NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – May 19, 2023

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The Panthers require quadruple overtime to beat the Hurricanes in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Final, the latest on the Coyotes’ arena saga, and more in today’s NHL Morning Coffee Headlines.

NHL.COM: Matthew Tkachuk scored in the dying seconds of quadruple overtime as the Florida Panthers nipped the Carolina Hurricanes 3-2 in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Final. Tkachuk’s goal came with 13 seconds remaining in the fourth overtime period.

Florida Panthers winger Matthew Tkachuk (NHL Images)

Aleksander Barkov and Carter Verhaeghe each had a goal and an assist while Panthers goalie Sergei Bobrovsky made 63 saves for the win. Seth Jarvis had a goal and an assist for the Hurricanes while teammate Frederik Andersen stopped 57 shots.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This was the sixth-longest game in NHL history. The two clubs won’t have much time to recover from their Game 1 marathon. Game 2 goes Saturday in Carolina starting at 8 pm ET.

The Panthers held a 2-1 lead after two periods but the Hurricanes stormed back to tie it in the third. They dominated the period in shots on goal (14-2), shot attempts (22-5) and 14-0 in scoring chances. If not for Bobrovsky, the outcome of this game might’ve been different and wouldn’t have required overtime to settle it.

It appeared the Panthers had won this game in the first overtime on a goal by Ryan Lomberg. However, it was overturned for goaltender interference following a coach’s challenge by the Hurricanes.

The Panthers extended their road win streak to seven games stretching back to their first-round series with the Boston Bruins. Hurricanes forward Teuvo Teravainen returned to action after being sidelined by an injured hand since Game 2 of their first-round series with the New York Islanders.

ARIZONA SPORTS: Days after the Coyotes’ arena proposal by rejected by Tempe voters, the club reached out to the city of Mesa regarding the site of a former mall. As with their Tempe bid, a proposal would be subject to a public vote of approval.

AZCENTRAL.COM: Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes created a stir on Twitter by suggesting Kansas City would be a good destination for the Coyotes.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Coyotes and the NHL will exhaust every possible option to find a suitable location for a new arena to keep the club in Arizona. Whether they’ll be successful remains to be seen. Houston and Salt Lake City have been mentioned as viable relocation destinations if the Coyotes are forced to move.

VEGAS HOCKEY NOW: Golden Knights general manager Kelly McCrimmon could offer no timetable for Robin Lehner’s return from hip surgery. The 31-year-old goaltender missed the entire season rehabbing from the surgeries. He made headlines in December when he declare bankruptcy. Lehner has two more seasons remaining on his contract.

SPORTSNET: The New York Rangers received permission from the Toronto Maple Leafs to interview assistant coach Spencer Carbery. He’s also believed to have spoken with the Anaheim Ducks and Washington Capitals.

WASHINGTON HOCKEY NOW: Speaking of the Capitals, they’ve extended their ECHL affiliation with the South Carolina Stingrays.

PITTSBURGH HOCKEY NOW: Sidney Crosby recently bought lunch for a family of Penguins fans in the Bahamas. Crosby was dining with his girlfriend and another couple when the family’s 10-year-old daughter approached the Penguins captain to ask for a picture. He not only obliged but came to the family’s table and spent several minutes chatting with them. When they went to pay for their meals, they discovered that Crosby picked up the tab.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Slow news day? Sure, but it’s also a nice story worth sharing.


  1. When will the league put everyone out of their misery and let the Coyotes move? The Phoenix area has shown that the team is not wanted there. I’ve lost track of how many arenas they’ve used and the business community support is so poor that the Coyotes seem to be on eternal rebuild. It seems to me that only the league and not enough fans to fill a 5,000 seat arena care about the Phoenix/Arizona Homeless Coyotes and that is not enough.

    Oh. Four overtimes? Was anyone able to walk after that game?

    • Paul, I’ve been a Bettman supporter for years; however, I’m in full agreement with you on this one.

      There are Cities that want the NHL and have asked or inquired about getting a team. Yet Bettman is stuck on inviting himself to a party that no one invited him.

      No one has said “no” to Gary before and he doesn’t know how to handle it. Gary legacy has to a huge hit with this fiasco.

      You have one of the best leagues in the world playing in a 5000 seat arena, that should’ve never happen, it was a joke than and it’s a bigger joke now.

      He cannot allow this team anywhere in Arizona if it requires a public vote. The overwhelming majority simply don’t care about the nhl.

      Leaving a team play in a 5000 seat arena and trying to force yourself in the region, is a extremely bad look for Bettman and more importantly the NHL.

    • Well Said Paul…….

      its been a Gong show for years and looks like it will continue for years❗️

      Time for Gary to move his Dog & Pony Show Team….❓

  2. His girlfriend! Dude. Better lock her up and put a ring on it. What are you waiting for? When you turn 87?

    • I read that Sid proposed but had 1 condition; 87 children. She politely declined.

      • Ya, 87 is a lot for a modelling career.

        Is it possible that Sid is punching above his weight with his GF?

        Well done 87.

    • They have been together over a decade. Adding to Lyle story, it was the 10yr old duaghter who approached Crosby, as the Dad who is a penguins season ticket holder, did not want to bother Crosby while he was relaxing (good on dad) and good on Crosby. Sid is knowing for his down to earth approach.

      Back home, someone hung a Crosby seater outside along the highway. Crosby not only stopped to sign it waited for the gentleman to come home and stayed for a short visit. He is humble and a very classy person.

  3. What does Toronto Maple Leafs need to do NOW: Stop playing this bitch game and resign Kyle Dubas already, he is not the problem. In fact, he has done magical maneuvering in adding pieces even with near impossibility with cap situation. Yes some of his moves have not panned out but that is not lack of trying. They need a new coach, Sheldon is a good coach but not a great coach. We need a coach with a personality of Cam Neely, win at all cost mentality. Toronto got dirtied by the Panthers, I’m not talking about hits, I’m talking about cheap shots after the whistles, borderline career ending shenanigans. If refs allowed this it’s coaches responsibility to come up with a strategy to deal with it, like maybe return the favour or fake an injury until refs call a penalty. Ebb and flow of a game a series…coaches need to address these situations as it happens..remember it’s always top down. The Coach, The Captain and the rest of the players down the roster. Thus, the next big move is John Tavares…he needs to be traded, he is not the leader this team needs and he is definitely not a $11 million dollar player. At 5 million yes, but at his current price tag he is only dragging the team down in pursuing cup aspirations due to cap restrictions. Matt Murray needs to go and his hefty $6 million dollars price tag. His days of Penguins are long gone never coming back…time to move on. Alex Kerfoot and his $3.5 million dollars also needs to go through the exit door…I still don’t know what he brings to the team. Everyone talking about Mitch Marner needs to be traded because he disappears in the playoffs, are you friggin kidding me. Marner is their heart and soul and by far the most important player. He deserves every single penny he makes…it’s the most dumbest thing I’ve heard in my 40 years of being a leaf fan. Marner is the reason why we make the playoffs every year, did everyone forget suddenly that prior to Marner/Mathew’s era Leafs don’t qualify for playoffs ever. I’m pretty sure you have to make it to the playoffs before dreaming of Stanley cup. Put that stupid idea out of you butt holes, Marner should be lifetime Leafs along side future captain Mathews. Get rid of every d-core except Luke Schenne, Jake McCabe, Morgan Rielly, and Connor Timmins…the rest need to be traded for whatever they can get. That includes $5 million dollars of Brodie, $3.4 million dollars if Holl/Lilligren …That is $28.9 millions out the door and sign 3 STUD rugged punishing defencemen likes of Goudas, Edmunsson, Soucy, Pietroangelo…players that don’t turn their heads When things get little rough, instead we need players who wants to engage in extra curricular activities. Once you fortify the DEFENCE core, the go after young speedy wingers who aren’t afraid to get gritty, likes of Bertuzzi and add some some sand paper likes of Maroon, he definitely will be a great replacement to Kerfoot. In conclusion, Dubas is a smart gm but he needs to address the teams needs which are size and grit. We need a coach who needs to be savvy, and understands the flow of the game and quickly adjust his team as it fits. Someone like John Cooper. We need a captain that is more than just a lip service, we need a leader on the ice..I think Mathews is ready for this new role. I truly believe Defence wins the game, they desperately need to get bigger heavier and nastier along the blueline. And please don’t be stupid in thinking of getting rid of Marner, you will never get a player like Marner in another hundred years.

    • Tavares is un-tradable and un movable. The only place he’s going is the wing next season.Matt Murray in VIRTUALLY un-tradable with 8 mill due next season in real money. Who is going to take MM off the Leafs hands at the amount. Marner is the only asset that could be moved for anything of value in return. It hasn’t worked. Say goodbye and try something different.

      • Some how the Leafs need to get rid of John Tavares… one more year at $11.M

        maybe a team that has lots of cap space that needs a 3rd line centre/Winger like the Blackhawks they have $39.M avalable in cap space next year could extend him at $2-3M for 2 years to help Connor Bedard in to the NHL❓

        As fair as Matt Murry the China Cup go’s 🙈
        its going to be next to imposable to trade and or Give away him… Maybe a 2nd round pick and a prospect….🤔❓

      • williew, there is NO way Toronto gets anything close to a 2nd round pick AND a prospect for Murray.

        Hell, in exchange for “future considerations” Ottawa sent him plus a 3rd round pick AND retained 35% of his cap hit for the duration of his contract – just to get rid of the unreliable headache.

        And he soon demonstrated that his “fragility” wasn’t exaggerated.

        If they want some team to take him on it’ll be a deal somewhat identical to the one Ottawa got.

    • That might be the longest single paragraph I have ever seen.

      Tough plan to execute on Mike.

      • He George,

        What i meant was the Leafs would have to Give that up, A 2nd pick and a prospect up with Murray to go somewhere to an other team thats got lots of cap space …..😂

        Matt Murry is the Titanic around the Maple leafs

        I just Checked so the leafs Have No 2nd round picks for the next 3 years…😳
        this year they have bostons 1st
        ans a 3rd pick in 2024 & a 3rd pick in 2025….

        So looks like a 3rd and a prospect to take Matt Murray of there hands❓

        Then there is John Tavares ….🤔.
        Whats he worth they need to move him and keep these 3 younger guys
        Willie Nylander…..Mathews and Mariner…❓

    • Looks like Kyle is gone.

      • He is. Sportsnet reports it.

    • Mike Toronto tried the dirty game and it got them past Tampa.

      Florida doesn’t care about penalties, their going to continue their game plan ad they know they will get called for some stuff and alot other will be let go.

      Last night they were put down two men. If the refs continue to do that, then maybe some of the cheap shots etc will slow down and less liberties will be taken

    • It is fans like Mike that turn me off on the Leafs fan base….. 🙄😣

  4. After a night like last night, we need 3 Morning Coffee updates this morning.

    With regard to Carbery being given permission to interview elsewhere, can this mean that the Leafs intend to bring Keefe back? What do you say Leafs fans?

    • Well scratch those thoughts. Dubas is out of TO. I would imagine a new GM would let the coaching staff go and bring in his own people. That’s obviously why they gave Carbery the green light to interview elsewhere.
      How about Treviling as new GM. May be complicated by his apparent unavailability until July 1, but I think he’d do a good job. What say you Leafs Nation?

      • Dubas not returning isn’t a surprise … what is is that Shanahan isn’t following him out the door.

      • Reason Leafs lost Dubas was over the contract. Leafs offered him a contract and his agent came back with a contract looking for more money.

      • Rumor has it, reason Leafs lost Dubas was over the contract. Leafs offered him a contract and his agent came back with a contract looking for more money.

  5. Watching the 1st OT period, i said “i have a feeling this is going to be a long one.” It was, Florida continues it’s road dominance.

    Interesting was in the third period Carolina outshot Florida 14-2, have to say it didn’t feel that way watching.

    Ot shots 7-5 Carolina, 2nd 10-10, 3rd 11-8 Florida, 4th 14-9 Florida it appears as the game got longer Florida started to take the edge in play.

    38yr old Brent Burns lead the Hurricanes in ice time with 54:43 tio and was part of the turnover leading to Tkachuk winning goal.

    This looks like it’s going to be a long, tight checking game and maybe more OT.

    • I agree Caper, it felt like it was going to be a long game when it went into the first overtime. I was at the 3OT loss to Detroit in the 2002 Stanley Cup Finals and last nights game felt like I was reliving that moment. Watching the players, fans and refs running on fumes brought back a lot of memories. I wasn’t at last nights game but Im sure the fans were tailgating and drinking in the hot sun all afternoon, not expecting 7 periods of hockey.

      A few years ago I had a chance to talk to Ron Francis about the 3 OT loss. He said that he still believes that if Carolina had won that game they would have won the cup. Last night Gretzky was talking the about how it would be very tough for Carolina to overcome a 4 overtime loss at home. Hopefully BrindAmour and Jeff Daniels experience from that 2002 loss can help the players put that game behind them. Carolina has been pretty good all year when it comes to putting tough losses in the rear view mirror but game 2 will feel like a game 7 for Carolina.

  6. laine is not going to stl. but would they entertain thoughts on jenner roslovic and peeke for the 25 and 30 pick . how abvout nville for their 15 qnd 24 just curious

    • Wellllllll, Laine might be available if St. Louis offers a top 4 d-man, 2 top prospects, a draft pick and the Arch.
      *snicker, snicker*

  7. “Sources” are saying that Dubas is out in Toronto.

  8. The Leafs are making a big mistake.
    Is Keefe next, or does the new GM give him and his staff the traditional one season?
    Either way, it’s a poor move. He’s done way more good than bad in Hogtown and his team is in the playoffs every year.
    Who is going to replace him?

    • Sop being in the playoffs is not a success story. The city wants more then a 1st round team or and early 2nd round exit.

      Folks will say it’s a tough division Tampa and Boston. Florida found away.

      The players didn’t perform or didn’t live up to their expectations. Who brought them players in? How many years of no success do you want?

      The end story is Dubas didn’t do a good enough job to bring success to his team.

      • Do we know who’s decision it was to part ways?
        I have no idea, and could go either way.

        The reason is that press conference, didn’t sound like he was sure he wanted to be back.

        Maybe this is an actual mutual parting of ways instead of just a polite term for getting canned.

      • So, how does Shanahan escape the same verdict? He hired Dubas, and Lamorielo and every other failure to “bring a winner” back to the start of his decade-long “Shanaplan.”

        Why do the Leafs organization feel like they need this expensive “go-between” separating them from the GM’s position?

  9. is Spezza going to be the new GM? Can we expect two or three backhand no look giveaways of draftpicks??? Go Jason Go~! The “summer of Spezza” as a former Ottawa Senator remakes the Toronto Maple Leafs

    Donovan Bailey joins Niko Sparks Bid

    • Dark, Pierre Lebrun of TSN has reported that Spezza has resigned his position.