There is absolutely no other “new” relo or “next expansion” place that would drive up HRR more. Nowhere!!!

      Were it expansion…Krakken paid $650 M… so easily count on $800 M or more (to be shared by 32 owners) for a 2nd GTA team

      In addition…. Count on a minimum of a 19,000 seat (prob 20,000) arena selling out for a minimum of 5 straight years; AND almost assuredly at top 3 – 4 NHL average seat prices….. add huge increases in jerseys, memorabilia etc….. massive increase in HRR…. No other “new” franchise could come close to that. None.

      Relo of a Franchise to GTA…. All above except $800 M expansion becomes $300 M or more in relo fees (so $16 M less per owner)

      Those who think this would detract.dimish HRR from Leafs… the built in rivalry would actually serve to increase HRR for Leafs ; and some of their costs go down …. at least 2 more games IN the GTA…. 2 less return flights/hotels etc

      You are right… that won’t happen…. Until Gary retires 🙏🤞🙏🤞🙏🤞

      Gary is not a fan of anything 🇨🇦

      2nd GTA team would increase fans; increase HRR by a great deal more than Houston

      That said…. Houston is an excellent 2nd option for relo of Yotes

      Relo fees maybe in the $200 M range; arena (Toyota centre already there)…, should sell out (17,800) or close to; for at least 4 years; and average price tickets likely in top 20% of league

      Houston relo would also keep franchise in West and build a cross state rivalry with Stars

      Compare that to 4,750 absolute max) “paying” fans; plus 200 students (including marching bands… many get free tickets, but per Yotes… max charge is $25 per student ticket) and even far lower TV audiences than last year; and massive draw on Rev sharing…. For another 4 years (AT LEAST)…ouch

      and that (Houston) gives you the absolute best decision….. for everybody…. Except 1 …. and nothing will change until he admits his error; or retires

      He never admits errors…. So the NHL will suffer on this until he retires…. 🙏🤞🙏🤞🙏🤞

    • True enough, Caper. True enough.
      I’m not going deep on on these discussions but as far as I know there no reason to “grow” the game in Canada. It’s fine. Always has been. Always will be. $ is a different matter.
      For the NHL to give up on AZ, or not pursue Houston, Milwaukee, Atlanta(part 3) San Diego, even Mexico city would be foolish
      Grass roots development in the southern states is paramount if we’re going to keep attracting talent from non traditional markets.
      The NHL will always have Canada and Canadians filling rosters, but it’s an incredibly small population to draw from. Just imagine how many potential Auston Matthews’ are out there among the masses in the States. Or Mexico. Or wherever.
      Draft age won’t be raised. Why would it? Like any other thing questioned, follow the money and you’ll get your answers.

      • Exactly. And re draft age, could you imagine if it had been increased the years Crosby, Lemieux, McDavid, Matthews, Marner etc., etc. were taken?

        “Sorry kid, we know you’re more than good enough and that you could start bringing home big-time money right away, but you’re going to have to go back to Junior and ride the buses for a while longer because … well … not only is that more convenient for us and the CHL (or whatever), but WE think it’s better for your development if you continue to make a mockery of the junior league in which you play …”

      • And as far as having someone – or a panel? – deciding who is to be deemed “exceptional” that would go ever like the proverbial lead balloon in the courts – “see judge, it isn’t entirely about age … it’s a combination of that and talent … so those we – the experts – see as super-stars can start earning big money right away while the rest … well, c’est la vie.”

      • Hi George

        Sorry for my inference of “exceptional” to mean it would be a “selected” set by s committee .

        What I was eluding to was say a cap at say 4 18 year olds allowed to be selected; once 4 drafted; rest have to be 19 that year

        Teams at the top of the draft may make the first 4 selections at 19 year olds (turning 18 by Dec 31 that year) leaving 4 “exceptional” (defacto name not pre-specified group) 18 year olds (as they would be better (deemed by thise drafting in order) than the 19 year olds) to be drafted later

        In other words…. If there were 10 18 year olds that were chosen before any 18 year old…. So be it; 1st 18 year old selected could be taken 11th in that scenario; could br even later… irrelevent

        once 4 18 year olds are selected; wherever in the draft they go…. That’s it for 18 year olds ; in that draft

        That covers guys like McD

        Use the ‘16 draft…,

        AM still goes first…. But he’s 19 by 31/12/16…. So counts as a 19 year old…. Still can pick 4 , 18 year olds…., does this change The next 4 were 18 that year…. Laine; PLD; JP; Juolevi;

        after thos went 19 (by 31/12/16) yearl old Tkachuk

        However….. maybe Juolevi; or Keller or Nylander are set aside and those teams instead chose a 19 year old (turning by 31/12/16)

        Options are there

        Even without my suggestion of the “hybrid” and phased approach; per Freidman… 12 of the 32 BOGs voted for z move to 19

        It has traction

        We obviously disagree on this…. No probs… that’s what this site is for

        I’m all for it; and I think it certainly has a fair shot at happening in the next 4 years

        An aside…. Gary was actually quoted as saying “I’m not saying it won’t happen; just not this year”

        When pushed by asking if he thought it could happen in yhe next couple of years he said “perhaps” and he then backtracked in… as long as it gets the support of yhe required number of BOG members

        That’s Gary…. Who tends almost always to be completely negative or non-committal…. If it had no chance…. He would have shut that down

        I have my fingers crossed

        I believe most (all??) of the NBA and NFL draftees are at least turning 19 in their draft year

      • That’s a classic distinction without a difference Pengy.
        So the “experts” decide who should be rated “exceptional” (imagine if Yakopov had been rated “exceptional)” in his draft year?) and while they can immediately start to rake in at least the NHL minimum (a small fortune per year to most of us) the rest – sorry boys, you’ll have to wait.

        And who decides who makes up those “experts” given the power to decide who’s a can’t miss and who isn’t?

        The lawyers would have a bloody field day with that sort of convoluted process. And don’t kid yourself, there would be all kinds of court challenges, not to mention a lot of kids thumbing their noses at being designated “not exceptional” who would flock to the European leagues to start earning more than coffee money and change. And why shouldn’t they? The competition would be better for them there than another year or two in Junior.

        I recognize that an increase might be a lot more convenient for the NHL and CHL but it does nothing for the would-be pros and would be shot down in courts without much “deliberation” as nothing more than an NHL monopoly decision as pointed out by PullingTheGoalie.

      • Course I saw it

        They are considering a change… for 3 seasons from now

        Have to get agrerment

        As i said… 12 of 32 NHL BOGs are on board this year AND. my besty Gary has not publicly “shut it down”…. and he’s a “negative Nancy” that loves ti shut speculation down early and often

        Again… you don’t like the idea; I love it, we agree to disagree … purely the beauty of this site

        I don’t foresee either if us changing our viewpoints on this

        All good

    • Pengy, sorry disagree.

      Adding a team in the GTA is not a long term solution for the NHL.

      Im not talking hockey jersey sales. Im talking TV, contracts.

      Adding a Canadian teams does absolutely nothing to increase a TV, streaming etc for the NHL.

      No I dont agree with raising the age and shorten someone ability to earn an income.

      Raising the age does absolutely nothing other then making the player wait a year.

      Reality is the age has no barring then a few exceptional players that make the league as 18yrs old.

      Most getting in dont start until 20yrs old or later.

      Your suggestion just prolongs everything by one year, which is the benefit of no one.

      Sure you can say it will give the GM a better idea of the players development. Again which affect very few, the top end guys.

      These kids have been scouted and ranked from the age of 12, your going to win some and lose some.

      Sometimes you may have 3 picks in a roll and miss out on 3 better players drafted after them.

      If you really want a team in Canada may i suggest Saskatoon. At least it be benecial to the west. But no ufas will sign there and other then selling more jersey then any other city in North America add nothing to the NHL brand.

      • Hi Caper

        Just to reiterate… my viewpoint is solely from the big picture/$’s side… I’m a businessman (my company focus is acquisitions/mergers/divestitures)

        So …. Looking at ONLY what is best for the NHL…. short/mid/long term re ALL of (but not limited to) increased fan base; game growth; HRR; All Franchise values increased; profits, TV share ; Cap inc. Sals inc. etc etc etc….ONLY with that lens…. A 2nd GTA franchise is (by a very large margin) the best solution

        That of course does not take into account “politics” (cite Gary) or sentimentality (yes there would be a relatively small Yotes fanbase affected…. Again I’m only looking at the big picture; overall; and growth and $’s focused)

        Re moving draft age… again… we agree to disagree… that’s ok … it’s what this site is all about

        As you said…. This at most; affects ONLY 4, maybe 5 per year (and that’s if they don’t use a hybrid I suggested… that being allowing 4 18 year olds to be drafted … anywhere in the draft)

        It would have zero affect on the rest…. ZERO. They could play as 19 year old rookies the following year (if good enough) or as 20 year olds. Just like now. ZERO affect on them.

        Again…. Max this affects is 4 18 year olds per year; AND only if they don’t incorporate the hybrid (4 allowed) rule…, which has been discussed

        We agree to disagree

        I’m hoping for 19

        I’m praying for a 2nd GTA franchise…. But know that will never happen while Gary is still there … come in Gary retirement

        I can’t fathom why he is so friggin arrogant and pigheaded as to not admit his mistakes and make the easy (logical; profitable; growth, TV up, HRR up; etc etc) move of Yotes to Houston

        It is just crazy!!!

  5. Another win be Bruins and another loss by Pens

    …. So this Leafs/Pens fan is not Happy

    Jays out; Leafs not on track; Raptors … work to be done

    All my hopes resting on Argos???? Well, at least guaranteed to host ECF

    Dumo not doing well at all; hope he can right his ship

    Need Guentz back…. ASAP

  6. r.e. raising the draft age to 19: how many minutes will it takes before an especially gifted 18-year-old sues on the basis that the league is acting as a monopoly, preventing a legal adult from the right to earn a living?

    • You got it. My sentiment exactly.

    • Bingo.

    • Regarding raising the draft age, the only thing I think of is will it improve the game or not? The 18yrs old phenoms are not the norm but the exception. Would it be a shame to miss out on McD or any other exceptional player to miss out due to his age? Yes but I think players like him which are less than a handful, are exceptions.

      I find young players help stoke the fan base on a crappy team. I can only think of Schenn for the Leafs who they ruined by playing him when he wasn’t ready at 18 even as the 5th over pick.

      To think some 18yr old suing the league over not being able to play is not really a valid point….simply because as a private company, they have the right to run it anyway they want which includes who the hire including having requirements.

      What is the reason to have the draft age at 18 or why it’s disadvantageous to change it to 19 or 20 beside the unlikely reason given? I’m just curious if there’s a benefit to the teams, or us fans either way.

      • No the NHL does NOT have a “right” to dictate age and any challenge of that in a court would be upheld. They are a “professional” league therefore legally bound to allow anyone who can prove they belong to play. Women included.

        The NBA, as I point out elsewhere, is in the process of lowering their draft age to 18 – both professional golf and tennis have had winners at age 16/17


        Moves are under way to lower voting age to 16 – including in Ontario.

        There is NO way a professional league can dictate to anyone that they cannot start earning money at their chosen profession thanks to an arbitrary decision. And here I include the AHL which is a damn sight preferable to an 18-year-old than returning to a league where there’s nothing left to learn against top-notch competition.

        And finally, who do you see deciding who is or isn’t “exceptional?” An “expert” – or panel thereof – appointed by who? Some sort of media “consensus?” Nuts.

      • Ron,
        Not only is the NHL a private company but it exists with a CBA, so the age is negotiable.

        At present there are limitations on who can play where, US College vs Canadian Juniors and Europeans.

        It makes sense to draft older players who have more physical maturity and less of a gamble for both players and teams.

        Many age limitation laws vary by Province and State so the “illegality” is a red herring.

    • I dont believe it would be an issue.

      NBA is 19
      MLB is 18

      NFL requires you must be out of high school at least 3yrs. Graduate at 17, that puts you ar 20yrs old.

      So I dont know if there is a legal case. If so you would think it would’ve been challenged already?

    • Hi PTG

      Anybody can sue

      Successful lawsuit… that’s a different thing altogether

      12 BOGs last year voted for it; I’m sure their legal teams would have counciled them on any potential challenges

      How many NFL or NBA players are drafted at 18?

      I believe NFL requires something like ; years since graduating highschool… something like that…. if true…. An 18 year old drafted would need to have skipped/accelerated 3 times

      NBA…”NBA requires draftees to be at least 19 years old and one year removed from being in high school. ”…. so no 18 year olds

      any lawsuit challenge (if NHL goes to 18) ; IMHO( would have long odds at being successful

      It’s out to f our hands

      I’m all for it

      BOG interest has climbed (per Friedman… 4 in ‘20’, 6 last year; 12 this year)

      Fingers crossed

    • What’s preventing 17 year olds from doing that? I would assume that’s why the 18 year olds wouldn’t

  7. Pengy do you believe the NHL is where it is today without Bettman at the helm.

    Yes my statement implies i believe it’s in a strong position and players are salary continue to grow at a very good rate.

    No not the same as other leagues and that because the NHL doez not have broadcasting contracts of the other sports.

    I think the league has benefitted alot of Bettman at the helm.

    Don’t forget the owners can always vote him down if they have, is it 75% of the vote?

    • That’s the rub…. 8 BOGs sadly can over-rule 24 re jettisoning Gary

      He has a lock of 6 or 7 that are personally ;and have been for years) very close to him; so would never waiver…. Unfortunately he’s locked in… we have to wait for him to retire

      Transparency…I’ve never been a fan of his …. Going back to when I first met him in mid 90’s

      Setting aside my distaste of him personally…. Do I believe he has done some good for the game… yes

      Do I believe he has made some serious blunders (cite the Yotes “experiment”)… yes

      Do I think others could have done better…. I’d be a fool to think that there weren’t others who would easily and quickly have corrected their mistakes such as Yotes; humbly making the proper move despite the ego injury. Do I think there would have been less work stoppages under someone else… yes

      So…. Yes…setting aside my personal distaste for him… I think there just logically has to have been at least one other
      (most likely a few) who can have done better for the NHL as a whole

      Just my opinion

      • Agree with both sides of this argument. You can’t ignore the long-term benefits of growing the game in major centers that are not traditional hockey markets.

        You also can’t ignore the immediate benefits/money of a 2nd team in the GTA. It can support another team easily IMO.

        So just do both.

      • Yes. I’d like to see 40 teams. 20 per conference.
        There’s a heap of talent out there to fill out rosters. There aren’t enough jobs to to be filled or money to had at 32.

  8. I’d like Twenty teams, period, with promotion and relegation. Thats not happening either.

    • 18 teams 8 Canadian 10 american